Allied in Anti-Semitism – the Irish Connection Part II

[Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a four-part series. Click the following to read Part I, Part III, or Part IV.]

Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson has probably done more harm to Israel than any other Irish citizen. She was United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997 to 2002 and was the architect of the Durban I anti-racism conference in 2001. Last year pro-Israel groups expressed concerns when she was going to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the top US honour for civilians) by Barack Obama. She said “There’s a lot of bullying by certain elements of the Jewish community. They bully people who try to address the severe situation in Gaza and the West Bank. Archbishop Desmond Tutu gets the same criticism.”

How legitimate were the concerns of these Jewish bullies? Durban I was probably the most serious anti-Semitic event in decades. Although the UN has long been anti-Israel and the Internet has also been a significant contributor, Durban I can be seen as the singular event that turned anti-Semitic Israeli bashing into the zeitgeist of our times. The Durban I conference composed of UN groups and NGOs, developed several strategies to demonise Israel. It would be described as an apartheid state which could be undermined through isolation akin to South Africa. They emphasised calling Israeli actions in response to Palestinian terror “war crimes,” in breach of international law, etc.

Robinson was the principal organiser of the event. Robinson was criticised by Tom Lantos (a member of the U.S. delegation) who said there were obvious signs the conference was headed for trouble months before. At preliminary meetings in Tehran, Israelis and pro-Israel states and NGOs were at first prevented entering Iran, and later, effectively excluded from participating in the meetings. The delegates present declared the intention of using the conference as a propaganda weapon to harm Israel. Robinson condoned their behaviour in a statement where she congratulated the Tehran delegates on their productive work. Her stance encouraged the hijacking of the event. In effect, it became as a weapon against Israel.

Jews were openly discriminated against at the conference itself. Pro-Palestinian extremists were allowed to incite hatred of Israel on an international stage and legitimise the Second Intifada which had resulted in a massive loss of Israeli lives at the time. Resolutions were passed accusing Israel of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The American delegation headed by Colin Powell tried to remedy the situation by using diplomacy to isolate hard-line states and NGOs but Lantos stated that Robinson actually undermined these efforts which shocked their delegation. She would not reject the concept that the horrors of the Holocaust are equivalent to the suffering of the Palestinians – in fact, she legitimised it by describing them as opposing issues. She knowingly allowed the hate filled conference to take its course and the issues for which Durban I was intended to be were largely ignored. Powell announced that the US would withdraw from Durban I, stating,

I know that you do not combat racism by conferences that produce declarations containing hateful language, some of which is a throwback to the days of ‘Zionism equals racism’; or supports the idea that we have made too much of the Holocaust; or suggests that apartheid exists in Israel; or that singles out only one country in the world, Israel, for censure and abuse.

Robinson latterly condemned the extreme anti-Semitism at the events, but by that stage, it was akin to sprinkling water on an inferno after having built it up with petrol. She erased most of the objectionable content in the final document. However, the document was almost meaningless, as the conference throughout was the scene of extreme hostility toward Jews and Israel, which helped legitimise such conduct under the guise of human rights. This was a devastating propaganda victory, the consequences of which could well lead to the destruction of the Israeli State. Has Robinson come to regret her conduct and come to the aid of Israel? Not even a little. Although she expressed upset at the events of the time, she stated last year “I am extremely proud [of the conference.] It was the third attempt to have the conference and was the first to be successful. In the final document there was not one word of anti-semitism.”

If Durban I was an anomaly in an otherwise good record, Robinson’s behaviour could be put down to stupidity, but she has consistently adopted an anti-Israeli stance which at times could be described as destructive. The so called “massacre” in Jenin in 2002, where the Palestinians hugely exaggerated the death toll of Palestinian civilians, was used by the United Nations as an excuse to attack Israel in an extremely hostile fashion without being in possession of the facts. They jumped to serious conclusions as they have done repeatedly since, and equated the military action in response to the death of over 100 Israeli civilians with that of the terrorists without addressing the reasons for those actions. Robinson pre-judged the situation: “It cannot be right to wage war on civilian populations.”

