Victory in Seattle

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The key here is whether or not ads that demonize Israel and its right to defend itself are “consistent with the security, safety, comfort and convenience” of Metro passengers. Until groups like the Freedom Center and StandWithUs attempted to run a counter-ad campaign, Metro authorities didn’t believe that the anti-Israeli ads threatened anyone’s security or safety and they were fully prepared to run them. But, once response groups started buying ad space and once over 2,000 people contacted King County to protest attacks that played into the hands of the jihadists, King County Executive Dow Constantine struck a very different tune. In a press release published late yesterday on the King County website, Constantine said:

The escalation of this issue from one of 12 local bus placards to a widespread and often vitriolic international debate introduces new and significant security concerns that compel reassessment. Further work during the coming weeks will help determine what constitutionally-valid policy is best for the safety and well-being of the transit-riding public, our drivers and personnel, and the community at large.

The timing of Constantine’s change of heart is both reprehensible and dangerous. By initially accepting jihadist propaganda at face value, the King County Executive didn’t find anything about the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign’s ads that comprised a threat to the security, safety and well-being of its passengers. The “threat” was seemingly created only after a challenge was raised against the jihadist sympathizers. This clearly insinuates that it was the contribution of the Freedom Center and other Israel advocates which was responsible for debasing the debate to a level worth censoring — not, we should point out, the Palestinian apologists who initially leveled their outrageous charge against Israel. It is ridiculous to imply that organizations like the Freedom Center threatened the security of Metro passengers with their perfectly civil response to the anti-Israel ads. In terms of messaging, the Israel defense ads were no more incendiary or vitriolic than the anti-Israel ads themselves.

There is a lesson to be learned here: quick, decisive actions to counter attacks by jihadist sympathizers are both essential and effective in the continuing struggle to preserve freedom and defeat terrorism. It’s very clear that King County would have allowed the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign to spread their terrorist sympathies, but for the rapid response of the Freedom Center and other patriotic Americans. Still, continued vigilance is needed. This is an “interim policy” by King County, as it moves to define new guidelines for accepting non-commercial advertising. As Horowitz noted, the Seattle area is rife with leftist sympathizers and it’s vitally important to continue to hold them accountable for their actions and inactions. The left is, after all, driven by a commitment to an ideology that presupposes that every evil in the world can be laid at the feet of America and its allies.

Like their predecessors turned a blind eye to the mass murders carried out by Communists during the Cold War, the American left has demonstrated, once again, the great lengths that it will go to deceive the general public and catalyze human atrocities. The reason, As Horowitz explained, is that “they are secular Manichaeans who see the world as ruled by powers of darkness, which is us. America is the Great Satan and Israel the little Satan and any crimes committed by Palestinians can be laid at Israel’s and America’s door.”

The battle against the oppressive, intransigent forces of fundamental, radical jihad continues. Too many Americans aren’t willing to accept the fact that such a war is being fought, much less that it must be won. This skirmish in Seattle serves as a perfect lesson as to why eternal vigilance is necessary to win the war to secure global liberty and freedom. The enemies of freedom have been dealt a defeat in the northwest, but there can be little doubt that they will challenge the forces of liberty time and again, and very, very soon.

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  • posse101

    my question is why isn't there a list made public of which president (and when) let these douche bags into our country in the first place. yeah i'm sure the media will want to indict Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and fellow douche bag Barack Hussein by revealing the numbers and the dates. that'll happen the day we see a church or temple built in Mecca. or a muslim that smells good. or someone from the middle east who doesn't lie to you. or a muslim male that doesn't have 6 wives, all of whom are on welfare. or a male that's not condescending to their women. or a muslim who doesn't believe in sharia. or a muslim who doesn't hate Jews. i have to go now i'm starting to get angry. the doctor said i shouldn't get upset.

    • badaboo

      yea , you better take a chill pill , first off Obama is our president , and calling him a douche-bag is a low-browed , assinine ignorant remark , secondly he 's got nothing to do with what Seattle bus company officials allow plastered on their buses .
      so go chill schmucko before you blow a blood vessel .

      • badaboo

        As far as "what presidents let them in " go talk to ALL the Congresses n the past 4 decades who have gone against the actual will of the American people who were against such immigration . , and continually ignored the quotas of 250,000 a year and from where.
        As to the counter-actions of , and ceaseless good work of, David Horowitz …I APPLAUD AND APPRECIATE HIS EFFORTS .

      • posse101

        gee i didn't know you'd take the word douche bag personally. actually i should have used the better term which is more grammatically correct. that being scum bag. and if you can't see the connection between Obama and Seattle then you either have a learning disability or you're not paying close attention to what's happening in the Oval Office.

      • popseal

        Nuts don't fall too far from the tree that grew them. The personal life of the 'prophet' of Islam says more than any rant on any forum.

      • tagalog

        Yeah, calling the President a "douche bag" is right down there with making a movie fantasizing about assassinating an American president, or making cartoons that portray him as a monkey.

