Terror by Mail

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It was yet another jihad plot against targets in the United States: the bombs, sent from Yemen via UPS, were powerful enough to bring down a cargo airplane. They were addressed to a synagogue in Chicago. Yemeni authorities arrested a twenty-two-year-old female computer engineering student, Hanan al-Samawi, whose telephone number appeared on one of the UPS forms, and then released her without charge after other students protested her arrest. Further investigations centered on language schools in Yemen, but as of Sunday evening there were no further arrests. That’s essentially all we know so far, but the plot in itself reveals a great deal about the nature of the jihad we’re facing.

First, the target: Rabbi Michael R. Zedek of Emanuel Congregation in Chicago said that he had been told that four bombs had been sent to synagogues in Chicago. Zedek had the impression that his Emanuel Congregation was not the jihadists’ specific target, but rather that they had meant to bomb Congregation Or Chadash, a gay-and-lesbian oriented synagogue sharing an address with Emanuel.

Rabbi Larry Edwards of Congregation Or Chadash was mystified as to how his synagogue ended up being targeted by Islamic jihadists in Yemen and, apparently, Egypt: someone there recently visited Emanuel Congregation’s website 83 times in a single day. “We’re rather puzzled,” Edwards said, “at how a little congregation like ours would get on the radar as a target for somebody. I’m hoping for more information.” Noting the numerous and suspicious website visits from Egypt, Zedek said: “I think we’re interesting, but not that interesting.”

Ah, but they are that interesting to Islamic jihadists. It is important in this connection to recall that the primary target in the November 2008 jihad attacks in Mumbai, in which jihadists murdered 173 people, the primary target was not Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel or the Cama Hospital, where some of the attacks occurred. Rather, it was Nariman House, a small Jewish center in Mumbai. Journalist Somendra Sharma of India’s DNA (Daily News & Analysis) reported in January 2009 that “the terrorists themselves were in no doubt that Nariman House was the prime focus.” Jihad terrorist Mohammed Amir Iman Ajmal (a.k.a. Kasab), noted Sharma, “reportedly told the police they wanted to sent a message to Jews across the world by attacking the synagogue.”

The Mumbai jihad plotters spent most of their planning time making sure that the murders at Nariman House would go off without a hitch. “The Nariman House operation has to be a success,” said Ajmal. Sharma added that according to Ajmal’s statements, “as far as Nariman House was concerned, there should not be even a minimal glitch in finding it and capturing it.” Another jihadist involved in this attack explained that he had been warned by operatives of the Pakistani jihadist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Righteous) “that Nariman House was their most secret operation and must not be compromised at any cost.”

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Quran 5.58 refers to "most" Jews as "evil doers". 5.60 insists Allah will be "transforming them into pigs and monkeys".

    This is as dehumanizing as any hate speech I've ever heard. I personally don't believe in restricting speech of any sort (excepting libel and explicit calls to violence), but Geert Wilders is absolutely correct, if you ARE going to restrict hate speech, the Quran is an appropriate place to start.

    • http://www.thelooniverse.com harrie

      Calling fellow humans pigs, dogs and monkeys is not libel? And doesn't the Quran contain explicit calls to violence? I rest my case.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Well put.

      • Dragomir

        A Moslem once wrote "Evolution says we humans have a common ancestor with apes. So why then do you complain if the Kooran says the same?" Of course unless one believes the creation story of the Bible. As much as I disagree with Islam, should we who oppose this "religion" not find a way to counter the argument rationally? After all Muslim might argue that this verse is a scientific fact for the accuracy of the stoned-god allah. I myself have no good answer myself to this problem yet.

        • Chezwick_Mac

          1) Where do the pigs come in?

          2) The verse is specific to Jews.

    • Abdullah


      Context. You are missing it. God also destroyed many other nations, this is in reference to one tribe of Jews who did not hold the covenant of the Sabbath, and thus were destroyed…no descendants, no further procreation, no more life, the end of their story…a single sea side village.

