Lies of a Truthful Girl

Jumanah Imad Albahri, the Muslim student at the University of California at San Diego who last week endorsed a new genocide of Jews, has now issued a statement – and as is characteristic also of jihadist communiqués these days, it’s a masterpiece of disingenuousness and attempts to claim victim status.

Albahri started out by saying – apparently unequivocally – that she wasn’t for what she said she was for last week:  “Allow me to begin by stating that I do NOT condone murder, I do NOT condone genocide, and I do NOT condone racism under any circumstance whatsoever against Jews or anyone else.” And what’s more, “these accusations are lies that I refuse to allow David Horowitz and his allies to perpetuate in their irresponsible and hateful smear campaign against those who disagree with or differ from them.”

Lies? What lies? It’s useful at this point to recall how Jumanah Albahri rocketed to fame in the first place: it all started when David Horowitz, during the question-and-answer period after his talk at UCSD, asked Albahri: “The head of Hizballah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?” Albahri, enunciating her words clearly and forcefully, responded with a forthright endorsement of genocide: “For it.”

But now that she has become the poster child for Islamic neo-Nazism, the idea that she condones genocide is a “lie” and David Horowitz is perpetrating a “smear campaign.”

Poor Jumanah, smeared by her own words!

Albahri’s disingenuousness and finger-pointing only increases as her statement goes on. She dismisses as “ridiculous” the charge that she is anti-Semitic. Why? Because, Jumanah Albahri piously informs us, “I am a Semite.”

Very well. Let’s not waste our time arguing over nomenclature. Albahri is herself a Semite, and so could not be anti-Semitic? Fine. Allow me, then, to pose the question in a slightly different way: is Jumanah Albahri a Jew-hater? Would it be reasonable to think that she is, after her avowal of the fact that she wants to see the Jews gather in Israel so that Muslims don’t have to hunt them down elsewhere? Or would that be “ridiculous”?

Displaying her own fine grasp of the ridiculous, Albahri goes on to portray David Horowitz as the real villain of the piece: the problem, you see, is not that she endorsed genocide, but that “Mr. Horowitz spent an hour indiscriminately attacking liberals, students, Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians, utilizing verbiage that completely departed from an academic tone and delved into hate speech—especially labeling groups and individuals that support Palestinian rights ‘terrorists.’” One might think that given Albahri’s own endorsement of mass murder on a global scale, she might be more understanding about Horowitz’s use of the word “terrorists,” but she is apparently not that self-reflective.

After several paragraphs of puffery, filled with ad hominem attacks against David Horowitz and Palestinian claims to victim status, Albahri finally offers an explanation of how a poor victim soul such as she was manipulated by the demonic Horowitz into endorsing genocide:

“Towards the end of the exchange, I became emotional. I could no longer hear Mr. Horowitz speaking and so did not even hear his injection of Hezbollah’s credo of ‘rounding up’ Jews in his last tangent.  I could no longer contain my anger at being implicitly and improperly labeled a terrorist, an anti-Semite, and a proponent of genocide. The answer I was coerced into giving grossly misrepresented my beliefs and ideologies.”

Those who are tempted to believe Albahri’s claim that she was “coerced” into saying she favored the mass murder of Jews should at this point watch the video again. Watching it makes it impossible to believe that she could not hear what Horowitz was saying, or that she was coerced in any way into answering the way she did. Perhaps sensing this, she goes on to attempt yet another explanation: she did say it, but she didn’t mean it:

My answer, “for it,” in the context in which it was said does NOT mean “for” genocide. I was referring to his initial question that asked me for my position on Hamas, a topic that for his own political reasons he was relentless in pursuing. “For it” was not a legitimization of Hezbollah’s or anyone else’s credo for that matter that Jews should be exterminated. In fact, Mr. Horowitz’s intent was to entrap me with his barrage of questions so that he could avoid answering my question, and construe any answer that I would provide as anti-Semitic, genocidal hate speech in order to further his political agenda.

