Obama’s Ramadan Delusions

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This year’s Ramadan message from Barack Obama is the latest in a long line of warmly complimentary communications that he has addressed to the Islamic world over the last eighteen months. Reciprocally warm and friendly greetings have yet to arrive from those to whom Obama has addressed these messages, but the President appears undaunted. Eighteen months into his presidency, he seems to be clinging more determinedly than ever to the idea that soft words about Islam will turn away the jihad – despite the total lack of confirming evidence.

Just as he did in his June 2009 address to the Islamic world in Cairo, where he used the greeting by which one Muslim is to greet another, as-salaamu aleikum (peace be upon you), Obama in his Ramadan message adopted Islamic terminology. “Ramadan Kareem,” he said near the beginning of the message, and ended it with “may God’s peace be upon you.” Clearly he is doing his best to give the impression that he comes in friendship. And he doesn’t stop there.

Again characteristically, Obama then retails a few platitudes lifted straight out of a ninth-grade World Religions textbook: “Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that comes with faith, and the responsibility that human beings have to one another, and to God. This is a time when families gather, friends host iftars, and meals are shared. But Ramadan is also a time of intense devotion and reflection – a time when Muslims fast during the day and pray during the night; when Muslims provide support to others to advance opportunity and prosperity for people everywhere.”

One may legitimately wonder how past Ramadans have resulted in any advancement of “opportunity and prosperity for people everywhere.” In reality, it contravenes Islamic law to give zakat, the almsgiving that is one of the pillars of Islam and is required of every Muslim, to non-Muslims. That’s why it is easy to find Western governmental agencies and Christian charitable organizations busy building and staffing schools and hospitals in impoverished parts of Africa and Asia, but oil-rich Muslim countries have never undertaken similar endeavors. With the sharp divide in Islam between believers and unbelievers, such that Muslims are commanded to be “merciful to one another, but ruthless to the unbelievers” (Qur’an 48:29), there simply is no basis in Islamic law for the idea that Islam fosters the advance of “opportunity and prosperity for people everywhere.”

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  • Jim Jacobson

    Great commentary on a sad message! "Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country." That is crazy!
    Thanks Robert!

    • imnokuffar

      Ramadan is as American as apple pie and don't you forget it ! I happen to know the Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to America. I just can't seem to find any at the moment………. Oh I know they made 3000 "contributions" on 9/11 and recently made an even better one when they wanted to insult patriotic Americans by building a triumphalist Mosque on the site – with the full support of your President.

    • swimkin

      Actually the only thing the early muslims did in the founding of our country was to sell us the slaves they brought over from Africa. They also settled in the Carribean and built a mosque there while they terrorized the seas along the coast lines of the US.

      If anyone considers this an extraordinary contribution to our country than I will most certainly disagree.

  • posse101

    yeah, and after the charming holiday of ramadan the problem is that the vermin get all jacked up and commit more violence in the name of islam. but it's really hard to gauge because every time i go to the Religion Of Peace…(and a whole lot of dead bodies) website, i get to see all the latest numbers on murders committed in the name of islam (from all over the world) NOT during the month long "celebration" of ramadan. if you need a wake up call dear Americans… go to this website. please tell your friends about it too. the more people become educated about the religion of peace the faster we'll save this civilization.

    • hammycarao

      What website???

    • Maggie

      America, we need your lead and your power now more than ever! Please don't let western civilisation down. If you can't kick islam back to where it came from, we're all doomed to dhimmitude.

      • posse101

        kicking them out is, unfortunately, never going to happen. and frankly, as long as we keep electing Democrats to positions of power, controlling the problem will also be impossible. the simple answer is to elect Republicans. and not just any Republicans… they must be Conservative Republicans.

  • suprkufrB

    Barak Hussein has publicly grovelled before his saudi masters, as, to be fair, did his predecesor, George, W. Both of these sorry excuses for men are traitors, pure and simple, and should forthwith hanged as such. Saudi arabia is without doubt the most repressive country on the face of the earth. It distresses me greatly that my right-of-centre colleagues spend all their time vilifying Cuba, where, despite that country's many and obvious shortcomings, women enjoy full equality, occupying many key government positions, and religious freedom, while admittedly not encouraged, is nevertheless protected and completely accepted. (And don't try to tell me it isn't, because over the years my family (three generations) and I have attended mass in overflowing cathedrals and rural chapels throughout the length and breadth of the country. Have you checked it out? I have many photos for doubters.) Why are conservatives so loth to denounce saudi arabia in the same way as they do Cuba? Surely, it couldn't have anything to do with oil?

    • sebyandrew

      it isn't.

    • Rifleman

      In reply to the last two questions, last first, yes. Because from the beginning the Saudis were instrumental in our winning the Cold War, and our unprecedented economic growth.

      In return, we promised to defend their Kingdom and their rule since WWII. Despite my personal feelings towards them, and their longtime financial support of many of our enemies, they're better than most of the possible alternatives, and I think we still should uphold our end of the bargain.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Uhm…I hardly believe the Saudis had anything whatsoever to do with our unprecedented economic growth, as that was due to our unprecedented freedom and capitalism, which runs counter to everything Islam stands for. Nevertheless, despite your PC blinders, the House of Saud, the Gulf States, Libya, and Iran are using their enormous oil wealth to finance and fund jihad not only against us, but also all unbelievers around the world. Hence, we either must develop the intestinal fortitude to oust those regimes and confiscate their enormous oil wealth, or otherwise the aforementioned Islamic states will continue to use their enormous oil wealth to finance and fund jihad against us permanently and forever. Indeed, it couldn’t be any more cut and dried and black and white.

        With respect to the alternatives, how could a bunch of broke and isolated Muslims rendered into abject poverty and living in their Islamic paradises be worse than the current crew that are using their enormous oil wealth not only to fund terrorism but also to purchase American and European politicians and businessmen to do their bidding for them? The fact of the matter is if we don’t remove the regimes, confiscate their enormous oil wealth, and isolate the Islamic world, we will all become subjugated dhimmis.

        • Rifleman

          We drained most of our oil fighting WWII, that's why we needed Saudi oil, and the price of oil makes a huge difference in our economic output and growth. The Saudis opening the spigot in the 80's was key to breaking the soviet union, and our economic boom. It's not my intention to sleight the part our freedom plays in our prosperity, but ignoring the part the price of oil plays would be delusional.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            They opened the spigots during the 80s because the Saudis along with the Islamic world were fighting jihad in Afghanistan against the Soviets, so it was opened not for the specific benefit of the USA, but to harm and weaken their enemy at the time. However, the rest of the time they have kept the spigot more closed than opened and as a result they have reaped a mega fortune at the West’s expense, and it is this mega fortune amassed by the Islamic world at our expense that they are using today to finance and fund jihad against us.

            Hence, the choice couldn’t be any clearer, either we oust the regimes responsible, take away the oil wealth that they are using to finance and fund jihad, render them into abject poverty, and isolate them, or otherwise they will pursue jihad against us permanently, as the subjugation of the world via the imposition of Sharia is the main goal and sole purpose of Islam.

            Indeed, it was the largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen that enabled the Islamic world to resume the jihad on a global basis after decades of decline.

