Bloomberg and Illusions of Tolerance

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Telling opponents to shut up or Muslims will hate us is an interesting exercise in wishful thinking — or a demonstration of ignorance so profound as to elicit serious questions regarding the mental acuity of leftists who are pushing this idea. “Leading by example” when it comes to religious tolerance is what America has been doing for 222 years and it hasn’t seemed to take yet in the Islamic world.

Why allowing Park 51 to go forward would alter anything believed by any Muslim anywhere in the world relating to tolerating other religions is a question that goes unanswered. Would a Catholic church suddenly spring up in Mecca? Would the dire straits of Christians seeking to worship in Muslim countries be eased? Would Muslims make peace with Israel?

All because opponents’ concerns were stifled and “justice and tolerance” were to triumph at Ground Zero?

That’s the problem with “setting an example.” Tolerance is a two way street and you can set a million examples, but if the other side is unwilling to alter the fundamental tenets of their faith to accommodate the lessons we are trying to teach, the end result is simply another politician blowing a lot of hot air, while those who agree with him get to feel good about themselves for being such great human beings.

If Park 51 were to be built tomorrow and we all held hands in a circle surrounding the structure in some grand gesture of ecumenical unity, 10,000 radical imams all over the world would still address their benighted followers that same day and preach hatred against the US and the West. What example can we set for them that could possibly make a dent in their fanatical views?

Even if they don’t take the obvious cue and boast of Islam’s power and prestige in erecting a community center containing a mosque in plain sight of their victory over the vanquished infidels who dared insult Islam by their very existence, what possible relevancy is there in setting an example of pluralism and respect for other faiths? The debate itself might be more instructive to the majority of Muslims, not to mention our fellow countrymen who think that opposing Park 51 is akin to hating Islam.

By falsely conflating opposition to building the center with the supposed bigotry of opponents, leftists are, in fact, responsible for feeding the venomous attacks on the U.S. by extremists, as well as confusing the majority of Muslims whose experience with democratic debate is extremely limited. What do most Muslims around the world make of opposition to Park 51? Whatever they read and hear in their media. Needless to say, their media is full of quotes from American media containing all the over-the-top, over-hyped, exaggerated, and false accusations of Muslim hating by opponents. With little in the way of balance, one can imagine what most Muslims are thinking of America right about now.

If Bloomberg wants to set an example, perhaps he can start by realizing that demonizing Park 51 opponents only serves the interests of Muslim extremists. He and supporters of this ill-conceived, fantastically inappropriate project should stop worrying about setting examples and care more about what the vast majority of the country thinks of this idea.

Rick Moran is Blog Editor at American Thinker, and Chicago Editor at Pajamas Media. His personal website is Right Wing Nuthouse.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Well written, Mr. Rick Moran!

    Following the recent motivation of Bloomberg and other leftists who suddenly care about our troops, in the 1940s we ought to build 11 story swastikas on German sites in America (instead of rounding Germans up).

  • bettyboop

    A triumphal mosque (ala the original Cordoba Mosque) at Ground Zero = Surrender! Why does the Left want to give our sovereignty away, as each day there is another assault? Do they feel they will be somehow immune from the evil that will come in to fill the void?

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Over the years I have met a number of very rich people who in many ways, aside from having a talent for making money, were surprisingly ignorant. Their reasoning was frequently downright bizarre. In many ways, many of us in less overt ways, suffer symptoms of savant syndrome, brilliant in one aspect and hopeless in most others. Mayor Bloomberg seems to offer a good example of this.

    • Richrd0001

      An excellent point, Mr. de Alamaya. It's not just rich people. People of my acquaintance who are highly intelligent but of modest means are passionate about their particular nostrums but show not the least understanding of, let alone awareness of, the legal and political defenses of our liberty built into the Constitution. They have unbounded passion for — and show a single minded focus on — the policy initiatives they favor but never will you see the least concern for maintaining the institutions and principles of freedom. I mean, NEVER. Oh, wait. One leftist intellectual of my acquaintance was strong for habeas corpus. Four square for The Writ. Oh, yes. For terrorists in Guantanamo, that is.

      Bettyboop before you made a similar point — also excellent — about giving away sovereignty and immunity from the evil that will come to fill the void left behind. Are we immune from the evils of unrestricted government power as well? The ghastly record of 20th century totalitarianism no more registers in the mind of leftists and the sleep walkers than the atomic weight of selenium.

