Allied in Anti-Semitism — The Irish Connection Part IV

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[Editor’s note: This is the final installment of a four-part series. To read earlier segments of “Allied in Anti-Semitism — The Irish Connection,” click Part I, Part II, or Part III.]

Justin Kilcullen is head of Trócaire, which is one of the largest charities in Ireland. It receives funding from the Irish public, the Irish government, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. Kilcullen repeatedly calls for economic sanctions against Israel. Trócaire is far from a fair player when it comes to the Middle East, failing to report Hamas’ obvious terrorist behaviour while very frequently attacking Israel and never acknowledging its needs. This NGO Monitor report attests to this.

Kilcullen frequently announces that Israel’s policies are illegal. He seeks the political legitimisation of Hamas and their inclusion in peace talks. Eóin Murray, former co-ordinator of the IPSC, is Trócaire’s “Palestine Programme Officer.” With Palestinian NGOs, they sought to implement the Durban I strategy of isolating Israel, attacking the Jewish lobby and the Anti-Defamation League, supporting the BDS Movement, and Palestinian right of return. They have engaged in many pro-Palestinian activities including the promotion of this cause in summer camps for children. Trócaire gives money to groups like the IPSC while repeatedly refusing to call for military assistance on the far graver issue of Darfur. They must have little moral difficulty when Arab Muslims orchestrate mass butchering campaigns against black Muslims. Being Christian, they also refuse to advocate contraceptives in AIDS ridden Africa where, again, millions have died.

Ireland is notable for having one of the most extreme anti-Israeli union movements in the West. The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) supports a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. They held a Dublin conference in April 2010 which, with one exception, featured speakers that were all extreme critics of Israel in order to develop strategies to bring their BDS campaign into effect. ICTU said that they hoped the event would strengthen their links with the Middle East labour movement, and further discuss “how international trade union solidarity can contribute to a peaceful solution that respects both the UN resolutions and human and trade union rights.” Is it not remarkable, then, that a trade union is trying to boycott one of the very few countries in the Middle East with its own trade union, a trade union which some have described as “flourishing”? Odd that when it comes to Israel, demonisation seems to be the only method at their disposal. Furthermore, there was no condemnation of Iran and Hamas for repressing their regional trade unions. Additionally, there was little or no mention of the appalling abuses to workers in the Arab areas of the Middle East.

The political party “éirígí” is a rather notorious anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian group from Northern Ireland aligned to Irish republicanism. They have often been found flyposting and protesting outside Jewish owned businesses. They have focused on supermarket chain Marks & Spencer, a Jewish owned firm, which no longer supports Israel, and they have attempted to disrupt its business. During Operation Cast Lead, they attacked Jewish student workers who were selling Dead Sea beauty products in a Belfast shopping centre. On that occasion, éirígí members threw a vast number of leaflets on the students from above the stall. A large crowd surrounded the workers waving Palestinian flags, and threw more leaflets and chanted “boycott Israeli goods.” The staff of the stall were visibly distressed. Such activity constitutes harassment and assault, but as often seems to be the case, the pro-Palestinians got away with it. Interestingly, a similar event in very similar circumstances occurred a few weeks earlier in Denmark where two Israelis were shot. The éirígí group also targeted Starbucks coffee outlets in Belfast, which were re-branded with similar logos carrying the term ‘Zionist Coffee,” as the corporation’s chief executive Howard Shultz sympathises with Israel.

Pro-Palestinian obsessiveness seems infinite. Police in Galway have been removing these people from a store called Woodies on a weekly basis. IFPAL (Irish Friends of Palestine Against Lisbon) was formed to oppose the European “Lisbon Treaty” Referendum, although it had nothing to do with Israel. One such character from Galway is Tommy Donnellan, who repeatedly put up huge IFPAL posters outside the Israeli Embassy that stated that Israel killed 300 children.

One example to illustrate the hatred and dishonesty of these people, is an article by Donnellan entitled, “Hebron : A Snakepit of Hate and Israeli War Crimes?” It is a grandiose account of his experiences, using arguably racist animalistic/demonic imagery:

[A] number of internationals from the village of Bil’in journeyed down there last week to take up the slack with night patrols, checkpoint monitoring and especially the safeguarding of Palestinian children to and from school from stone throwing, spitting Israeli “settler” children and adults. Four in number, we found accommodation in the homes of the Al-Awawi and Egnabi families, previously fire bombed by the colonising “settlers”… The nadir of our human rights mission there occurred last Saturday when some 150 “settlers,” shepherded by heavily armed IOF soldiers and rooftop snipers, did their Garvaghy Road power trip through the Old City, overtly intimidatory, menacing and triumphalist, spitting and hissing at all who met their paranoid displeasure – in my case with a: “F–k you, f–k you, f–k you” before being spat at with the accuracy of a spitting black cobra and the intervening supportive approval of his fellow travelers.

The embedded video is a joke in the leftist tradition of exaggeration. In this inept piece of propaganda, his statement is undermined by the contrasting reality presented in his video. Donnellan keeps filming three Israeli youths that look back, since he is being quite provocative by trailing them with his camera. One says quite weakly, “f–k you” three times. There appears to be a spit, and cue the outraged shouting voice of Donnellan crying out. In truth, you would get much worse in most estates in Ireland. Later, he goes into a darkened area where Scottish Eric says to an Israeli soldier holding a rifle, “you’ve nothing to hide have ye?” I doubt this brave Scot would be as haughty if he were talking to soldiers in a place were grave human rights abuses actually occur (e.g. China and Darfur).

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  • Ghostwriter

    I wonder how Irish-Americans are going to feel about this? Also,I'd like to know,did any of the Limerick Jews ever come to the United States?

  • Nialo the nine

    Wilful ignorance of reality is the main fault of these useful Irish idiots. Israel is a tiny country of less than 1/3 the size of Ireland. It is less than one percent of the area of the Islamic region surrounding it. The Arab majority/Islamic monopoly in the vast lands surrounding Israel hates Jews even more than these twisted little fools who are an embarrassment to the tradition of Irish lovers of fairness and liberty. These twits are mainly socialists or communists if you like, and the continual need to overcome logic in order to hold with that obviously monstrous creed-see North Korea- has addled their brains.
    Israel is a tiny refuge for the truly persecuted Jews of the world. It is the only civilized country in the whole region since the collapse of Christian Lebanon. Islam is an intolerant murder cult and cannot tolerate any Jews or Christians or any real religion in its midst. Israel should bar these deluded Irish fools or throw them out as soon as they arrive there. Unfortunately this bunch of wankers and their Continental ilk will be the death of freedom in Europe as the Islamic demographic takes over in the next 30 years and then they'll know what's sticking to them.

  • Big Ben

    The Society of Leprechauns of Ireland were notorious for their anti-semetic and pro-Palestinian attitudes. Legend has it that Leopold Bloom, the famous fictional Jewish character from Joyce's "Ulysses", had his beer cursed by an angry anti-semetic leprechaun, causing the beer to turn black. From that day on, black Irish beer became known as "the Devil's buttermilk"- a legacy of native Irish hatred and anti-semitism.
    But let us not dwell upon such insults to our great nation. We shall PREVAIL. We shall RULE! We shall CRUSH the enemies of ISRAEL!