          • Rifleman

            They didn't close the spigot until wild bill asked them to in '98, and we were in recession by December '99. We bought and successfully used their oil, so saying their fortune is at our expense isn't right. Neither is pretending they wouldn't be just as rich or richer if we didn't buy any of it.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Let’s get something straight, since the 1970s the world has seen the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the West to the Islamic world thanks to OPEC of approximately $13 trillion, and it is this enormous oil wealth accumulated off the backs of the West that has enabled the Islamic world to end their long steep decline and to jump start their third great wave of jihad.

            Hence, if their oil wealth isn’t taken away from them, since the jihad is permanent until the world is subsumed, the Islamic world will simply continue using their enormous oil wealth to finance and fund jihad endlessly against all unbelievers. Yet, out of blind political correctness and some sort of misguided loyalty to the Islamic world, you believe somehow that we are beholden to them, and that we owe them our continued undivided loyalty. Meanwhile, they are waging jihad against us with the full intention of subjugating all unbelievers via the imposition of Sharia. Do you desire to become a subjugated dhimmi? You must.

            Hell, did you salute Obama when he bowed in submission to the King of Saudi Arabia?

            Sure we may have offered to protect the Saudis in return for keeping the spigots open at one time, but I’m sorry but waging jihad against us wasn’t part of the deal!

          • Rifleman

            They didn't force their oil on us, we didn't steal it, and we turned it into a lot more than $13 trillion. I'm a firm believer in using their oil first. We should have ours drilled, piped, and ready to go, but use only enough to pay for upkeep and to keep the world price stable and low. The biggest threat facing us is still the commies.

            That was an entertaining post, and chock full of amusing false assumptions about me, but how do you propose we go about doing what you say?

          • ObamaYoMoma

            They didn't force their oil on us,

            Never said they did.

            we didn't steal it,

            Well I guess not.

            The biggest threat facing us is still the commies.

            And you just proved once again that you are more than just a little oblivious.

            and chock full of amusing false assumptions about me,

            Yeah right. You just proved it again.

            how do you propose we go about doing what you say?

            It’s common sense. Nevertheless, I already explained it.

          • Rifleman

            Nice dodge, but you didn't answer the question. How are you going to "…oust the regimes responsible, take away the oil wealth that they are using to finance and fund jihad, render them into abject poverty, and isolate them…(?)”

            Every islamic country supports jihad, government, private, or both. There are far more dangerous and hostile countries in dar al islam than saudi arabia, why them first?

            How is invading mecca, medina, and Switzerland (where they keep much of their wealth) off the bat common sense? “Common sense,” isn't even an outline of a plan. Either you've thought it through, or you haven't. So far, you sound like you haven't.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            First of all, I didn’t dodge anything, and the thing I advocate is common sense. Either eradicate the regimes in the Islamic world responsible for financing and funding the global jihad and relieve them of their oil wealth and oil assets, or otherwise face jihad permanently, which will progressively become more and more intense and pronounced as time goes on.

            Why the House of Saud…because they are the lynch pin of the global jihad. No other Islamic country in the world comes close to dedicating as much of their oil wealth to finance and fund jihad. They have taken over and built thousands of mosques and madrassas throughout the world and bought and paid for thousands of politicians and businessmen in the process.

            Democracies build up their people and their countries, Islamic countries pursue jihad per their holy obligation to subsume the world via the imposition of sharia. If we don’t act in the near future, Western Europe will start becoming Islamic by the middle of this century.

            Indeed, other than surrendering to dhimmitude in abject submission, what do you suggest?

          • Rifleman

            Yep, you're still dodging. Much of their wealth is in Europe, you've no way to get at it, and you'd leave the jihadi weapons and training networks intact (not to mention their nuke program).

            I suggest campaigning in a logical order, so we take out the biggest threats first, and don't engage all of dar al islam at once. That means toppling the mad mullahs next, then boy assad, while keeping the pressure on in the Far East, and Africa.

            The biggest supplier of weapons and training for terrorists is the mad mullahs, and they're already waging direct war against us. Taking them out is the single biggest blow we can deal terrorism, and we’re in as a good a position to do so as we’ll ever be. It would relieve pressure on Iraq and Afghanistan, open up a hardball to supply Afghanistan that doesn’t go through Pakistan, further hem in the Taliban in Western Pakistan, and would secure the northern shore of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            I see you are finally coming around to my way of thinking. It’s about time.

            I too think the Mullahs of Iran must be stopped at all cost from acquiring nukes, so I think that should be our top priority. I would also make seizing and destroying the Pakistani nuclear weapons arsenal and program a top priority as well. However, unlike you I could care less about the medieval like Taliban, as they are far too primitive and backwards to represent much of a threat to a superpower like the USA. Thus, I would suggest pulling the troops out of both Iraq and Afghanistan ASAP, since both theaters of war were extremely misguided as hell strategic blunders in any case, and use them instead to target and eradicate the Mullahs of Iran and their nuclear program, followed by the eradication of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal and program. Like you, I also believe the regime in Syria has to be eradicated as well.

            Next, as I said, because of the permanent nature of the jihad, I would go after those Islamic states primarily responsible for financing and funding the global jihad and confiscate their oil wealth and oil assets to make it impossible for them to use their oil wealth again to pursue jihad permanently.

            Now in conjunction with the above, the West should outlaw Islam and ban and reverse all Muslim immigration in the West with the intention of isolating the Islamic world. Only by isolating the Islamic world in abject poverty with no hope of pursuing jihad will its adherents begin to slowly realize how incredibly bankrupt the ideology of Islam really is. Not to mention that with zero Muslims living in the West and the Islamic world isolated and poverty stricken, Islamic terrorist attacks will become virtually impossible in the West. Also, notice I didn’t mention getting involved in any fantasy based nation-building missions like we did in Afghanistan and Iraq, because nothing could be more misguided and counterproductive.

          • Rifleman

            My thinking and strategy hasn't changed, just your knowledge of them.

            Leaving saddam behind us, and the forces in SA and Kuwait needed to contain him while we dealt with the mad mullahs (which has about four times the area and twice the population as Iraq), by what would have to be an amphibious invasion, would be a strategic blunder. If the mad mullahs wrecked their deepwater port facilities before we could secure them, we’d be stuck.

            Securing our rear and threatening most of the mad mullah’s western border (and Syria's eastern border) by taking down saddam first was and is strategically, tactically, and logistically sound.

          • Rifleman

            My biggest differences of opinion with our apparent strategy are why we didn't do more to destabilize the mad mullah's and help their opposition all along, and make them pay heavily for their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. When their hardware started showing up on the battlefield we should of struck their munitions factories and depots. When they started showing up on the battlefield, we should have gone after their military leadership and assets. Keeping the mad mullah's busy in Iran (and boy assad busy in Syria) seemed to me the best way to relieve pressure on Iraq and hamstring aq and the mahdi. There could be considerations I'm not privy to, but we aren’t likely to find out about those for decades, if ever. The US has mostly done the expected, as the strategic situation, military strength, capability, and logistics dictate.

          • trickyblain

            We agree!

            (and I love the fact that you were just accused of having "PC blinders") :)

          • Rifleman

            Lol, yea, I got kick out of that too, glad you were here to appreciate it.

    • talisfour4


      Like most right wing morons (rwm) , you are cluless. We have documented photographic evidence of dumbo (W) in a lip lock with the king of saudi arabia. dumbo and his father were intimately involved with the saudis for decades. Think about it (probably impossible for a rwm), we were attacked during dumbo's reign by 17 saudis. What did dumbo do? he attacked Iraq. If this idiot were president when Pearl Harbor was attacked, he would have invaded Peru.