A resolution by Robinson’s Human Rights commission that condoned terrorism generally (unspecified forms) as a means to resist occupation and achieve independence was passed. There was no real condemnation of 100+ Israeli civilian deaths. The death of seven Palestinian civilians and 47 Palestinian militants was of greater consequence.  To quote a 2002 report by the Anti-Defamation League:

“Question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine” Resolution 2002/8, adopted by the Commission on Human Rights, April 15, 2002 (‘France, Belgium, and four other EU countries yesterday supported a UN Commission on Human Rights resolution that includes a thinly veiled endorsement of Palestinian terrorism,’ The Jerusalem Post, April 16, 2002; notably, this resolution endorsed a 1982 U.N. resolution that ‘reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity, and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle’).”

Robinson was offered the job of investigating Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza by the UN. She rejected the biased terms of the UN mandate that singled out Israel. This may have been due to prior criticism of her very oppositional stance toward the Jewish State. Justice Richard Goldstone, head of the UN Gaza fact-finding mission, had the terms changed informally. This had no authoritative standing at the UN since it was not voted on. Thus the original terms of the mandate stood as it turned out. This did not stop her voicing support for the anti-Israel Goldstone Report when it was being voted on. She is now part of an NGO group comically entitled “The Elders,” which includes other anti-Israeli luminaries such as Jimmy “Israeli apartheid” Carter.

  • jaythehistorian

    I had a post deleted . When are the Irish ships sailing for Turkey to protest the genocide and continuing persecution of the Armenians .When is the Irish ship and convoy leaving for Turkey to protest the continuing murder of Kurds. The Irish are the most anti Jewish people in Europe.. Jews should send a ship to Northern Ireland to protest, catholic bigotry towards Protestants. During WWII , Irish American gangs supported by the mostly Irish Police and Irish politicians in NYC and Boston committed numerous mini-progroms against Jews. Of course, the cowards only attacked when they outnumbered Jews and of course knew the police would never arrest them. Israel should have sunk the Rachel "speed bump" Corrie. Maybe it's the rampant pedophilia which results in very disturbed Irish males.

    • Paul Gesh

      Excellent observation. :)

    • EdwinS

      Ive speculated on Irish Jew-hatred: Jesus was a Jew – Irish priests are surrogates of Jesus – the priests (for how many centuries?) have been doing unspeakable things to little boys in secret corners of the church –
      if one has been sexually abused in childhood it makes sense that one would hate the source of his suffering…Hence the Irish hate the Jews…

      • Frank Speaker

        Jesus was not forgiving all, he stated -" it is better to tie a mill stone around your neck and drown in the sea than hurt a child" This quote has been removed from hristian teching because it flies in the face of the convenient "all forgiving". Such that I saw a 2 year trail on yahoo searching for this quote by a number of people. If you dont see what is happening today, Its evil for the pope not to act on child abuse. It does not mean all catholics are evil no, but you have the right to demand what is right be done and help fight the evil that is creeping into your society – and that too means anti semitism

    • Civil Rights

      Zionists out of stolen Palestinian Land.

  • maria

    There is a group in Oakland by the harbor, trying to stop the unloading of Israeli ships.
    They are carrying Turkish and Palestinian flags.
    Is there going to be a group in favor of Israel?

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Why is anyone surprised by the former allies of Hitler? Leopards don't change their spots.

  • Michael Pat

    Mary Robinson has a lot in common with BHO – her claim to presidential capability being based on her career as a left wing activist. She broke the laws of Ireland to promote her feminist agenda. And now like modern leftist ex-presidents (those who didn't succeed in making themselves president for life), instead of retiring gracefully, goes around the world making a nuicence of herself.
    It is an eternal embarassment to Ireland that she was our president.
    As an extreme feminist one might expect that she would have something to say about the way women are treated in the Muslim world. I am not aware that she ever said anything about that subject. Or at least she could show some appreciation for the fact that women in Israel, including arab and muslim women, are treated with dignity and respect.

