Genocide Girl’s Chutzpah

Questioned by David Horowitz, Jumanah Albahri, a Muslim student (and Muslim Student Association member) at the University of California at San Diego, recently endorsed a new genocide of Jews – thereby giving voice to the real agenda behind the land-for-peace rhetoric that Palestinian spokesmen generally retail in America. Aware of the enormity of what she had admitted, Albahri tried to quell the controversy by issuing a statement full of evasions, half-truths, and claims that she was the true victim. Now she has compounded that with a letter to the UCSD student newspaper, the Guardian, complaining about biased press coverage!

Whatever else you can say about Jumanah Albahri, you’ve got to admit she’s got chutzpah.

The new letter is a tour de force of self-righteous victimhood, demonstrating that Albahri has been a dutiful and attentive student of her Islamic supremacist and Leftist mentors, since both camps make such liberal use of this tactic. She begins with a double ad hominem, as the girl who endorsed genocide of the Jews complained that the Guardian’s “abysmal coverage of Justice in Palestine Week and the Horowitz fiasco reeks of Hearstian and Horowitzian journalism.”

Hearstian, i.e., yellow journalism a la William Randolph Hearst. Horowitzian, as in David Horowitz, the man who exposed her as a proponent of organized mass murder. Jumanah would have us believe that the real villain is Horowitz, whom we are to see as an irresponsible yellow journalist, not the girl who endorsed genocide. For Jumanah herself is a poor victim of biased reporting: she complains that the Guardian didn’t quote her statement that purports to clarify her pro-genocide remarks: “My opinion of Hamas is not as simple as condemn or condone, for it or against it. I firmly believe that the killing of civilians, even as collateral damage regardless of creed, politics, sexuality, nationality or ethnicity is one of the highest crimes in the eyes of God and is morally reprehensible and abhorrent.”

High-sounding words, but empty ones without an explicit avowal that Jumanah Albahri includes Israeli civilians in her definition of civilian. For many jihadists have declared that there are no civilians in Israel, and that consequently every Israeli citizen was a military target. Jumanah Albahri is probably aware of this, since it is not a fringe view among supporters of the Palestinian cause, and so she could have done her own cause a favor by spelling this out – unless, of course, she preferred to leave it ambiguous.

Albahri then goes on to make a claim about Hamas that is flatly false: “Hamas,” she says, “(regardless of its designation as a terrorist organization by Israel and the U.S.) is neither genocidal nor Holocaust-denying.” Yet Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV in 2008 featured a Muslim cleric, Sa‘d Abu Jleidan, saying that the jihad against the Jews would continue “until their annihilation.” She claims that Hamas “calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state where people of all religions can coexist in peace” – yet the Hamas Charter contains an epigraph from the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” Albahri doesn’t mention that the Jews that would remain in the Palestinian state that Hamas envisions would not be equal citizens, but subjugated dhimmis, in accord with classic strictures of Islamic law that Hamas spokesmen have spoken about wanting to revive.

The Jumanah turns on David Horowitz with more empty ad hominens, claiming that he was “not invited to present any argument or engage in constructive dialogue — rather, he was brought because of his reputation for racism and hatemongering against Arabs and Muslims.” And the primary victim of this racism and hatemongering? Why, Jumanah Imad Albahri herself, of course: “If anyone can claim alienation or marginalization, it’s me. For the university to allow him to set foot on my campus using my student fees is a slap in my face and a slap in the face of all other non-Jewish minorities on this campus. Need more proof? Google this article: ‘Guns Don’t Kill Black People, Other Blacks Do.’ Tell me: Who needs to apologize now?”

Uh, that would still be the girl who endorsed genocide, Jumanah.

But no, for her it is all the fault of the Jewish-controlled media, that ever-present invention of Nazi and Palestinian paranoia: “The voices of the Palestinian people have been silenced by the mainstream media for too long,” Jumanah asserts, “and I refuse to silence my own voice to appease the twisted politics of the pro-Israel communities on and off campus.”