Here again, watching the video makes this position impossible to sustain. Horowitz formulated his question clearly and pointedly. Albahri shows no signs of confusion or disorientation, and answers Horowitz’s question as deliberately and forcefully as he asked it.

And so finally, does Jumanah Albahri condemn Hamas? She does not. “My opinion of Hamas,” she explains, “is not as simple as condemn or condone, ‘for it’ or ‘against it.’” She opposes “the killing of civilians,” without explaining whether she endorses the common Muslim view that there are no civilians in Israel, and concludes:

“I condone Hamas in its ambition to liberate the Palestinian people. I condone Hamas as the duly elected representative government of the Palestinian people granted governance in an election overseen by our ex-President Jimmy Carter; and characterized as fair, open, and fully democratic. I condone Hamas in its desire to end the inhumane siege of the Gazan people. I condone Hamas in its struggle to free the 10,000 Palestinian men, women, and children unjustly locked away in Israeli prisons.”

Albahri sums up: “It seems that in Mr. Horowitz’s logic, my support of freedom, peace, and justice makes me a ‘terrorist.’”

No, Jumanah. Your support of genocidal Jew-haters makes you a terrorist, or at very least a terrorist sympathizer.

Meanwhile, the UC-San Diego chapter of the Muslim Student Association also felt it necessary to issue a “clarification,” but their entry only muddied the waters further – and raised questions about the prevalence of Islamic anti-Semitism and supremacism among Muslims in the United States.

The Muslim Student Association is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, an international Islamic organization that is dedicated (in its own words as recorded in a captured internal document) to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.” And so it is perhaps not surprising that the MSA’s press release reeks of disingenuousness and damage control, but doesn’t get around to condemning Hamas and Hizballah (as Horowitz had asked Albahri to do), or even to condemning Albahri’s endorsement of genocide.

The USCD MSA did manage to condemn “all groups or organizations, whether state or non-state actors, who target civilians or target a civilian population to impose collective punishment.” Was it condemning attacks like September 11, or the July 7, 2005 bombings in London? Not necessarily. Once again, jihadists have said that “there are no civilians in Israel.” Thus a genocide of Jews there would not, according to this twisted logic, constitute the targeting of a civilian population. And it did seem as if the MSA had Israel in mind, since after explaining how the Koran forbade killing anyone “unjustly,” the MSA statement added: “It is for this very reason that MSA has organized events such as our annual Justice in Palestine Week.”

That sentence makes it clear that the MSA meant in its statement to condemn alleged Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians. They were not condemning Hamas or Hizballah, any more than did Jumanah Albahri.

The MSA statement is full of such weaseling. It quotes the Koran’s condemnation of one who “kills a human being unjustly” (5:32), without getting around to explaining what would constitute a just killing of another human being. It also condemns “the loss of all innocent lives, as well as all groups, whether state or non-state actors, that advocate and perpetuate the killing of innocent civilians.”

Then at last we get to some particulars: “Specifically, we condemn all Palestinian factions that have rejoiced in the killing of innocent Israeli civilians just as much as we condemn the indiscriminate murder of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians during Israeli military aggression. We reject the current apartheid system in Palestine-Israel that discriminates against people based on their ethnicity and race.”

The key word in that passage is “innocent.” Many Muslims consider no non-Muslim to be innocent, in accord with the Koran’s picture of them as being always and everywhere in bad faith — and even larger numbers of Muslims consider no Israeli to be innocent. Thus to condemn the killing of innocent civilians in Israel is quite possibly to condemn no killing at all.

And that’s not surprising. Genocidal statements are common from Muslim leaders today. On January 29, Palestinian Authority TV broadcast a mosque sermon saying: “The Prophet says: ‘You shall fight the Jews and kill them, until the tree and the stone will speak and say…‘Oh Muslim, Oh servant of Allah — there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’ Except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews. Thus, this land will be liberated only by means of Jihad.”

