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Reza Aslan is an increasingly comic figure as he races around the country slandering freedom-fighters and trying to pretend that people have a negative view of Islam because of “Islamophobes” rather than Islamic jihad terrorism. It’s rather surprising that this diminutive Islamic supremacist snake-oil merchant still finds willing audiences of dupes, but such is the abysmal state of the public discourse today. “Aslan discusses causes, dangers of anti-Islam sentiment,” by Caitlin O’Donnell in The Pendulum, Elon University’s student newspaper, November 10:

A year following Sept. 11, a Washington Post poll found that 40 percent of Americans had a negative view of Islam – nine years later, that number has jumped by nine percent to almost half of the population of the United States.

Any rational and honest person will know that that is because Islamic jihadists just recently sent bombs via UPS to synagogues in Chicago and stormed a church in Baghdad, murdering 58 people. Then there was the Fort Hood jihad shooting, the Arkansas recruiting center jihad shooting, the Christmas underwear bomb jihad attempt, the Times Square jihad car bomb attempt, the Fort Dix jihad plot, the North Carolina jihad plot, the Seattle jihad shooting, the JFK Airport jihad plot, and on and on. But Reza Aslan is not an honest man, and so he doesn’t mention any of that, but rather blames “Islamophobes”:

Based on this and other statistics, author and scholar Reza Aslan discussed the apparent “Islamaphobia” prevalent throughout the United States Wednesday night, citing the dangers to security and national identity that results, as well as what can be done to end the trend.

“Dangers to security and national identity” — note the sleight of hand. Aslan is trying to get his hapless audience to think that it is those who are fighting against Sharia and Islamization, and in defense of the freedom of speech and equality of rights for women and non-Muslims that are denied by Sharia, who are the security threat — not the people sending letter bombs, shooting up military recruiting centers and military bases, plotting to blow up airplanes, etc.

“A lot of these anti-Muslim zealots have always been around, but for many years have been in the shadows,” he said. “What’s strange is that this kind of rhetoric, a year ago would have had no place in rational discussion, but has now become so commonplace that even mainstream politicians have adopted it.”

Translation: “I am fooling fewer people than ever, and I am getting desperate.”

Aslan noted Pam Gellar [sic] and Robert Spencer, who are some of the major proponents of an anti-Muslim movement with their organization “Stop Islamization of America”, as well as members of the mainstream media, such as Bill O’Reilly, who has associated all Muslims with terrorism.

SIOA is not anti-Muslim, of course, it is pro-human rights and against Sharia. For Aslan, that’s the same thing. He would abandon to their fate the Muslim women who suffer under the institutionalized oppression of Sharia, and who long to be free. We, in contrast, stand up for the rights of such people. So which one of is the bigot and hater? The answer is clear to anyone who can cut through the fog of Aslan’s disinformation and see the truth.

But how did the nation get to this point? According to Aslan, it’s nothing new.”Everything being said about Islam in this country, that they’re foreign, un-American, that they don’t belong here was said about Catholics, Jews, Quakers, Mormons,” he said.

At this point I would have expected Aslan to produce some shells and ask me to guess which one the pea was under. Once again, the difference between Islam on the one hand and Catholics, Jews, Quakers, Mormons is that Islam is frequently, repeatedly invoked by Muslims as the motivation and justification for violence and supremacism. Catholics, Jews, Quakers, Mormons were not plotting to bring down airliners, shooting up military bases, or demanding special rights that other citizens did not enjoy.

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  • neighsayer

    The survey showed 49% unfavorable and 45% favorable. I don't believe it. Of the 45, 20 are ashamed to say they have an unfavorable view or would like to believe they don't have an unfavorable view. Another 20 are people who have doggedly and consciously avoided any negative info and have sought out a few supposed positive features of Islam in order to avoid intolerance and Islamophobia. I wonder, for example, how many of those 45 have a favorable view of Saudi Arabia or Iran, the centers, respectively, of Sunni and Shia Islam.

  • jbtrevor

    Asian proves Mr. Spencer's point from his recent debate: The only 'good' Muslim is a 'bad' Muslim…

  • Ret. Marine

    I do not believe the "others" as they are hunted of are in the least unaware of the threat that islam, or the cult, poses on this Constitutional Republic. The threat this cult imposes upon the Republic is nothing short of sedition by stealth, in their own words. Far too many on this site, and many others, are self educating themselves as to the threat of this cult. It is a threat no matter how one thinks of it. We have a separation of powers designed in the Constitution for a reason. I need not explain on this post, many already understand the need for these separations.
    For the individuals going around and trying to impose a "shining light" in the ways of islam are deceiving no one outside of the ones who are easily distracted and lacking in the area of the "critical thinking" process. We may have work ahead of us like any new development, but it is not daunting as some believe it to be. Like any good cock roach when the light is shown upon them, they are incapable of anything other than to scatter about in search of the darkness.