Clearly Jumanah Albahri’s voice is not silenced. The more she talks, however, the more her allies and supporters may wish it were.

  • smokincols42

    what's been said has been said. it's on tape and there is nothing to either refute or deny.

  • Chris Nicholson

    She's one bitter fat and ugly chick.

    • kafir4life

      She can certainly make a valid arguement for the burka, tho', can't she? In this instance, I'd have to agree with mad mo, the pedophile prophet and his terror guide, the koran that her covering up is better for the men.

      • Clemmer

        Yeah, a burka-tarp.

    • Mohamstead

      I thought she was quite attractive myself. But then I'm 53, muslim, and she has the mind of a 9 year old (Now don't you all get uppity. I'm just following Muhammed's example y'know)

    • Preston Cali

      Muslims who think like this should be re-educated, not challenged. It is the duty of the community of this girl to teach her and her collegues how to think right.

  • duh_swami

    The more she tries to defend herself, the deeper the hole gets…Her statements to Horowitz were the truth…the rest is cover-up…I think she just needs a date…Maybe the blond guy next to her in the picture…he looks bored enough to go for it…

  • Hammer

    Even though I loathe every work she's uttered, she has more forthrightness than any of the non Muslim women her age I've met lately… at least her attention is focussed on something besides her hair, wallet, or body mass index.

    • kafir4life

      Certainly no concern for her BMI. Apparently gluttony and sloth are halal.

    • TLH

      Even though I loathe every work she's uttered, she has more forthrightness than any of the non Muslim women her age I've met lately… at least her attention is focussed on something besides her hair, wallet, or body mass index.

      Ah, a SO THERE! moment, eh?
      If I cd. only be more like her.
      Just what is her attention focused on? hmm?

    • Alena

      Yeah, focused on killing infidels.

    • M Rob


      You must be fat, ugly and poor if that is the best comment you can come up with.

      • xman

        And more to the point, the intellectual properties of a sack of hammers.

    • Mo_

      You prefer someone whose attention is focused on killing Jews? Nice priorities you have going there.

      • Hammer

        My comment was based on the uselessness of the vast majority of American youth, it had nothing to do with preference or religious background. I detest Islam and all it stands for.

  • tanstaafl jw

    She could take what she said and apologize to Jews everywhere………….

    Oh, yeah, I forgot that being a jihadi means never having to say you are sorry.

  • tanstaafl jw

    Sorry "take back what she said"

  • Kim Bruce

    The more Jumanah keeps opening her mouth she keeps putting her big FAT foot in it.
    She could be the next spokesperson for the anti-Jihad movement. LOL

    • wsk

      She could be the next White House Press Secretary!

  • Edip Yuksel

    Sickening! Horowitz did not criticize let alone condemn Israel when its gestapo killed 1400 people in Gaza concentration camp, 600 of them being children; but now is trying to create tempest in a few words of a student.

    Using the words of a student as a cover up for the massacres and atrocities committed by he bloody fascist occupying forces in Palestine is pathetic.

    • WildJew

      "I asked Muhammad al-Shaybani (one of the most important disciples of Abu Hanifa; d. 804): If the Muslims besieged a city and its people positioned themselves behind the walls shielded themselves with Muslim children, would it be permissible for the Muslim fighters to attack them with arrows and hurling machines?
      He replied: Yes, but the warriors should aim at the inhabitants of the territory of war and not the Muslim children.
      I asked: Would it be permissible for the Muslims to attack them with swords and lances if the children were not intentionally aimed at?
      He replied: Yes.
      I asked: If the Muslim warriors attack with hurling machines and arrows, flood cities with water or burn them with fire, thereby killing Muslim children or men, or enemy women, old men, blind, crippled, or lunatic persons, would the warriors be liable for blood money or acts of expiation.
      al-Shaybani: They would be liable NEITHER for blood money nor for acts of expiation.

