Pro-Palestinianism: A Movement of Hate, Pt. II

[Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a four-part series. To read Part I of “Pro-Palestinianism: A Movement of Hate,” click here. For later segments, click: Part III and Part IV.]

The pro-Palestinian movement is profoundly undemocratic with regard to dissenting views. All contentious issues have at least two points of view. A level of reasoned discussion is often required to bring about a fair resolution to a given issue. While most of us can have strong reactions to the opinions of others when they are unpalatable, we still recognize they are entitled to have differing opinions. The need for free speech is meaningless if we all agree with each other, and it is a necessary characteristic of having a free, open society. However, nowhere more so than with the Israeli-Palestinian debate does a genuine belligerence occur when there is a divergence of opinion away from the predominant pro-Palestinian narrative of the conflict. Whenever anyone endorses an opinion in the media or on the internet that is even mildly critical of the Palestinians or mildly supportive of Israel they are typically subjected to extreme criticism. Palestinian sympathisers often use a variety of dishonest methods of argumentation. One common method of counter-argument largely avoids confronting the issue at hand. A pro-Israel article dealing with a particular topic is broadly dismissed but typically, issues are cited that are beyond the scope of said article and as a consequence, vitriolic scorn is often heaped upon it. Even lengthy articles can only deal with a limited number of topics in a limited number of words, and can only address a limited number of responses. Yet they are typically attacked to such an extent it comes across as an attempt, wherever possible, to discredit articles supporting Israel.

The Guardian newspaper has been for some time a notoriously biased publication when it comes to matters of the Middle East. Any article that doesn’t roundly condemn Israel is subjected to extreme prolific criticism below in the Comment is Free (CIF) internet comment sections that is often very abusive in nature. Furthermore, rather than just criticising the content of the article, many comments can be extremely personal in nature. An author’s reputation can be put into disrepute by claiming he or she is a “holocaust denier,” under the control of “Zionist paymasters” etc. The moderators of the Comment is Free section often allow deeply anti-Semitic views to also be expressed. The criticism is very prolific, with comments sometimes numbering in the thousands. The Comment is Free section is an extreme example from a mainstream newspaper but this sort of activity is nonetheless very common. It should be clear that this sort of behaviour represents an attempt to intimidate and essentially shout down any dissenting opinions. This does not only happen on the internet. One discussion shows the same often occurs, and in mainstream publications few moderate articles on the conflict ever go unanswered (forcefully) in letters pages. From colloquial evidence, many that defend Israel are sometimes subjected to serious threats, which needs to be discussed openly.

The mainstream media throughout the world bears a great deal of responsibility for promoting the pro-Palestinian movement. With Operation Cast Lead, the frenzied media continually misrepresented the importance of Hamas’ attacks. Many journalists said Hamas was wrong to attack but didn’t take the consequences of the matter seriously. This gave a false sense of balanced journalism while relentlessly exaggerating the actions of the IDF in Gaza and downplaying efforts to minimise civilian casualties. Very basic notions of journalistic balance are flouted with the corrupting of facts, the misrepresentation of opinions as facts, and a remarkable inability to seek alternative views. In recent years, inflammatory news coverage has been shown to result in increased violence towards Jews, such as in France where some news reports were proven to be faked. Given the evidential material and the depth of this bias, it is plausible to assert there is a certain level of genuine collusion between the Palestinians and the media but it is hard to say how common. Media bias is nonetheless so profound it can be asserted the Western media have some responsibility for promoting Palestinian terrorism. Little wonder Israel refused journalists access during Cast Lead.

