Google Goes Jihad


Google, the Internet’s ubiquitous search engine, is under fire this week for censoring negative search results about Islam. If you type “Christianity is” into the Google search box, there immediately pop up a series of suggested completions to the sentence, most of them derogatory: “Christianity is bulls—t,” “Christianity is not a religion,” “Christianity is a lie,” “Christianity is false,” “Christianity is wrong,” “Christianity is fake.” No positive suggests come up. Likewise with “Buddhism is,” and the sentence is once again completed with numerous negative suggestions: “Buddhism is wrong,” “Buddhism is not what you think,” and so on. But type in “Islam is,” and nothing comes up at all. The negative suggestions inundating the searcher for other religions are nowhere to be seen.

Google, however, says it was all a mistake, and denies have done anything to favor Islam. “This is a bug,” insisted a Google spokesman, “and we’re working to fix it as quickly as we can.” Oddly enough, however, even with all of Google’s technical savvy, this “bug” persisted for days and continues as of this writing, long after Google’s announcement that it would quickly be fixed.

Or perhaps it isn’t so odd, in light of Google’s long-established penchant for favoring the hard Left and its allies in the global jihad. Critics have complained for years about Google’s tendency to decorate its logo colorfully for cherished days of the Left such as Earth Day and International Women’s Day, while ignoring Christmas (aside from bland Holiday greetings) and Easter. What’s more, Google-owned YouTube has more than once removed material critical of Islamic jihad supremacism, while allowing blood-curdling pro-jihad and vile anti-Semitic material to remain on the site. Google’s policies on removing videos all too often has appeared to follow a consistent Leftist line: anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-jihad.

It is also a remarkable coincidence that Google’s “bug” would appear in Google not about Judaism or Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism, but in connection with the world’s most thin-skinned religion. The one religion shielded from adverse judgment at Google is also the only religion that has is currently engaged in an organized campaign to stifle honest discussion about its texts and teachings that inspire violence. In 2008 the Secretary General of the 57-government Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest voting bloc at the United Nations today, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, warned the West about “red lines that should not be crossed” regarding free speech about Islam and terrorism. For years now the OIC has spearheaded an effort at the UN to compel member states to criminalize what it calls “defamation of religions,” but by which it clearly means any honest discussion of the texts and teachings of Islam that jihadists invoke to justify violence and supremacism. Interestingly enough, the OIC stepped up this campaign in the wake of the publication of cartoons of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper that touched off worldwide Muslim riots. Google, at the time those riots were raging, was dutifully removing from YouTube videos that depicted the cartoons.

Thus when the OIC has Google, it doesn’t need international edicts muzzling free speech. Like many on the Left, Google seems all too willing to carry water for the Islamic bloc’s war against free speech and to oblige the OIC’s totalitarian and thuggish influences, by voluntarily refraining from doing anything that might offend Muslims. While its restriction of the automated search suggestions may seem insignificant, its overall willingness to conform to notoriously fragile Islamic sensibilities and deep-six criticism of Islam is anything but trivial.

What’s more, what with Google’s influence as by far the premier search engine, the idea that Western non-Muslims must make special allowances for easily-offended Muslims sets a precedent that can only bear bitter fruit in the future. Ultimately Google, and every individual, group, business, and governing authority in the West, is going to have to decide whether it is going to stand for the hard-won principles of free speech and free inquiry, or kowtow to Islamic supremacism and intimidation. When the censorship is voluntary and self-imposed, as in Google’s case, it is all the more shameful.

  • bushlikesdick2

    Interesting enough, I'm currently in Shenzhen China as FMP would verity through my I.P. address:

    I'm being perfectly honest with you people and most of you know I'm full of shit like the most of you:

    I went to Google and typed “Islam is bullshit: Out of the first four hits out of 1,210,000,

    The first two stated ”Christainity is bullshit…“ and the other two said “Islam is bullshit”

    But I don't have a access to the Islam bullshit  

    • bushlikesdick2

      typo: I'm full of bullshit like the rest of you

      • bushlikesdick2

        Typo again: I'm NOT full of bullshit like the rest of you. I need to go to bed

        • USMCSniper

          Ahhh…errrr… Did anyone ever tell you that self praise is not an asset? I have concluded based on direct observation of your posts applying objective epistemological criteria for facts, that you really are too stupid to even suspect that you are stupid!