      It does not mean "all Jews" only those specific Jews in that one village.

    • praiaflamego

      I can't help thinking after reading any of these Koranic verses that rant against Christians, Jews or Kafirs in general: 'this sounds like it is referring to Muslims'.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    There is an awful lot here that makes no sense. To begin with, in this piece in a general sense Mr. Spencer gives us a bit of Jewish Paranoia. Yes, Muslims hate Jews because they are closer to them and statistic show that murder within families is more common than the murder among strangers. But hate of ALL non-Muslims is the very foundation of Islam so in this case Jews can't be categorized as the specially chosen. There is probably more hate among the various sects within Islam than they have for Jews or the rest of the world's non-Muslims. If you grow up in a culture in which you are weaned on hate your targeting becomes universal. The great tragedy of our time is that the West has allowed vast numbers of Muslims to settle in our midst – in England this year the single most name registered for new infants was Mohamed and its various spellings. If their majority settles in as all other immigrant groups have done to become citizens of their adopted countries, there we may look forward to peaceful future. But it seems that their principal legacy, hate, surfaces among Muslims born in the West and this will lead to an eventual bloodbath where the more primitive elements in our own culture will take to the streets in riots to blow up mosques and ravage resident Muslims, naturally with a good number among them who were not radicals and who wanted like the rest of us to simply pay for a roof over their heads and an education for their children. That will be the price they will pay for not having stood up against their radical, lunatic members.

    • Chezwick_Mac

      On the contrary, the very existence of Israel on what was previously the territory of Darul Islam has accentuated the Muslim hatred of Jews to a level unique among the supposed "enemies of the faith". This is why Jews and synagogues are much more frequently targeted for acts of violence and vandalism in Europe than those of other faiths. The fact that you would go out of your way to contest this reality is curious.

    • dhimminology


      It's not Jewish Paranoia. In Islam, Muslims are supposed to hate and consider ALL non-Muslims as beneath them, even subhuman and akin to dogs. But the foremost nation/people that they target for their hatred are the Jews. Then followed by Christians. Then finally by others called 'pagans' and 'idolaters'. The first to fry in Islamic Hellfire in the afterlife will be Jews, followed by their 'allies' -Christians, and then the other 'pagans'. Spencer is correct – the main target of Muslim terrorists is the Jew. But we Gentiles don't rest on our laurels. We are just as useless and to be treated just like merchandise in Islam too. So, we non-Muslims, whether Jews or Gentiles, whether religious or irreligious, etc. should unite against this common enemy of ours.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Excellent diplomatic tack.
    Today the monsters assaulted a Church in Baghdad murdering about 50 worshipers. Regretfully the US keeps wasting time in the Iraqi cesspool endangering soldiers w/o a purpose.
    The same diplomacy suggested for the Yemen gruesome islamic sewer must apply for the Iraqi Osama Bin Laden beasts.
    Iran's Ayatholas must also receive that diplomacy.

    • BS77

      How many US troops sacrificed their lives to bring Iraq into the modern age? Iraq is still a very violent and horrible place. what a tragedy. what a waste of young lives, of billions of dollars…all to see the same muslim madness go on indefinitely. what was the iraq war for? any answers?

      • SHmuelHaLevi

        Rage. When I hear barbarities such the one in that Church, yes I feel rage as a human being. In am Jewish but to me it is equally repulsive when my Christian family is assaulted. Sunday Mass time carefully selected to do that.
        The cult of Islam must be rolled back before it is too late.
        They will never stop because their Koran orders them to do that.
        As to the war in Iraq. I have no idea what was the intent but I was a Senior-Fellow Engineer Military Avionics DoD Programs during the original Gulf War and learnt first hand the lack of true desire to solve the problem.
        Nothing changed since then. On the contrary.
        What a mess.