It appears that most Palestinian propaganda is believed uncritically in the media even though it is very well known that Palestinian terrorist groups have been economical with the truth for a very long time. Profoundly dishonest reporting of casualty figures is a defining characteristic of Palestinian propaganda, and within a short time of the Israeli ground attack in January 2009, Hamas was claiming 300 children had been killed. As with previous conflicts involving Israel, the BBC and many other news institutions that should have known better repeated such figures verbatim even though it is widely known that the Palestinians can play fast and loose with such facts. The figures only increased to just under 400 after weeks of fighting on the ground which indicates the implausibility of such a death toll yet it continued to be a main feature of news coverage in 2009. To illustrate the depth of such bias, Irish Broadcaster RTE even mentioned the “1,300 Vs 13” death toll in an introduction to a story related more to Bin Laden, instead of referring to the many thousands he is personally responsible for murdering.

While the international media has become to an extent a sort of agency for Palestinian propaganda, the internet is perhaps an even more useful tool for disseminating anti-Israeli/anti-Semitic propaganda. Any nutcase can start a blog or site that can be seen around the world. This has led to a popular Western movement of hardcore support for Palestinian terrorism. Judging by the very prolific use of the Internet by pro-Palestinian groups it must be an ideal platform to attack Israel. The intent can clearly be seen even in the names of such sites e.g. “”.

A defining characteristic of the anti-Israel movement is its tireless dedication to propaganda of a most opportunistic kind. For example, when the film “Blood Diamond” about the horrors of the illegal African diamond trade was released, pro-Palestinian groups started picketing jewellers that stocked diamonds from Israel. “Apartheid,” a very emotive term, is a real favourite of pro-Palestinians, e.g. Israel Apartheid Week. This is a sheer absurdity in a state with universal suffrage where minority interests are protected. During the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, they protested about the security barrier or “Apartheid Wall” as they prefer to call it. The wall that has saved hundreds of lives, and with less terrorism, economic progress in towns like Bethlehem was possible. Meanwhile few Arab Christians remain due to Islamic intimidation clearly assisted by the Palestinian authorities. Pro-Palestinians even hijack the memory of the Holocaust, e.g. with events leading to Holocaust Memorial Day. “Activists” and “internationals,” as they like to call themselves, go to the region armed with video cameras to hopefully film and write about the latest supposed Israeli atrocity. Many videos, as seen on pro-Palestinian websites, feature grandiose descriptions of Israeli brutality that display an extraordinary divergence from the reality presented in said videos. Many, as found on YouTube, actually demonstrate the restraint of the Israeli military. If these people confronted in a similar fashion the troops of nations that were genuine human rights abusers many would meet an unpleasant end.

Many of these supposed “activists” attempt to cause diplomatic incidents to embarrass Israel. One example is the repeated attempts to break the embargo on Gaza since the election of Hamas. In 2008, a ship carried 5,000 balloons to lift the spirits of the unfortunate people of Gaza. In 2009, the amusingly titled “Spirit of Humanity” attempted to barge into Gaza. It was, of course, known that the ship would be detained if it didn’t turn back. Not only did the ship break maritime law, but all shipping to Gaza is restricted primarily due to the transit of arms particularly from Iran. If aid was the true aim of these people it could have been supplied through border crossings. Pro-Palestinian groups milked the event for all it was worth and when those on the ship were released they wasted no time peddling lies that were at times breathtaking. For example, British minority newspaper The Voice (July 20th 2009) featured an interview by Jamaican/British filmmaker Ishmail Blagrove in which he compared the low security prison where he was detained with a Nazi concentration camp. He said hundreds of black people were taken off the streets of Israel seemingly on a daily basis and imprisoned by authorities, redolent of the worst excesses of Apartheid South Africa.

Within the pro-Palestinian movement there is a profound lack of ownership of the fact that its own activities are clearly giving rise to anti-Semitic feeling and crime towards Jewish people generally. During the protests in response to the Israeli invasion of Gaza in January 2009 there were many anti-Semitic incidents. One of the more notorious occurred in Amsterdam where there were chants of “Hamas Hamas, Jews to the gas.” In the UK, many felt such a profound sense of menace that a reclaim the streets march was organised in response to the frequent Pro-Palestinian demonstrations which were heavily policed out of necessity. These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many reports of an array of unsubtle anti-Semitic slogans and placards being waved about at such marches. Is any campaigner concerned about placards carrying messages like “Death to the Jews” as seen in numerous photos? Whilst some organisers may attempt to distance themselves from such sentiments, to my knowledge there have never been any strong condemnations or any real efforts to weed out such elements from demonstrations. Indeed it is surely not lost on the organisers that many if not the majority of those attending such rallies hold these opinions.