If that jihad involves Muslims murdering Jews en masse, then what’s to prevent a pious young lady like Jumanah Imad Albahri from believing that genocide is a good thing?

To see the timeline of the Truthful Girl saga, click here.

  • Mark Wales

    Like so many tyrant inspired movements in the past, Albahri and her cover group The Muslim Student Association aka Muslim Brotherhood, exhibit the gutless and cowardly ploy of proclaiming…"the devil made me say it!" These tactics clearly show how scared they are of the truth getting out for all to see. And that their major weapon of lies, distortion and propaganda are only as strong as the willingness of others to shine the light of truth on them. David did just that, and now they are stumbling over themselves to cover up the thumping she and her group received. As soon as incidents like these become the norm, and not the exception, they will become irrelevant and lapse into becoming symbols of buffoonery like pot smoking hippies.

    • damon mccann

      This is easily the stupidest article and entrapment crap on a poor girl who is genuinely a victim. I almost confused "Frontpage" with "Stormfront". Similar views just fricin sneaky slimy Jews try to euphemise and conceal what they are. At least the skinheads are honest. Zionist this is your intellectuals ha ha ha. All that is left is the coup de gras. Goodbye Chicken Twurlers.


      • aspacia

        NO! You are probably the most illiterate blogger on this site. You obviously hold the same views the the genocidal Muslim girl with the words: sneaky [sic] slimy Jews"

        Jews are simply people, as Muslim are, however some are more sensitive and violent than others…. Muslims who torture and murder in the name of their moon god.

  • Gary Rumain

    Its not takiya if they tell the truth, is it?

    • 2maxpower

      how will you know when they are telling the truth ….they twist words so much they cannot tell themselves what is truth and what is lie. islam is a lie inside a lie.

      good luck with that.

      if I told you I was the new and only true conduit to god would you believe me or would you go with Tom Cruise?

      • Gary Rumain

        All I know is I would never trust an arselifter.

        • Kanwi

          Now that she has identified herself the FBI should take her in and tattoo a number on her forehead beginning with the letter T ( for terrorist) .Next offense should see her deported to the country of her parents. The shit that goes around comes around..

  • chris jones

    Who're you calling a symbol of buffoonery?

  • gamalpha

    When first asked Albahri said that she'd get into trouble with Homeland Security if she gave an honest answer.

    • themunz

      EXACTLY. This shows her thinking clearly about what her answers would bring. She is now back peddling as fast as she can, pointing fingers at someone else for her wrongs. She is what she is, a terrorist sympathizer who would like to see all the jews rounded up so they don't have to be hunted down.

      But with the liberals in Washington this is not a hate crime, however our views on what she said may well be. Our nation is in danger. people better wake up fast and start making some noise about people like this. Keep calling them out on their hate filled views before there are no decent people left to stop it.

  • jbtrevor

    She didn't hear/understand the statement/quesiton asked of her? Hmmm, several times during the exchange she sought to clarify her position but responded without being sure of the what she was responding to? NOT

  • Peter E. Coleman

    The classic use of rugs to cover what one steps in.

    Hats off to Mr. Horowitz.. After all this time, all those presentations, someone finally and openly confessed the truth.

  • Bill Wright

    Thomas Jefferson said "I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."
    Islam is the worst form of tyranny over the minds of men and has no place in a free society.
    It was started by a sick pervert who taught hate to the world.

  • kafir4life

    In that butt ugly beasts tirade online, she indicated that the "burka was liberating". I have to agree. She should DEFINATELY wear a burka (2 in fact) to liberate us from having to see that disgusting pug mug.____So it would seem that she's a moon dog worshiping, pedohphile following, butt ugly half pig. But that's OK. It should be her choice. She may want to lay off the pork rinds tho'. They're hurting her goyish figure.

    • Gary Rumain

      That could well be why Mahound forced them all into potato sacks.