      • suprkufrB

        I'm genuinely puzzled here; yes, I am a right-winger, but I'm not a moron. I'm willing to wager any amount of your choice that my academic credentials are superior to yours. Please advise.
        If you'll take the time to read the other replies to my post, you'll see that my conservative colleagues are taking me to task for my preference for Cuba over all of the 57 islamic countries. I should have thought that my argument in this context would have stricken a responsive chord within you.
        Have you ever considered enrolling in a remedial English class? You should.

        • Rifleman

          Did my reply and subsequent exchange with OYM help any?

          My antipathy for the castros is reinforced by their long held ties to islamic terrorism, and I still see the commies as the greater threat. That won't likely change until the mad mullahs start building nukes.

          • Rifleman

            I guess if I expected a response or discussion, I should have thrown in an insult or two.

      • Rifleman

        "If this idiot were president when Pearl Harbor was attacked, he would have invaded Peru." – Instead of Guadalcanal, Burma, and New Guinea? Gee, what were we doing in Africa when hitler was in Berlin?

    • Cuban Refugee

      In order to answer the question, "Why are conservatives so loathe to denounce Saudi Arabia in the same way they do Cuba?" we must go back to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the backroom pacts that were made. You need to explore the 51 years of oppression in the Real Cuba: http://www.therealcuba.com/ Yes, the church is back in moderate force in Cuba, but the people are hungry and deprived of things we take for granted, including decent health care. For all its repression of women Saudi Arabia is the most capitalistic and conservative of the bunch — they would like nothing more than for Israel to strike Iran. They own a major part of Fox News. Who knows? Saudi Arabia may have been the first of the oil countries to have acceded to the idea of a New World Order …

    • talisfour4

      I'm not surprised that you are "genuinely puzzled". I suspect that it is a natural condition for most RWM's. You open your rant with a reference to our President as Barak Hussein, and then state that he "grovelled" before the saudis. You ignore the facts regarding dumbo's relationship with the saudis (such as safe passage for osama bin ladens family when we were attacked). I reiterate: you are a right wing moron. It is of no consequence to me that other right wing morons take you to task for preferring cuba to 57 other muslim countries. It is as if you are saying "i'm not as big a moron as the rest of them". The perfect non-sequitor occurs in the last line of your babble. You suggest that I enroll in a remedial English class. It has nothing to do with the tenor of my post, nor the nature of my post. Yet, I'm sure, to you it makes sense.
      I hope that it brings you comfort at your next klan/nazi/teabag rally.

  • Elpi Nipni

    Obama's next step is to turn Muslim. Judging by hus whole outlook for what is "best for America" and since he out to change the US to something 'Better" i.e. Socialism i can conclude, by all the superlatives to Islam, (which are so far from the truth) that there us no escape from the thought that we all should turn to Islam for 'guidance"!!!
    has he ever talked like that about his "real" faith and i mean Christianity? According to what we know about his "Church" and his pastor who is just filled with hate like any old Muslim cleric so i think passing through to islam will not be such a great effort on his part. Beware America!

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    Al Qaeda attacked the al Muhaya compound in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan 2003. The 1973 Arab war to annihilate Israel was fought during Ramadan. On September 6th, in the first week of Ramadan (2008?), two suicide bombers killed over 50 people in Peshawar, Pakistan. On September 13th, five bombs killed over 30 in New Delhi, India. On September 15th, a female suicide bomber blew herself up at a Ramadan fast breaking ceremony killing 22 people in Diyala, Iraq. On September 17th, a truck bomb and some militants attacked the US embassy in San'a, Yemen killing 16 people and on September 20th a massive truck bomb killed over 60 people in Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Explosions speak louder than Obama's words.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Obama has become, besides a clear and present danger to our republic, a major embarrassment to make us the laughingstock of the world. While he bows and scrapes, and "as-salamuu aleikums" his fellow Muslims, they plot to annihilate Israel and enslave the U.S. in Sharia. The wind has already shifted in an ugly direction … we know where he stands.

  • Jerusha

    Um, can you imagine the reaction if a president waxed eloquent in an international speech about Easter or Christmas?

    Or if we sent a Christian delegate to promote America as a Christian nation, which it is ~ hello ~ waaaay more than it is muslim by any stretch of anyone's grandiose imagination!

    Since most people still think Islam is a religion, where is the separation of "church and state" in sending Mr. Mega Mosque to represent the U.S.?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I will reiterate this ad nauseum until everyone pukes, Islam besides being a religion is also a very radical form of totalitarianism that seeks world domination as its main goal and as such it isn’t protected by the first amendment of the constitution as is widely assumed especially by those on the Left. Hence, Islam should be outlawed and Muslim immigration should be banned and reversed. Indeed, during the Cold War we didn’t let millions of communists immigrate and infiltrate our country because that would have been suicidal, and we shouldn’t let millions of Muslims immigrate and infiltrate our country today because that is likewise suicidal.

    I mean all you have to do is look around the world at where Muslim mass immigration has already occurred to see that it has turned into an unmitigated disaster everywhere it has been tried without exception, and I challenge anyone to point out a single incidence where Muslim immigration turned out having a positive outcome for a host country? Please excuse me if I won’t hold my breath waiting.

    • imnokuffar

      I am sure there are lots of places where Muslims can live without causing anyone offence.

      Like the North Pole.

      • 4Liberty

        "….Islam should be outlawed and Muslim immigration should be banned and reversed…."

        No truer words were ever stated. If people don't heed this advice, we will see Armageddon in our lifetimes.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    Like Rev. King, I have a dream. In my dream I see a huge ship, a passenger cruiser, the biggest ever built, and I see a huge crowd by the docks, cheering and waving goodbye to the passengers on that ship. The crowd is made up of Americans who had waited and waited and finally shouted in unison, "Enough is enough," and they rounded up all the Mullahs of the Saudi-funded mosques in America where they preached hatred, and they put these Mullahs on the ship bound for whatever Muslim state that the Mullahs decided on, and on that ship, the American patriots had put, kicking and screaming, the man they had naively voted for earlier and they said to him as they hoisted him aboard, "You love them so much, go live with them, because we don't love you. We are sick and tired of you. We don't want to see your face. We don't want to hear your name. You belong with them. You never were an American. Good riddance." That is my dream.

    • ObamaYoMoma


      • one angry american

        Neva hoppen…Americans don't have the "cuhones" to knock down the left and ship out the rotten muslim eggs…the mosque will be built because New Yorkers are gutless shadows of former selves living in splendid towers in chic Manhattan-the immigrant predecessors who filled the ranks of the Rainbow Division wouldn't have stood for this. I'm afraid that the Obamination that infests the W. HOuse will stink for a long time to come. The Constitution that soldiers swore to uphold and defend is nothing more than a sad joke to be ignored by the left for their own tyranny-in fact most kids today don't even know what it is. Pity.

    • Languille Lady

      Your dream is one of MANY Americans, I'm sure. Me, for sure.

  • MBA NJ

    I caution us all to stop the silliness of using the term "religion" here for this pervasive way-of-life. A true definition of religion is not meant to be all encompassing. Are we going to merrily label cannibalism as a religion next? What might have started off as a framework for religious thought has grown way beyond one's relationship with a god. I would expect most of us would not call Nazi belief religion, and yet, I see many parallels between impositions and disregard for other beliefs. Just because someone wants to call a drunk driving car wreck an "accident", this is not so. It is a consequence of behavior that has predictable results. Similarly, the Muslim impositions are not religious but literally veiled invasions of other nations. By all gods, I call on you to stop calling Muslim behavior a religion.