In the UK there was an three-fold increase in overtly anti-Semitic crime. Besides violent assaults, Jewish businesses and synagogues were attacked. Even Jewish primary schools were targeted. In stark contrast to the wave of support shown to the Muslim community principally by left wingers after the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London, hardly a word of concern has been uttered about rising anti-Semitism. Indeed left-wing groups, who tend to adopt all the concerns of ethnic minorities as their own, have been leading the charge of defaming Israel. Little wonder then that the same groups would not be terribly worried if the Jews in their midst are concerned for their safety. The problem of rising anti-Semitism is felt keenly in many parts of Europe (e.g. Paris and Malmo, Sweden) and increasingly in the US.

Besides the increased anti-Semitic crime rate, many independent surveys in recent years have shown considerable increases in anti-Semitism around the world. In supposedly enlightened Europe a very substantial number of people stated they blamed the Jews for the current financial crisis! Pro-Palestinian supporters strongly reject all accusations of anti-Semitism and continually assert they are only anti-Zionist. However, if they were sincere in their expressed intentions they would surely acknowledge the harm being done to Jewish communities. In various countries pro-Palestinians have notably targeted Jewish shops with no link to Israel as locations for campaign posters, sometimes daubed messages on windows (a la Nazi Germany), and sought boycott of similarly unassociated businesses. These and other examples of Jews being singled-out further disproves their activity has nothing to do with anti-Semitism.

The figure of 300 child deaths in Gaza has been bandied about by the pro-Palestinian movement throughout 2009, along with inflammatory imagery of child murder, for example a poster of a Palestinian child clutching a teddy bear while an Israeli helicopter fires missiles at it. As with other Palestinian propaganda the image draws upon old blood libel motifs, in this case the Jew as child murderer. Witness the paranoid speculation of Israeli/Jewish conspiracies, e.g. the notion that Jews control the media and are limiting criticism of Israel. A recent example is the absurdity that British-Jewish-Israeli lobbying is having an undue influence on the British establishment and is controlling the UK media. This, like other theories advanced by pro-Palestinians, requires an absurd inverted down-is-up understanding of reality. Such cases demonstrate a will to hate and defame Jews regardless of fact. This is no different to the past.

  • So Cal Mike

    You should see the students at UCI here in southern California.
    They make the point of this article most eloquently with their decidely uncivilized anti-rational behavior on campus.
    I used to have to navigate through and around them on the way to class.

  • Duncan Druhl

    On the internet, at least, every toady Walter Mitty or Mahmoud Mitty can loudmouth to his heart's content – without doing anything but typing. By and large it is harmless vitriol until it stirs up actions of a non-peaceful nature in a person who might be oversensitised to just what was written. At this point we are morphing into the "fire in a crowded theatre" kind of speech, as characterised by Justice Holmes. This is the point where speech becomes not free – but this is also the point where the bullies without b*lls get their best licks in.

    Posting trash is not victimless. The greater your anger when posting, the greater damage you do to yourself – but those who have been fed a diet of hate throughout their lives will never recognise this, as they will neither recognise peace nor will they recognise courage. When raised on a diet of hatred, it numbs the rest of the perceptions so that nothing can be felt outside the energy of hate. God help the woman that should marry one of these folks. I hope she is content with home-based violence as this person understands nothing else. Any other emotion displayed reverts to the only one they really know at the click of almost anything: anger. Sad lives these are.

    Lives devoted to hatred aren't really lives, but mere a shell existence. I wondered at the motivation behind people who self-destruct, but in a life that knows only hate, it isn't so much a mystery anymore.

