Allied in Anti-Semitism — The Irish Connection, Part III

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[Editor’s note: This is the third installment of a four-part series. Part IV of “Allied in Anti-Semitism” will appear in our Wednesday issue. Click the following for Part I, Part II and Part IV.]

Sein Fein’s anti-Israel stance is echoed by numerous pressure groups in Ireland calling for the Ambassador’s expulsion, an absolute boycott of Israeli products and companies, and the shunning of Israeli artists and academics. The Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) is the biggest pro-Palestinian group in Ireland. They have offices on one of the most expensive streets in Ireland (Dame Street). The IPSC was founded in November 2001 and has had considerable success. Besides featuring “Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide by Ben White (Signed)” their online store features such items as Christmas cards of Madonna and Child in a Palestinian flag (rewriting history yet again) and the three wise men being blocked by the “Apartheid Wall.”

The IPSC has been accused of anti-Semitism many times. They cover their backs with a single line on their website: “The IPSC condemns all forms of racism including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.” Like many anti-Israeli organisations, basic observation of their behaviour betrays a different sensibility. For example, a World Cup qualifier match between Israel and Ireland in 2005 led to very unpleasant scenes in Dublin. The IPSC organised a protest that was supposed to be “peaceful” but wasn’t: “Mostly it was a tame affair … Until the baying crowd scented their blood: passing Israeli fans.” Sadly, this is one of many examples of the hate filled aggression that Israeli fans and athletes confront when they visit Europe. By contrast, when Ireland faced Israel in Tel Aviv, many Irish fans enthused about the exceptional welcome.

One of the few pro-Israel journalists in Ireland reported his own experiences of such protests:

[O]n the night of Israel’s 60th birthday party  — everyone attending, according to the people we had to go through, were “filthy Jews” and more than one protestor made hissing sounds, the international shorthand for the noise of the gas chambers.

Unsurprisingly, the IPSC supports extremist Palestinian groups like Hamas and Hizbullah whose flags have been seen at numerous protests. In 2009, during Operation Cast Lead, children dressed as Hamas soldiers led an IPSC protest in Dublin aping what goes on in Gaza.

The intimidation doesn’t only occur at protests. There are a number of small pro-Israel groups in Ireland such as Irish Christian Friends of Israel. The largest group is Irish Friends of Israel. These groups seem to keep a low profile due to threatening behaviour. In 2007, a well known pro-Israel supporter received several days of threatening emails and phone calls after publishing a rather moderate critique of the IPSC in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The IPSC spread their hate on Irish leftist site Indymedia which is probably the principal pro-Palestinian site in Ireland. Its moderators usually ban those who offer quite mild support for Israel as “trolls,” “Israeli hasbara” “Zio-Nazi’s” etc., if initially they can’t be abusively shouted down à la CIF (Comment is Free) etc.

While Ireland isn’t exceptional in terms of international Jewish/Israeli hatred, it is worth describing some of these humanitarians. One of the most high profile pro-Palestinian campaigners in Ireland is Raymond Deane. He is a state-funded composer, as well as a founding member of the IPSC, a former chairman, and “Arts, Cultural and Sports Boycott Officer.” He wrote a letter to a prominent newspaper claiming the Israeli medical team landed in Haiti to take pictures for the purposes of propaganda and promptly went home. Like many pro-Palestinians, Deane has an extraordinary capacity to sling mud at anyone who dares defend Israel, but objects strenuously to its return. Historian Dermot Meleady challenged his assertions in the letters pages of the Irish Times newspaper, which led to Deane threatening libel.

A quote from Deane in 2008 shows how extreme he really is – perhaps even supporting a nuclear assault: “President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly expressed hopes for an end to the Zionist regime, a hope shared worldwide – including within Israel – by people of more impeccable democratic credentials than the Iranian president. “The provision of training and logistical support to Hamas” – nominally, the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people – is to be welcomed as a small counterbalance to US and EU support for the murderous Israeli regime.”

Deane has also compared the defence of Israel with the defence of paedophilia:

However, I’ve problems with the concept of “People who genuinely support Israel.” Of course there are such people, just as there are people who genuinely support paedophilia. Israel is a criminal state in every respect, a state that exists in a suspension of international law enabled by its US (and now EU) protector(s).

In a perhaps deliberately confused article called “Dissident Jews: Unwanted in Germany?” he discussed anti-Israeli Jews, such as Ilan Pappe and Norman Finkelstein, who attempted to speak in Germany, but had difficulty obtaining venues of prestige because some objected. Double-standards are a characteristic of the pro-Palestinian movement in many ways, but I suppose we have to believe pro-Palestinians wouldn’t dream of objecting to pro-Israel campaigners. The objections were by a Zionist “anti-German movement” which supposedly rejects German nationalism but are in fact “more thoroughly German” in a fascistic sense. He tried to establish that the Germany of today is quite similar to the conditions in the 1930s for Jews. He likened Zionism to a form of Jewish hatred akin to the anti-Semitism of the Third Reich: “The antics of the anti-Germans and their ilk whip up racial tensions that can only lead to a climate reminiscent of the 1930s.” So, I guess the poor old Jews are bringing it on themselves. The “Jewish” speakers he was defending are most probably self-hating, as they knowingly peddle lies about Israel. This, in turn, has given and continues to give a great deal of ammunition to folks like Deane, who wish to see the Jewish State annihilated.