    • Pastor Bob

      I would point out that Christianity is also not a religion in this sense. While it does contain beliefs it also is a way of life. Over the years most Christians have learned the danger of trying to tie Church and state together. The Enlightenment helped with that. The Muslim world had no Enlightenment which is a major part of the problem. Islam is intended to be a state religion and there is to be no separation between mosque and state.

    • imnokuffar

      Surely you don't disagree with your President ! After all he has done for (to) you.

  • jonc

    I wonder if anyone has pointed out to Obama that is the eyes of Muslims (and especially Arab ones) he is "abeed".
    This word has two meanings: "black" and/or "slave".
    Put another way the words "black" and "slave" are synonyms.

    • imnokuffar

      Wots a synonyms ?

      The President.

      Abeed Hussain Osama

  • pennswoods

    Our great and wise leaders, including our Muslim President , in the name of political correctness or even sympathy, refuse to comprehend the obvious: that we are once again being directly and indirectly attacked by the cult of the pagan moon god of Medina called Islam. After over 1,400 years of endless attacks, today in 2010, the modern Muslim Jihadist's wildest fantasies have come true. We in the West are atcually welcoming, even begging, our self destruction and have paid for our cultural suicide through our addiction for Middle Eastern oil. Our grandchildren and future generations will curse us for this appeasement and eventual surrender of the most beautiful and decent civilization that has ever existed: Western Civilization. If Islam wins and Western Civilization collapes like a house of cards it's mainly because the West has been weaked by leftist self hatred and the left's delusion that it can somehow "deal" with Islam" if they can together bring down the West and a light will go out in the history of the human race that will never ever be lit again. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the Messiah Jesus Christ bless Robert Spencer and his work.

    • dominique

      According to the scriptures, the world will be in mayhem for a time (one shabua)
      however your fear that the Light will be sniffed out mentioning Jesus..you also should know that the light cannot be snuffed out. Not by Islam, or the mother of harlots – world religion (rev. 17 &18) No, since Messiah Yeshua/ Christ Jesus is the Light ; we know he is also the victor and all Satan's devises will be destroyed. the sad part is that many people will be included for they believe the delusion 2 Thess2. Let us pray for many that their eyes and ears will be opened unto the truth…

  • guest

    I can just envision Obama directing the Curator at the Smithsonian Institution to start placing arabic items (with the "made in" Saudia Arabia and Egypt scratched off) in the display cases alongside revolutionary war era and Civil war era artifacts. Let the re-writes begin! Let the re-education of children begin. Let the history books be revised again. In a couple of generations you will never know this country was founded on Judeo-Christian laws and heritage.

    • imnokuffar

      "Let the re-education of children begin. Let the history books be revised again."

      What do you mean begin ?

    • disGuested

      what? you don't now about the saudi financed "history" textbooks – History Alive! – featuring the documentation of Jews and Christians being apes and pigs? Or big chief running achmed? Or Pa ul-Reveremad's midnight ride on a camel?

  • talisfour4

    And the Lord sayeth unto Mohab,

    "Let the Right Wing Morons bringeth ignorance across the land."

    And sayeth Mohab, "What"

    And the Lord sayeth in a booming voice, "Wattaya, DEAF!!

    And Mohab spaketh, "O Lord, how do we stop the educated and informed?"

    So the Lord said," Don't worry about it, I giveth to the right wing the power to spread, hatred, bigotry and violence, and they shall raise ignorance to the level of a Sacrament."

    And Mohab responded, "You say What?"

    In righteous anger the Lord sayeth thus, "I will send you a messenger of such overarching ignorance and duplicity that the mass of morons will not be able to veer from her message. I will call her palin and her venom will be manna to morons throughout the land."

    This is the Word of the Lord

    • imnokuffar

      She may be right wing, but she is not a patch on a cretin like you.

    • dominique

      Give unto ceasar that which is ceasar and unto God that which is God's. Sadly, talisfour4 does not get it.. latterday's deception.. you just stepped in the mire of deception and to what really goes on. Ceasar doesn't save; the world spins more out of control..the right & left have same global agenda. Pick up the bible and study Matthew 24, Daniel and revelation. Ephesians 6: We fight not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers of the air. Witness on Presidio in the 1970's; whe plans were made; emperor Hiroito, and Prince Charles, staring in USSR high ranking communist officers! The Presidio is part of world totalitarian governance { in scripture}. Gorbachev & the mother of harlots..gaia-international green religion/ Interfaith on the Presidio and San Francisco, Satan's seat for a long time. check what really goes on an world wide attack on Truth.. Eventual God's truth prevails Pilate asked what's truth? he was looking in the face of Truth/Jesus.

    • dominique

      since I could not finish my say so with talisfour4. Concerned over Palin's poisen..may I ask ; who do you believe the truth Jesus or mr. Husein Obama who sad that Jesus is not the only way … Jesus said: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life no one cometh to the Father but by me. so, why worry about Palin when he denies the truth, bows down to interfaith, islam and globalism, and works toward further integration into global totalitarianism.

  • talisfour4

    a message for you pack of hypoctrical scumb bags.
    Here are the contents of dumbo's ramadan greeting in 2004 (there were others).

    The White House
    Washington, D.C.
    October 14, 2004

    I send warm greetings to Muslims in the United States and around the world as they begin observance of Ramadan, the holiest season in their faith.

    Ramadan commemorates the revelation of the Qur'an to Muhammed. By teaching the importance of compassion, justice, mercy, and peace, the Qur'an has guided many millions of believers across the centuries. Today, this holy time is still set aside for Muslims to remember their dependence on God through fasting and prayer, and to show charity to those in need.

    American history has taught us to welcome the contributions of men and women of all faiths, for we share the fundamental values of religious freedom, love of family, and gratitude to God. Americans who practice the Islamic faith enrich our society and help our nation build a better future.

    Laura joins me in sending our best wishes.

    (Signed) George W. Bush

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Uhm…as for as I’m concerned, GWB, a faux conservative, was as stupid with respect to Islam, as you and Obama are today.

    • dominique

      I always questioned mr. Bush christian believe for when he spoke at times I caught some corky sayings contrary to scripture. Islam is submission..not to the God of the bible but to the war god , the moongod allah one of the hundreds of gods that existed in Arabia during mohammed's time. Since the 7th century islam spread by violence.
      I have pages of dates and battles before the crusades…I had six binders of islamic attack and murder etc just the last 30 some years and pictures with it. Evidence speaks for itself.

    • ajnn

      Please note, Bush's nonsense was also denounced by normal people.

      Just because Bush was wrong does not mean that obama should not be critisized for continuing his mistakes.

      In addition, Obama goes much further than Bush ever imagined in his praise of the religion-of-the-perpetually-offended.

  • ferengi

    " I will call her palin and her venom will be manna to morons throughout the land."

    Hate, intolerance, arrogance and hypocrisy do not an arguement make.
    It just exposes you for what you are.

    • imnokuffar

      Like the ears, its a pity you are deaf.

    • ttulco

      It appears that president Bush spoke out of a misguided, and ill-advised sense of hope.
      He was wrong. Obama, on the other hand . . ..