  • bpaolucci

    Christians were nudged, shall we say, out of Israel decades ago. These days they are being tortured, raped and killed so they will leave Arab lands or convert. One can rightly ask who is being persecuted in the Middle East and not find Palestinians or Jews to be the answer.

    Realistically there are limited options for peace in the Middle East between Muslims and Jews – either Jews turn over whatever lands Palestinians want so they can have a state of their own inside Israel OR Palestinians agree to have their own state outside the state of Israel OR we turn back the clock and dis-invent the Jewish State of Israel. Does anyone see any of these 3 options being accepted? I don't. Does anyone see any other solutions that are realistic? I don't. It appears that one side will destroy the other doesn't it.

    Keeping in mind the fact that Muslims are on the road to world domination I see no reason to cave in to any demands and every reason to stop them dead in their tracks.

    • aspacia

      Israel can pay compensation, aid Palestinian flight to another land since sell land to a Jew is a capital crime, then expel all remaining Arabs from Gaza, The West Bank and Israel. Those remaining should be annihilated. Harsh, but this will end the dispute.

      • bpaolucci

        Don't you see the hatred in your words? How about taking the treaty & all amendments to it to an international court to have a determination on who owns what, what the borders are, who can live inside Jerusalem and if either side has broken the treaty, how so and what's to be done about it .

        Fact finding would go a long way towards having the truth revealed. My understanding is that within that treaty the parties agreed that everyone living in Jerusalem had the right to remain there and that Jews could not oust any idividuals or groups of people. That means people from all 3 religions would get to stay. Questions remain unanswered: Why did the large Catholic population leave & become reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was? What are the terms of the treaty and has either side broken the treaty? What, if anything can be done to have this treaty become a basis for peace? Neither you nor I can answer questions such as these but, answers are needed. In the meantime, you do Israel no good by saying Arabs should be annihilated – only adds fuel to the fire.

        • aspacia

          LOL. Sure, I am very angry regarding how the world, and individuals, like yourself seem to have no clue regarding the hate seeping from the Arab World. Have the Jewa committed terrorist acts. Sure, the David Hotel, and they hanged two English soldiers in retaliation for the Jewish executions prior to the creation of Israel.

          Know how disputes between totally different ideologies usually end in total devastation and unconditional surrender.

          A treaty between the Arab World and Israel would be worthless. It would be a truce until Arabs could totally annihilate Israel. Arafat, and most Arab leaders claim one stance in English, and a totally racist, violent stance in Arabic. Read MEMRI for insight. Read their Qu'ran, Hadiths, and their violent history of Islamic invasion. How about the Ottoman conquests, the sacking of Byzantium.

          Get real. The original treaty was violated by Arabs, and they still violate treaties and International law by utilizing terrorism against all civilians who oppose them. Lockerbie, the Archille Laurel, the Munich Massacre, I could go on, but you understand.

          Truth, read the facts first. The Muslims have zero religious or political claim to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in their Qu'ran or Hadiths. Politically, forget it. When they controlled Jerusalem they expelled all Jews without compensation. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

          The International Court is Anti-Semitic. The only reason it took on any stance for Jews stems from shame regarding Europe's long history of Jew Hate.

          Look into Palestine for the depletion of non-Muslim Christians. Do you have any idea regarding what Muslims are doing to Jews in Palestine, and the rest of the Arab World. Read Jihad Watch for some facts. Yes, facts that are supported with valid evidence.

          I said Arabs should be expelled, and if they refuse to leave, annihilate them, as they want to annihilate the only Jewish state in the world.

          • bpaolucci

            1st lets both agree that there has been wrongs on both sides.

            2nd, I am not on the side of Arabs, I am hoping for a solution that will work.
            Even if the int'l. court is anti semetic, turning to that court/UN would be NEWS & interviews had & slowly opinions change. This would happen even if the int'l court and/or the UN went against Israel.