  • American_Flag

    # 2 sounds good in theory, but our sick twisted liberal left leaning values would not permit it. It would OFFEND THEM, and be AGAINST THEIR WILL….they HAVE RIGHTS TOO….oh brother…and SAVE THE WHALES too while you're at it.

    What a bunch of ninnies we are!!!!!! Sad.

  • dhimminology

    I agree. I think, ultimately, we have to war with the Muslim world. We all don't want war, but Islam's fierce determination to subjugate us non-Muslims will leave us with little choice. Too bad we non-Muslims are so fragmented and are bickering amongst ourselves while the enemy grows stronger by the day and slowly inflitrating into non-Muslim countries – both Western and non-Western nations – like a cancer or parasite slowly killing its host. I fear that it may be too late for us to stop outcome #1 where our identities and cultures will be completely annihilated into a new stone age one-world dystopia.

    • Still kicking

      That saying, "Divide and Conquer?" We've done that part for them. Now all we have to do is lay down and die. That would be acceptable to our politically correct brethren.

      • dhimminology

        You are right. So sadly true!

  • duh_swami

    'Muslims, in the US, have a right to practice their religion like anyone else'…Obama…

    The problem is that 'anyone else' does not consider it their sacred duty to kill Jews…

    • Abdullah

      Dumb-Swami, I see you are still an idiot…

  • American_Flag

    This is all cah-cah. They are testing the waters…just like they did with the disruptive imams at the airport a few years ago. They have us running around checking every tissue box that gets shipped through the mail, and this insanity will continue for maybe a month or two, then Janet she-man Napalitano will stand up and praise her department for a job well done (post haste?). Then we will all go back to our stupid lazya$$ selves, just like pre-9/11.

    SAD SAD SAD. We are led by true idiots of the 21st century.

  • CommonSense

    Selective reporting. Here's what is left out: US. and British intelligence officials say that Hanan al-Samawi was a victim of identity theft. The Saudi government (uh, all Muslims!) tipped off the U.S. to the bombs. Otherwise, they would have gotten through. U.S. and British intelligence officials now say the intended targets were the cargo planes. To all Muslims (except terrorists), Jews are the People of the Book and are to be accorded respect. Buy why let facts get in the way of a good tirade?

    • RUSerious

      Facts, you say? Where in the Koran does it say that "Jews are the People of the Book and are to be accorded respect". Have you ever read the Koran? Doesn't sound like it. Islam is not a religion. It is a complete way of life, and it's goal is World Domination. These "devout Muslims" are not peaceful in any sense of the word! They not only murder those that are not Muslims, but they savagely murder and maim their own people. We are at war, and all these bed wetting sissy liberals in this country are more concerned with offending somebody when they should be standing up and screaming, "We will not allow this under any circumstances". If these same people are so unhappy with the USA, why don't you pack up and get the hell out. Let us know how you like it when you get to where ever its you think is better. try France, England, Spain, oh hell go anywhere in Europe

      • dhimminology

        No…the liberals should be sent to Saudi Arabia, Iran and better still – live with the Al-Qaeda people. Then only will they understand their folly and fallacy.

      • Abdullah


        Here, you most likely won’t understand, and these are out of context for the greater part, but these touch lightly on the subject of respect, guidance, acceptance, even marriage:

        Aal-e-Imran, 3:64, 3:75, 3: 119, 3:199,
        Al-Maeda 5:5, 5:19, 5:77,

        All over the Quran the People of the Book are spoken of in dignity and honor for those who obeyed God and kept their covenant…but the majority of human kind does not fall under that good description, do they?

        There are a number of Hadiths that also speak well of the People of the Book from the past, and also many that do not.

        The question is, which category do you fall in? Do you only focus on those People of the Book who disobeyed God, or do you, as I, revel in the remembrance of those who followed Noah, Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad?

        I revel in the remembrance of them all.

        • dhimminology


          RUSerious understands. So do I and many others who speak against Islam.