    • M Rob

      Palestine started the war and that is the price they pay. Isreal has the right to defend itself. If you don't want people getting killed – don't start wars! Isreal has never provoked they only defend.

    • seels4truth

      I went to your site Edip and you don't seem to be ignorant. So why are you so ignorant about Israel. Gaza concentration camp? Are you kidding me? When Israel gave back Gaza to Arab rule the first thing that the Arabs did was fire rockets into Sderot. Israel wasn't even given a chance to attempt making peace. Did you write then? Gestapo? How dare you! The IDF is more moral than any army in the World. You would not know from moral based on Turkey's army and the treatment of its enemies. Just because a Hamas soldier wears khakis or takes his uniform off it does not make him a civilian. There are videos of Hamas using kids as human shields. Have you no comment on that? You believe in Islam yet your head prophet was a rapist, child abuser and murderer. Every time you bow in prayer to him you lose any right to criticize Israel for defending its citizens from Arab bloodlust and anti-semitism.

    • Democracy First

      Israel controls one border, Egypt the other. Do you have a problem with Egypt's contribution to the "Gaza concentration camp?"

    • rob

      Edip likes it in the ass

      • kafir4life

        Well…..he *is* muslim, so Duh!

    • xman

      Ho hum. Our resident Armenian Genocide-supporting Turkish idiot is back again spouting his usual trash.

    • Liberty4x4

      Looks to me like she needs to focus more on her hair and body mass index and then she wouldn't have so much time to spew her anti-Israeli sentiment. I'm sure she doesn't need to focus on money. That's probably taken care of by CAIR.

    • stephanepereir

      And is it Horowitz'job to condemn, let alone mention, everything you mistakenly believe? Gaza is not a concentration camp, and its conditions were established by the Egyptians who conquered the territory and ruled for over 20 years; its condition was prolonged by the PLO and Palestinians who kept Gazans in refugee camps in their own land. Israel did not establish these refugee camps, the Palestinians did this, and refused to do much more than take the handouts from the UN Relief Agency. Blame the Palestinian leaders, and get Horowitz to write about it.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    She is, indeed, a victim. A victim of Islam with its brainwashing of infants to produce hate machines instead of human beings.
    What's so surprising about her comments? Did anyone expect liberal or rational statements from a mindless hate machine?
    What is amazing to me is that we have endless talk, talk, talk but no action. The MSA infiltration and CAIR and other Muslim terrorist-linked organizations thrive and grow in America with one goal – to convert, subjugate, and defeat us as we prattle, prattle, prattle.

  • Diann

    Yup – that's the way they do it. Everything that doesn't go their way in the world obviously relates straight back to Israel and it's 'war' on the poor Arabs in the region. No Muslim taking responsibility for their own actions – either by this deluded female student – or by the people of Gaza who had been sending missiles into Israel for years before Israel finally decided to protect their own people by returning fire.

  • david

    Well, Edip, that's pretty strong rhetoric. Would you mind answering the following questions to help me comprehend your position.__1. Exactly what are the circumstances surrounding the killing of the 1400 people in Gaza.__It would not have occurred during a war, would it? Exactly how were these casualties incurred?__2. Where do you get your figures, e.g. 600 children? ( How many were combatants?)__3.People willingly led by a government that declares I have no right to exist has declared war on me. Wouldn't you agree? __4.If a foreign state has declared war on me, do I have the right to kill its combatants? Do the Gazans have a uniformed army?__5. Were the words of the student used to cover up something? I don't follow. Her words are being used to focus on her position, a position endorsed by the government of Gaza's governing body and the elected spokesperson for its inhabitants.. Her words are being used for that purpose, not to cover up the alleged injustice committed by Israel. Do you disagree?__6. Do you really think condemnation of an exhortation to eliminate Israel and Jews is pathetic? Is this the kind of justice taught by the Koran and other Islamic tenets?____