  • truth to tell

    B HUSSEIN Obama is not deluded nor is he mislead in any way. He is muslem! He is anti christian and anti America. He is promoting hate for all things good hopeful and honorable. He is a dispicable human being

    • imnokuffar

      Human ?

    • dominique

      Hussein Obama sadly is being used whether he knows it or not. His ego might deny it but the people much more powerful than he (Kissenger, Gorbachev, Strong, Charlie of england and Beatrix of the Netherlands and many more ) direct the issues in this land and the world not Hussein just is a mouthpiece /figurehead. Anything that has been brought forth is old stuff created and worked on for decades…the issues are international anti sovereignity, anti christian, anti everything america use to stand for (constitution, bill of rights, individual freedom, God)

      • Alert

        Oh! No need to give 'God D**n America' Obama a benefit of doubt (Hussein Obama sadly is being used whether he knows it or not). They passed Bush over as stupid and dumb.. but look what he gave us.. FULL protection to Saudis from 9/11 commission inquiry. Infact, 9/11 families's law-suit was thrown out, solely because Bush had not palced Saudi Arabia on the terror-list. And that is not all, Bush , while touting the 'War-president'/'Man-of-faith' lies, gave Iraq war, by concocting lies about WMDs, doubled Saudi student's visas, let Bin Ladens to safety and almost rammed down Amnesty down America's throat. All this while he had a fleet of advisors. Bush, while pretending to be an oaf, cleverly rammed 'Saudis are our friends' and 'Islam is Peace'. Look again, hear again. See if Bush i speaking for hurting and grieving America or touting Islam from Saudi pockets, on 9/11, from an Islamic center:
        No politician deserves any benefit. Feeding off of tax-dollars, while stabbing the same tax-payers in the back, is benefit enough!

  • Ellie Brown

    Strange that the above poster should mention the Smithsonian because I was just there, at the First Ladies exhibit and it already has been changed. Right alongside Rosalynn Carter, in a huge photo, is an Arab woman named Khan somebody. I thought it odd. Then I happened to go to Mount Vernon and in their exhibit hall, same thing. It's not what will happen in the future, it is now.

  • NotMyGod!

    Sorry, but you're extremely mistaken. In fact, in revelation, Jesus comes back to fight the anti-christ – one who is described EXACTLY like the 12th imam….who imposes a "one world" religion on the world, and cuts off the heads of those that refuse to bow…. Hmmmm….. sounds JUST like Islam…. So, you are completely mistaken. And by the way…. your god is NOT my God!! Islam is definitely of Satan – just look at how it is in EVERY muslim country! Hell on earth! And it will be Islam that ushers in the apocolypse, in it's evil desire to rule the world. Allah=Satan, plain and simple. And little Mo is already burning in hell…..

    • The Sphinx

      The concept of the 12th Imam is a Shiite-concept and has no place in Sunni (i.e. mainstream) Islam. So much for your expertise.

      In fact, one of the signs of the Day of Judgment according to Islamic belief is that Jesus Christ himself comes back and thwarts the Antichrist (Al Masih Al Dajjal).
      The God of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and Abraham is our God. We worship one God. If you refuse that, fine. But one day we will all meet up and the truth will prevail.

      And Satan? "O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. – Qur'an 2:168

      Sorry for tormenting you with facts. And while we're at it: How many Muslim countries have you been to? I'm assuming none. And even if you've been anywhere: Why are you emphasizing the word "EVERY"? You have nothing to say about Muslim countries before actually having lived there, and after 15 years of living in a large Muslim country, I can safely say you're talking rubbish.

      • NotMyGod!

        Yes yes – it's all a bunch of shiite. I know that. But it's STILL "Islam"….roughly 1/3 if muslims are shiite. Every time anyone brings up any negative about islam in the world, there's ALWAYS some apologist saying, "that's not islam!" – even though the perpetrators themselves point to the quran as their motivation for doing some atrocity to infidels, or fellow muslims who aren't (in their eyes) muslim enough. The world sees it – and people are getting sick of this self-alleged "religion of peace", since it is anything BUT peaceful. THere's a slick veneer of niceties on the outside, but on the inside, it's a sick cult, created by a pedophilic, warmongering slave owner. Sharia law be damned!!

      • NotMyGod!

        It's NOT of God! And therefore, as stated, YOUR god is NOT my God, nor is allah the god of the bible. Initially "allah" was one of the many pagan gods in mo's household. Mo elevated him, brought in stories he had heard of judaism and christianity and sprinkled with more pagan myths to create the quran. THe 12th imam being a shiite concept is a moot point, since it's still "islam", and he will still bring death and destruction (per the prophecies) and cut off heads of those who refuse to bow – quite islamic of him – lol. At least you recognize that jesus will be fighting against him and his islam.

      • NotMyGOd!

        Since the quran and hadiths (mainstream sunni, by the way – lol) go completely opposite of judea-christian doctrines, it's quite safe to say that your god is not my God. And your quoting as "fact" the quran is quite laughable. Rest assured, your scripture is not divine, and is not from the God of Abraham. Mo was a delusional pedophile and for millions of people to be misled in to thinking he is the perfect example of how we should be is more than sad….it's downright scary! Not much different than if people were believeing charles manson was a prophet and following his example. What has Islam brought to the world??

      • NotMyGOd!

        Coercion by the sword!! even while quoting the "no compunction in religion" crap! That's right we have choices! Submit and become muslim, pay the jizyah(sp?) tax, or be killed! WoohooO! see! choices! No compunction in religion! Well, in the west, that's called extortion and intimidation. And don't get me started on sharia law, per mo's own statements, to KILL anyone who leaves Islam. Yep – the perfect man! Sheesh, you muslims are psychotic to follow such a man!

      • NotMyGod!

        As for visiting muslim lands, who the hell would want to?? I'd love to visit Persia (Iran) to see the vast heritage (PRE-islam) that beautiful country has to offer – but it's run by psycho muslims (shiite, granted) and I wouldn't get very far there. In fact, there are many cultures that have been over-run and destroyed by muslim fanatics that I would have loved to see. Sadly, islam gets in the way of beauty and decency, so, I'll pass on visiting any muslim hell hole. See, i'm an infidel…. I prefer my head ON my body.

      • NotMyGOd!

        Basically, islam is a barbaric theocratic cult (no separation of mosque and state) that over-runs more advanced cultures. They then impose sharia law, and the culture/nation slips in to degeneration, until you are left with, well, crap – stagnation – no advancement. Islam doesn't allow it. You lived in a large muslim country for 15 years – great. As a muslim, I'm sure you had no problem. I'm an infidel. Tell your gibberish to the kurds, the Darfur black muslims and christians, the coptic christians of Egypt and on and on ad nauseum!! islam is only good to muslims – that's why there is NEVER any charity work done around the world by muslims, to infidels and unbelievers, even while the "evil" west is always the first to respond to tragedies anywhere with assistance and aid. You can tell a man (or religion) by its fruits – and the fruition of islam is hell on earth.

        May there be TRUE peace in Israel, soon…..

      • Kallem as-iceam

        heeeyy – the Sphinxster's muscled His Way into another ourgument.
        peas be upon the religion of POS

    • http://www.foxnews.com D.Wade

      You've been deceived by beautiful lies. "Allah" is Arabic/Aramaic for the One omnipotent, omnicient God who created all the universes, so you dubbing Him as "satan" speaks volumes of your ignorance.

