Media Blackout on Ground Zero Mosque Rally

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The photographs don’t lie: at the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mega-mosque, tens of thousands of people filled the streets. Flags were everywhere, along with numerous homemade signs. Meanwhile, two blocks away, at the counter-protest in favor of the mega-mosque, photographs show that the demonstration was much smaller, and printed signs were in abundance – an unmistakable indication of an astroturfed, professional protest, orchestrated by Communist and Socialist groups (whose printed signs abounded). Yet the mainstream media consistently portrayed these two demonstrations as “dueling rallies,” and even claimed that the pro-mosque ralliers outnumbered those against the mosque. It was yet another indication of how the ostensibly objective press tries to manipulate public opinion.

The Rally of Remembrance, which was organized by Pamela Geller and me as an effort of our Freedom Defense Initiative/Stop Islamization of America organization, featured a great deal that any truly objective reporter might have considered newsworthy. The foremost human interest story of the afternoon was the rousing speech given by Coptic Christian activist Joseph Nassralla. Nassralla garnered national attention last June at the first rally Geller and I hosted against the Ground Zero mosque, when Keith Olbermann and other hard-Left pseudo-journalists trumpeted and misrepresented a misunderstanding between Nassralla and some others in the crowd as a racial incident. Olbermann, Reason magazine’s Cathy Young, and other blinkered ideologues used this incident as proof that those who opposed the mosque were all racist, “Islamophobic” bigots. Indeed, many news outlets ignored the rally altogether except to note the alleged mistreatment of Nassralla.

But when Nassralla appeared at Saturday’s demonstration, declaring in impassioned terms his opposition to the mega-mosque, his love for America, and his grief at the persecution of Christians in Egypt, Olbermann and the others who had so earnestly publicized his alleged mistreatment at the June rally remained silent. Objective journalists, of course, would almost certainly have been interested in telling their audiences that Nassralla did not come away from the June incident believing that all mosque opponents were racists, and that he also was a featured speaker at Saturday’s rally against the mosque. But none of those mainstream media outlets that took note of the rally at all mentioned Nassralla’s presence.

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  • Harvey Simons

    Bless you Mr. Spencer & Ms. Geller for organizing the rally against the ground zero mosque. you speak on behalf of millions of Americans who are fed up with the political correct and multicultural bull. mainstream newspapers are going the way of the dinosaurs & the sooner the better. i prefer reading this website,, & others for my news.

    • posse101

      good comment and good websites to read. it's a shame only two people have commented on this important article thus far. keep up the good work.

      • aspacia

        LOL, I haven't had time to comment, as I am back at work, and must be on campus by 6:30 a.m.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Caroline Glick, yes Harvey that is a real reporter and
      thought provoking genius, I get her from JWR (Jewish World Review).
      She is clear and complete in all of her work, a remarkable woman who
      should be required reading in our Unviersities.
      Regards, William

  • Beverley

    I am far, far away from New York but I knew excatly what was happening. Even though CNN, BBC, Sky and your objective press did not show the TRUTH. Myself and many other knew what was happening. We also emaild everything to all of our friends and I am sure they did the same.

    So not to worry … the 'all powerfull' press can fool some of the people some of the time, but not everyone, especially those of us who want the truth. Besides the people they are fooling are the ones who want to be fooled in any case.

  • badaboo

    Hey Robert , been reading your blog since it's inception . I am gratefull that there is someone with intelligence , who can expose both the looming threat of islam and the appeasers in this country , who will be in for a rude awakening similar to the UK , Demark , Norway , The Netherlands , Sweden and Germany . Unfortunately a one time ally Charles Johnson has gone full tilt to the side of the excuase makers , and joins the media in their same lies . But I guess those muslim dating adds pay his rent , making him an ideological whore .Differences of opinion on Obama are no excuse for bending over for the islamic juggernaut occurring across the globe . Nor is Johnson's alienation with the Republican Party an excuse to turn a blind eye to obvious deception on the part of those representatives of islam in NYC who are lieing through their teeth regarding the backgrounds of those behind the building of the Ground Zero Mosque , and it's dubious funding , shuddering under the veiled threasts of the imam .
    Thanks Robert .

    • Jim Stringer

      lets hope you are right, and that people will start standing up to these goons, i heard a good joke, it says want to stop the Muslims, bury a pig, at site that dont want any thing to do with swine

  • al Kidya

    Yes, that Joseph Nassralla was something wasn't he?