  • Kim Bruce

    How could this arrogant narcissistic little trollop deny what she said?
    In the typically superior Muslim way, she tried to take control of the question and answer period. She specifically said that she read about Horowitz's points of view and what he stood for at a rally during "Hitler Youth Week" hosted by MSA. The she said, advertising it, "You should come out for these events."
    cont'd next…

    • damon mccann

      You probably the ugly bitch from the hotel in Dubai.

  • Kim Bruce

    “Would you condemn Hamas? She repeated the question… “Would I condemn Hamas?” Then David repeated it for her again “Would you condemn Hamas?” In addition, she, once again very arrogantly questioned David “Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?”
    And after David explaining to the audience how Mohammad quoted how "I am a Jew. David asked again, "FOR, OR AGAINST?' She paused, looked right back at him defiantly and said "FOR!"

    Homeland Security should watch this girl very carefully and none of her taqiyya believed.
    She is of the devil, by the devil and for the devil, Mohammad and Hitler combined.
    What a satanic little bitch. She could be the reincarnate of Adolf Hitler. If she represents all MSA then we have a real problem on our campuses both in the U.S.A. and in Canada or anywhere in the west for that matter.
    Obviously, she has been eating a lot of junk food in America.

    • damon mccann

      Your really serious aren't you? Do you want her torchered until she renounces the scarlet letter? Arrest warrants have been issued for Livini in England. U.S. is largest arms supplier to terrorists – ISRAEL. Maybee all us Americans just ought a waterboard ourselves. Poor excuse for a woman Kim Bruce.

  • Awakened Patriot

    Does eating halal food make you as hefty as Jumahnah?

    Just askin'………

  • solemnman

    To my knowldge,the word antisemitism has never been used to refer to anybody other than Jews.

    • Carla

      Yea, of course. But to say that Arabs are Semites likewise is a popular trick of Jew-haters. That is just diversionary tactic.

  • DP111

    “Would you condemn Hamas? She repeated the question… “Would I condemn Hamas?” Then David repeated it for her again “Would you condemn Hamas?” In addition, she, once again very arrogantly questioned David “Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?”

    She didnt actually question David but told him that condemning Hamas would be like her putting herself on the cross.

    Put herself on the Cross eh? This young woman really thinks very highly of herself, and that was her downfall.

  • tanstaafl jw

    Those tricky infidels!

    How can a honest muslimah like Jumanah Imad Albahri continue her career in taquiyya (sacred lying) when these pesky kuffar (people who do not believe that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah) trick her into admitting the truth! May Allah pull their beards and give them a receding hairline!

  • DP111

    The pendulem is going to swing around, and once it does, these Muslims are going to beg us to let them remain in the West, rather then be turfed out to their Islamic hell holes.

    Like the Hun, the Muslim is either at your throat or at your feet.

  • anniehamilton

    Gary, that was hilarious…(the potato sack comment) ____Jumahnah probably went home, ate a dozen moon pies then got busy baking her prize brownies for Ahmadinejad____

    • Gary Rumain

      I gather you're replying to me. I do love mocking them but I must admit that isn't one of mine. Picked it up from another blogger. Their outfits have been variously described as tents, beekeeper outfits, garbage bags, etc.

    • damon mccann

      think I might have found in you a stupider bitch than kim bruce. Definitely meaner. How many chickens do you decapitate everyday? How does the morale, esprit de corps and unity of the Israel Army compare to that of the Muslims. Technology has its limitations and Evil will succumb to Justice. Refasten your strappon and go give your IDF hubbie what he needs.

      • hamilton

        Interesting reply, if somewhat laughable. first, you might consider using a dictionary when replying/posting on a public board, lest you sound like an idiot. you're truly going to compare Islam to Israeli theologies? puh-leeze. no comparison. I would never say that all Muslims are evil (they're not) but Islam certainly is and if you've read the qur'an, you'd see what it's all about. Have you read the Torah or the Bible? Neither are dripping with hate, rather quite the opposite.