          • BBRebozo

            That's funny, Jar. I often wondered if I was the only one who thought there were people too stupid to know or suspect they were stupid. Thansk for the unintentional commiseration.

    • glpage

      Type "islam is". Spenser is talking about suggested search phrases that are displayed as you type, not that entering some derogatory phrase will not return results. When I did this a few days ago there were no suggestions. What was curious was as I type "islam" ther were several suggestions, when I typed the space the suggestion list was updated accordingly. When I continued and typed "i" there were several suggestions starting with "islam in". As soon as I typed the "s" no suggestions were displayed.

      I work in software testing, so, this piqued my curiousity. I backspaced over the "s" and type "n"; lots of suggestions were displayed. I backspaced over the "n" and typed "s"; no suggestions were displayed. I repeated this sequence with several letters ohter than "s". Suggestions are displayed for all sorts of phases, just not "islam is".

      As of, oh about, 12:15 PM central time today, Jan. 15 this situation still exists.

    • tgbrowning

      I just checked it myself and google comes up exactly as the man says. However …

      I tried it with Yahoo search and "islam is" gives pretty much the same stuff as "christianity is" , that is, "false, bullshit, a lie, not a religion", etc. And to top things off, yahoo gives both positive and negative suggestions for both christianity and islam, but the balance appears to be opposite. That is, negative ones predominate for christianity and postive ones predominate for islam.


    • Mary

      If Google is stupid enough to support a god who expects people to kill themelves and others, rather then to worship a true creator who says to "Love one another as I have loved you", they should be ashamed. I will not use Google again. We need to grow up and respect each other, not kill each other.

  • Roger

    google customises search results according to your search history.
    So a search from my computer is pretty negative about Islam since I am opposing it.
    But the China thing and this shows that are enthusiastic about fighting for the left-liberal religion.

    • bushlikesdick2

      very interesting — the internet will change the world like nothing before.

  • shane comeback

    The troll speaketh. It must be true.

    • eerie Steve


      PR 10!

  • Abraham Stubenhaus

    MANY of you know other search engines to use.
    We demand the truth. Tell all your firends and relatives and business partners!!!!
    We must fight back!!!
    My personal way will be to change my homepage on all my computers at every worker's desk. I am changing our home page all over.
    Here are some alternative and respected and productive search engines which aim for the TRUTH….. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE!!!!!!!

    • James Emery is a meta based search engine that doe's not record your ip address. Also google, myspace and facebook connect the dots and know more about you and your friends than you do ?

  • Abraham Stubenhaus

    Bye bye GOOGLE.
    Hey Google!!!!
    You remember your pals when they protested in England?
    They carried signs which read, "Freedom Go To Hell."
    They were wrong.
    The right sign is, "GOOGLE GO TO HELL!!!!"

  • temarch

    And the left thinks they will be safe if Islam ends up in power? I don't think so. Are they going to destroy Islam after the left ends up in power? I don't think so. Have any of them thought this out? I don't think so. They only see another group that hates capitalism and tries to enlist their aid in destroying it. Then what? From where will they muster up an army to fight it? They are trying to destroy that too. Do they truly think they will be able live in peace with Islam? Do they think Islam will stop fighting and give them a pass? Fools!

  • cochavi1

    The great irony is that these corporations claim to be capitalistic, free market. It all ends once the distant potential future threat from some Saudi is heard echoing in their ears.

  • BarnicleBill

    GOOGLE GO TO HELL ! ….Amen Abraham.

    Here's another site that doesn't collect data on you like Google does.It wasn't listed in your group & is the one I use ONLY now…

  • Wallabee

    I've been working in IT for over 20 years, including a dozen years as a SW developer, and another 10 years in technical support (logging and providing fixes for SW bugs).____Google's explanation is totally bogus. Bugs are generally not this selective. If it were a bug, one might expect the same problem (i.e. no search recommendations) from anything you input, or some random recommendations, or the same problem occurring for any query of a similar syntax (such as "Buddhism is ", "Obama is ", "XYZ is " etc).____The fact that this only occurs for "Islam is " does not seem to me to be a bug that could occur by accident.____If it wasnt by Google's design, then I would guess its possible an Islam-loving programmer purposely coded it this way (with or without approval).____However, given Google's leftist history, and its work with P.R. China in censoring the internet, I think the most likely cause is by Google design.____Note that Google did not stop its censorship colusion with PRC until they began to get hacked. ____I stopped using Google and my gmail account years ago because of similar reasons.