      There is no such thing as a "Muslim" country today. None of those countries which are primarily comprised of Muslims follow Sharia law, but they're run by uneducated and materialistic extremists who twist things to fit their own power-hungry needs. Saudia Arabia epitomizes extremism and hypocrisy, and those types of hypocrites are clearly warned about throughout the Quran. Islam teaches moderation and Prophet Muhammad pbuh emphasized finding a middle ground in every issue. You obviously have never thoroughly studied the Quran or Muhammad's life.

      Moreover, you don't do research into (the many) Bibles. I'm caucasian and one of many who converted to Islam because I see I asked questioned and inquiried while I was a Christian–and saw the blatant inconsistencies. God is not a clear-cut, black & white entity, he is merciful and most-Kind. I know more about Prophet Jesus Christ's life and peaceful message now as a Muslim than I ever did as a Christian. Christ's time period was limited, and it is in the Bible for you to find where he foretold the coming of Prophet Muhammad. You don't need to listen to me, first educate yourself in the language Jesus spoke and do research from there. You will find that the Quran is the final message from God.

      • NotMyGOd!

        Wade..I've read it. Seriously. It's a jumble of crap! It's you who are decieved. The quran is not the final word of God – it's not even A word of God. And, as usual, you spout what every other apologist spouts — "there's no "muslim" nation" because blah blah blah. EXACTLY like the extreme leftists spout that communism is actually perfect, except the right people have never implemented it…ANd never mind the tens of millions killed in it's name! Yep, exactly like islam. This forum isn't good for debate, as the responses have to be too short – but know this…I HAVE read up on islam, the quran, and hadiths. Wade, until there is separation of mosque and state, there will never be a "good" muslim nation, because men with power are inevitably fallible and weak.

      • NotMyGOd!

        As for sharia law, do you truly want to see adulterers stoned? THieves have hands and feet amputated, slavery reintroduced?? A woman's testimony be half of a man's etc??? If you don't want to see any of that, then you believe against the will of your new found god – because that's all proscribed in sharia law -the alleged "word of God". ANd if you DO think that stuff is ok – well, then you're a lost soul decieved by an evil religion…. sorry, man. but that's the truth. I will always speak truth to tyranny – and islam is tyranny.

      • NotMyGOd!

        Wade, I HAVE read the quran, as well as the hadiths. It's a jumble of crap! It's you who are mislead. THe quran is not the final word of God, it's not even A word of God! I beg you to go live in a muslim nation. Just go! Tell the millions of fanatics how wrong they are and that what they do is not islam! Please! It will be an eye-opening experience for you…

      • imnokuffar

        There is no such thing as a "Muslim" country today. None of those countries which are primarily comprised of Muslims follow Sharia law

        So speaks Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hitler etc.

        Go and live in a cave, thats where you belong along with Obama and Osama.

        There, problems solved.

      • dominique

        I don't know if you were Catholic or what, before your move into islam..It's obvious that someone or something managed to confuse you. May the Lord's great mercy touch your life and bring you back to him ; opening your eyes unto the truth. an argue session is fruitless. As Saul of tarsus told not to do..you said you were a Christian.. I am a Christian for I realized that I cannot live without Jesus..he is the essence of Life and promised to return. I know I cannot do anything without Him. He is the beginning and end…the aleph and Tav, the Alpha and the Omega… You believe or not…obvious you did not for you chose mohammed above the Son of God. Salvation is reaching out to you and may your eyes be opened and turn to the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  • The Sphinx

    Why doesn't Spencer comment on how Judaism "destroys racial diversity" as Jews all over the world pray in Hebrew? Oh, I know. It's a rubbish argument, that's why. But why insist on consistency?

    Furthermore, Spencer has conveniently left out the parts of Islamic teachings that obliterate any differences between the races.

    "The people are equal as the teeth of a comb. There is no difference between an Arab and an "Aagamy" (Non-Arab), except by their God-fearing (righteousness)." – Prophet Mohammed

    It takes a lot of chutzpah to acknowledge the diversity of races and ethnicities represented in the Muslim world, then to claim there is in fact no diversity, simply based on his prejudice.


    • NotMyGod!

      Tell that to the black darfur muslims….. I've debated muslims of arabic decent – one even directly related to one of the very first caliphates. He did have a real good pedigree, and was actually a very nice man and an honest debater…..but he was still arrogant about his arabic heritage. christianity stated, even before islam (where do you think Mo got some of his stuff? lol) that "we are all one in christ" and that no one is better than any other. THat's partly why the west (unlike islam) finally abolished slavery. Yep, rich white guys, using the power of the state and imperialism, forced the rest of the world to end slavery. SHaria law (the word of YOUR god) allows for slavery, and if islam did take over the world, slavery would most assuredly be reintroduced.

      • The Sphinx

        Hah, Darfur. Where I come from, there are several Sudanese refugees brought there by the UN who are temporarily stationed there before getting sent to other countries in Europe and America to resettle.

        So while they're waiting they get jobs. My family employed one of them to help clean around the house, helps us and gives this guy a living to feed his children. Very nice Catholic Sudanese guy, an intelligent hard-worker.

        Now this is a man who has lost his home and seen family members of his murdered before his own eyes while on the run. And while I was driving him somewhere, HE said that the whole Darfur thing had NOTHING to do with religion whatsoever – and he should know, he's a victim. The region of Darfur turned out to be highly abundant in natural resources. First concerning the plants that grow there, and secondly: OIL.

        Now there's no doubt that racism can be used to fuel such conflicts and justify the unjustifiable, but the war is originally one about natural resources. That's an info I have out of first hand.

        And so what if you met a guy who's proud/arrogant of his Arab heritage? Go ahead and tell me there are no people who are similarly proud or arrogant of being Americans. What about them white nationalists? Why always accuse the Arabs of something that is found in every other human culture on the planet? As Jesus said we are all equal, Mohammed as well said that we are all equal, and I DO believe I gave you a quote to prove it.

        And as for slavery: The only reason why it's still available in some of Islamic sources is that is was still so deeply rooted into the pagan Arabic traditions that predated Islam. However, if you look into what Islam teaches, it's always on the side of freeing slaves and treating them well. Buying a slave just to free him is a great deed and virtue. Sometimes it is taken as an alternative to forms of worship: If you're too old or too weak to fast in Ramadan, either feed the poor or needy regularly or free a slave. And not only any slave: "The best slave to free is the strongest and most valuable to his master" – Prophet Mohammed

        Of historic significance is Bilal ibn Rabah, an Ethiopian slave who was tortured by his pagan master for embracing Islam, then bought by Abu Bakr al Sideeq (Mohammed's best companion) and freed, later to become one of the Prophet's closest allies.

        Nowadays, slavery is non-existent where I come from. And Muslims have no desire of reintroducing it. But hey, the world's black and white for you people. I'm talking to a wall.

    • ajnn

      Use of Hebrew as a devotional language destroys 'racial diversity' ?


  • The Sphinx

    "Robert Spencer is a scholar of Islamic history, theology"

    Robert Spencer has graduated specializing on early Christianity. He has never gotten a formal education on Islam, doesn't hold a degree in Islamic history or legislation and is therefore in technical terms an amateur.