  • stephencuz

    I like simple arguments to present to folks unaware. I think of one now. Islam proclaims Jesus as a prophet of Islam. They suggest he was a great teacher. They do not openly refute anything he has said but they say Mohammed was the last and greatest prophet. Now then, Jesus said Satan is the father of lies. Yet, Mohammed says it is ok to lie in order to advance Islam. Which s it then? Is deceit from the Devil or not? Would God tell Mohammed something contrary to what he revealed to us through Jesus? Is lying wrong or not? Only one of them is right. Whom do you choose to believe?

  • umustbkidding

    The misinformation machines in Islam cover up are working so hard that they are begining to smoke!

  • lakewoodbob

    As someone suggested earlier, Muslims are afraid of the light of ‘Truth’.
    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

    Islam is a ‘Cancer’ that is metastasizing through out the civilized world, and it must be contained! All Muslims and Muslim sympathizers lie and strive to mislead others and take advantage of their tolerance!

    “I have always considered it as treason against the great republic of human nature, to make any man's virtues the means of deceiving him.” – Samuel Johnson

    God Bless America!

  • 080

    It is often claimed that there are various interpretations of Sharia law. That's true. I would ask which shuras and verses in the Koran do you disagree with?

    • Mike in VA

      The answer to that question should be obvious 080 – the ayahs that Islamic jihadists and supremacists use to legitimize their aggression, intolerance and bigotry. If you need specific examples, conversations of this sort obviously begin with Qur'an IX:5 and IX:29. Of course, there are other troubling passages within the Hadith, such as Bukhari Vol. 9, Book 83, #17, wherein Muhammad declares that the punishment for apostasy is death.

      It is no secret that Islam's scriptural texts are open to interpretation, but that has been of little to no practical value to non-Muslims up to this point.

  • USMCSniper

    Muslim activists like Reza Aslan are motivated by the core principles of Islam with the goal of converting, killing, or subjugating all non-Muslims. Non-Muslims are going to have to decide to fight for their cultures, freedoms, and values or they are going to lose them. Islam the Enemy

    • guest

      USMCSniper is a white supremacist troll. See his comments near the bottom here:

      He should be banned from this site lest we all get painted with the same brush. Write the site moderators and demand he be blocked.

      • Indioviejo

        Guest, you have overstayed your welcome in this site. Don't defend what's indefensible. Islam? You should be banned for being stupid, but your 1st Amendment right, so willingly defended by USMC Sniper and others, entitles your dumb ass.

        • guest

          Indioviejo, pull your head out of your a**. Where did I defend Islam? Try to keep up. USMCSniper posted vile racist sh*t on this site, that is the issue. If you want to defend it, go ahead. But don't change the subject, you ignorant lying jacka**.

          • USMCSniper

            Oh dear, mistah guest dun don'ts likes USMCSniper, dah jacka. Tell meh what's a jacka? Sumtin likes a crackah? Guest don't like us honky crackas cause he say it awl beez whitey fault! Yassah!

          • guest

            and this is how we deal with white supremacists:

      • Ret. Marine

        Excuse me, and who are you to make a determination of just what USMC sniper is and is not. How dare you frog one of my fellow brothers and a Corps member at that. Go take your vile pronouncement elsewhere, you are the one who should not have been allowed to proclaim your hatred for any-one's opinion. Or do you think anyone who disagrees with you should not be allowed an opinion. If in fact this opinion maker is in fact a Marine, I'll hold his words over yours any day of the week including Sunday. Honor, Duty, Country, ever hear these words?

        • bubba4

          Although no one should be banned. "USMCSniper" is a serial liar and it's unclear who or what he is and if he ever served any military anywhere at anytime.

          • guest

            well, they do ban here, so they should either stop it all together or be consistent. Interesting who gets banned and who doesn't …

        • guest

          Listen frat boy, if you're going to defend your bro for calling people "Africoons" then come out and do it. Don't hide behind some false honor code. This is not about a disagreement with me, it's about your little buddy being a fu*cking racist piece of sh*t. Get it tough guy? Is that simple enough for your little reptile brain to understand? If "honor, duty, country" means sticking up for a little klan cockroach then you can take that empty phrase and shove it up your a**.

          • kafir4life

            Crabnutters mikey!!!! That still you? We love it when you show your true colors, you pathetic little mohamatan.