    • glpage

      Totally agree. As I noted above in a reply I work in software test; I've been in IT for over 30 years. The fact that "islam is" displays no suggestion but "islam in" or "islam it" does, along with any other religion preceding "is", is way too big a coincidence for me to believe this is a bug.

  • Probe business

    Google does auto suggest for muslims even thought it doesn’t for Islam

  • Fire Pig

    Should the Left/Islamist hordes win, the Left will not be given the opportunity to coexist with radical Islam. The radical Islamists will wipe them out.

    If the Left would only believe what they see, they would recognize this.

    It is too bad for them that they only see what they believe.

  • JosephWiess

    Does it surprise you that google bows down to tyrants?
    They did it with China,
    They did with Cuba,
    They are doing it with Islam.

    Google has this bad tendency to let cowards frighten them.

  • guest

    I'm finished with anything connected to Gag- me -(with- a- spoon) Google.
    Thank you to Abraham for the list of alternate sites.

  • Albert Himoe

    I tried 'jihad is':

    not terrorism
    not a holy war
    our way

  • peter

    The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) covered this 10 days ago and provides screencaps, here:

    Google is blocking negative search recommendations on Islam?

    FrontPage should really do an article to let people know about the JIDF and their work sometime!

  • EddietheInfidel

    The saving grace is that typing "religion of" suggests the outstanding TROP site and that typing "jihad" suggests Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch.

  • Len Power

    On the one hand Google 'protects' Islam from any negative commentary and reporting but on the other is assists the Chinese government crack down on dissenters. Google has no principles and no consistency, except that it fears both the Communist Chinese and the Islamist Jihadists.

  • bubba4

    You guys are out of your minds. Now you are taking your witch hunt for bias in absurd directions. You can find whatever material you want on Islam, negative or otherwise by using Google. Sorry that the Google suggest feature doesn't show you Islam is bullshit…but you can always type it in yourself. Maybe if you promote anti-Islam websites and do a lot of searches for such then it will start filling it in for you.

    In China, google basically unblocked everything and is going to force the government to kick them out. Considering how many Chinese use google services, from e-mail on up, they will have to think twice before they do.

    "While its restriction of the automated search suggestions may seem insignificant, its overall willingness to conform to notoriously fragile Islamic sensibilities and deep-six criticism of Islam is anything but trivial."

    Riiiiight. If you aren't kicking a muslim in the face, then you're biased.

    • bushlikesdick2

      Like I said Bubba, I'm currently in China right now and this subject is of great interest to me because the outcome directly effects my business. China does block sites that speak of Islam as bullshit. There are two reasons — 1) because we openly talk shit about Christianity in our country so why would China care? 2. there is a huge population of Muslims in China and China borders countries like Afghanistan. So why should China change and care what we think?

      • bubba4

        i can't speak to what your government is censoring.

        The article is about Google though. Here is a fairly decent article on the Google/China conflit:

        I hope you are allowed to read it.

        Google is an amazing company that does so much for people online everyday FOR FREE. Although the Nexus 1 phone is an iPhone knockoff…they are typically innovators who share what they learn/discover and encourage developers. It's frightening how fast some of you are to damn someone or something to hell if FPM tells you they are bad. Even when they are really reaching…some of you just lap it up.

        • bushlikesdick2

          When I get back to the states I’m going to buy one of those Google phones.

          I wish I would have bought stock in Google.

          ‘That Wall Street Journal site says the page doesn’t exist anymore. So the govt. would have let me see it

  • Bingly

    YouTube video demonstrating this.

    Also, try out the same search terms at YouTube. "Islam is" brings up nada.

  • kafirman

    At the youtube (a google owned entity) video "Brit Hume: Tiger Woods Must Become Christian To Be Forgiven" ( curiously a Miley Cyrus pole dance video pops up first (

    Here one of the most significant Christian utterances in the quasi mainstream media and Google mocks it by listing some sexual-that-in-your-face-Christianity link on top.