    He has never published any peer-reviewed articles, and would never manage to. In the academic world, not publishing peer-reviewed research means you're a worthless researcher. In the scientific field where I come from, people like Spencer end up on the rubbish heap of scholarship.

    More about how Spencer shouldn't be called a scholar here and here.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Eric Hoffer never published in a peer reviewed publication nor did Arthur Koestler, two very fine public intellectuals. Peer review is nonsense. A scholar either can back up his case with facts or he can't.

      Peer review in climate research is worse than nonsense. Network studies show the absurd levels of incest within peer reviewers where virtually every reviewer of an article had at one time or another co-authored an article with the authors of the article being reviewed.

      Peer reviewed publications are often the intellectual equivalent of the isolated hillbilly communities of the early 20th century – little diversity and mentally deficient.

    • Ashter

      Let’s look at who would be conducting the peer reviews…..liberal elite Islamic apologists. Do you really think any of his literature would be published?
      In Spencer's books he cites references, has adequate literature reviews and has accurate content. He sells millions of books, so if he wrote inaccuracies, his readers would let him know. Also, his audience is not the intellectual elite. They are, as you would probably label them, commoners. He wants the masses to comprehend what is truly going on with the Islamic religion and its history.

    • ajnn

      " In the scientific field where I come from" – so religious studies is a "scientific field' ?


    • LibertyLover

      That same criteria should apply to Obama and the rest of the pro-islamic kabal that is so critical of Judeo-Christian culture.

  • NotMyGOd!

    Wade, I HAVE read the quran and hadiths… It's a jumble of crap!! And the life of mo is VERY eye-opening!! A pedophile! A raider of caravans, even during traditional religious periods where people usually refrain from attacks, a killer of anyone who disagreed or mocked him – yep – a real interesting character/charlatan. Amazing how his god always had some new revelation to allow him to screw any woman he had his eye on. THe guy was a perv! Wade, it's YOU who is misled….

    • NotMyGOd!

      As for sharia law, do you truly want to see adulterers stoned? THieves have hands and feet amputated, slavery reintroduced?? A woman's testimony be half of a man's etc??? If you don't want to see any of that, then you believe against the will of your new found god – because that's all proscribed in sharia law -the alleged "word of God". ANd if you DO think that stuff is ok – well, then you're a lost soul decieved by an evil religion…. sorry, man. but that's the truth. I will always speak truth to tyranny – and islam is tyranny.

  • Geoff

    “merciful to one another, but ruthless to the unbelievers”

    Call Robert Spencer whatever you like, but we may want to add 'prophetic' since his pre-ramadan article here has just been justified as B Hussein Obama has just announced his favoring the creation of the mosque near ground zero in New York. What a ramadan gift to those who would love to conquer us.

    Have no doubts about our president's loyalty.

  • DucanIdaho

    I am getting frustrated with this site that the moderator seems to block my postings. Mr. Spencer writes about the President’s speech praising Muslim’s historical contributions to this country. In my original posting I tried to point out the irony of this in the Barbary Wars and origins of the US Navy. The Barbary Wars is something Robert Spencer has written about before and though he doesn’t mention them in this article he seems to be criticizing Obama’s lack of a true historical sense. This I feel is a more on point comment than some of the nonsense that gets posted here.

    • crypticguise

      No, I think Mr. Spencer is pointing out that President Obama is COMPLETELY MISREPRESENTING Islam's teachings. This is what a Muslim using taqiyya (lying/misdirection) would do.

      And President Obama MUST either be ignorant of Islamic teaching or be intentionally lying. There is no third possibility.

  • Lary9

    The difference between speaking a personal opinion and making a diplomatic
    presidential statement and is like the difference between steering a rowboat in a pond and piloting a massive oceanliner loaded with passengers through shoal-crowded waters. Why doesn't everyone ratchet down a bit and let the ship of state navigate. Jeez.! You think the President can just say whatever comes into his head like he's commenting on some Blog?

    • imnokuffar

      Like the hat. You're not an illegal are you ? Mind you a country with a Christian/Muslim has got to be a bit mixed up anyway – if you think you got problems with arse-licking Dhimmis then have a look at whats happening in the UK.

  • MBA NJ

    Surprise that a muslim who is a judas goat in our system would do what he is paid to do after he has finished bowing to foreign leaders….of course he would support landing his troops via submarine onto our shores. This traitor should be harshly dealt with the same way as all traitors during a war….through the system he should be forthwith removed from that position of trust and tossed either into a brig or other proscribed punishment. Since he is wearing the uniform of an American President, this is the same as wearing the uniform of our side, which during war means he would be executed under the law. I am not advocating breaking the law but upholding American law that this person uses like toilet paper, such as his exposing our borders, privatizing American business, etc. Is there anyone who would write a movie script that would not have the evil character do what this person has managed to do which is also called textbook treason. Remove him now.

    • imnokuffar

      Yeah, send him to Guantanamo so he can be with his buddies !

  • The Sphinx

    If you scrolled further up, you will have noticed that I've done exactly that in a previous comment. But you must have a terrible memory, because you've even responded to that comment of mine.

    The point is, that people who have gone through the trouble of scholarship and getting a formal qualification in Islamic theology and history are all opposed to what he peddles. It's like the new-age esoteric 'healer' that hasn't studied medicine and derides the traditional medical system, yet claims to be better than your local physician. I hope you don't refer to such people when you have a heart disease or the likes..

  • jack

    he is such a crackpot. patently false comments like this can only come from an ignoramus, or someone who wants to distort the past to de-Americanize our country. i can't even hear his name at this point.

  • Sam

    Kuffar, you are just as ignorant and misguided as our president and the Left. Islam is a religion of dominance, not peace. One of the main differences between Islam and the Judeo-Christian tradition is that Islam offers NO salvation. It is also against coming to the faith of one's own free will. You must submit to the faith, pay a tax, and if you refuse both, Muslims have the authority (from their leader Muhammed) to execute you. It is a totalitarian ideology, nothing more.

    This mosque is not based on tolerance. It is based on provocation. And they know they can get away with it, because they understand (rightly) that the Left is intimidated by Muslims. Hence the reasons why you see so many T.V. commentators bend over to defend Islam every single time Muslims commit a heinous act (e.g., 9/11 and Fort Hood). Islam is a cult. It is not a religion. And We the People need to stop treating as such. These Muslims have every right to worship their false idol and build their mosques, just not within the range of ground zero. Its obscene. And if this Imam Fazial was really concerned with sensitivity, he wouldn't build it there.

    One aspect that gets repeatedly overlooked is the wide practice in Islam known as taqiyaa. Muhammad supported and encouraged fellow Muslims to lie about their intentions to non-Muslims, in order to protect their ideology from criticism. Sadly, it is so ingrained in many Muslims' minds, that they do it without thinking. Just like this Imam Fazial. And anyone who is unwilling to see that is just living in ignorance.

    • imnokuffar

      Hi Sam,

      You don't do irony do you !

      I agree with everything you have written; am a British Nationalist, Jihad Watch/Gates of Vienna fan and much more.

      Peace and I hope you don't think I am living in ignorance !

      • Sam

        I'm sorry Kuffar, I didn't know it was sarcastic. You just never know with the verbal vomit coming for the Left these days.

        • imnokuffar

          I was paraphrasing the vomit.

          Good fun, you ought to try it !