            The treaty was signed in Italy which could mean Italy has jurisdiction over it & Italian courts could possibly adjudicate complaints Israel could make – again, press coverage, interviews, & opinions change. Change takes time.

            Haven't you caught on to how Arabs seek out victim status when it comes to Israel defending itself? That's on purpose. Israel would do well to garner some of that victim status for itself and do it first instead of last.

            I get Jihad Watch and other newsletters on the Middle East and Israel daily. I am not lacking info. I do not support Islam, terrorists or Palestinians. I know what is being done to Jews & Catholics alike in Arab countries & Palestine.

          • aspacia

            Can Israel really wait until the anti-Semitic Interntional Court to change its mind if a coordinated attack from Iran, Syria, Hizbollah, and Hamas come to light? No. Look at the UN Human Rights Council. It is filled with the worst Human Rights violators in the world today. You put too much stock in any European body politic.

            Glad to hear you read Jihad Watch:-)

          • bpaolucci

            Waiting for int'l courts to make rulings isn't the issue. Yes, they will take time, all courts do, its the nature of the beast. That gives Israel lots of press, gets the treaty, the Churchil papers & its amendments, if any, out in the open & all would see who broke the treaty, in what way, as well as whether or not the British had the right to alter it by making a deal with the Arabs. Israel could have taken this to the courts years, no decades ago.

            Every ruling by the court would come under scrutiny and be covered by the press worldwide. If they screw up, it will be well documented.

            Do you see a start up to a new round of peace talks going anywhere? I don't.

            At this point Israel has no choice but to figure out how to make that first strike, be sure to knock out all silos & how to get their pilots back home – time is running out. It looks like November is the time frame for Iran to be up and running enough to strike Israel & in a few more years to strike the USA.

          • bpaolucci

            Here's part 2 of my reply today:

            What Obama could do to avert all of this is to issue an executive order that states that if a nation does business with Iran it can no longer do business with America. This is the only way to successfully impose sanctions on Iran. Do you think Obama will do this? I don't. He seems to want this – it plays into the destruction of the industrial world's economies which would allow communists takeover of every nation.

            So you see, while I understand the anger you feel – it doesn't solve things and solutions must be found. The world is far too dangerous a place these days.

          • bpaolucci

            Couldn't fit all I wrote into one reply so here's the rest.

            We need a solution that avoids more bloodshed and I don't see one, obviously you don't either. Still turning to courts is at least a step in the right direction.

            Do you realize that Obama is not going to do a thing to help Israel make a first strike against Iran's nuclear weapons? All Obama has to do is sit back & do nothing & he effectively prevents Israel from defending itself – Israel doesn't have jets that can make a round trip over Iran without refueling mid air. israel needs written permission from Obama to land at any of our air bases & any of NATO's. Unless Israel can make a deal with some other nation for landing privileges, they can't do a thing to stop Iran from getting & using nuclear weapons against them. Now then, do you envision Obama changing his mind. I don't.

          • aspacia

            Obama is in deep $hit in the U.S.A. He has his hands full with the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) protests; the Arizona Immigration Law which 70+ citizens approve, and the uptick in attempted terrorist attacks on his watch. If he receives sound intelligence regarding an Iranian, Syrian, Hizbollah, and Hamas coordinated attack against Israel, he will covertly give the green light to Israel. He really will not have much of a choice.

          • bpaolucci

            You've assumed far too much. Obama is the delivery boy for a movement that has a 100 years master plan and is only now starting to realize its success. Read Cloward and Pevin (hope I spelled that right). Google Maruice Strong & read the archives of Glenn Beck's tv program which can be had on Its in Obama's best interest to have Israel out on a limb and in a position to be destroyed by Iran – any/all industrial nations need to have their economies destroyed per the leftist movement that is clearly running things. The destruction of Israel would be a feather in his cap. His problem is how to bring it about without getting his hands dirty.

