Neuroscientist Makes War on America, for Some Reason

Cross-posted at JihadWatch

“Pakistani scientist found guilty of attempted murder” by Amy Sahba for CNN, February 3, is a typical example of the mainstream media’s deliberate obfuscation of the global jihad.

In it, Islamic jihadist Aafia Siddiqui is identified as a “Pakistani neuroscientist” and “an American-educated neuroscientist.”

We learn that “Siddiqui shot at two FBI special agents, a U.S. Army warrant officer, an Army captain and military interpreters while she was being held unsecured at an Afghan facility on July 18, 2008.” We learn that “Afghan police had arrested her a day earlier outside the Ghazni governor’s compound in central Afghanistan after finding her with bomb-making instructions, excerpts from the “Anarchist’s Arsenal,” papers with descriptions of U.S. landmarks, and substances sealed in bottles and glass jars.” We learn that “Siddiqui had ‘handwritten notes that referred to a “mass casualty attack”‘ listing several locations in the United States and ‘construction of “dirty bombs.”‘”

Sixteen paragraphs into the article, we learn that the FBI suspected Siddiqui of “ties to al Qaeda.”

But what is Al-Qaeda? Why are they fighting? Can’t we get even a line on that? Can’t we get even half a line about why an “American-educated neuroscientist” would want to make war on America? Is there some scientists’ war on the United States?

There is nothing special about this CNN story. It is just like thousands of other news stories since 9/11. And this is why the level of public awareness of what exactly we are facing in this war is so abysmally low. During World War II, “Why We Fight” material was common. Now it is unheard of — at least in any honest form — because to talk about it honestly would lead directly back to the Islamic jihad, and honest talk about that is forbidden.