            Head back to dawah school, mikey. You've failed again.

          • stephencuz

            Guest, suppose you are right and "Africoons" was said. Does that clear the way for your vile diatribe spewed in this very post now? I don't understand upon which "moral truth" you are making this principled stand. Do you suggest it is wrong to denigrate people for their race? I think most folks ~ not all, agree with you. Do you contend that because you perceive such a breach it is now acceptable under this same moral code to be as disgusting as you are? Where are these altruistic principles you live by? Do you have your own “holy book” taken after your life? I think the position you take is fascinating ~ indefensible but nevertheless fascinating.

  • aaron_truax

    Islam IS the new fascism … of course they've got to perpetuate their Big Lie.

  • Alan

    Reza Aslan should be sent back to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    He loves Islam so much. What the heck is he doing in America – the land of Islamophobia. There in Iran, he can enjoy plenty the sights of stoning, hanging and other heart-warming punishments in the name of this religion of mercy of his.

    I'm sick and tired of these Muslim asylees fleeing the lands of Islam in terror, and as soon as their foot touches the shores of Western civilization, they start lecturing us on the unappreciated beauties of their religion. The least you can do is shut up.

    • guest

      yea, seriously, have the decency to shut up when you get to the land of free speech! The nerve!

      • Democracy First

        free speech is one thing. But to support a faith, or an interpetation of it that would destroy free speech, is another.

        Immigrants have an ethical obligation to support any democratic country to which they go, its constitution and institutions. To use its freedoms in any effort to destroy it is treasonous. And make no mistake about it: Sharia, as the vast majority of its proponents admit, is meant o displace democratic governments, constitutions and institutions, even if all in good time. Such people should be forthwith deported.

        • guest

          I don't entirely disagree, but here's where I think you are off:

          -Claiming Aslan supports Sharia or an interpretation of Islam that wants to clamp down on free speech cannot not be supported by anything he has said, done or written as far as I can tell. That makes this a straw man argument.
          -you might believe immigrants should be obligated to support any democratic country to which they go,etc but that doesn't mean they are. This is your opinion. It may be right, it may be wrong, but it's just an opinion. In reality, immigrants incur no such obligation simply by immigrating.
          -deporting people who do what you claim may make sense in principle, but good luck in practice. What institutions would be set up to determine who is actually doing this subversion? Go back to my first point. Aslan has been accused of this, it's absurd, it's easy to see how rapidly this would become a kangaroo court.
          -the charge you and others make about radical Islam is the same one I make about conservatives. You pretend to be absolutely committed to free speech, but unopposed i have no doubt you would shut down left speech in 5 seconds.

          • Democracy First

            - I'll agree I don't know the truth about Aslan. But I do know many so called Muslim moderates ultimately prove to be Islamist.
            – I strongly disagree about the ethical obligation of immigrants. While we cannot demand that they assimilate, we most certainly can demand they not work to undermine democracy or its institutions. Consider Europe's turmoil. It's taken a while, but PC is giving way to to the defense of European civilization itself. No other people, Muslims least of all, would allow millions to immigrate, only to actively work to destroy the host nation from within. And western liberals would be the last to criticize those who would defend themselves.
            – You certainly could not know evey individual's heart of hearts. But we can monitor Muslim community leaders, including imams. Those who make public statements, or preach in mosques, or who otherwise lead public Muslim community opinion to undermine our liberal democracies and attendant rights and equality, can and should be deported. First and foremost would be Saudi trained imams, who are almost invariably Islamist. And those who support Iran's government, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist entities at war with ourselves.
            – It's liberals who dream about shutting down conservative talk radio. Regardless, hardly any westerners and western leaders, conservative or liberal, advocate the displacement of our constitutions with Sharia or any other form of non constitutional, non democratic government. This is a straw man argument.

          • Mike in VA

            Aslan's accusations of "Islamophobia" to explain away negative views about Islam are a thinly veiled attempt at silencing criticism, i.e., free speech, much in the same way socialists resort to accusations of "McCarthyism" to silence their critics. If Aslan were a true proponent of free speech, he would engage Islam's critics in a rational and substantive manner instead of gratuitously slandering them as xenophobes. What this reveals about Aslan is that he is an arrogant Islamic supremacist who believes his faith is above and beyond rational criticism, and that speaks volumes about his interpretation of Islam and Shari'a.

  • Mitch

    Islam and Shariah law MUST be resisted.

  • flaedo

    lts more like if you dont disapprove of lslam theres something wrong with you.
    l cant think of one good thing to say about lslam. lt has no redeeming features whatsover. Thats quite an achievement.