    • Fred Dawes

      It was both bush's who helped in doing this evil to Americans, but what will happen down the line many americans do not get what is coming we as a people have fallen down and must now be forced to fight our own Pig Government the many real Douche smell bags will help in the mass murder of Americans who stand up and say no; but it is all over when a Government helps killers from Islam and that is what is happening; the next move is to form murder units for islam our move is to form units of freedom and do our job of removing our enemies from this Country and from this Earth.

  • Marty

    Perhaps there should be televisions on each bus that offer free viewings of great documentaries such as “Submission” to inform the public in only several minutes how brutal and violent islam is and will remain. A brief statement could be added indicating that one of the producers was murdered by a muslim for depicting the truth about islam.

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Congratulations to David and Robert for a job well-done. There's no question that today, the 'Freedom Center' has become the vanguard for all those attempting to defend America and its culture of freedom from the machinations of our enemies.

  • Paddyjdonovan

    Great job!

  • sflbib

    "The United States sends half a billion taxpayer dollars to Palestine each year."

    I thought the US tried to buy off the Barbary states two hundred years ago and found that it didn't work. What makes us think it will work today?

  • Seek

    Quick thinking and a job well done. I plan to do a web search of this "Ed Mast" fellow. He must be a real charmer.

  • MixMChess

    This is great news indeed. Congratulations to The Freedom Center and for working to stop these thugs from spreading vicious lies and hate speech.

  • Person

    God bless and thank you David Horowitz, The Freedom Center,, and all other such good people.

  • Gila Libet


    YES, YOU DID IT!!!

    Thank you for your brave and important step in stopping pure hate propaganda against Israel. These groups are not going to stop there, nevertheless you stop another vicious attack on Israel and the USA and I thank you for that. I hope that not only Seattle, Washington but all America will finally realize we have a problem with hate groups. A specific hate groups that are influenced by the Islamofashisem. They not only want to destroy Israel but to take America down as well. Thank you . Gila

  • Ray in Seattle

    What a fine Christmas present this is. It's not often I see my donation dollars yield such good results and so quickly. Happy holidays to all.

  • Bleepless

    Okay so far, but we have yet to hear from ACLU and its puppet judiciary.

  • Eric

    Excellent work and insightful analysis. How can we make explicit the open insincerity of "free speech" advocates who only see danger when we challenge their lies and deceptions?
    Perhaps we will reach a point where we can clearly, candidly, and openly have a debate over first principles and loyalties. Do the Seattle leftists really believe that jihadist Hamas fighters are building a better, more humane society than democratic, secular Israel? How is that profound delusion possible?

  • rach

    You forgot to note that Rachel Corrie, the Seattle ISM martyr, mocked and burnt a home made American Flag in Gaza. See here:
    [of course, Life does not say it like it was, Israel was destroying terrorist homes used to smuggle weapons to attack Israel and it was simply a peacful Arab/Pali home]

    And read here:

  • Richard

    Thank you for your timely and decisive action! It was also gratifying to see the involvement of several mainstream Jewish organizations and Christians United For Israel.

  • Duncan R. MacLachlan

    I just wish they’d keep that crap over there, I don’t need to see it over here, where most people came here to escape that crap over there.

  • badaboo

    We had a similar situation in Miami , there should be ordinances which limit advertising on publicly owned transportation vehicles , to stricly commercial advertising to generate additional revenues for the publ;ic coffers , whilst all ideological statements -totally banned …period, regardless of who may be willing to pay . Until then, public protest or paid private ads to counter them is the only answer . .kudos to David , and in Miami Robert Spencer .

  • salem

    With these ads, the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign sought to mislead the public on the root causes of the Gaza war, repeating the tired canard that by daring to defend itself against Hamas rocket attacks Israel had somehow become an international outlaw.:

    “On November 4th, the U.S. election, 2008, the Israeli army entered Gaza, killed—invaded Gaza and killed half a dozen Hamas militants, which did lead to an exchange of fire, in which all the casualties, as usual, are Palestinian. Then in December, Hamas—when the truce officially ended, Hamas called for renewing it. Israel refused, and the U.S. and Israel chose to launch the war.” – Noam Chomsky

    How is it that a group of people so unjustly victimized by the world can so readily turn their eye from their neighbors-not only turning their eye- but willingly, and actively, engaging in systematic extermination.
    Did not the ancient teachings speak of the great power of loving ones neighbor? how else are we to achieve heaven on earth?
    Building walls around those you think of the enemy will only make them stronger. Opening doors to them instead, and attempting to diffuse conflict by creating a dialogue is the only valid path.

    We are all brothers in this world. Those who are awake realize this.
    Those who are asleep fall prey to the agendas of institutions.

    Please wake up.

  • Wpbtonzlewis

    These far-left Anti-Isreal groups say; “U.S. citizens have a right and a duty to ensure that our tax dollars go towards worthy causes, not to sustain immoral, illegal, internationally-condemned actions.”

    Well then I demand that our tax dollars no longer be used to fund abortions because it is immoral and internationally condemned by faithful Christians & Jews & Muslims around the world. No tax payer funding of the culture of death!

  • Matilda

    All of people 2011 can be better with this idea!

  • Jim

    a very elegant solution to the problem.