See No Qur’an, Hear No Qur’an

What’s that? The “gunman” was a Muslim? He said something about the Qur’an? Surely not! None of that is in the AP story, which is an object lesson in journalistic bias and obfuscation: “Source: Chicago gunman heard voices to kill family,” by Don Babwin for Associated Press, April 14 (thanks to Paul):

CHICAGO – A person close to the investigation of a shooting in Chicago that left a woman and three children dead says the gunman told police that he committed the crime after hearing voices telling him to kill his family.

Compare that to the Chicago Tribune story I discussed here. It says that “the man had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in prison and had a dispute with his wife — one of the victims — because she would not adhere to his faith. He told police that he needed to take his family back to Allah and out of this world of sinners, a source said….The wife’s sister, Shirina Thompson, said the suspect had been talking about “going to Allah.” Both Thompson and a neighbor in Wisconsin said the man had fought with his wife in recent days because she refused to wear Muslim garb….Letisha Larry, one of the suspect’s sisters, said her brother had been acting strange, carrying around the Quran and telling family members that something in the book told him to kill someone.”

But AP has none of that. He was just “hearing voices.”

This is one of the reasons why we always post at Jihad Watch the names of the reporters who write the stories. These whole process of news gathering and news reporting needs to be demystified, even in this Internet age, and news reports recognized not as objective, dispassionate accounts, but as the work of human beings with agendas. While it is possible that Kristen Schorsch, Annie Sweeney and Cynthia Dizikes of the Tribune are simply better, more thorough reporters than Don Babwin of AP, it is more likely that Babwin had access to exactly the same information that showed up in the Tribune report, but chose not to go with it.

He probably thought it would be “Islamophobic” to do so, or that to do so would fuel one of those fabled but nonexistent “backlashes” against innocent Muslims. So he probably decided it was better to cover up key facts about this incident. And the thing is, Don Babwin is no worse a journalist than thousands of others working today. He was just doing what they all do, in large and small ways, every day.

To expose them as they do this, and to inform you about what is really going on, is one of the main reasons why Jihad Watch exists.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Allah- the little voice in his head! Why do jailbirds flock to allah? __Answer: Because they are demented to start off with.

    • Harry

      Actually, because Mohamed was a criminal himself. He started out as a caravan raider. He endorses criminal activity, give them rules and makes their criminality virtuous as long as it is carried out against infidels. Its a wonder they don't get MORE recruits.

    • Alikoya KK

      Please visit: and read the Quran’s English translation and commentary by Maulana maudoodi.

  • William Smart

    I wonder what we'd say about any reporter who insisted on emphasising the faith of Jews who carried out crimes.

    • kafir4life

      If they used their faith to justify their crimes, then it should (and would) be reported, but followers of the murdering terroristic pedophile mad mo the false prophet and invertor of the terror cult islam, and author of the terror guide the koran get a pass.

      • Gary Rumain


    • Mitch Cohen

      If a Jew accompanied his crimes with quotations from the Torah, you can bet it would be reported. Reporters INVENT crimes to attribute them to Jews — like the "harvesting organs" canard.

      • darkmorrow

        I thought every crime ever perpetrated against mankind was because of the JEWS. Those NEO-Con subversives.

        • Vince

          Actually it's the white american christian males who get the blame for what's wrong with the world more often than not. The same american christian white males who have been seving the world from itself.

    • Stephen_Brady

      William, a smart man would realize that the statement in your post is a misdirection. This is not about "Jews who carried out crimes", but about a man converted to Islam while in prison, who killed his wife and three children because he believed that his god would have him do so.

      Like your compatriot Jim, you should take a course in logic, so that you will know when your statements are logically fallacious.

    • Peadar

      Well because they are always muslims and it is the inclusive and even fearful mentality which doesn't want to incur any backlash from them as well, so they don't mention that they are muslims or else they may get death threats or perhaps (God forbid) even accused of racial profiling. Heaven forbid. Let's just live in ignorance and pretend it's not even happening.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Since when does murder constitute any kind of faith? No other religion sanctifies murder. Islam is the only one that does sanctify murder. If a person leaves their religion other than Islam, they're free to do so. Not so in Islam as apostacy is punishable by death. "If anyone leaves their religion (Islam) kill him. Bukari 52:260 or 83;37 or 84:57 or 89:271. As far as Israel is concerned their land is theirs. If their enemies choose to fire rockets and mortars at civilians, then their enemies deserve a proper reply in kind.

  • oldwolves

    Funny when Right wing Christians always make headlines when they attack abortion clinics but whenever Muslims commit these kind of acts there is no mention of Islam. But there's no bias in the media right?

    • kafir4life

      There's IS bias in the left media. (See what I did there).

    • Gary Rumain

      Of course not! Such Christians are acting contrary to their faith. That's why they're reported. Arselifters who commit all sorts of acts of terrorism aren't acting contrary to their faith. Its just normal behavior. So why report it?