      The ONLY thing that matters is the cause of the moment . . . and even that escapes critical examination. What does matter is purity of motive. Does it matter that "green energy alternatives" are not capable of making more than minuscule contributions to the nation's energy needs for the foreseeable future? Don't be silly. It's enough to entertain the fantasy of cheap, clean energy obtainable from mixing lawn clippings and empty beer bottles. No one knows how to make this work but, no matter, it's an idea so wonderful to contemplate that we can immediately begin to curtail yukky fossil fuel exploration and production. Without consequence to any other national objective.

      The unreality is stunning. Fact- and history-free political activism.

  • watchful

    We are being led by the magnificently blind.

  • Beverley

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg obviously does not have a clue about the future history of the Jews and Islam. He should know his roots about Ishmael and Isaac. Israel is going to be attacked that is a prophesy it is just a matter of when. I hope he is around when the fallout happens.

    • den

      Why? He will just blame the Jews. It wouldn't have happened if they had not been there, so its their fault. He should have read the Medina section of the Koran to get a preview of Kaffur disposal. It will be him they dispose of as well.
      Guess he never read the old testament either. (Blooberg pinhead quote: We are all Muslims)

      He can't see the truth as he is blinded by the bucks he hopes the Muslims will give him in his new venture with them after he gets them a free mosque at American expense. Money taken from people desperately in need. Like he cares.

      This man makes the human race look bad.

      • Beverley

        Den I laughed at your …. "He will blame the Jews. It wouldn't have happened if they had not been there, so its their fault." So true that is excatly what he and many others will think. They are so gullible and should I say it …. stupid it is frightening. I can't believe he said. "We are all Muslims." What planet does he come from?

  • jhstuart

    Perhaps a better caption for the article would be Bloomberg and the Delusion of Tolerance

  • BS77

    Mayor Bloomberg lives in a delusional world of secular humanism, liberal mega tolerance, permissiveness, submission, appeasement and shrugging ignorance. He is a shill for those who would destroy Jews and Judaism in a New York minute if they could. Why do the sheeple feel they must tolerate and accept everything thrown at them by the socialist media, the liberal elites and the brainwash educrats??

  • Jamie Shafer

    How many times in this piece does Mr. Moran refer to the project building as Park51? This is part of the problem – a big part. A rose by any other name. . . . Part of dhimmitude is to accede the the Islamists, and Mr. Moran has done his "duty." Shame!

    It is the "Ground Zero Mosque" and please write this 100 times today as punishment for your bad behavior, and turn in your paper before the end of the school day or you will get more demerits!

  • gsk

    I'm confused: are we supposed to be teaching the Muslim world something by our behaviour or to be learning from them. Aren't they the tolerant ones from which sprang the foundations of goodness and higher learning? What's there to teach them if they're as good as their defenders claim?

  • Seek

    Michael Bloomberg is the eighth-richest man in America, worth an estimated $17.5 billion. So how can he be so politically inept? The truth is an ability to amass great wealth does not a wise man make. He's an information genius; he's a political fool.

    • American thinker

      He does a lot of business with the Saudis. I trust that explains his position on the 9-11 mosque.

  • Patricia

    I think Mr. Bloomberg is a coward. He is afraid that if he goes against this mosque, some muslim nut job will finish him off!

  • M Rob

    Please explain to me who the people of New York can tolerate this useful idiot! New Yorker's rise up and throw this poser out of office before your looking at a 13 story triumphal mosque sitting on the graves of your loved ones and fellow citizens. I for one will be standing with the opposers of this disgrace on September 11th – NEVER FORGET!

  • Jake

    The U.S. is a big country – over 3,500,000 square miles! If I were an "intelligent" Muslim, and wanted to gain the respect of the host country, and wanted to "assimilate" – not antagonize this host, there are a few things I would do: One would be to avoid, like the plague, any association with the 1 sq. mi. of that country where my fellow Muslims attacked it and killed 3,000 of its citizens.

    If you even offered that plot of land, aka "shrine" or "national memorial" for free, I would run away and assume you were insane! Before fleeing your outrageous suggestion, I might sarcastically ask "why don't you tell me to build a pyramid in Jerusalem, also!" I would also directly tell you that your mere suggestion of building a Muslim prayer monument there would be monumental stupidity! Then I would run.

  • LibertyLover

    Politicians like Bloomberg are the reason so many in the rest of the US dislike NYC: Arrogant, little pipsqueaks who use their money and political power to bully their opponents.

  • agt

    The rest of the US dislikes NYC? Then why are you spending so much time and effort being outraged on our behalf?

    • No Sharia

      We aren't really worried on behalf of New Yorkers. We are worried about the future of our country. If you cared about that you'd make an effort to stop the Victory Mosque and try to preserve our liberties and protect the country from the barbarian hordes.