        And I'm not sure who Kim Bruce is but 'stupider' – come on, you must be educated in California schools….so sad. 'Bitch?' sure – that's a badge I'll admit to and wear with pride. (especially if it means I do not cower to the likes of you – never have, never will. as soon as the rest of America grows a pair, we'll put the rest of you in your place – where you belong – and you CAN count on that, sweetie pie!)

        strap on? nice. kiss your mother with that mouth? or did you learn about such things from her? nasty.

  • Syd Barrett

    She has no ability to think critically.

    Parents should rethink sending their kids to UCSD and alumni should rethink making contributions.

    UCSD clearly is unable to educate students at all. They probably teach that immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes.

    p.s. Wonder what Jumanah is majoring in? Women's Studies?

  • pappy86us

    These people kill me. I mean seriously, she gets up and says she is all for the extermination of Jews, its on video. Now that she is put into a corner and faced with the truth, she tries (like most Muslims) to blame it all on DH or someone else. ! You see this time and time again with Muslim students. Anything against or so called insensitive to Muslims, is considered hate. Look what happened at Florida State School of law…. when the truth comes out, its deemed offensive by Muslims. However, ask them if they are for or against Hamas, Hezbollah, or Al Qadeia , the give you the run around, and really do not give you a straight answer. Now, I do like the fact that she gave her honest opinion. Its just funny now she is back peddling.

  • GodsSeer

    America, she is a pushover and has not yet reached her highest potential of taqiyya. The best of them cannot be caught in their lies because their religion allows lying. How can truth contain lies? Obama is not even good at it yet.

  • BS1977

    I d like to see this girl put in a bikini and then turned loose in Mecca. SHe wouldn't last two minutes. Then she'd see the truth. My question is: Why are these little robots in our colleges and schools? Why are they even living in the Great Satan? What possible reason could they have for living in the American society, with its Constitution, liberties, freedoms, democracy and bathing suits, malls, movies, ice cream and religious diversity??? They must be MISERABLE here!!! Having to wear all those coats and scarfs, coverings and all… horrible!!! They must feel very strange trying to keep up their medieval dark age dogma in a free, open, modern society!!!! Stand with the USA and proclaim human freedom and liberty to the world. Stop the PC groveling insanity!!

  • Cut

    you all are distressingly bigotted. and then you make fat jokes, too. Despicable examples of people who claim to be the embodiment of American values.

    • donnamarie

      Yes, you are so way above all of this, why then even read any of this stuff. Stop the nonsense. This girl had it coming. She is a phony and does not deserve any defense.

    • Peachey

      Is that you Jumanah???? I for one will not critique your clothing, nor your body type, only your embrace of a philosophy of evil. Once you began your path to practice the pagan moon-god religion, you made a decision to embody and practice anti-G_d beliefs and behavior. Do you not see the difference between the ungodly (Islam) and the G_dly? I find your comment regarding "the embodiment of American values" fascinating and disturbing. Islam itself exemplifies the most violent and vulgar of human thought and action. Choosing to comment on the "fat jokes" is puzzling since you advocate the genocide of not only the Jewish race, but of all that will not worship the pagan moon-god Allah. Just who does not demonstrate American values? I submit that your "faith/belief" prevents you from owning the American values that seem to demand in others.

    • Charles Martel

      You are a retard. Wake up to yourself. You are a PC moron.

  • NoHate

    So the 60-year old professional speaker backed a 20-year old palestinian girl into a corner! Three cheers for him. I don't see that he has anything constructive to say, just more and more attacks and confrontation. Is he willing to stick his neck out and say what he thinks the solution to the occupied territories should be? I predict that this very fair question will be ignored. And before anyone slams me as a terrorist-apologist, I condemn anyone who espouses genocide. But my question still stands, what is a reasonable outcome for the territories?

    • donnamarie

      Again just stop it. She set herself up-she thought she would be clever and try to disprove some of what he had said. But she could not do it. She got herself all tangled up because she was not brigh enough to do it. David Horowitz did not set her up, she set herself up. Unfortunately, she was honest so now she has to spend all her time trying to prove that she is one of those peaceful, non-hating Muslims. However, the ugly truth has been exposed and she cannot take it back. The MSA sent her out to do a job and she failed. Oh my goodness, you call yourself NoHate and isn't it ironic that you have come to the defense of a hater. Shame on you.