          "All over the Quran the People of the Book are spoken of in dignity and honor for those who obeyed God and kept their covenant…but the majority of human kind does not fall under that good description, do they? "
          Your 'obey God' means 'obey Islam's God-Allah' isn't it? Problem is the Jew's God is Yahweh and the description of Yahweh in the Torah contradicts that of Islam's Allah. Jews(at least the orthodox ones) believe Yahweh is God of all mankind, and so does Islam. But Yahweh is not Allah(based on the differences between them in the Torah and the Quran). Either Yahweh is true, or Allah is true or both are false. Either the Torah is true and the Quran is flase or the Torah is false and the Quran is true or both are false. Hence, your argument falters because you use the generic term 'God' but the 'God' Jews believe is of a totally different character from Allah.
          continue below…

          • dhimminology

            To Abdullah….continuation…
            So, do you mean to say that Jews who obey Yahweh(for Yahweh is Elohim = 'God' ) will not be the ones killed under Jihad? I think not. Islam's history proves it not. I won't go into detail about Muhammad's life here but his was a life of deceit and treachary towards non-Muslims. Surah 9:29 states fight the people of the Book who are against Allah and Muhammad. Jews are automatically against Allah and Muhammad because they reject both Allah and do not consider Muhammad as a prophet. Christians(at least those still true to their faith) reject Allah and Muhammad as well because many teachings of the Quran contradict the Bible. Hence, Surah 9:29 bsically means ALL People of the Book who remain true to their faiths. Because if they obey Allah and Muhammad, then they would have left their faiths and CONVERTED to Islam. So, your allusion that those 'People of the Book were spoken of well in the Quran if they believed God' is deceptive because that meant those who left their faiths and became Muslims.
            continue below…

          • dhimminology

            To Abdullah….continuation…

            The word 'God' is generic, hence the fallacy of your argument. Islam's God is NOT the same as Judeo-Christian God although both claim to be the true God. Hence, the generic term 'God' and obeying such a nebulous terminology cannot be used as an excuse for those surahs I have mentioned in my earlier posts.
            continue below…

          • dhimminology

            To Abdullah….continuation….

            "The question is, which category do you fall in? Do you only focus on those People of the Book who disobeyed God, or do you, as I, revel in the remembrance of those who followed Noah, Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad"
            Why are Muslims so against the Jews and Christians? Well, for one, I think it is ENVY….envy of the material(and perhaps even spiritual?)successes of the Jews and "Christians" of today. The other is Muhammad started this racialistic(against the Jews) and categorical(towards Christians and pagans) hate in the first place because he considered his religion as THE TRUTH and by default all other TRUTH-CLAIMS(i.e. other religions , philosophies) are false.
            continue below…..

          • dhimminology

            "Do you only focus on those People of the Book who disobeyed God, or do you, as I, revel in the remembrance of those who followed Noah, Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad? "
            In the Torah, Isaac was chosen over Ishmael. Ishmael was given prominence in Islam. Jesus was believed to be the Son of God and actually God Incarnate. That doctrine is denied and accursed in the Quran. Hence, it's actually either Islam has the true description of those characters or Judeo-Christianity have true description of those characters(except Muhammad)- they both can't be true. Hence, your argument falters again…..
            continue below…..

          • dhimminology

            Hmmmm…I have posted many more but they seem to have gone missing. I don't think I am going to re-posts them. I think one can come up with a rational conclusion in my replies to "Abdullah". Agree with the principle of abrogation in Islam as explained by Dragomir.

    • kafir4life

      That you abdullah mikey? They let you back in? You still head bangin' for that made up moon doggie?

    • dhimminology

      What facts? If you are a non-Muslim -your post only betray your ignorance. If you are Muslim, we are not unaware of your taqqiya(deception).
      Let's see some of your 'facts':-
      "To all Muslims (except terrorists), Jews are the People of the Book and are to be accorded respect."
      Really? NOT according to the Quran. A True Muslim will hate all Jews who refuse to submit to Islam(i.e. to convert to Islam).
      "Lo! those who disbelieve, among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters, will abide in fire of hell. They are the worst of created beings. "(Quran 98:6)
      Disbelieve what? Disbelieve Muhammad and his 'religion'. So Jews, even though they are 'People of the Book" but disbelieve in Islam are considered 'the worst of created beings'. So much for 'respect'!
      Continue below….