          • aspacia

            Possible, considering who he picks for his administration. However, it may come down to saving his political skin and his ideology, I wonder which he will choose. He is very unpopular at the moment. I hope no one is stupid enough to martyr him, because the outpouring of sympathy with shift the current tide back to normalcy.

            I will Google Strong, Cloward and Pevin for insight. Beck mentions so many names, I may have forgotten these.

            With regards,


          • bpaolucci

            Not to take the focus off Israel, but, as I've said, these conflicts are tactics meant to divert attention to what's really going on, as in the lCommunists taking over the entire world. That take over can't occur without the total destruction of the West's economies – note that all of Europe is broke, in need of more bailouts & so is America? its just the beginning. Obama is doing all he can to collapse America's economy.

            part 2 to follow.

          • bpaolucci

            Here's what's coming our way in Sept. – see Watch the video describing the film Machete – which calls for hispanics to murder all whites – you'll see that your focus can't be just on Israel, it has to be worldwide & with as much knowledge as it is possible to obtain ofnthe master plan. There are many bad actors on the stage – & many of them are in the white house. When you start to see the organized effort (that's been in place for decades) to bring down America as a republic & replace all world governments with Communism you will understand better why I tell you that Obama is merely the delivery boy & Israeli/Arab conflict is just 1 of many diversions meant to take our attention away from discovering the master plan.

            Where's Jack Bauer when you need him?

          • aspacia

            You are stating that Obama wants to destroy the economy to allow Communism to dominates. ??? Puzzled, I guess Wbya, wanted the same, as he is the one who initially sucked our economy dry.

            Actually, the USSR collapsed, and China is now a capitalist, totalitarian state. Perhaps, Obama wants to control a totalitarian state, but I doubt he wants China to share in the control.

            This is just another pendulum swing from right to left and it will swing back to right.

            Back to Israel; I doubt he will step to far against Israel, as there would be a huge political backlash against him.

          • bpaolucci

            That's exactly what I am saying . Before you can form opinions you need to do the research – the names I gave you are just the beginning – you look & your eyes will be opened. Start wtih the names I gave you then email me and we can talk more. Is there a way to send each other our email addresses without broadcasting them to the world?

            Meantime just consider how the Euroopean countries and the USA are all broke, borrowed to the hilt and then some & are continuing to borrow to prop each other up – these nations including the USA can't repay the debt they owe & continue to borrow. Its a house of cards that is just waiting for a light breeze to make it all fall apart.

          • bpaolucci

            China is not a capitalist state, China finds capitalism useful & financially beneficial but they have not embraced a free society that can think for itself, do as it pleases & is not under constant government supervision, (google just opted out of China for these reasons). The USSR temporarily collapsed – they are flush with money from oil & have never given up on conquering us.

          • bpaolucci

            Sorry this reply is in 3 parts.
            This isn't just another pendulum swing unless conservatives oust democrats come Nov. even then the left will merely regroup & try again. That the left is so bold as to let those who will see know exactly what they are all about shows you that they know they have all of their ducks in a row, worldwide & are confident that we can't defeat them.

            As to getting back to Israel, best to be prepared for the worst & hope for the best. Obama, Rahm, Axelrod et al, need the diversions to take over America. As Rahm said, let no crisis go to waste. All 3 are enemies of Israel – even though 2 are Jews. As I said previously, Obama could easily stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons – he just has to sign the executive order he already has in his possession (every president has it) that bans any country that does business with Iran from doing business with us. Go do your research. I will give you more info after you've gotten through the names & info I've already given you.

          • bpaolucci

            actually my reply is in 4 parts. part 1 is being reviewed by the site's administrator. Lots of my stuff gets reviewed. Lets see if it goes up or not.

          • aspacia

            Nope, do not buy it. The U.S. economy has had too many bull and bear times prior to Marx.

            Again, this is just another period of left to right political tendencies. Who cares what ivory tower eggheads claim? Not me. Not most citizens, and we are the sovereigns.

