The Railroading of Geert Wilders

The Stalinist-show-trial aspect of the Geert Wilders “hate speech” trial in the Netherlands was thrown into sharp relief last week when the Amsterdam District Court refused to allow Wilders to call fifteen of the eighteen witnesses he had hoped to bring forward in his defense. Wilders in response was characteristically direct: “This Court is not interested in the truth. This Court doesn’t want me to have a fair trial. I can’t have any respect for this. This Court would not be out of place in a dictatorship.”

The three witnesses the court allowed Wilders are the Dutch Islamic scholars Hans Jansen and Simon Admiraal, along with the Wafa Sultan. Hans Jansen’s work on Islam is superb and groundbreaking, and he will be an excellent witness, as will Admiraal and the exemplary freedom fighter Wafa Sultan.

Nonetheless, this decision indicates the hollowness of Dutch justice and the court’s bias against Wilders. For some who would have been Wilders’s most effective witnesses were disallowed. He had wanted to call Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo Van Gogh.

Why Bouyeri? Wilders, in the bizarre inquisition that has replaced justice in the Dutch courts, is accused of offending Muslims by pointing out that Muslims invoke the Qur’an and Muhammad’s example to justify violence. However, Bouyeri quoted the Qur’an in the note threatening Wilders and others that he stabbed into Van Gogh’s body, and invoked the Qur’an repeatedly during his trial as well. “Kill them, and Allah will help you and guide your hand,” he said. “There’s no room there for doubt or interpretation there.”

Bouyeri would have proven Wilders’ point immediately: he is simply telling the truth about how Islamic teachings incite all too many Muslims to violence – and if telling the truth is now illegal in the Netherlands, so much the worse for the Netherlands. By disallowing Wilders from calling Bouyeri and others, the court has hindered Wilders’ ability to make this case – suggesting (and by no means for the first time) that the Dutch authorities are determined to convict Wilders, and are not going to let any inconvenient facts get in the way of their doing so.

It is not exaggerating to say that the Geert Wilders trial is a defining moment in the history of Western civilization. One would have to go back centuries to find a court case with as much significance for the future course of the free world. If the farrago of “hate” charges against Wilders stick, and he is convicted, it will herald the end of the freedom of speech in the West, as a precedent will have been set that other Western nations (urged on by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which is the organization most responsible for the global assault on free speech) will be certain to follow. The era of enlightenment and the understanding that all human beings are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights will be definitively drawing to a close, and a new darkness will descend over Europe and the free world in general. For once the precedent is established that a man can be jailed and destroyed for offending a privileged class, the idea that every human being has rights that cannot be infringed will be damaged beyond repair.

And even if Wilders prevails, enough damage has been done already. The Dutch law (and there are others like it in other Western countries) that stipulates that someone can actually be tried and jailed for offending another person will remain on the books. Other trials will follow. The law will be used by the governing elites who developed it in order to maintain their power and silence independent and dissenting voices.

For that is, of course, the point of all this. The Dutch authorities stand arrayed on one side, with Wilders standing alone on the other. Yet despite the fact that he has nothing like their numbers, wealth, or resources, he threatens to topple their entire multicultural house of cards – for he has on his side a weapon that all of their power cannot defeat, the weapon of truth. And so they are desperate to silence him, and end forever his truth-telling about jihad and Islamic supremacism.

Yet even if they do silence him, the truth will still be the truth. They will not be able to obliterate it forever. But will they be able to help initiate a long, perhaps centuries long, period of darkness and oppression in Europe and its civilizational children?


  • BS1977

    Cooperating with EVIL is evil…good point. Appeasing dictators, thugs and barbarians never worked, does not work and will never work.

  • john

    I guess all that phd, jd, md is only toilet waste when you cannot even get freedom of speech correct. I had my share of idiotic phd, jd, md etc…

  • poptoy

    I totally agree with what the above two people have commented. Nothing more need be said.

  • Walter Scott Hudson

    Interesting that this is the first I have heard of this story. Good job, MSM.

  • james hazan

    Look at things differently,The more Muslims push their Islam ism at our faces the more resolute we become .It's a wake up call,A well needed one , aux armes citizens

    • mike

      Aux armes !!!!!

  • Trencherbone

    @ Walter Scott Hudson – regarding the MSM, the BBC has imposed a complete news blackout on this trial in keeping with its policy of dhimmitude , appeasement and taqiyya.:

  • JosephWiess

    Next stop for the Netherlands: Sharia Law, burqa's, and slavery. When you deny a man the right to face his accusers and question them, then you are running a kangaroo court and have given into fear.