      • dhimminology

        Another one for you:-
        "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. "
        (Quran 9:29)
        Islam has respect for the "People of the Book"? Obviously not!
        Cursing the Jews and Christians came from Muhammad's 'Allah':-
        "The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth! "
        (Quran 9:30)
        continue below….

        • dhimminology

          So much for Islam's 'respect' for the 'people of the Book'. I would say that Muslims who don't hate the Jews and Christians and 'idolaters' and wish to subjugate and dominate non-Muslims are not COMPLETELY following the teachings of Muhammad. The 'Islamic terrorists' are the followers of the 'pure' teachings of Muhammad.
          "Buy why let facts get in the way of a good tirade? "
          That 'question' is more apt for the hate-filled book called the Quran – a book filled with 50-60% tirades against non-Muslims; a book filled with plagiarism of other faiths(Judaism and Christianity); a book filled with a mumbo-jumbo of truth, deception, inaccuracies.
          continue below…

          • dhimminology

            "Hanan al-Samawi was a victim of identity theft." So? Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is suspected to have made the bomb. Whatever it is, it came from Yemen and highly likely has links with Al-Qaeda or similar organizations. The common denominator is this: ISLAM.
            "The Saudi government (uh, all Muslims!) tipped off the U.S. to the bombs."
            That's taqqiya(deception). So what? Sacrifice a willing martyr(or martyrs) so that the world thinks that Saudi Arabia is not part of the problem. Saudi Arabia is THE problem. Islam was borned there and what better way to use that religion to control the minds of more than a billion adherents? A potential army that can take on the non-Muslim world one day.

    • Dragomir

      The "people of the book" verses are among those which were abrogated,so while it is fine that they are still included in the book by the stoned-god allah , they have no real importance. They are only there to cloud the issue, or create a smoke-screen.

      For Islam to be a real religion of peace, they had over 1300 years to prove it, NO? After all the Islamic Society is the BEST allah will bring forth on this planet. I don't see the "best" society here anywhere. Especially if in Islamic countries people are being murdered, raped, and all other crimes committed like anywhere in the world.

  • American_Flag

    The idiots on parade will come up with a brave new idea…they will make everyone who ships something sign a realease form or a pledge that asks:




    After the proper signatures are obtained, the said packages will continue on their merry way…everything will be safe – so says Janet he-man Napalitano…But in reality, these weapons of mass destruction will be on course to blow up a plane, train or ship.

    But that's OK. Obamma and co. pledges to fight terrorism…yeah right!~

    What a kick in the ahrse this all become. Sad sad sad.

  • listen2me

    I think there is a psychological "ism" that describes it, but don't weak-minded people portray their worst traits on to others? When I read this in the article:

    "Among other charges he levels at the Jews, Saqr says that they “used to fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah”; they “love to listen to lies”; they disobey Allah and ignore his commands; they wish “evil for people” and try to “mislead them”; and they “feel pain to see others in happiness and are gleeful when others are afflicted with a calamity.” He adds that “it is easy for them to slay people and kill innocents,” for “they are merciless and heartless.”

    it seems to me that it factually states the traits of Islamists … Not Jews. But these Islamists attribute their nasty traits to Jews nonetheless.

    • American_Flag

      One of the tactics in the Koran is to use deceit to convert or kill your enemy. Also, it tells you to play the role of THE VICTIM, to gain sympathy from the enemy. These are the perfect tactics to use againt us in the 21st Century. We live in a world today where the mass media falls right into their PLAY BOOK, and the left leaning libs suck it all up.