Presently, David Landy, a sociology lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, holds the chair at the IPSC. Mr. Landy is one of a very small number of Jewish people living in Ireland. In his 2005 master’s thesis at Trinity, he made explicit reference to using his Jewish ethnicity for the political purpose of harming Israel. Apparently, he interviewed a number of people in the Jewish community for the thesis before he came out as a pro-Palestinian. While any Jewish person critical of Israel is not necessarily self-hating, for Landy to assert that he will use his ethnicity to harm Israel must surely indicate a strong dislike of his own identity and a rather baleful attitude toward his own race. If he felt he should use his identity to aid Palestinians, he could have appealed to the sense of justice that many Jewish people possess around the globe, instead of using it with such odious ill-intent.

When the Dublin City Council passed a motion refusing to do business with a company involved with Israel recently, Landy said “…victories for the BDS Movement have been seen in Sweden, Holland, Australia, Iran…” Odd how he mentions BDSM victories in Iran in the same breath as nations in Europe. I expect their success in Iran had nothing whatsoever to do with it being an Islamic dictatorship aiming to wipe Israel off the map.  Among other things he was an organiser of the public letters from Irish academics campaign in 2006 and 2009 seeking an end to EU funding that involves Israeli universities.

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  • Chaing Mai Chris

    On the face of it strange bedfellows indeed. However, it is worth considering the links between Sin Fein and the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. How deep does this poison run?

  • William Smart

    The southern Irish are the natives of their country and they consider some of their members oppressed (in Northern Ireland) by Unionists. These loyalists are descended from Scotsmen who moved in some 350 years ago. These Scots-Irish had been ethnically cleansed from their crofts in the Highlands.

    Naturally, the Irish side with the native Palestinians, who are so much more badly oppressed by immigrants over the last 130 years.

    Most everyone in the world sides with the natives against the immigrants. The only place it doesn't happen is amongst people who are immigrants and guilty of genocide themselves.

    • gidmeister

      I'm glad the southern Irish are against immigrants who take land. So hopefully they will be against all non-indian residents of the United States, Canada, and Latin America – since these were immigrants. I'm sure they would never immigrate to any of these continents, because they would be "immigrants" taking advantage of the dispossession of the Indian. So I say to all descendants of the Irish living in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South America – go home back to the old sod! Be true to your principles!!!!

      • Firbolg

        The Irish people are all invaders:
        "Early History.Relics from the Stone Age lead to the conclusion that Ireland is 8,000 years old, the first settlers probably traveling from Scandinavia to Scotland (at that time England was still linked by land to northern Europe) then across what was a narrow sea gap to Ireland. These early settlers beame the Tribes of Firbolg and Tuatha De Dannann when they were invaded by the Milesius of Spain around 1,000 B.C.. Today's Irish Race is a combination of the three-above mentioned tribes known as the one Celtic Race. The Vikings began invasions of Ireland in the 9th Century. "
        I should say though that the "Celtic Invasion" is controversial.

  • Kim Bruce

    Sein Fein are Roman Catholic ar they not?
    Why do they hate Jews so much?
    What have the Jews ever done to them to make them hate them so?
    This all goes back to Sean Russell who hated the English so much he collaborated with the German Nazi Party and the IRA held training classes in explosives throughout the country. "Believing it to be the legitimate government of the Irish Republic, in January 1939, the IRA Army Council under Russell's leadership declared war on Britain. The so-called Sabotage Campaign commenced some days later with bomb attacks on a number of English cities. Following this Russell was also involved in a meeting with German Intelligence (Abwehr) agent Oscar Pfaus." (
    It's almost as if Sean Russell has risen from the grave. These must be hardliners.

    • Michael Pat

      "Sein Fein are Roman Catholic ar they not?"
      Most of them may have been baptised into the Catholic church, but when it comes to taking a position on anything to do with church teaching, you can depend on them to be against it. They are an extreme leftist organisation, which supports every leftist cause.
      Along with many organisations of "freedom fighters" or "struggling oppressed" in the late 1960's they forged closer links with terrorist organisations around the world, all of which were financed by the USSR. I suspect that their current pro-"palestinian" position dates back to that time, and was forged in ignorance rather than having started out from an anti-semetic ideology. However the end result is the same, and now they are extremely anti-semetic and never miss an opportunity to abuse Israel.