      • NoHate

        I'm not defending her, I'm asking David Horowitz to come clean and address a huge problem. As far as I can tell, he could be as much of a hater as she is. Maybe he wants all Palestinians removed from Israel and the territories. Does anyone know what he believes about this issue? Again, I predict more attacks on my comments and complete avoidance of my question. So far, my prediction is correct. Interesting tactic, it's used a lot.

        • BrianMacker

          What's a "Palestinian"? Does that include Christian's and Jew's who have been living in the area before Islam was invented?

          That you think every problem has a "solution" is idiotic. Maybe Horowitz doesn't see a solution. Horowitz asked if she supported a specific solution proposed by a genocidal organization and she assented. I don't recall Horowitz supporting any such organizations.

          • NoHate

            I didn't say every problem has a solution, so no need to put that in my mouth. But I do think things could be better in the territories than the current situation. After all, is there anyone who thinks the status quo is good? If it is bad, it makes sense to work, or fight, for something better, and what would that look like? I don't support herding all the Jews there to get rid of them, Horowitz doesn't either, so what does he support? Or does he only aim for the easy targets, like an opportunist would? Come on, answer that, and I'll answer something for you, like what is a Palestinian. You first.

          • Kanwi

            Yes, if you take Islam out of the equation.

    • YeahRightNoHate

      He didn't back her into a corner, she was obviously very well-versed in English and knew what was being asked of her. Watching her say, "For it," was like watching a creepy, demon-possessed girl in a scary movie. It doesn't even matter what David Horowitz thinks about what to do about Gaza. What matters is that terrorist lovers like her, and supporters like you, pervade our country.

      Maybe David Horowitz won't say this, so I will. The solution to Gaza can be found in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

      • NoHate

        I don't support terrorism, I don't support car bombs or rockets or anything like that. I don't cheer when Israelis kill Palestinians or when Palestinians kill Israelis. But you want an A-bomb to blow up Gaza. Yeah, Right, No Hate there? And it does matter what David Horowitz says on this because the territories are a huge issue to most of the people of the Middle East. So, what does he say?

    • Heffalump

      You are changing the subject. Mr. Horowitz did express support of genocide of any people or of a terrorist organization. He just found some basic questions the likes of this girl cannot lie about. And the material of this article illustrates how much of a liar she is. The girl expressed a clear support for genocide. It is outrageous. It should be condemned by any decent person. End of the story.

      • Heffalump

        I meant to say "Mr. Horowitz did not express support of genocide", of course.

      • NoHate

        No, not the end of the story. As for changing the subject, this is a much more significant question than whether that woman supports genocide of Jews and Israelis. Horowitz has a podium, and he uses it … how exactly? What is his message, and, again, how would he propose to deal with the occupied territories? This is not a non-issue, so someone address it!

        • Heffalump

          No, it is not a non-issue. It is just a DIFFERENT issue. The issue in question is how to deal with supporters of genocide and terrorists.

          • NoHate

            So, what does he say to do about it? Does he have advice for Israel on that subject too?

          • DavidSwindle

            y'know you could do a google search for Horowitz's position… It's not that hard…

          • NoHate

            So I checked your link, and it looks like Horowitz's solution is to give Jordan to the Palestinians. Quote: "If a nation state is all the Palestinians desire, Jordan would be the solution." Do I understand correctly? And how is that going to happen? Or is it just some idiotic pipedream, like the Arabs thinking all the Jews should move to the US or just get pushed into the sea? How are these solutions different, other than who gets to play the victim? Explain that!

          • NoSpokesman

            Why don't you ask Horowitz to explain it? Tried that yet? You've been drilling everybody on what Horowitz thinks about things or how he understands things. Tried asking him yet? Are all the rest of us supposed to be official spokesmen for Horowitz? Geez.