  • Dan Larrivee

    The media have been warn by CAIR and they are affraid, lots of them are owned by Islamists, In Canada there is laws protecting minorities, until we become minorities like in Toronto.

    • Rob

      Grassroots movements are starting in Canada. Just don't be afraid to speak up and inform your friends and family of what's going on.

      Have faith in Freedom, Dan :)

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    As usual, in these muslim matters, the media lied!

  • dseigler
  • AnimalFarm

    Fortunately everybody, except maybe 120 people in the US, don't watch Keith Doberman or MSNBC or state-media/propaganda channels, but rather we get our news from more credible and informative sources. We are well aware of the truth of what's going on. Thank you Robert Spencer and those like you, who tirelessly work to shed light on this, a most important issue. You're doing the Lord's work.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    I don't get it. Has media been bought off? Are they afraid of suicide bombers? What in hell is going on? Can anyone explain this?

    • Mel

      Yes .. the media is the obedient lapdog of an oil addicted elite which bends over backwards to appease radical Islam.

      • Jim C.

        Yes, I'm sure that's it. "Oil addicted elite"–do they drive cars, too?

  • CAROLE63

    Thankyou Pamela and Robert for organising this rally!
    I heard there were at least 40,000 people there,amazing! I have seen most of the video clips posted online and some great speeches were made stating very good reasons why the mosque shouldn`t be built, especially near Ground Zero.
    I wish I could have been there, I`m from the UK and in poor health so it wouldn`t have been possible, but I wholeheartedly support what you are doing!
    We had a Christian gentleman here who worked tirelessly to stop a huge mosque being built near the Olympic Village in London (for 2012) You`ve probably heard of him, Alan Craig, a Christian who appeared several times on TV etc. to state his case!
    Much prayer went up also and he got it stopped in the end after a very long battle!

  • American_Flag

    Not only did the MSM not show the true patriots out there protesting the Mosque, they zoomed in on the most liberal New Yorkers you ever did see….You know the ones…they trek down from the upper West Side with hiking boots and hiking sticks, or on roller blades, or some hybrid pedal bike with the crank up front and the seat that resembles a lounge chair, or they Kayak in on the Hudson River…These liberal sell out throwback greenie weenies featured in the news were actually holding signs that said "ISLAM IS WELCOME," "We love Islam!" and "COME PRAY WITH US O-ISLAM In NYC." How incredible is that? With liberal idiots of that caliber, and a mass media like we have now, my guess is that the USA will implode within 20 years…Chaos, Anarchy, Civil unrest, Coupe De`tat…ALL THINGS TO COME MY FRIENDS!~ Liberalism is a mental disorder. Sad.

    • wolfy ghalkhani

      Liberalism is a mental disorder- so very true.. its also about being attention whores. Libs crave attention.

  • Mel

    The mainstream media needs to answer why it could ignore a massive demonstrations like this, yet focus ad nauseam on one small town pastor, with a puny congregation, who represents almost no one. The fact that the CFR is firmly behind this GZ mosque guarantees that there will be a complete double standard in the media and among our elites. The good news is that, for once, Americans aren't buying it.

    • USMCSniper

      Most Democrats and their lackies in the MSM have a tingle down their leg for the clandestine Muslim Marxist fool in the oval office and a deep contempt for the traditional Americans. Liberals also refuse to understand that the purpose of this Mosque near ground zero is the same as after that the Moors conquered Spain when they built the great Mosque of Cordoba to signifiy Islams victory over the infidels. Even when the New York Mosque project is run by "The Cordoba Project"!

    • American_Flag

      The answer is easy – the Gummint is controlling the media…AKA, THE GOV'T-MEDIA complex.

  • tagalog

    Eventually the numbers will be so great that our opponents can't ignore them. Remember the demonstration in front of the Winter Palace. It was ignored when the people called out respectfully to the Tsar for his attention. Eventually, the Tsarist Army on the front just deserted en masse. Then no one could ignore their numbers. That's when the newspapermen wound up sweeping the streets along with the university professors, and the Romanovs wound up in the forest near Ekaterinburg.

  • Larry

    I was there at the anti mosque/pro US rally, and walked around the neighborhood both before and after. Clearly, tens of thousands of good natured, patriotic citizens at the former, and maybe a thousand (or two? at most) at the latter (including the wacky "Truther" contingent rally, and all the "walk around" protesters from the hard left.