  • CitiKitty

    Bloomberg evinces the fact that money can make you stupid. He believes that any dumb idea that comes into his head must be valid because he has been such a phenominal earner.

    Bloomberg does not see that Sharia Law is a corrosive threat to traditional American values and to the sovereignty of the individual.

    For instance, on June 30, 2010, a Hudson County (New Jersey) Superior Court Family Division (life time appointed) Judge Joseph Charles, jr. ruled that Sharia Law trumped traditional civilized law and affirmed the “right” of a Muslim man to rape his arranged-marriage wife. Fortunately, on July 23, 2010, The New Jersey State Appeals Court ruled that, “the judge was mistaken”, and that civilized law must prevail over “religious precepts”, and that the Sharia demented, culturally deprived, enemy of Enlightenment values, Judge Joseph Charles, jr. was to be overruled.

    Sharia supporters are sincere, dedicated supporters of their atavistic, Islamic rules. Alien people who legally apply for American citizenship are welcome to do so. Alien, pre-civilized law, such as Sharia, is hostile to the United States Constitution and to the sovereignty of the individual.

  • waterwillows

    humph! That Bloomberg and his dog's breath mutterings about the Murder Mosque at GZ.
    I can not understand why we have to have the delusional, uninformed people as our leaders. Does no one else want the job?
    These crazy remarks are being spoken all over the place. Seems they have forgotten the old advice: Engage brain before opening mouth.

  • skep41

    In the 1930's Hitler was screaming about how much he hated the Jews. He wrote a book in which he called for their extermination. His regime brutally repressed them. As a result Jews almost without exception (one being George Soros) hated Hitler. They didnt hate Germans, they hated Nazis. How can Bloomberg stand there with those CAIR-type thugs and talk about tolerance and Islamophobia. How can any Jew vote for any Democrat? Have we declined from smartness to total stupidity in just a couple of generations? I live in Waxman's district and I cant believe some of the stuff I hear people say. If Barak and Hillary cook up some monstrous betrayal of Israel that puts SIX MILLION Jews in jeopardy are the yutzes on the West Side and Encino still going to troop loyaly to the polls to vote for Democrats? My father used to tell me that Jews were smarter than goys. It seemed so self-evident–not any more. The Bloombergs are the majority as far as I can see. What a disgrace, to abet people who advocate your extinction in the name of tolerance. Sorry dad, you were wrong.

    • Alexander Gofen

      As this quote below puts it, the social stupidity has been always with us…

      … Through our history many Jews have acted in betraying their G-d and their own people. The story of the Golden Calf, the Twelve Spies, the persecution of our prophets, the lack of faith in our rights as Jews and so on. If we think rationally why we have survived as a people based on our own collective behavior as a nation, we should not have survived at all. The only conclusion I can come as a Jew is that we have survived because of G-d himself and his mercy and compassion.
      … – From the Letter on behalf of Walid Shoebat Foundation
      Keith Davies, Executive Director Walid Shoebat Foundation

      • skep41

        I wish I had your faith.

    • Seek

      Actually, Hitler published Mein Kampf in two volumes, the first in 1925 and the second in 1926. His plans, in other words, were well-known before the 1930s — which made his ascension to power in January 1933 all the more ominous.

  • waterwillows

    On another blog, there is a woman who used to write fairly intelligent posts. But the horror of learning about Islam flipped her out. Now, her blogs are all about "we be nice, they will be nice, and everyone will be happy".
    Guess these Jews have simply done the same thing and completely flipped out?
    It is sad to see really. Though I can understand that a read of the Quran is like seeing a surreal world. One that is backward and upside down at the same time.
    It is kind of hard for the rational mind to digest.
    But to wimp out is not the answer. Never has been the answer. Islam is the mother of the Nazis. It must be stopped.

  • No Sharia

    One of the most idiotic things Bloomberg ever said (And he has said many) was after the failed bombing at Times Square. "I won't," he said, "Tolerate a backlash against Pakistanis," as if anyone even contemplated that except him. He is a useful tool for Sharia and the takeover of our country by a political ideology which is the most cruel, repressive, violent, misogynistic and ignorant the world has ever known, a tyranny by mullahs. He is, in fact, an old fool. Islam is not a religion, Mayor Bloomberg, it is a political system masquerading as a religion. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • Vivi Andersen

    Bloomberg : why he protect muslims and speak for the moske = look at his firm in Dubai !
    If he don´t speak for the Ground Zero moske – he and his firm are thrown out of the islamic countries !