          • Heffalump

            By the way, David, do you know the pretext of these events on the UCSD campus, with "racism – not in our community" signs proudly posted everywhere? And also, the way the UCSD administration is trying to make a non-event out of the genocide episode?

    • David Melchiz

      My reply to your question is under a new comment – not deliberately. But, having now read the comments directed to 'NoHate,' I am happy with this because the usual 'blog' traits abound. It is easy to score cheap shots but, really, we all know that the 'obvious' solutions just won't happen, although we'll give different reasons as to why.

  • Gábor Fränkl

    To "NoHate" – Seemingly a side-issue but the temptation is simply too big to let it go away. Did any of you actually SPOT how lilly-white her skin is??? The only reason this is interesting IS because of the fact that the antisemitic extremist Israelhaters ALWAYS intimate (and sometimes even say) that the "coloured people" i.e.: the Arabs of the ME by virtue of their "colour" trump the legitimacy of the "white" Jews' and their right to their own state. And oops, there probably MORE lilly-white Arabs there are in Israel and the "occupied" territories that Jews! Go figure!!!!!!!

    Gábor Fränkl
    Budapest, Hungary

    • NoHate

      Since you ask me: No, I didn't notice her skin tone. I'm an American, so I'm used to a variety of skin shades.

  • Bronson

    The MSA statement was also classic Islamic dissimulation known as taqiyya in that it quotes the Koran as saying "anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people".

    Islamic apologisers often raise the 'out of context' defence to Koranic injunctions towards violence but they don't hesitate to leave the context out on this quote which is from Sura 5:32, viz. the full text of which reads: "Because of this, we decreed for the Children of Israel that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. Our messengers went to them with clear proofs and revelations, but most of them, after all this, are still transgressing."

    First of all in other words this blessing/curse was given to the Jews, not to the Muslims.

    Secondly the last sentence of 5:32 indicates that Jews had rejected Islamic emissaries and therefore had invoked the curse part of the passage and 5:33 follows: "The just retribution for those who fight GOD and His messenger, and commit horrendous crimes, is to be killed, or crucified, or to have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or to be banished from the land. This is to humiliate them in this life, then they suffer a far worse retribution in the Hereafter. "

    Allah in 5:33 indicates that severe capital punishment is due to the Jews for rejecting his messengers and 5:32 indicates that they brought their impending fate upon themselves.

    The MSA knows that context but omits it in their dissimulation.

    • Gary Rumain

      Actually that pislamic dissimulation is known as kitman, or telling a half truth. Takiya is outright lying.

  • Nurit Greenger

    Moslems' nature is to lie, lie all the time. The student who jumped into the headlines as the poster child for Islamic neo-Nazism, thinks she can erase her public genocidal declaration and all be good! So such a pass you Islamonazi pervert!