    Sad to say, but the netherlands is not alone. The whole world seems to be afraid of the "religion of peace," and has lost the backbone that's required to stand up to evil.

  • Shahid

    Islam is a cult and should be banned. Wilder can prove it if he is allowed as he mentioned.

  • davarino

    The politicians in the Netherlands are being influenced by middle eastern oil money. They would rather sell out their country than stand up for the truth and free speech. The good people of the Netherlands have to take back their country.

    • jackbelias

      They cant do that without arms. agiving up ones right to bear arms is suicidal and stupid, the Europeans have now proven our founders wiser than we ever knew. If our courts did this those in power would have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their very short lives. A few angry militants with AK 47s can make a very big mess, our elites know this and fear the power of an armed people.

      Europe will lose this battle because its native people have no means to kill and maim the ruling classes. We should learn from the death of Europe and further expand our right to bear arms. Laws requiring class 3 permits should be replaced with a right to own any firearm one can afford. No city or state should require license or registration, let the enemy wonder who has one and who doesnt.

      • Oesi

        You're right; we are not allowed to own arms. That's why many people want to join a rifle club and take lessons. The rules for joining these clubs are very strict, almost impossible.
        However, for 250 euros it's possible to buy a perfectly good AK-47….in Brussels and lots of people are buying 'chocolates' there. If we go down, we'll take a lot of a..holes with us.

  • bardefa

    "Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that Iran is set to deliver a "punch" that will stun world powers during this week's 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution."

    And what will we do about that???? NOTHING!

  • Stephen D.

    Geert Wilder is a true HERO to all lovers of freedom. Remember, once your right to speak freely is gone you can no longer disagree with the authorities. YOU have just become a slave to the State as you now have essentially given up all other rights. Think about it. THEY say you no longer have a right to own property…you can’t complain…what other recourse? NONE. Freedom of Speech is the conerstone of ALL free societies. Geert Wilder knows this. This issue is much larger than the “insulting” of Islam. When the courts say “even if it is true his observations are illegal.” The end of Freedom is at hand!

  • eric rotj

    Depressing, illuminating, and persuasive.

    Forget the BBC and the Euripean media; where is the conservative press and bipartisan outrage? Shame the ACLU, the Nation, and CNN! Can’t somebody get a quote out of the Obama administration?

    • yahmon

      I read an article the other day where of all people Hilary Clinton was acknowledging the islamazation in the USA as a greater threat then the nuclear ambitions of iran.
      She actually has her eyes open unlike a lot of people.

      There is no easy fix here but it has to start by debunking Islam as being a religion and by law acknowledge it as a facist cult which it truly is.
      Now find a politician that dares to open the lid on this can of wurms.
      Only if you can outlaw Islam you can take it out by its grassroots

  • Adheeb

    Three hundred years before the Crusades, Muslims attacked, plundered and subjugated Christian people and lands until it became obvious that Christians had to fight back. Amazingly that realization took 300 years.

    You can look at history as a series of wars, you can look at it as a list of dates & kings or economic changes -but- if you look at it from the perspective of religous struggle … what we now see in our world with regard to Islam becomes clear. Islam is at war with everything except Islam. The founder of this religon was a bandit, thief and murderer and made his own conduct the standard for his followers. These are ugly facts. But if you don't want to believe it…. you must find some way to avoid it. The truth is already hard to find …. but if you don't have any desire for truth…. you'll never find it.

    • chhoop

      You obviously know nothing about Islam. Shame on you for talking like that about some religion!

    • Pat

      I am now a committed Roman Catholic, formerly an atheist, and I would give anything for another crusade agaisnt these barbarians. Keep the dream alive.

  • david

    plz full support to Geert wilder, we need to know what is the Evil islam. dont ignore that. the Evil islam, muhammad and quran are great danger for the world. watch this video then you come to know what is Evil islam and their teachings..

    • cpr

      "evil Islam"? how dumb you have to be to say that?!!

  • bardefa

    John III Sobieski (Polish: Jan III Sobieski) (17 August 1629 – 17 June 1696)
    Sobieski's greatest success came in 1683 with his victory at the Battle of Vienna, in joint command of Polish, Austrian and German troops, against the invading Turks under Kara Mustafa.
    For his victories over the Ottoman Empire, he was dubbed by the Turks the "Lion of Lechistan."