    • 9-11 Infidel

      Right-wing Christians? WTF is that? One guy commits murder and the whole of Christianity is codemned. Yet 15,000+ incidents of Muslim terrorism raise an eyebrow in the MSM. Relativistic notions of comparison are asinine.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Just the other day, while testifying before Congress, FBI Director Robert Mueller said that the greatest threat facing America was "lonewolf extremists" and "right-wing types". It's not a coincidence that 45 hours of conversations with Timothy McVeigh will be aired, starting next week.

      When the government purposely evades the threat, and then distorts it, why should the media be any different?

  • 9-11 Infidel

    The only crime vis-vis Israel is the virulent anti-semetism that is prevalent in the world. Too many dumba$$ westerners still think that peace in the ME is contingent on a peace deal between Arab and Jew. It isn't. Read the Hamas Charter Article 13, which speaks volumes about Muslim intent. Negotiations with the Jews are a waste of time and un-Islamic according to Hamas. The real issue for Muslims vis-vis Israel is contained in the Hadith which says "The end cannot come until all the Jews are killed."Sahih Muslim book 41, no. 6985.

  • Gary Rumain

    The fact the arselifter claimed to have heard the voice of allah is very interesting. Not even Mahound heard that. He only heard Gibril (or was it Lucifer? I.e. Satanic verses). Mahound claimed to be the last prophet. So who is telling the truth and who is lying? If this arselifter really heard allah then he's more important that Mahound and Mahound was also lying.

  • 9-11 Infidel

    Just for s&gs here is the real problem in a western sense, in the PLA and Gaza. Both territories suffer from the same five self-imposed maladies: fawda, fitna, falatan, fassad and jihad. Fix those issues, assimilate into the world community, acknowledge the supremicist notions and racism, of the Koran, Hadiths and Sira, and there could be peace. And I don't mean hudna. I mean "sohl".

  • tanstaafl jw

    Qur'an 9:112 "The Believers fight in Allah's cause; they slay and are slain, kill and are killed."

    Got Qur'an? Then you got killing.

    • Edip Yuksel

      First, like Spencer, whom I exposed in our lengthy debate, you are taking the verse out of the context. With such a dishonesty one can turn any book to the opposite for what it stands for.

      Furthermore, if Muslims are violent, then Christians are hundreds times more violent. Just look at the number of people killed by Christians (or governments supported by Christian voters) and the number of people killed by Muslims. In Iraq alone the crusaders killed more than a million. In Afghanistan the number is more than hundred thousand.

      So, your distortion, your propaganda will not change the fact and no wonder billions of the world population does not swallow them. The coalition of crusader/zionist/weapon manufacturers/oil companies has been exposed as the biggest terrorists and enemies of peace.

      • oldwolves

        The crusades? Your bringing up the crusades? BUwaaaaaaaahhahahahahahaha!!!! How can something so pathetic be so funny at the same time? Edip?Extra dippy?(Appropriate name by the way) George Orwell loves you so much right now. People like you, the coalition of racist/Communist/murderous/Parasitical/failures are the true terrorist who can never build but only destroy.

  • Jeff Perren

    Thank you, Mr. Spencer, for being one of the trustworthy voices trying – against strong prevailing winds in the media – to keep the American public informed about the threat of Islamism. With the current Administration it must be more difficult than ever, but your efforts are highly appreciated.

    Jeff Perren

  • cochavi1

    This is the practical way to go. The campaign on buses to encourage Muslims to reflect on the intimidation they face is also good. I believe this is Robert and Geller working on this.

    I hope that you have the resources to defend yourselves when CAIR and hordes of lawyers – most of them probably associated with the State Dept or past defenders of important Arab clients – go after you.

    What must be attacked is Muslim 'pride', and what must be raised is 'infidel' pride.

    • cochavi1

      I now correct myself – Miami has already pulled the bus ads encouraging people to leave Islam, while ads instructing 'infidels' to convert still run, as they have for many years.

  • Patrick

    I guess the media thinks we are all so full of hate that if they report the truth, we will all go out and " retaliate ". Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Jim Stuart

    I remember the non-reaction of the US to the near destruction of the twin towers in 1993. Had it been successful all those in the buildings (50,000) would have been killed. Only when we all saw 3,000 actual casualties at the same site in 2001 did we wake up. In the last few months quite a few plots have been foiled, and pc reigns. But what if one or two attacks are ultimately successful? We will again confront the real as opposed to the hypothetical danger. Maybe pc-ism will take a back seat, where it belongs. How many successful attacks will it take to dispel the pc fog once and for all?

  • HadEnoughinCO

    I think it is just more of the "Nanny State" mentality. We children cannot hear such things without acting on the information in an emotional and non-rational way. They are just saving us from hearing such things so we won't act on it. We are so easily incited to violence, you know.

    • cochavi1

      Exactly right. In the same 'spirit' the Israeli government forbids Jews from praying on the Temple Mount. A policeman and a Muslim official follow around any group of Jews – who have first received a permit – and remove or even arrest them if their lips move in prayer.

