More Than a Hero

I said it at the Geert Wilders event at CPAC 2009, and it is still an accurate observation: we live in such a cheap and tawdry age that all one needs to do to be a hero is tell the truth — and yet there are so few heroes.

That is indeed the case, and it means that Chris Gaubatz is something much greater than a hero. In our day when cowardice positively defines our political and media elites, Chris Gaubatz put his life on the line for the defense of free people and free societies against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism. As detailed in the breathtaking book Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America, Chris assumed the identity of a convert to Islam. Posing as a new convert to Islam named David “Dawud” Marshall, he secured a position as an intern in the Washington, DC, office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Hamas-linked pressure group that uses legal intimidation and a marionette mainstream media to dominate the discourse about Islam in the U.S., manipulate clueless government and law enforcement officials, obfuscate the role of Islamic doctrine in recruiting and motivating jihad terrorists, and resist anti-terror efforts.

Chris was in extreme danger. If he had been caught, there is no telling what might have happened — and as the book detailed, he had some extremely close calls, such as when CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper, “Honest Ibe” himself, told him to watch out for…Chris Gaubatz!

Muslim Mafia, by Chris’s father Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, shows the fruits of Chris’s risky labors. He was able to carry out of CAIR headquarters 12,000 pages of documents and even audiotapes of CAIR officials. These showed the group’s unsavory associations, connections to corrupt politicians (see the list of top recipients of Muslim cash on page 195), and more.

All this made CAIR so nervous that the group went to court to get the documents back. When Muslim Mafia hit bookstore shelves, CAIR did not deny any of its allegations, resorting instead to its tried-and-true tactic of shooting the messenger, defaming the Gaubatzes and Sperry as “hatemongers” and suing to recover the documents, claiming that the material had been stolen and even that Chris Gaubatz had trespassed on CAIR property.

A court ruled in CAIR’s favor, but just as CAIR was about to regain control of the documents, the FBI stepped in with a subpoena, taking the documents for its own hitherto unknown investigation of CAIR.

There had been no public indication that CAIR was under investigation at all until December, when the controversy over the Muslim Mafia documents precipitated the revelation. But now it has been revealed that the FBI is indeed finally investigating CAIR, after years of working with the organization and ignoring its ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

For Muslim Mafia confirms what veteran CAIR-watchers have long suspected: that CAIR is an integral part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s apparatus in the U.S. The Brotherhood is an international Islamic organization, the parent group of both Hamas and Al-Qaeda, that is in its own words dedicated in America to “a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house.” In line with this, Muslim Mafia contains details of how CAIR has tried to block anti-terror investigations — and has meanwhile insinuated itself into the highest levels of power in Washington.

As a result of the revelations in Muslim Mafia, last fall Representatives Sue Myrick (R-NC) Trent Franks (R-AZ) Paul Broun (R-GA) and John Shadegg (R-AZ) wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder, requesting that he “provide each Member of Congress a summary of the evidence and findings by the DOJ and FBI which led them to name CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism trial.” To date, Holder has not publicly complied, but CAIR is by no means out of the woods yet.

Buttressed with never-before-seen documentation, Muslim Mafia lays out the whole truth about the thugs and Islamic supremacists of CAIR, detailing how it has obstructed anti-terror efforts under the rubric of cooperating with authorities, co-opted Congressmen with cash, enabled the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood operatives into high levels of government, and much more. It should be essential reading for every FBI agent and anti-terror analyst in the United States — and the fact that it isn’t only shows again how successful CAIR and its ilk have been in blunting the force of our defense against the global jihad.

Free citizens owe Chris Gaubatz an immense debt of gratitude. If we get through all this, he will stand as one of the heroes of the age — and as much more than a hero.

  • jacob

    The "holy" Koran orders the faithful to lie and cheat whenever convenient…

    Decades ago, if you will ask an Arab living in the West what was his religion, he would answer :CHRISTIAN…

    But right after the first mosque was allowed to be built in any of such Western countries, you could see all Arabs wearing the Muslim big bead rosaries in their left hand….

    Now, does anybody really believe OBAMA is a true Christian or is it just convenient for him ??

    And now, with all the asskissing to the First Lady, have people swept under the rug already her chorousing "Rev" WRIGHT "GOD DAMN AMERICA" ???

    And, may I ask, do the congressmen requesting Mr. HOLDER the documents from CAIR
    have the power to to subpoena him to submit it or do we need another braying like the Morandizing of the underwear bomber ??

    I wonder

  • Truth Detector

    Islam isn't a cult. Islam is a Crime Syndicate. Islam was established primarily to destroy human beings: Honor Killings; stoning women to death; relegating women and infidels to second class status; torturing little girls; performing Female Genital Mutiliation on little girls; Muslim sex perverts forcing little girls to "marry" them; Muslim sex perverts legally raping little girls; chopping off hands, feet, and gouging out eyes of petty thieves; lashing women for insignificant reasons; hanging effiminate males by the neck until dead; legally using slaves for the benefit of Islamists. YOU DAMN RIGHT! ISLAM IS A CRIME SYNDICATE! ISLAM IS NO RELIGION.


    • Swemson

      Bravo !

    • Peachey

      Very astute synopsis.Sometimes evil is just evil.

  • Len Powder

    Chris Gaubatz is indeed a hero. What he did was the equivalent of Daniel in the Lion's Den and David confronting Goliath. Such courage is demonstrated rarely by human beings. We owe him our eternal gratitude and admiration, no less than we do to the many soldiers who died for this country. Since the dawn of man we have needed heroes. How different human history would be if we only had cowards. Heroes created this nation and heroes will enable it to remain the beacon of hope to the world.