    • lovesjeeves

      There is nothing in Catholic doctrine which says to be hateful of the Jewish people, particularly as Jesus Christ himself was born a jew.
      In all nations, those who call themselves "Catholic" and I am one, reflect the gamut of political belief from far Left to Right.

  • Kim Bruce

    The Unions are also against Israel.
    Here in Canada the workers of the CUPE and CUPW Canadian union of Public Employees and the Postal Workers Union are anti-Israel.
    It could be because they have a lot of spoiled Muslims working within their ranks. I am not sure. The Unions are also rallying against the current Conservative government on legal gun possession in Canada. Maybe this tells you something. It's a Leftist agenda to keep guns out of the hands that could fight back against their oppression.

  • Andy

    On protertor's shirt "Mavet L-Israel? "Al Mot L-Israel?" Death to Israel? Does he just look like Gerry Adams or is he him?

    Is it not strange that the so-called pro-Palestinians call for death to a nation or worse "Eqtal al Yehud"(="Kill the Jews") whereas the supporters of Israel never say "Al Mot L-Araab" or "Eqatal al Muslimin" but rather "Am Israel Cha'i" – Long Live Israel? They want life and not death of others or those who are different from them. Telling difference!

  • Marty

    It's quite natural for one terrorist group to have some affection for another group of sociopathic murderers. There is no surprise here. After all, muamar qaddafi, the deranged libyan leader, was providing financial support to sein fein and other terrorist organizations forty years ago. Overall, this is all part of the concerted attack on democracy and western civilization by thugs who are unable or unwilling to do anything productive.

  • whoever

    I have been living with these guys for 22 years in Iran
    deep inside they wish to jews, hate israel, look at Keybar as a heroic championship, oppose any form of jewish expression, and outwardly have a "humanitarian face", caring for "poor palestinian"

  • sceneone

    For the first time in my life i am ashamed to be Irish.

    • lovesjeeves

      Why not be proud that you are Irish and in no way feel the same as those described in this article? Surely, you are not alone. This isn't about being "Irish" but about being "hateful" as well as good people lacking the courage to confront evil.

    • Dr. Bob

      Awww, For the first time, eh? Alright then Love, why don't you sit down there now and have a cup of tea. The doctor will be along soon to give you your medication. Don't you be worrying your little head now.

  • We were irish

    I, too, have been made ashamed. My mother's maiden name is Deane.

  • Taxpayer1234

    I'm ashamed of my Irish brethren and their epic stupidity. They were neutral during WWII. And when I went to Ireland in 2003, I got an earful about US military planes landing in Ireland.

    Sinn Fein is a bunch of terrorists who've done to their own people what Hamas has done to the Palestinians. That they can't see the parallel is pretty da*n scary.

  • Charles

    There are lunatics everywhere!

  • steven L

    Most of the "Irish’s" protesting against Israel and the Jews are probably Palestinians. And few "intellectual idiots" like those on the flotilla mess are participating in the scam.
    The mass media are not interested in checking who these people really are because they want major incidents to take place and if possible at the expense of the Jews, because that sell news (paper). Any other outcome makes them irrelevant. Then they lose their jobs.

  • Jim Johnson

    I thought the IRA was outlawed in southern Ireland. In fact I think the real government of Ireland shot it out with them. Maybe not,I don't know.
    For some reason the Irish in NY and Boston had gotten a reputation for hassling Jews in
    in the neighbor hood. But for all the time I lived there I knew only one who was anti Semitic.
    They were more anti Italian than anti Jewish.
    What I think is that the Sein Finn is getting support from Certain Muslim Groups.

    In WWl and WWll the Irish were not exactly pro German but rather anti English.

  • La Belle Plume

    If the Irish are such big fans of the Palestinians, why don't they open their borders to the Palestinian refugees and see how long their love affair lasts. By the way, does anyone know how many Muslim immigrants exist in Ireland?

    • Patrick

      WIKIPEDIA-"Islam in I reland",will give you the data.Shalom aleichem.

  • Tom

    What can you expect from a country that prior to WW1 had a pogrom and in WW11
    was proud of the fact that no Jewish refugees were allowed into the country .

  • Nutcase McWallbanger

    Hi, Can I join your group? I do my best to take offence wherever and whenever I can as well. I agree with you too, that the irish are the biggest Jew-haters in the world and there is evidence somwhere someplace that proves it. I would never even dare to even think of critisizing Israeli policy and actions. I want to be in your group, because I too would like to do anything I want to anybody I want whenever I want. I hate the Irish too – they are obviously inferior to us, the chosen people.
    I am a professional victim. I am very agressive. I hate the poor and lesser humans.
    I am a headbanger.
    Does that make me qualify?

  • Gene Lemour

    Let the likes of Boyd Barrett and others kiss up to the “poor” and “oppressed” of palestine. Soon, all of Ireland will be ruled by the caliphate of the real oppressors, hamas, hezbollah and all other like minded terrorists.