      HENCE THE DILEMA. Flush the libs first and foremost. Then dump the Hollywood elites followed by all the democrats. With those 3 groups removed from the equation, only then might we have a chance to save the future…otherwise we are going to go down in flames…..

  • http://mypage.direct.ca/l/lbouchar/ SeaMystic

    All non Islamic societies must place a POLL TAX on Muslims, to offset the tremendous security costs that their belief system places on our societies.
    All who believe Mohammeds words, in some way support the terrorist activities in the world.
    Mosques that foster the negative concepts must be closed.
    A simple test is ask if a muslim believes Mohammeds words. Mohammed demands Warfare on all non believers.


  • Jim Johnson

    Who designs their terror bombing program? Could it be Dr Evil from the Austin powers movie?

    It is not the CIA,FBI or Mosad that saves us from Al Qaeda. Rather it is Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula own incompetence.

    The only success they had was igniting their own under ware.

    • Abdullah

      " under ware"

      Is that like software, or hardware?

  • http://www.bocaratoncarpetcleaning.com/ Norman Graf

    The argument goes this Obama wants to contact a demographic that wouldn’t readily vote in midterm elections with regard to the candidates performed screeching, off-key addresses of Whitney Houston sounds. Wasn’t it just the other day that the media appeared to be slamming Obama for “demeaning” the office in the President of the us by appearing on that Daily Show? I can’t wait for you to hear what the pearl-clutchers while in the media have to say with this latest GOTV effort from the President.

  • barny

    For over 3000years Jews have been expelled, persecuted, wandering the earth, living in the Wilderness, in exile, an exodus, refugees and immigrants – landless & homeless… what makes one think that they are going to see PEACE now? They are cursed, and this is so, because of their tactics, their mischief and because they are scornfully arrogant. They have been expelled from every single EUROPEAN country (over 100, including England). http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm
    Now, the Goy is aligning with the ANTICHRIST – the games never ended! The Jews are at it again…it will all end in tears, and it's going to backfire (again!)

  • barny

    Satan, being thus confined to a vagabond, wandering, unsettled condition, is without any certain abode; for though he has, in consequence of his angelic nature, a kind of empire in the liquid waste or air, yet this is certainly part of his punishment, that he is . . . without any fixed place, or space, allowed him to rest the sole of his foot upon. Daniel Defoe, The History of the Devil

  • dhimminology


    Hence, the conclusion is:-
    1. Your argument is fallacious because you use the generic term 'God' which assumes that the God in Islam and the God in Judaism and the God in Christianity 'are the same'. They are not. So, the term 'obey God' is meaningless because one cannot 'obey Islam's God ' and also 'obey Judaism's God'.
    2. Similarly your argument regarding the prophets mentioned. It's like I have two witness claiming to know one James. One says James is a 48 years old clerk in the year 2010. Another says James is a 3 year old kid in the year 2010. They cannot be the same James. Analogous to the discrepancies between the Quran and the Bible describing these prophets.
    3. Hence, one can logically deduce that those Surahs against People of the Book who are against Allah and Muhammad mean ALL Jews who do not convert to Islam and all Chrsitians.

    • dhimminology


      Also, TRUE that according to the Bible, those who do not believe in Yahweh will be punished – but it's Yahweh Himself who will punish. Except for certain instances in the Old Testament where the Jews were commanded by Yahweh to punish unbelievers, Jews and Christians are never commanded by Yahweh to kill or fight unbelievers – they leave that to Yahweh's sovereign judgment. Regarding those Old Testament passages in which Yahweh used human agents(Jews) to inflict punishment on unbelievers, they were all historical and are not to be repeated. Old Testament laws were also meant for Jews and not Gentiles.

      continue below….

      • dhimminology


        However, in Islam, Allah uses human agents(Muslims) to fight, kill, punish, subjugate and dominate non-Muslims. In fact, as I have proved, Surah 9:29 and others COMMAND such acts. Of course, Allah punishes unbelievers in the afterlife but even in the present life they are not to be spared by Muslims.
        Islam is basically an ethnic religion created by Muhammad for the Arabs for the Arabization of the world.