  • lovezion

    TO WILLIAM SMART: " wonder what we'd say about any reporter who insisted on emphasising the faith of Jews who carried out crimes. "

    The Jewish people's hard crimes, like murders, etc. are absolutely minimum compared to all other religions! Investigate before accusing! BTW…..TO JEWS: PLEASE READ AND PROPAGATE:


    • To the ignorant

      Tank you lovezion. You are sooooooo right!!!!!!!!!!!


      It is just so sad that some self hate jews has jointed them. They are the worst!!!!!!!!!

  • jayrenaud

    Read the quran. Islam not only legitimizes beahviour that is criminal elsewhere but sanctifies beahviour that is criminal elsewhere. It is a religion made for criminals, by a criminal which tells criminals 'You're OK." Read the quran, and then try and say, in good conscience, that this book should not be banned as hate literature that rationalizes hatred, robbery, rape and enslavement of non-muslims.

  • badaboo

    God bless Robert Spencer !
    As long as politicians seek to perpetuate themselves in office , as long as the media seek popularity , ratings and advertising bucks , as long as people turn their heads away from an ugly truth , due to denial or just plain ignorance , as long as people FEAR naming this EVIL CULT , as long as we allow ourselves to be distracted and divided , this malignant anti-human plague ,which propagates in atmospheres of hatred and fear , will continue to grow . Knowledge is power m and any SANE mind , can clearly see this danger . This is not a matter of politics , it is a matter of SURVIVAL . Politicians will not save us , they will only speak what they percieve as what people want to hear , no matter their stripe .
    Smarten up , it's later than we think .

  • badaboo

    Muslims in the US , are a small minority , less than 2 % , yet we allow them to control the narrative . Yet everyday , they are caught in another plot against this country and its citizens , every day there is yet another display of their brutality , and utter disregard for civilized behavior …and yes everyday ,WE HAVE IT JAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS ,THE PROPOSITION THAT ISLAM IS A " RELGION OF PEACE " . Until this cult , is met at EVERY venue with overwhelming and united protest , no matter what the dhimmis or usefull idiots may say or do , no matter how the politicos patronize , no matter what the media portrays , this cult will continue to undermine civilisation .
    The recent incident in Miami is a perfect example of what NOT to allow , if the local governments ban and remove those posters on the buses , the people themselves should carry them .Funds should be provided by ALL , to legally defeat the removal of FREE SPEECH , which that has just taken place !!! NO MATTER WHAT THE COST !

  • badaboo

    ,,,,and if ANYONE thinks , it is just the attitude of Obama , that is facilitating this deadly enemy of FREEDOM , then you are fatally mistaken . THIS is EVERY FREEMAN'S fight . It is well founded to worry about your childrens future in aspects of political spending , but is infinitely MORE IMPORTANT to fear for their very lives .

  • Henk v. Veen

    There was a very interesting documentary on here in New Zealand last night about Islam,and the Qor'an. Researcher Lexenberg has discovered that the Qor'an's original text has changed significantly since the 600's, and in fact a lot of the original language was not Arabic but Syro-Aramaic. He was able to apply this linguistic insight and make sense of verses that previously did not make sense. The whole "72 virgin" thing by the way is a complete mistranslation, it's not virgins but grapes that God gives to new arrivals in paradise to refresh them, and this in turn is taken from Jesus' saying I will drink this cup new with you in the world to come.

    • Abdullah Mikail

      Perhaps he failed to read the Uthmani script preserved in Istanbul?

      The Uthmani script was written around 40 years after the Prophet passed away.

      Wow, what do you know?

      Arabic, original, unchanged from the outset, recited by peoplefive times at least every single day since the first verse was revealed in Mecca in Arabic, and today hundreds of millions of people recite it just as it was done then.

  • Art Telles

    How About A Lawsuit?

    Pamela Geller posted on her Atlas Shrugs blog the text of a lawsuit in Europe against the 94.000 descendants of the prophet Muhammed ibn ‘Abd Allāh al-Hashimi al-Qurashi (Muhammad).

    Anybody know any gutsy lawyers in America? No, not the ACLU, please. Lawyers who are for a free individual America, not lawyers who are for an ACLU submissive collective America.

  • Art Telles
  • james

    ….and I looked ;and as i looked;I saw THE PROPHET enjoying a Hebrew National and washing it down with a pint of ale.

  • freedom fighter

    Who would actually pay these biased, lazy reporters in the real world? We need to stop using stories from the AP and see if they can pay their bills long term.

  • Cat insurance

    Qor'an or not Qor'an that is one contentious issue! Always such a difficult issue to talk about!

    How many of you have been in a conversation with a Muslim, and you find that soon there are irreconcilable differences between you? You ask the Muslim why he or she says the things they do, and they respond that they only repeat what they have learned from the Qur'an. In reply you claim that what you believe also comes from the Word of God, the Bible.