  • david

    Gestapo? The gestapo were the secret police of the Nazi government.? The Gestapo had the authority to investigate cases of treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Nazi Party and Germany. How ironic you should accuse the Israeli's of having a Nazi like secret police when the jihadis allied with Hezbollah and Hamas engage in secretive terorist acts of sabatoge against elected governments.
    Gazans have a miserable existence, but the ones to blme for this situation are Hezbollah, Hamas, and the pious combatants of Gaza who refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist ( and now apparently all Jews' right to exist). You subscribe to the Gazan's deluded notion that self defense carried out better than what your enemy can do is an atrocity. It isn't . It is war.

  • GodsSeer

    The poor victim of Islam does not know how deep in she'ite she is in.

  • Ken Spiker

    I don't believe for a second that girl wrote that mealy mouthed statement. She's just too dumb. She's one of those radicals who doesn't dare say what she really thinks but is too inarticulate to come up with a slippery evasion. When David backed her into a corner she blurted out the truth. Her comrades in the MSA wrote the that piece of garbage for her to stop the bleeding. I can only delight in imagining the punishments she must now undergo at their hands for causing them embarrassment.

  • Nachum

    Why is there shock and outrage over this girl? Only someone who has been in a coma since birth should be surprised. The only thing different here is that Americans are getting a glimpse of this out in the open and on our shores. What is much more interesting and worthy of note is that people like her are feeling much more brave about it. It is not "chutzpah" at all. It is what happens as Moslems become entrenched in a society and their hatred and bigotry is forced down others throats with intimidation, violence, and in the end- bloodshed.

    • rgecguy

      You are spot on my friend. I only hope more people begin to see this.

      • xman


    • AnimalFarm

      Not to mention that muslims like her feel much more emboldened by our idiotic muslim-loving, Jew-hating president. Just look at the reaction following the Fort Hood shooting, the crotch bomber and the Times Square terrorist, Obastard won't call it what it is, and neither does that buffoon Holder. They're too busy calling law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working, America-loving Tea Partiers "terrorists" and "radicals" and "extremists" to see the blatant hatred spewed by these dastardly muslims. Besides, Obama sat for over 20 years listening to this sort of crap and hate from his spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright.

  • Art Telles

    Hola… Dude…

    Hey, I'm bi-lingual… and so is Jumanah Albahri.

    "For Jumanah […] complains that the Guardian didn’t quote her […] to clarify her pro-genocide remarks: ' […] . I firmly believe that the killing of civilians […], is one of the highest crimes […] .'

    "High-sounding words, but empty ones without an explicit avowal that Jumanah Albahri includes Israeli civilians in her definition of civilian.

    "For many jihadists have declared that there are no civilians in Israel, and that consequently every Israeli citizen was a military target.

    "Jumanah Albahri is probably aware of this, […] so she could have done her own cause a favor by spelling this out –

    "unless, of course, she preferred to leave it ambiguous."

    See, Jumanah is bi-lingual in the meaning of her words and by her silence concerning the dual meaning of "citizen" and applying that appelation to Jews too.

    Of course, "bi-lingual" doesn't really apply to dual meaning, but taqiyya definitely does.

  • Phil

    Don't shoot rockets form Gaza and you won't be killed. Is that to hard to understand? Shoot rockets you get killed, don't shoot rockets, you don't get killed.

  • Jacqueline

    Does anyone know where this nitwit comes from? Is she here on some US government funded "scholarship"? Studying in the land of The Great Satan? I agree she is a victim of Islamic brainwashing.

  • rob

    She's a fat tub of goo

    • kafir4life

      rob – there are many fat tubs of goo that would take exception to being lumped with that disgusting sack of pre-human scum. There's even disgusting sacks of pre-human scum that would take exception to being lumped with that beast.