        • dhimminology


          Whereas, punishment of unbelievers via human egents commanded by Yahweh were historical, one-off incidents never to be repeated or to continue(Jews and Christains who continue to do so obviously disobey Yahweh if they were to truly believe the Bible) in Islam Muslims are commanded to carry on punishing and dominating unbelievers. "Good things spoken off regarding the People of the Book" in the Quran are abrogated as explained by Dragomir.

  • http://abrircorreo.net Abrir Correo

    Me interesó mucho lo que has escrito aquí. Te añadiré a mi programa de leer noticias, suerte

  • jari

    it is sad that name of Islam is being mixed with these inhuman, hateful act. But belive me majority of Muslims are peaceful. those who do such acts they can call themselves muslims but they are not. Islam teaches love for all human beings, whether jews or christians or hindus or bhuddists or agnostics or any others. Jihad is for self defence only. Biggest Jihad is sefl purification and supplication to God Almighty. As anyone can tell that this indeed is a biggest struggle against ownself, against own petty desires, and total submission to the will of God, which is worshipping Him Alone. Once we start doing this, practical part comes next which is taking care of the people around you who are creations of God, people of sick, of illhealth, travellers, needy, poor, and disabled or anyone who needs help. Islam came just to do this. But unfortunate clergy and mullahs brainwashed the teens and young population and poised their innocent but very receptive minds to commit crime against humanity.

  • jari

    i believe that our job in the west is to educate the next generation of Muslims who are here. and one key of education is to train their teachers or clergy in our universities. Just like we have system of educating the Rabbi's and priests, we should enforce by law that all the mosques should have a US or european trained scholars ( masters in Islamic studies ) as their imam, not imams from their own countries. and Such degree programs can be made with the help of moderate educated muslims who are already in here. This way the training material should be made through comparative religious study. Quran is a book that is very vast in knowlege. Understanding Quran is the main thing. For example in Quran God says" who are blind in this world will be blind in the next world also". literal meaning is that if somebody is blind here will remain blind in the next world. but underlying meaning is the those who are spiritually blind in this world, did not percieve God in this world will not be able to do so in the next life also, they will remain spiritually blind. Because all physical ailments will be not be there with you in next life becuase it will be a different dimension. for details go to http://www.alislam.org

  • SoundDoc

    Someone could make a killing, no pun intended, in selling vials of dried pig's blood for a deterrent against Muslim's demands. General Pershing knew a secret. Some say it was a legend, but it still works. When i mentioned it to Muslims they accused me of promoting WMD'S.

  • kafirman

    The best bombs are those constructed not of lead, explosives or radioactive materials, but of words crafting a moral argument and denouncing the Koranic contributions to terrorism and asserting the superiority of the "self evident" American ideal that "all men are created equal." However such rhetorical bombs are rather impotent unless delivered by an articulate head of state.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Good idea if we are determined to complete the job. The Islamics will not stand by and they must be brought to understand how the game has changed. The hard way.
    The terrible PC era must be changed to a solid self assertive era where Islam will be returned to be in their traditional locations. That means that the OIL factor is removed from the setting…

  • Spirit_Of_1683

    True,. Whilst our children are watching Barney and the Teletubbies, Muslim kids are putting on mock bomb vests, assault rifles and practising for their future roles – that of becoming terrorists out to murder infidels in cold blood.

  • SHmuelHaLevi

    No doubt about it. Rethoric weapons are effective at some point, yet, as someone that lives about 3/4 mile from four islamic villages, in constant contact with the inhabitants, I know better.
    I will not risk talking about percentages, but while I keep good relations with some there, the vast majority do not understand rethoric. They do understand display and use of raw power. And that only if relentless and w/o solution of continuity.
    Either we internalize Islam as it realy is and address it for their understanding…or we are doomed.