            Currently, we are taking down the Obamanation Administration one politician at a time. Brown took Ted Kennedy's seat.

            Thanks for the interesting debate.

          • bpaolucci

            There are none so blind as those who will not see. And you are most welcome.

      • bpaolucci

        Couldn't fit all I wanted to say in one post. here's the rest:

        Before you give me a litany of the wrongs the Arabs/Palestinians have done you a) have to admit that Israel has done quite a bit of wongs themselves and b) I am not sticking up for Arabs, I do not believe that Islam is a true religion. I think its a political ideology couched in a made up religion where one can find justification for any act one may want to commit. Its used by those who govern to control the governed and these days to have them kill themselves so long as they take non Muslims with them. There's no way you can ascribe these acts to God.

        • aspacia

          Israel does not have capital punishment; the Arab World does. Jews are fighting to survive, as they have had to do for several thousand years. Jews produce far more for humanity than any Arab has ever produced. Hence, my stance for Jews, I respect them far more than Arabs who follow the barbaric Sharia Law, and who basically are not developed, nor want to be.

  • Ron Grant

    "Pro-Palestinian supporters strongly reject all accusations of anti-Semitism and continually assert they are only anti-Zionist. However, if they were sincere in their expressed intentions they would surely acknowledge the harm being done to Jewish communities."

    What would you suggest, assuming Jewish communities are harmed by Anti-Zionism?Like it or not,there are evils associated with Zionism.The Palestinian people have lost their birthright and homeland because of Zionism.Clearly those of us who recognize the harm done by Zionism need to take pains to distinguish one (Antisemitism) from the other (Anti-Zionism).Not always going to be successful.Unfortunately,Zionists sometimes confuse the issue,intentionally perhaps,by equating one with the other.Regardless,an outstanding if not tragic example of good people doing evil.Muchiboy

    • aspacia

      Read Arab media to understand that anti-Semiticism and anti-Zionism are one in the same. Much of their children media broadcasts promote the murder of all Jews, then all infidels.

      Wake-up, it is Muslim intolerance that implements the Middle-Eastern violence.

  • Ron Grant

    "Many of these supposed “activists” attempt to cause diplomatic incidents to embarrass Israe…Palestinian groups milked the event for all it was worth.."

    Some might say Jews milk the Holocaust for all it was worth.Pretty cynical,but hey if it works.Anyway,the Palestinians are no amateurs when it comes to public relations and I am surprised at your naivety here.Sounds like whining to me.Preferable to suicide bombs.Muchiboy

  • Ron Grant

    "It appears that most Palestinian propaganda is believed uncritically in the media"

    This is not my experience in Canada. Admittedly living in a rural area I do not have ready access to the bigger dailies.As a point of interest,Israel Asper,a Jew, founder of one of Canada's largest and most influential media empires,Canwest, was known for his use of the media to influence public and government opinion in support of Israel.Unfortunately this good man is deceased and his media empire no longer in the hands of his family.However,we can hope that the media will now be less biased in its' support of Israel.

    " film “Blood Diamond”….pro-Palestinian groups started picketing jewellers that stocked diamonds from Israel! “Apartheid”,"

    Again,sounds like wining to me.Protesters picketing.So what.That's what we do in Canada.Preferable to placing bombs on buses.

  • Ron Grant

    "The mainstream media throughout the world bears a great deal of responsibility for promoting the pro-Palestinian movement"

    The mainstream media does not have much faith in the actions and credibility of the IDF,the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe,the regimes in Burma nor Sri Lanka.I wonder why.

    "The Guardian newspaper has been for some time a notoriously biased publication when it comes to matters of the Middle East. Any article that doesn’t roundly condemn Israel is subjected to extreme prolific criticism below in the Comment is Free (CIF) Internet comment sections that is often very abusive in nature."

    Seriously,don't you think this is the case with pro Israel media,too.So some media have an agenda.Surprise,surprise.It means we must read critically if we hope to form a balanced opinion.