  • Lary9

    ~"if you think you got problems with arse-licking Dhimmis then have a look at whats happening in the UK. "
    I know about Britain. They've got much worse problems with sharia shock troops than we have. It's because they're so…well… they're so British.
    "There's a good chap then…pip-pip-cheerio. What's that sound? A muzzein? Rather nice actually. Ta-ta! Tea time, y'know, old boy."
    Now the French are different. They have a little wine and cheese and…wham… they are seriously 'teeth-deep-buried' in the collective Muslim derriere!
    "You want to speak what language instead of French? Ara-what?"
    They're about as tolerant of intruders as a pit-bull in an Absinthe rage.

  • myth

    Obama impersonates the Pope giving an easter message of peace to christianity. Sadly, he is not the pope, he speaks to muslims and their message is not exactly peace. Even worse, he wants us to believe that building the ground-zero-mosques promotes religious freedom. From what he says it is impossible to conclude that he is in fact president of the United States. Let's not forget ramadan. Ramadan itself is some sort of lie. From my own experience with muslim, what was the word, communities, in real life they feast like there is no tomorrow as soon as it is dark. Ramadan is in fact a time of excessive eating. Maybe Ramadan should be the time when the US president remains silent as a sign of political fasting.

  • LibertyLover

    While GW's Ramadan greetings were made out of some sort of squishy feel-good generosity toward people whom he did not understand, Obama's message is one made with foreknowledge of it's falsehood. GE was naive, Obama is traitorous.

    • Alert

      GE (you probably mean GEorge / GW / Dubya) was naive?
      – Bush covered up pages on saudi arabia, from 9/11 interim report. I.e. Bush went out of his way to cover up for Saudis.
      – Facilitated escape of Bin-Ladens, when ALL American flights were grounded. i.e. Bis Ladens should have been questioned, at the least.
      – Doubled.. yes, doubled the same visas 9/11 hijackers used.
      i.e. Need one say more?

      Few Americans still realize that Iraq war was to send American braves to eath, to protect Al-Sauds. Not surprisingly, no link/connection to 9/11 was found, nor were ay WMDs.
      Here is Bush speaking his Saudi Master's voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_ZoroJdVnA

      • LibertyLover

        My point is still valid. GW was completely wrong in his apologetics for for Saudia Arabia, but Obama is purposely undermining the the West.

  • LibertyLover

    No one should be surprised by Obama's Ramadan message. He is the most pro-Muslim, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semetic and Anti-American politician to occupy the Whiteouse.

  • Bogiewheel

    Obama, you lie with dogs, you rise with fleas.

  • 4Liberty

    Nazi Germany coddled the mullahs and got in bed with Islam because of their mutual desire to exterminate all Jews. Just think about that for a second. Exterminate an entire race. The US, having fought a bloody war to eliminate slavery, has been constantly criticized by all and made to apologize and pay restitution (Affirmative Action, Civil Rights Act, etc), and to this day is still on it's knees begging for forgiveness. Forgiveness for a practice that occurred against all races at some point or another. A practice that was voluntarily (North) abolished and put-down at the point of extreme violence, loss of treasure, and loss of life.

    Yet, Islam still calls for the extermination of Jews to this day, and our POtuS bows to them and embraces their ideology. It would be no different if he found the "moderate" Klansmen and reached out to them. Well there would be a difference, the Klan hasn't murdered as many people in it's entire history as muslims do in a couple of months. thereligionofpeace.com chronicles their hate and people had better start taking notice. Don't let the liars in our government and media deceive you.

  • dominique

    D. Wade, you are confused…the gospels were not written in aramaic by the disciples but in Greek. Jesus overall spoke in Hebrew for he always pointed to the promisses made in the Tenach..hebrew scriptures and no i am not Jewish so don't blame them.
    I am 100 % dutch/fries. No, Jesus said he would come back. And Isaiah called the one to come Sar Shalom..words Jesus/Yeshua would have used shalom. I wonder if you received a bible that is questionable for it is written in scripture that in the latter days false doctrine, teachers etc would be one of the signs. Yahweh, yod hey vav hey is not the god of islam/muslims which is the moongod allah. The God of the bible is the Creator .

  • HenryCrux

    And, don't forget! The Muslims, exactly like the Democrats, have declared for all time that a yet to be pushed out of the womb human baby is not human but a soulless shell. The sameness of cruel disregard of human life shows the sameness of these two partners and explains their unofficial marriage. They both love murder.

  • nojihad

    I have just heard a tiny snippet that St. Nicholas' Greek Orthodox (Christian) Church, which was destroyed on 9/11, is the subject of a planning request to re-build it. Thus far, planning permission has been denied. Why is this not being heralded by the media? Why has Interim President Obama not waded in with his support for St. Nicholas' ? I wonder if the fact that it is not Muslim have anything to do with his silence on this one? Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • kate b

    As always a good article. Multiculturalism, Political correctness and diversity are only afforded by non-Muslims to accommodate, Muslims, with an impatient nod to Judeo-Christian, Hindu &. beliefs. It is never reciprocated in Islamic lands – ever, look at Saudi.

    Ramadan is a celebration which reminds one of Mohamet unable to eat during the day as he was too busy, killing, robbing and stealing for his god. It's a bit like bonfire night in the UK, it's just become a bit of a party, but even as a kid, I thought it odd that a terrorist who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament should be celebrated at all. Considering Muslims have a whole month to reflect on the meaning of Ramadan, it's a wonder no-one has questioned why Muslims extol something so menacing.

  • crypticguise

    Obama is either totally ignorant of the teachings of Islam or he is a deceiver and liar. I have my opinion. Either way, it is not helpful for America to have a President who has stated that [in a difficult decision] "…I will stand with the Muslims…".

    Anyone who has read the Koran, Hadith and Sira is struck by the INTOLERANCE of Islam and hatred of kafirs (non-Muslims) by Allah and the directives by Mohammed of how to deal with kafirs – murder, torture, rape, theft ad nauseum.

    There is NO GOLDEN RULE in Islam. Muslims are directed to treat other Muslims one way and kafirs (non-Muslims) another way. There is no word for CONSCIENCE in Arabic and no conscience in a practising Muslim or in Islam.

  • Martin

    Can anyone confirm if there is even one hospital in the USA that was built by Muslims?

  • http://PacificGatePost.com James Raider

    One of the mistakes being made in the West is thinking that the "Islamic Faith" is a religion, in the "Christianity" definition of the word.

  • 'nuff already

    What can you expect from a president whose speech writers are victims of american public diseducation, particularly where history is concerned. Garbage in..Garbage out!

  • 'nuff already

    In Islam, God and Caesar are one, meaning there is no separation of church and state. Therefore, Islam should not be afforded the same rights and protections as other religions under our constitution…plain and simple…

    If our islamic friends don't agree, let them board the next plane to cairo or riyhad or some other place more sympathetic to their cause. We should not have to accommodate them now or ever. All in favor, say "aye!"

  • http://www.lazyonebenn.blogspot.com Ralph E.

    Snake Hunter Sez:

    Allah' Apostle said: "I have become victorious with terror." Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, 220
    Beware of the Trojan Camel. Inform your family members; alert your neighbors.

    It's November 2nd folks, or it's never! – reb
    ___ ___

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    Very descriptive post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a
    part 2?

  • Your bee

    Undoubtedly, It is observed as one of the most beneficial and Blessed Month for the Humanity.Ramadan Brings Economical prosperity, social justice and Business Opportunities.