  • richard

    this will come eventually to the west.
    there should be a massive, collective outcry.
    eventually it must be fought, if all else fails, with violence.
    but then we shall become the terrorists.
    so be it!

  • Andy

    These kind of cases are making moderate Christians like myself want to take actions into our own hands. It is not the Muslims fault just our foolish goverments who let them get away with anything and build them more and more Mosques in so called Christian countrys. Most Muslim country goverments would be offended if we went over building Churches in their country. Yet our so called Christian countrys are getting betrayed by our own goverment which is an utter disgrace either topple the goverment and put a so called right wing group in charge who are mostly nationalists who will not allow the building of Mosques. Or this is going to end in a huge civil and religious war now I am not a violent man but if it came into protecting my country and family from the ever growing threat of Islamification I would indeed fight as I do not want a religion that treats women like 2nd class citizens forced upon me and my family.
    From a moderate Christian.

    • Swemson

      "It is not the Muslims fault" ????????

      You must be kidding me…

      • Andy

        No it is not just the Muslims fault its our cowardice goverments we should not push all the blame on Muslims in general. I agree some of it is the Muslims fault but I have met muslims who are nice people who disagree with parts of Islam.

        • Swemson

          So you're willing to let them kill all of us, just because some of them aren't evil.

          The hell with them. If they were on our side, they'd be working even harder than we are to end the bad ones…

          No.. They're silent accomplices.. They're the most shameful part of the problem, because they've willfully let their own people be terrorized by those savages for centuries.

          They're the problem… and a huge portion of the non-muslim world doesn't has the stones to stand up to them…. Why ?

          Because leftists are in power all over the world, and leftists have no stones at all !

          • mike

            I agree completely with Swemson. Our ancestors knew how to deal with Muslims. THAT IS WHY YOU LEAVE IN (still) CHRISTIAN EUROPE. WE WILL JUST REPEAT WHAT OOUR ANCESTORS DID TO THEM.

          • Andy

            So you guys are basically saying to hell with it just kill them all children,women,elderly and the ones who stand upto the terrorists? Would that not just make us as barbaric?

  • Civilus Defendus

    The promotion of sharia is sedition. Sharia condemns liberty and forbids equality under the law and is antithetical to traditional liberal thought. If we are unable to share facts and opinions on those facts, if the truth is unlawful, it remains true.

    This election cycle is THE time to demand candidates declare a side: The US Constitution or suicidal acquiescence to the totalitarian, "theocratic" war machine that is islam.

    18 Legislative Actions for a Sharia-Free America:

  • Frank R.

    1 of 2
    In reality, the Netherlands has put itself on trial. Everyone knows that the Wilders trial is merely a show trial, a way of appeasing a violent and growing group, and one that is no longer a minority in many European cities. I think it's nearly 50% in Amsterdam already, and the ratios are moving up in other cities.

    The idea that "truth" and "reality," as opposed to "myth" and "fantasy," is a mostly American concept. But even here movies and books about vampires, ghosts, aliens from space, wizards, etc. are what make best sellers and blockbusters. Some used to accuse Obama of being no more than an empty suit. But our own media-hypnotized youth culture is looking more like an empty shell.

  • Barry Cooper

    We often see, when we try some violent terrorist, that they will become "martyrs" who inspire others to violence. Self evidently, this gets the cart before the horse.

    In this case, though, I really do think, in the case of a conviction, that we might see what I propose we call "The Obama Effect", in which well meaning people who had hitherto forgone organized political advocacy and action will become mobilized, and will tear down–electorally–the shoddy facade of civility that characterizes Political Correctness, and reveal it for the morally corrupt, disgusting abuse of both reason and principle that it is.

    That court needs to be very careful what it wishes for, because they might just get it. The realm of unintended consequences is, after all, the virtually exclusive domain of the Left.

  • Joe Six-Pack

    This war must become much larger before the issues can be decided. It is only a matter of time before a match sets it off.

  • david

    There has been a total blackout of news on the Geert Wilders trial in the Los Angeles Times and other major newspapers and media in the Los Angeles area. How far has dhimmitude and cowardice infected our society already! Geert Wilders is one of the great heroes of our time.

  • NikTorn

    Nice article, the dutch government are doing all they can to sabotage Wilders campaign for the coming election, making sure he is busy with irrelevant things like this trial which is just bullshit in squares. I hope this will bring even greater success to Wilders and his party though. It is troubling that media in other countries seem to not speak about this trial much, they probably know he would be a hero in the eyes of regular people and they want to deny him that.