  • David Melchiz

    ‘NoHate’ should first note that there are no ‘occupied territories’ in Israel! Firstly, because the Jews were robbed of 80% of the land that should have been theirs by the disgraceful reneging on the ‘Balfour Declaration’ – which the corrupt ‘League of Nations’ (that spawned the equally corrupt UN) also chickened out of – so that this land was used to ‘pay off’ off Abdullah while enabling an oil pipeline to be constructed (for British benefit!) through ‘trans-Jordan.’ Britain rapidly lost its ‘Empire’ as God’s judgement (Genesis 12v3!) came into effect – and the Muslim world immediately began its (illegal!) anti-Semitic attacks on this puny little piece of seemingly indefensible land that they foisted on this small group of escapees from the pogroms and Holocaust. Result? Second point – the Jews repeatedly smashed the ‘mighty’ armies of Allah and correctly (as defined by International Law!) took land in their counter offensives that made their tiny piece of misshapen territory more defensible. They are therefore (for these two reasons) under no legal requisite to give ‘back’ any land whatsoever! Thirdly, the Islamic nations cannot deny that the creeds of Allah demand that they retake what they once ‘owned’ (never mind that the God of the Bible gave it to the Jews for eternity!) and annihilate the Jews in the process. Fourthly, Hudna (deceptive Islamic ‘peace’ process taught by their prophet) teaches that you can make a treaty while waiting and working to gain an advantage, short-term or long-term (theoretically up to ten years), while the co-doctrines of kithman and taqiya teach that lying/hiding the truth are perfectly acceptable (particularly when dealing with non-Muslims) so that no ‘peace deal’ with Muslims ever means what the dummies of the West think it means. The Jews should know this by now – because every single deal/agreement they have made with Muslims has been utterly reneged on and has proven these doctrines to be true. Therefore, far from ignoring ‘this very fair question,’ any logical person can come to only one conclusion – the world should arm Israel to the teeth, build a colossal wall (of the kind that Egypt has now constructed without so much as a whimper of disapproval from the whiners who objected to Israel’s ‘apartheid’ wall!) around their present territory and strike back hard at any nation that can be linked to attacks on Israel. But none of this will happen – we all know that. And no Islamic nation would dare take in the ‘Palestinian refugees’ they use as pawns to continue this sick and evil game – although they all have masses of land and millions of dollars appropriated from Jews (those they illegally expelled from their territories) and US aid. The final outcome? The Mahdi/anti-Christ begins the End-times conflagration that finally settles who is Almighty God – and who is just the man-in-the-Moon god!

  • mike troy


  • guest

    Nasty looking fat tart.
    Murder in her heart, but who is programming her? Better find out. There is the evil.
    She's not that smart on her own.

    We should send her a hot, dirty, sweaty, lice infested burka bag. Where is the man here?
    He should be giving her beatings, breaking her fingers, and keeping her home. When they learn to read, they start to think. This is why the Taliban burns schools.

    If she got what she wants, she would be at home in the beater-bag, and out of these
    schools. Then she would be free.

    We need Islamic Rage Boy to deal with her.

  • Inez

    The College Republicans at UCSD, co-sponsors of the David Horowitz lecture, have put out a statement regarding the statement in the video.

    "As co-sponsors of the David Horowitz lecture at UCSD on May 10th, 2010, the College Republicans at UCSD unequivocally condemn the statement made by Jumanah Imad Albahri at that event. Refusing to condemn an internationally-recognized terrorist group like Hamas is bad enough, but being honest enough to openly agree with a Hezbollah leader’s statement that he was “glad” that the Jews were congregating in Israel, as it would make it easier to kill them, is truly shocking. In some ways, the response from some parts of the UCSD community has been worse, because it has been to excuse, or find a reasonable explanation for this kind of naked hate. Does anyone imagine, especially after the events of last quarter, that a similar statement towards any other ethnic or religious group would not result in a massive response from the UCSD community?…"

    Read the rest of it here:

  • bond

    Secondly the last sentence of 5:32 indicates that Jews had rejected Islamic emissaries and therefore had invoked the curse part of the passage and 5:33 follows: "The just retribution for those who fight GOD and His messenger, and commit horrendous crimes, is to be killed, or crucified, or to have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or to be banished from the land. This is to humiliate them in this life, then they suffer a far worse retribution in the Hereafter. "

  • Ruben

    ''it all started when David Horowitz, during the question-and-answer period after his talk at UCSD, asked Albahri''

    No it didn't. It all started with a question from the girl.

    “The head of Hizballah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?” Albahri, enunciating her words clearly and forcefully, responded with a forthright endorsement of genocide: “For it.”

    You're misinterpretating the question by removing the context. If you look at the whole conversation you see that the question was if she is for or against hezbollah, not if she is for or against the gathering of jews in Israel.
    (in short, the context… 1. question from girl 2. counter-question from David Horowitz 3. She doesn't answer the question 4. Horowitz uses a anecdote to force her to answer)
    And even if it could be interpretated as a question if she condones genocide; she explecitely said that she didn't interpretated it that way. Your rage against her is therefor rather sad.

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