    "The pro-Palestinian movement is profoundly undemocratic with regard to dissenting views"

    Have you read some of the comments on FP lately?Change the names and races and they would not be out of place in some pro Nazi propaganda rag in 1939 Germany.

    "One common method of counter-argument largely avoids confronting the issue at hand. A pro-Israel article dealing with a particular topic is broadly dismissed but typically issues are cited that are beyond the scope of said article"

    Guilty! I've used that one myself,unintentionally of course.

    " Whenever anyone endorses an opinion in the media or on the Internet that is even mildly critical of the Palestinians or mildly supportive of Israel they are typically subjected to extreme criticism"

    Is this so unusual given the issues and history of the conflict? The abortion debate makes the Israel-Palestine debate look like a social get together with both sides competing in a three legged race.

    • aspacia

      Thanks for sticking to the claims, and not utilizing personal attacks. However, the abortion debate has not cause thousands of deaths; remember I said debate.

  • To the ignorant

    The naiveté of Duncan and the ignorant stupidity of Ron Grant just give justification to your articles.

    Thank you for putting it straight the way it is, although I doubt it will change, any mind, in the crowd of modern anti Semites which operate under the flag of anti Zionism.

    It is very difficult to be a Jew! It will not change! It has been going on for more then four thousand years and it makes me sick to just listen or read the righteous idiots out there which are just low life liars that have no idea what they are talking about.

    They just ignore history and facts on the ground. I really do not think that there is anything we can do about it, but follow the law of survival!

    Kill the one that comes to kill you first and protect your family and country. Period!!!!!!!!!

  • Carolina Don

    Another great article Mr. Harris and very true. I love the line about "Palistinian terror groups have been economical with the truth for a very long time". I couldn't help but notice that with a few textual changes, much of this could have been about the Liberals and the Tea Party. That being said, I have noticed for years the attitude that the Arabs were the "victims" and big, bad Israel was the Villan. I look forward to part 3.

  • Ahmed

    Zionist are Abusive and THey are the MADE of HATE on this earth.

    Dont blame Palestinians. israel Deserves to be put to Court all its Leaders should be brought to Court for thier Murder of 1000,000 palestinians in the last ten years alone.

    Isreal and Zionism should COME to an END
    Horowitz should go to HELL and the editor shoudl the sametime Have a HELL.

    This site is a HATE-Preacher

    • Carolina Don

      The truth hurts doesn't it?

    • aspacia

      Actually, Muslims are far more abusive, intolerant and violent than Jews, even the settlers. Your book call for the murder or subjegation of all infidels, this includes me, a Deist, Goy.

      It is Islam that should end.

    • Tommo2

      Lets consider the millions of Christians slaughtered around the world to satisfy your Allah's blood lust – then try to explain to me why you think Islam is a religion of peace.

  • Ahmed

    Zionist are Abusive and THey are the MADE of HATE on this earth.

    • xman

      And you are a typical workshy Muslim barbarian who sponges off Jews.

  • Dracula

    Why do you Erase Comments that Tell TRUTh:

    frontpagemag Editors are confusing;

    They delete the Articles that serve for the TRUTH and that tell the TrUTH of the Zionists who occupy the Land of Palestine in 1948, and kill the palestinian peopl each day.

    Go To HELL Horowitz. You are a great Hate-filled Zionist who will die with his ANGER and HATREDness.

    • BerlGoetz

      Who worries about Zionism anyway? This is a bizarre, incoherant posting that reflects a sick mind and projects it onto others. I only hope people like this are reading and posting from very far away.

    • aspacia

      They purchased the land Dracula, and the UN made it an internationally recognized state; a state which your brethren refused to acknowledge, and viciously attacked.

      Your comment was probably deleted because of a violent threat against a poster; a commonplace event with Muslims.

  • caleb singh

    murder for debauchery in the celestial whorehouse of allah is islamic salvation what kind of god is this ? who need killing for his glorification religion or barbarism?