    The Dutch gave us in Sweden on of our most beloved artists, Cornelis Wreesvijk. A real down to earth and witty poet/singer. An islamic society would never be able to produce such an artist. They would execute him for his free way of expressing himself and what they would brand as immorality. He would also be flogged a lot since he had some problems with the alcohol. A future with islam does not look bright.

  • Infidel_One

    "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last." – Winston Churchill.

    • Tryon

      The crocodile is a reptile of peace,
      And keeps growing till its grim decease,
      Five times a day,
      It's moved to prey,
      Devouring us piece by piece by piece.

  • Frank R.

    2 of 2

    Declaring a "war on terror" was already a generous gift by our former president. We all knew that "terror" was a kindly generalized term so we wouldn't have to point to real target staring us in the face. And "terror" is just another kind of weapon that anyone can use. Naming the war as against "terror" was an extreme act of generosity, a second chance. Now our new president thinks that maybe even "terror" is too precise!

    Now the country of Netherlands has decided to make itself a test case by declaring a war against truth, facts, and free speech. By doing so, it has already proven itself guilty of probably bias and appeasement. By now removing over 80% of Wilder's witnesses to help in his defense, it has removed the "probability" part. Their appeasement and surrender to its new violent immigrant population is now complete. The sentence, if any, against Wilders is secondary. The Netherlands is on trial for violating moral decency, and Wilders, its best and only witness to help it, is being attacked instead. They are frantically trying to bury their last remaining hero.

  • Federated Republic

    Are we not facing the same thing here in the US with "hate crimes", PC speech, a MGMSM that is rife with sicking platitudes to gangbangers, getto street trash, and other such human garbage! Are we not teetering on the same precipice? Wake up America you're next!

  • anti arabia

    i have watched mr wilders for a few years now,i have listened and read what he has to say.i have the greatest respect for the sickens me to the core that this case is in frount of the to find out he is been denied witnesses,is it a dutch court or is holland now part of saudi arabia?its hard to tell…holland,europe and the world wake up,we are letting our own laws and way of life to be destroyed by an enemy that is now entrenched and focused on the destruction of all that is not islam.for the sake of my daughters and my way of life,to be able to say as i feel and condem what i feel is wrong ,i pray the courts of holland show us all free speech cannot and will not be destroyed by people who time after time prove to us they belong in the 7th mr wilders ireland supports you.

    • Swemson

      It's not a Dutch court.. It's a kangaroo court.

  • OldOllie

    The Netherlands were instrumental in leading the Europeans out of the Dark Ages; now it appears they are going to lead them back.

  • BS1977

    The PC moron liberals are destroying their own futures…in England, France,Holland….the idiot college professor-politicians opened their doors to the Trojan Horse of nearly unrestricted immigration…. and stand there staring at the result like pathetic paralyzed jerks….unable to do anything but issue platitudes and reassurances….what a mess. Poor olde Englande……hard to believe this is the same country that gave the world Elizabeth, Victoria, Churchill and the RAF pilots in their Spitfires……

  • Len Powder

    Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Rifqa Bary in the US will be monumental cases in which Western liberties and Islamist tyranny oppose each other on legal grounds. We are yet again at the Gates of Vienna where western civilization is again confronted by oriental barbarism. Now, as then, which side wins will determine the course of history for generations, if not millennia.

  • Jeanne T.

    "But will they be able to help initiate a long, perhaps centuries long, period of darkness and oppression in Europe and its civilizational children?"

    A "centuries long period of darkness" probably means that Europe will have been subjugated by Islam. If that happens, then Europe will never again be free. For isn't it true that where Islam has conquered, there has never been a reversal? Once a culture has been Islamized, it is permanent.

  • Bob

    What exactly is a "moderate" Christian? Someone who kind of believes the Bible? Someone who believes some Biblical doctrines but not others? Someone who believes God when it is convenient to do so? There are two ways to stop Islam from taking over America. Win them to Christ or fight them at ever turn, in the courts, in the schools, in the prisons, in the streets and hand to hand if necessary. I certainly prefer the former but the latter will always be my fall back position.

    • Andy

      Meaning I am not willing to kill innocent people in the name of my religion. I would be fine with the Jihadist dying but not the innocent. Well we shall see what happens in the Geert Wilders trial hopefully he will prevail which would be best for everyone. Obviously not for the sadistic left wing goverments.

  • Pat E

    Brilliant piece of work Spencer. We must protect Freedom of Speech at all costs. Our political correctness is destroying much of it. Europe seems to be going down in a hurry. We can't let the same thing happen in the US.