  • mikecnj

    "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you".
    Remind Him of Ms. Robinson's hate filled acts and she will recieve correction.

    • Paul Gesh


  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    I pray every day that this woman burns in Hell for all eternity for what she did, is doing, and will do in the future. File Mary Robinson under "TOXIC PEOPLE".

  • USMCSniper

    The bestowing of the American Medal of Freedom on a Anti Semite Marxist like Mary Robinson is a travesty. Robinson is an ardent foe of Israel and was the Commissioner of the U.N Human Right Commission when it condoned suicide bombing by the Palestinians as a legitimate means to establish a Palestinian state, which by the way the Arab Muslim States will never allow. Robinson has a pattern of anti-Israel actions stretching across many years and continents.

    • EdwinS

      Bestowing the Medal on her was a slick BHO move: it assures his base that in his heart the President is anti-Israel without exposing himself to accusations of anti-Semitism…
      What a weasel….

  • Johnz52

    this is some of the most anti-Irish propaganda to be printed since Churchill's term in parliament and I don't mean Winston. If this diatribe was written about a Jewish states-person there would be a world-wide cry of anti-semitism. It is now very obvious that Jews can be racists and will stoop to any low means to attack someone that is critical of Israel's right-wing apartheid policies.

    • logdon

      I'm not Jewish and agree with the sentiments expressed. So whose the racist here?

      I am English though and know by experience what the Irish are capable of. Narrowly escaping being blown to smitheens is a salutary lesson, my friend.

      Like Muslims any slight is magnified then morphs into folklore, never to be forgotten.

    • Civil Rights

      Right on. Zionists can be racist, but say one bad word about Israel and your an anti Semite.

  • michiganruth

    can someone please tell me why the US continues to pay almost 25% of the UN's expenses? imagine what would happen if Congress grew a pair and stopped the funding. the sick UN organization would have to leave New York, and the Muzzies would have to find some other arena for their Jew hatred.

  • Tanstaafl

    That's Jimmy (the Dhimmi) Carter.

  • Maximilian_2

    Sean Russell was accompanied on the German U-Boat by Frank Ryan, the International Brigade anti-fascist who was imprisoned by Franco and then released into Nazi custody. The following letter was published in the Sunday Independent on January 9, 2005


    Sir – Sean Russell was a man whom de Valera once considered worth making the effort to save from himself. Russell had given sterling service in the 20th century's first war for democracy – the Irish War of Independence fought to give effect to the democratic mandate of the 1918 Elections. But having failed to persuade Russell to accept the democratic mandate of his later Republican election victories of the Thirties, de Valera was left with no option but to act ruthlessly and with resolve against Russell and his IRA followers.

    By all means condemn Russell, as I have always done, for his actions in defiance of de Valera, specifically his 1939 bombing campaign in England, followed by his request for German aid to mount an IRA invasion of the North. If Russell's plan had materialised it would have had the knock-on effect of either a German or British invasion and occupation of Southern Ireland, bringing to nought de Valera's skillful safeguarding of this State from both war and fascism.

    Condemnation of Russell is one thing; character assassination is quite a different matter. Russell was not the Holocaust-championing caricature painted by the so-called "anti-fascist" gang responsible for the paramilitary destruction of his monument on December 30. Nor is your report by Jim Cusack (January 2) accurate in stating that it had previously "been vandalised by communists in the Fifties" because it originally was supposed to have had Russell's arm "raised in a Nazi-style salute". On the contrary, it had originally been a clenched-fist, which was denounced as "communist" by the anti-semitic and clerical-fascist organisation Maria Duce, who then proceeded to amputate the offending Russell arm.

    The facts regarding Russell and Nazi Germany are as follows: The UK Public Records Office has released files which show that after intensive post-War interrogation of German intelligence agents at the highest level, British intelligence itself concluded in 1946 that "Russell throughout his stay in Germany had shown considerable reticence towards the Germans and plainly did not regard himself as a German agent".