  • BS1977

    Why are these hate robots going to college anyway? What possible reason could they have for even living in the United States if they hate Christians, Jews and Buddhists so much? They hate bathing suits, women in shorts, women without hijabs and scarves and gigantic tents to hide their fat bodies, they hate our culture, they hate American Idol, the dancing, the rock and roll, the alcohol, the TV shows and movies, they hate our voting, our Constitution, our rights, liberties and freedom……..they hate everything that is not part of their medieval hell world…a world of dogma, brainwashing, and venemous hate…..Send this little fat girl back to Krapistan so she can be locked in a closet and used as a party doll by stinking bearded creeps in dirty nightshirts……She's so brainwashed, so naive, so dumb……another little chatty Kathy doll off the assembly line.

    • AnimalFarm

      The reason why muslims like her are here is to spread their hell. Their book from hell, the koran, teaches the taking over of the whole world by shari'a law and islam. Even if you did convert, you'd still be a dhimmi, a less-than-second class person. You'd be less than their women, doesn't get much worse. This stupid ugly girl stands to be raped and beaten by any number of male trash in her society or even her family, with no recourse except to receive lashings for tempting those depraved inbreds , or stoning, or hanging, or maybe just have her right foot and left hand amputated. Maybe she hates us western women, and Jewish ones too, because haven't live in the Dark Ages since the Dark Ages, unlike her and her kind.

    • stephanepereire

      We allow them into our colleges so that they will pay the tuition fees that enable the colleges to bring in people like Horowitz to educate them. Without their foreign currency to finance our schools of higher education, we would not be able to afford these educators, so we should be thankful for allowing them to bankroll our coleges, perhaps we can tack on a surcharge for any foreign student that wants to exercise his/her right to complain? Imagine how many more educators we could invite to our campuses!

  • xman

    I'm sure the vast majority of American youth are a damned sight more useful than the likes of her hero Mohammed Atta.

  • xman

    Being as dumb as a bag of hammers is pretty normal for a Muslim.

  • TommyBoy

    All of this muslim filth needs to go. They never should have been allowed to come here in the first place. After you blow all the smoke away, they are only here for one reason, and that is to faciltate their global goal of domination. Everything done by them is to advance Islam. Muslim students, my arse. How many U.S. students are studying in the muslim world? I hate 'em all. No such thing as a moderate muslim. Inside, they are all just waiting for the right time to rise up. Totally untrustworthy, all of them. The only good muslim is the one who has gone "home" to the sewer they came from, or dead.

    • AnimalFarm

      Why would an American want to study in the muslim world? They haven't even implemented flush toilets. The only thing you could possibly "study" over there in those hell holes are how to blow up infidels and become a terrorist. I'm with you, there's no such thing as a moderate muslim. islam is fundamentally evil, seeking death, maiming, destruction, retribution and dhimmitude. There's no such concept as redemption, forgiveness, love and mercy in their infernal koran. I guess when they say "allah most merciful" it just means that you might get killed with less preceding torture, maybe they'll only tear off your fingernails and leave the toenails. P.S. All non-capitalizations are deliberate.

    • laura

      You read my mind!

  • AnimalFarm

    She's no student, she's a hatemonger. What if a skinhead, wearing a swastika instead of the hijab, said the same thing she said? Would that be ok? Why is she allowed to stay in our country? Why isn't she run off the campus the same way a skinhead or white supremacist would? Speaking of which, why are black supremacists allowed to spew their racial hate, while it's understood that only whites are racist? As for muslims, the only good muslim is a non-muslim.

  • Art

    Perhaps when they did her clitoridectomy they should have done a leucotomy as well.

  • Prof Ethan

    Where can one find Genocide Girl's comments on Horowitz and black-on-black violence, so that one can–once more–at least try to confrontt this smug and ignorant fascist Chatty Cathy with some truth?
    230,000 black men have been killed since 1965; it's an awful number. The overwhelming majority by other black men. It is not "racist" to point this out; numerous African-American scholars have pointed to these same horrendous figures. W

  • naomilitvin

    She is a piece of work.