    The attempt at "equivalence" between these two groups as "competing rallies" is ludicrous, and insidious. It is, I'm afraid a symptom of a few different, but related conditions.

    First, is the mainstream media's extreme discomfort (and that of "liberals" in general) with expressions of genuine patriotism.

    Second, the MSM/left wingers simply refuse to understand the important, ethical reasons to oppose an Islamic Jihad victory memorial at Ground Zero, since they have no concept of honor itself, and thus cannot understand a grave insult to our national honor, or how matters of honor are perceived in the rest of the world. It doesn't matter what's inside the head of Imam Rauf, who I suspect is also a self-deluded and contradictory person to his core. Rather, the measure is what Americans think about this, and how this would be taken by the enemies. Whatever Rauf's stated "intention" this can only be viewed, as it will be taken by the world, as an insult to America, a show of American weakness, and even as a divine sign from Allah as to the rightness of the extremist Jihadi cause.

    The third facilitator to this Big Lie, and perhaps most insidious, is the general strain of "relativism" in the extreme left, that eschews any absolute values, or absolute facts, and in which everything is a matter of "opinion." So, if you're this intellectually lazy, and relativistic, why bother to count, or give a good faith estimate of crowd size based on geography covered and density? Estimating a crowd is only "your opinion." Unfortunately, it is when an intellectually lazy, mushy relativism becomes become widespread that the public at large is able to accept the "opinion" of anyone about an objective matter, without any showing of proof.

    What can't be measured, though can be felt, is the quality of the people, good humanity and seriousness of purpose of the pro US rally, versus the America-haters. This is what I took away from the experience, and I hope everyone on the right side of this can take some comfort here. Not only is the truth on our side, but the best people, and the best within people.

  • pbeaird

    If Islamic religious practice requires obedience (the name "Islam" means "submission") to the Prophet, the Koran, and therefor to Al'lah, then the command to kill all unbelievers (especially Jews) is Islamic religious practice, even if there are less violent practices that are part of this religion. Maybe the Islamic worldview endorses this and its idea of obedience to the dictated word of Al'lan makes individual rights and the sanctity of the individual human life impossible. But, American law is founded on that sanctity and on those rights. American law stands solidly against the religious practice of Islam. There is no right to kill unbelievers in anything, nor to behead, nor to cut off hand, nor to mutilate female genitals, nor to stone to death accused (or actual) adulterers, nor the irrationality of hatred of Jews.

    • bloom


  • pbeaird

    On September 11, 2001, the world of Islam declared war on the United States in the same manner Japan declared war on America by attacking Pearl Harbor. The mass-murder of US citizens (and others) on US soil was applauded by Moslems worldwide, with no Islamic group decrying this act of hatred, defiance and destruction of human life. The Islamic history of declaring victory over the populace of a newly-conquered land and people was to build a mosque to honor that victory. All mosques in America make that muted statement, as a hope for the future, each new mosque advancing that future, that victory, that subjugation of the Earth and its peoples, all in the name of the Moon God.
    The cry of love for humanity and for freedom is: No mosques in America!

  • pbeaird

    Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution specifies what is treason and provides for punishment of the same. Do the actions of the press constitute giving Aid and Comfort to the self-declared enemies of America? Does Aid and Comfort describe the bias and honor and tolerance of the currenty President of the United States, however qualified? Does the failure to declare war on the nations that promote and finance the terrorism that culminated, after 30 years of attacks on US soldiers and civilians, in the attack on the World Trade Towers constitution Treason, according to that part of the US Constitution? Who will bring these Americans to trial for treason? What punishments shall we, the American people, seriously direct to those who ignore our outrage against a mass-murdering, self-declared enemy of our country. Just because our government ignores the evil of islam does not mean we the people have to.

    • soapbox truth

      fyi:borrowed your excellent Constitutional reference in comment to Barbara Hollingsworth at You say it better, but I didn't want to plaigerize! thanks

  • JD Rose

    In the absence of a 911 memorial, one masterful painting is serving as an authentic memorial for 9/11/2001.

    By request, artist Marc Rubin was in NYC this 9/11 with his 7 x 14 ft painting "Atrocity 911" to serve as a memorial at the Zuccotti Park memorial service. Thousands – and I mean thousands – photographed the painting. The police were helpful and respectful to a degree that is mind boggling. Afterward the artist decided to go with quiet assistance of NYPD, NYFD and First Responders to Park Place and Broadway to serve as an "in your face" protest against the pro-mosque people who were across the street.

