Looking for Islamophobia in all the Wrong Places

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This is a disturbed individual with big personal problems not related to hating Muslims or anyone else. The idea that he could have been inspired in any way by “hate speech”  of Park 51 opponents exists only in the fertile imaginations of those willing and eager to jump the gun in order to engage in unwarranted political attacks.

The Left, of course, is well known for this and has engaged in this behavior several times in recent months. Recall the case of the census worker in Kentucky Bill Sparkman who was found dead in the woods tied to a tree. While authorities puzzled over what caused Sparkman’s death, the left mounted an assault on talk radio. “This is the kind of violent event that emerges from a culture of paranoia and unsubstantiated attacks,”  wrote Allison Kilkenny, a Huffington Post contributor and liberal radio host.

Even the staid New York magazine joined in the hysteria. Under the headline “Has Nancy Pelosi’s Fear of Political Violence Been Realized?”, this bastion of liberal snootiness answered in the affirmative. Never mind that the authorities were being tight lipped about details of what was found at the scene. The opportunity to advance a favorite leftist trope — that the right hates government and is capable of violence if suitably programmed by talk radio — trumps common sense, reason, and logic. Noted internet conspiracy monger Brad Friedman (who pursued the idea that the Hillary Clinton camp stole the New Hampshire primary) asked “Was the 9/12 murder related to inflammatory rhetoric of Beck, Bachmann, and Fox ‘News’?” But of course it was, as Mr. Friedman details in his post.

Two months after the body of Mr. Sparkman was found, the authorities concluded that the unfortunate man was not murdered by right-wing wackos, but rather that he staged his death to appear as a homicide in order for his son to receive insurance benefits that would have been denied if he had taken his own life.

Perhaps no one jumped on the “Sparkman was killed by right wing wackos” bandwagon like Andrew Sullivan who went so far as to write, “No Suicide: That’s the one thing we know for certain now in the case of the Kentucky lynching.” Wonder what Mr. Sullivan thought when it came out there was no lynching, and Mr. Sparkman killed himself? We’ll never know because Sullivan had no comment.

The same held true for most of the rest of leftist commentators who had jumped the gun and blamed Sparkman’s death on talk radio, conservative lawmakers, even bloggers. No retractions. No self-criticism for getting the story so spectacularly wrong. And no introspection that might have led to a light bulb going off over their heads; maybe we should hold our fire until the facts make clear the cause and effect of this kind of thing.

In the Enright case, it didn’t even take 24 hours for much more of the truth to emerge regarding the suspect’s troubled mind and alcohol-fueled violence. And still, there is silence from much of the left regarding Enright’s connection to a pro-Park 51 organization, his lack of anti-Muslim hate speech in front of his friends and co-workers, and the lack of clues found in his journals that apparently contain no hints that he harbored hate for Muslims.

The cure for premature evisceration is simple; think before you speak. It may be a lot to ask from many leftists who seem to react in a knee jerk, unthinking fashion when confronted with opportunities to smear their ideological opponents. But the reward will be a lot less noise, with the extra added bonus of not looking like a fool when the whole story comes out.

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  • Jim Johnson

    Post traumatic stress maybe.

  • The_Inquisitor

    The Left doesn't care that they have misrepresented the facts; it's how their program works.

    The story, twisted to fit Left ideology, hits the front page. The damage has been done. It's a victory for the Left. When the facts come out the story is forgotten.

    The Left lands a right cross to the head, and then the bell rings ending the fight. Guess who wins.

  • tagalog

    It is indeed beyond Islamophobia. It's a crazy person (who has had more than the usual American kafir's contact with Muslims) acting out lethally. What HSA Director Napolitano would call a "one-off." Something out of Mayor Blumberg's universe of perpetrators. Maybe this Enright guy had recently gone through a foreclosure. Or maybe he was clinging to his guns, God, and suspicion of "the other."

  • joshua 7

    Remember back in the '70's when the left was using the term "knee jerk reactionary" as an epithet against conservatives? Hmmm………..

    • trickyblain

      Yeah. "Crazy and stupid" is a much better descriptor these days.

      • sebyandrew

        you resemble that remark.

  • HenryCrux

    HenryCrux says, "I confess I am Perplexed – here is something I need to know." "Why do people want to harm me just because I am afraid of them?" When did it become a crime to be afraid? So what if I'm afraid of Islam? Why is that a crime? Is it a crime of irrationality? It is a thought crime is it not? Fear is not allowed? If I fear I should also fear being murdered because I feared? Whaaaat the Hell is going on? Please someone, tell me! But don't tell anyone I am a Islamophobe, that is what is sure to get be killed! Perhaps I should be a "secret fearer" of fierce Gihad warriors? Shhhh !

  • trickyblain

    Pay no mind to what he said, or that he stabbed the cab driver right after Enright found out he was a Muslim. There's absolutely nothing in this case that would suggest that Enright's crime had anything to do with the victim being Muslim.


    • sebyandrew

      Nice straw man. Some people like cupcakes better. I, for one, care less for them….It is a <SPAN id=IL_AD7 class=IL_AD>crime and</SPAN> he shd. be prosecuted accordingly.

  • http://www.crusaderknight.blogspot.com James Pawlak

    I am willing to teach the accused how to effectively use a knive—Like a Muslim terrorist.

  • sebyandrew

    clear and concise.

  • http://tenc.net Jared Israel

    True to its role as provocateur, a role Horowitz has played since the 1970s, when he took over Ramparts magazine and became the main apologist for the by-then openly criminal Panthers, Front Page gives its designated Right Wing endorsement to the line that this kid actually did what Sharif says he did — *initiated* the attack — even though the only evidence for this is…Sharif. This while managing to include, in a way that trivializes it, the obvious OTHER explanation of Sharif's injuries, that he sustained them after the drunk he picked up for the purpose of stealing his money, came out of an alcholic stupor long enough to injure the cabbie who was trying to rob him, who then invented the Muslim-attack story out of necessity, a story which happened to suit Bloomberg. Hence the FIRST New York Times story includes Sharif's statement, made out of nervousness, that the kid told the cops Sharif had tried to rob him, and yet the police commissioner Kelley forgot to include that statement — which is every bit as compelling as Sharif's explanation, if not more so — in his public pronouncements.

    Jared Israel
    Emperor's Clothes

  • Reader

    TO; Jared Israel
    Are you aware that Google is blocking your website as an "attack website", i. e., a website that spreads malicious software?

  • Jared Israel

    TO: Reader

    Thanks for your concern. Google is irresponsible to post warnings worded in this way. There is an epidemic of malware, so why does Google slander the many victims by jumping to the conclusion that when Google spiders find malware on long-established websites (ours went online in 1999!) they are ATTACK websites, rather than an ATTACKED websites.

    Anyway, a) our internet provider has sent us an email saying there is no malware on the website and b) despite that, for the safety of our readers we have changed the 'permissions' so that they (readers) can no longer access articles on the website, and will keep it inaccesible until the security expert who is working with us determines it is in fact malware-free.

    Jared Israel
    Editor, Emperor's Clothes