    • bubba4

      Yeah Google has people whose job it is just to make sure Christiantiy looks bad…..sigh

      • kafirman

        Perhaps then you can inform me as to the connection between these videos.

        • bubba4

          Your first link returns: The URL contained a malformed video ID.

          I don't know what the connection is between these videos or if you understand that anyone can post almost anything to YouTube. You should concentrate on why you see persecution from people that probably don't give a bloody dingo's kidney about your religion. You can find the video if you want to.

          • kafirman

            If you search on "google anti-christian bias" you may find an articles like "Google to be Sued for Anti-Christian Discrimination for Refusing Advertising"

  • Bing

    Try "Mohammed is". A Pig. A Liar. Satan. A False Prophet. Founder of a Vile Deathcult.

  • eor

    I'm avoiding google if I can. I have been using Bing and Yahoo. Maybe they are as subversive to my country as Google–but I'll deal with that if I find out they are.

  • bushlikesdick2

    F.Y.I — China has no access to Youtube and Google and I-phones don't exist here and I think I know why — same reason why Twiiter and Facebook isn't allowed. For the same reasons why Iran's govt. doesn't want them

  • Liberty76

    I stopped using google years ago when I learned they prohibited gun stores from advertising in gun-related search results. Since then I have been using

    Alltheweb does not seem to inject their left-wing views into search results.

    Google, you can rot under the sands of the middle east with your dead muslim suicide bombers and throat slitters. You will not receive one cent in revenue from me.

  • ramanthunda

    Try "islam is" in Bing search engine and it comes up with the expected suggestions. So Microsoft has not censored its search engine regarding Islam. Google is lying through their teeth and they are in cohoots with Islamic radicalism. Unfortunately, Google leadership now have blood on their hands. The blood of millions of innocent human beings who were slaughtered in the name of Islam and who continue to be slaughtered, such as Assyrians, Armenians, Copts, Yazidis, Sabeans, Mandeans, i.e. all Middle Eastern Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims. Best thing to do is to stop using Google products, which now includes their new smartphone. Let's hope those who made this decision to censor will one day be judged, and punished accordingly, for their sins against those innocents throughout history. This decision will have consequences for those who made it.

    • bubba4

      Thank god they implemented that suggestion feature….you probably spend the first few years of Google unable to search for anything.

  • Steve


    When investigating the issue you raise, I came upon a story about "Islam in Mexico." Apparently, in the Chiapas region of Mexico, about 200 Mayan and Tzotzil people who have converted to Islam. "It wasn't until 1995, when Spanish Muslims led by Aureliano Pérez left for Mexico to spread the word of Allah, that Mexicans themselves started converting to Islam."

    I find this troubling. Here's a link to the article:

    • bubba4

      "In this particular mosque there are seventeen Islamic families now. Gradually more people are opening themselves up to the word of Allah. Yes, I think we are here to stay."

      OMG run for the hills….

  • jldate

    I tend to think that Google is not being ideological but rather cowardly. Christians, Buddists etc. do not tend to kill their critics.

  • James Pawlak

    I doubt that Google would like: Islam is a criminal-terrorist movement which allows or encourages, and sometimes commands, the use of murder, rape-and-enslavement, genocide, perpetual wars with "unbelievers" and the other horrors taught by Mohammmed to advance its causes and the sexual and power lusts of its adult male followers; Himself a murderer, liar and treaty breaker, bandit and the sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child.

  • allan o

    day 3 after post; same situation. islam nothing comes up, christianity wicca everything else, “bull…” and ect.

  • Guest

    Tried it. Now it does not work at all, for ANY religion. Key "Hinduism is" and no suggestion, key in "christianity is" and nothing!!!

    Yep, they fixed it allright.

  • Tang

    It's all Charles Johnson's fault! "lgf is" produces the same lack of result.
    So does "boingboing is". Curse you Xeni Jardin!
    And also, "cherry pie is" brings up no suggestions. Google does not want you to know that cherry pie is tasty! It's a conspiracy! Or it's a software quirk and you're overreacting.

  • eerie Steve

    friggin right google!

    YOU GET A BIG #1……

    pr 10


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