    No matter where we were or even while moving about we were stopped by photographers and press…. But as it goes, art is rarely published any more.

    Notably, Marc received heartfelt thanks for the 7ft x 14ft “Atrocity 911” serving as a 911 Memorial. Many of the 911 survivors and friends/family of survivors engaged the artist and thanked him. Many shed tears. Many gave hugs and kisses. Special note: A 30 year old American Muslim woman interviewed Marc for a documentary (and came away with a new sense of wanting to “fit into” American culture)

    Here is a link to a photo montage flash movie of the public's reaction to the painting: The “elites” go out of their way to ignore this great masterwork which heals and unifies.

  • Jim Johnson

    When the US decided to get rid of the Serbian dictator organized US labor and political professionals gave the Serbs who wanted to remove Slobodan the following advice. They said put stickers ,lots of stickers every where and any where . It will embolden the population because they will see that the anti Dictator movement is large and unafraid and the people will surge.

    What should be on the stickers?

  • BS77

    Thanks to Pam Geller Atlas Shrugs Robert Spencer Brigitte Gabrielle
    Melanie Phillips Michele Malkin for their tireless efforts to inform and educate AMericans and Europeans about Islam

  • Cynthia Scholar

    PART 1 Until 9/11, I did not know anything about violent Islamic Fundamentalists, and had assumed that the 19 who hit us were unbalanced individuals. In the aftermath, I expected to hear the Muslims in this country stand up for the US, and express respect and gratitude to live in this nation. Afterall, they were here. But instead, I heard many Muslim voices cheer the attackers, and the rest hunkered down in silence to ride the storm out. So, I took a second look and did a little homework.

  • Cynthia Scholar

    I believe this country should extend equal rights and opportunities to all, so I was suprised to discover that our tax code made a provision after the Viet Nam war to enable small business a ten year tax reprieve for small businesses to get started. This was written as Asian, and has been usurpt by Muslims to own over 40,000 motels in this county. They are all listed in the Asian American Hotel Owners Association. They have used this advantage over citizens to own convenience stores. (Although a driver under goes a federal background check to deliver fuel, thousands of muslim gas station owners can recieve it with no such restriction.)

    Part 2 A tax attorney I questioned said they usually give the grossly under-reported profits to a muslim charity organization, such as the Asian Pacific Fund in CA, where Mohan Guyani, an Indian is on the board of Directors. After ten years, it is common for them to give the business to a relative, where they go on with business as usual, with another ten years of tax breaks. We need to close this tax break, or make it equally available to everyone

  • bubba4

    Photos do lie…FPM posts Photoshoped pictures everyday.

    You're organization's motto is "yes to freedom, no to the Ground Zero Mosque"

    The fact that you don't see this as a contridiction shows you're an idiot…the blind leading the blind. Put your video on YouTube like everyone else and shut up about how people don't pay attention to your backward cognitively dissonant "protest".

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Dirty money has subverted the District of Criminals long
    ago and because the vile entities who own them and the
    MSM. They are taking over America with Islam and Socialistic
    slavery in a Nation destroyed by flasehood and dishonesty,
    we need to fight for survival. We need to rewrite laws so we
    can also cleanse our legal system of roadblocks to justice.
    All leftists in the Judiciary need to be impeached and disposed
    So much to do and so little time………………..William

  • rbblum

    Very enlightening article regarding the pro and con rallies pertaining to the Ground Zero Mosque which prominately begs an answer to where or how Americans should obtain everyday news and information.

  • Reality

    Just a comment on the Mosque situation. I have heard a number of times how, if the Mosque were to be built, that american workers would not be available to construct it. My prediction is, that the unions would have workers there, in a heartbeat. Ideology trumps everything. Leftist's who rise in support of "womans rights" and "justice for the people" etc, etc, are first in line to support Islam. Anything that resembles "patriotism" must be resisted. Maybe Americans have woken from their deep slumber, one can only hope.

  • crypticguise

    The lame stream media in the United States are corrupt and Islamic dhimmis. Liberals and left wingers will never condemn the "tenets" of Islam, the direct commandments of Allah and Mohammed – the Koran, Sira, and Hadith.

    The LSM/MSM are ignorant and lazy and frightened to be called Islamophobic if they actually tell the truth about Islam and 1,400 years of jihadist murder, torture, rape, slavery and theft.