    In his 1958 novelVictors and VanquishedFrancis Stuart observed of the Russell-based character's outspokenness in Berlin: "Pro-German when it comes to the English, and pro-Jew when it's a question of the Germans". One might be forgiven for dismissing this as another of Stuart's literary inventions were it not for the fact that this assessment was corroborated by a far more significant witness – the Austrian Erwin Lahousen, the first and most important witness for the prosecution at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials in 1945. Lahousen had been head of the second bureau of the German Intelligence Service from 1939 to 1943. A devoutly-religious Catholic, Lahousen loathed Nazism and had been the key figure in an aborted pre-War plot to assassinate Hitler.

    By common consent, it was Lahousen's evidence at Nuremberg that ensured that Hitler's foreign minister Ribbentrop would be sentenced to death.

    It was the self-same Lahousen who proceeded to offer the following character reference on behalf of Russell: "The Irishman was a hyper-sensitive Celt who, however willing he might be to use the Germans for his own political ends, regarded the Nazi philosophy as anathema". Lahousen said that "Russell was the only one of the IRA with whom I dealt who was a real Irish Republican of the old school": After what Lahousen described as "one of Russell's fiery denunciations of the Nazi attempts to indoctrinate him", the IRA leader further proclaimed:

    "I am not a Nazi. I'm not even pro-German. I am an Irishman fighting for the independence of Ireland. The British have been our enemies for hundreds of years. They are the enemies of Germany today. If it suits Germany to give us help to achieve independence I am willing to accept it, but no more, and there must be no strings to the help".

    This, of course, was extremely naive. As regards his dealings with Nazi Germany, Russell is to be condemned more as a fool than a knave. But notwithstanding that condemnation, Sean Russell is still entitled to the integrity of his reputation, in death no less than in life.

    Manus O'Riordan, Glasnevin, D11

  • Maximilian_2

    The Limerick Jews mostly went to Cork, where they were warmly welcomed. Gerald Goldberg later became the Lord Mayor of Cork.

  • Ghostwriter

    In the United States,the Irish and Jewish communities are very large and old. Both have been here even before there was an America and they both have proudly fought and died for this country. There were probably Irish immigrants and Irish-Americans that fought proudly and bravely for America during World War II like in all of America's other wars just as there were Jewish immigrants and Jewish Americans that did the same.
    It's a shame that people like Mary Robinson and others like her bring dishonor to those who love Ireland and take great pride in that country. I hope she's never invited to any St. Patrick's Day parade in this country.

  • jack

    there's a quite simple explanation for all this, really. ireland was for centuries colonized by the british. palestine (see: gaza, west bank, east jerusalem–territories recognized by every US president and the UN as non-israeli) is being colonized by israel. ireland did not gain independence until they started fighting, literally fighting, for it. i imagine they are kindred spirits in that sense.

    also i am sort of shocked by how many people are so rabidly pro-israel here. i thought we were conservatives? we give israel–which has a higher gdp than america–$3 billion per year while we're in debt. they ignore every request we make. their government has been convicted SEVENTEEN TIMES of spying on america. they ignore international law. they are responsible for the deaths of 200x (that is the actual number) more palestinians than vice versa. seriously, i don't get it. are we just supporting them because they're not muslim? the democracy thing is a non-starter, as lebanon and turkey are just as "democratic". israel shares about as much of our values as oman, to pick another random middle eastern country, yet i see no one proclaming the omanians "the chosen people". i'm baffled by the whole "israel right or wrong" thing, truly.

  • Nutcase McWallbanger

    Hi, Can I join your group? I do my best to take offence wherever and whenever I can as well. I agree with you too, that the irish are the biggest Jew-haters in the world and there is evidence somwhere someplace that proves it. I would never even dare to even think of critisizing Israeli policy and actions. I want to be in your group, because I too would like to do anything I want to anybody I want whenever I want. I too want to be one of the chosen people.
    I am a headbanger.
    Does that make me qualify?
    Thank you.