  • Long Lance

    Someone should investigate to find out whether any of the judges sitting in this trial are descendents of Roland Freisler, the notorious Head Judge of Nazi Germany's "People's Court" during WWII. It would explain a lot.

  • ca1ic0cat

    One can only wonder; have the Dutch forgotten the lessons of the Nazi occupation or have the Dutch courts learned from them?

  • Walsall_BNP

    I have complained to the BBC regarding the blackout of this trial. If they don't cover it I will refuse to pay the licence fee. Come and get me BBC.

  • hill 300

    GEERT, fight on! yours is the noblest cause. the west ,mired in its hopless relativism and worship of multiculturalism is truly in decline if you are convicted as hate speech pours out of mosques all over the world. the muslims are very skilled at seeking the protection of our western traditions as they plot to destroy them. make no mistake about……. fi we are going to pass on to our children the institutions of freedom earned at such a high cost,this assault upon them must be seen for what it is and defeated.failing this our children will end up living in a stultifying society where woman are chattle,freedon of expression is gone and freedom of religion is a distant memory

  • John foulds

    this is nothing more than a politically motivated attack upon Wilders.The powers that be know for a fact that what he preaches is totally true and correct but the parties in power do not have the balls to admit to this.
    Wilders is a good honest man with his nation at his heart,how many other politicians could honestly say that.
    Please let Mr Wilders expose Islam for what it is,it is nothing short of a betrayal to mankind.
    If the Dutch court has its way,it will lay down the foundation for islam to over-rule all that has been fought for by so many for so long.The Dutch hold the key to the freedom of speech.
    I just wonder if justice will prevail,doubtful,for there is no such thing as political justice,is there.
    Just hope I don`t have to save my grandchild from tripping up over her burka.
    have a great day :(

  • Hobbit Clarity

    "Attempting to bury their last hero." That's what a commenter above said of the Netherlands' prosecution of Geert Wilders for telling the truth about Islam. Yes, that is exactly right. But it should also be noted that they are attempting to bury him alive and that he is not just a hero of the Netherlands. No, he is a hero of all the freedom loving peoples on Earth.

    And so as this traitorous farce of a Dutch court attempts to judge him, so shall we, the freedom loving peoples of Earth, judge the Netherlands. And we WILL have more heroes. And EVIL shall be exposed and dragged kicking and screaming into the bright sunlight of truth. Count on it, and help to make it so.

  • allan jens

    annie, get you gun. allan jens

  • Keenan Renwick

    I just discovered your site on Yahoo. Great article. I appreciate you

  • jan

    what a bunch of scary right wing remarks.
    Wilders a complete fool who is only trying to get more
    votes through popular oneliners.
    And what the heck do you guys know about what happens in the Netherlands. As a Dutchmn I happen to know what I am talking about, and dare to say that Wilders is a threat to democracy. Get a life.

  • david

    I can hardly believe the change in major cities I visited. There are Muslim areas of "Rotterdam where the police are afraid to enter except in groups. The citizens are fed up with the Muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate or honor Dutch ideals or customs, drain the welfare, and boast they will make Holland Islamic by heavy immigration (legal and illegal) and their birthrate. There is a Muslim crime wave that includes gang rape of non-Muslim women, who Muslim young men consider "whores" for not wearing the veil. There is forced child marriage, honor slayings, female genital mutilation, savage beating of children at mosque classes, and on and on. Meanwhile the liberal elite that dominates academia, the press and the government are in full appeasement mode. G. Wilders is a hero. He, unlike others, is sounding the alarm and standing up for his country. The response of the government is to try to silence him with a vicious, bogus prosecution. The response of the Muslims is attempts to murder him, as they murdered Theo Van Gogh and others. Got it, "Jan?"

  • jan

    GW is not a hero. A hero is someone with a high IQ. Unlike GW. And by the way who are you to judge ghe intents of a foreign Court, which is highly indpendant. I think if we would do the same, shame would go over us.
    I just happen accidently to arrive o n this site. My judgement is that you are a poor set of people full of dogma's and prejudices. I pity you.

    Jan, living and born in the Hague in 1930.

  • joshua,

    How come one so easily forgets the murders on JFK, RFK, MLK and so on, and so on.
    This all happened in the US – if I am well informed -? Why point your finger to a country you donot know anything about. I totally agree with Jan. GW is a very dangerous man who attracts the wrong people. It has nothing at all to do with – only the Islam -, especialy since he now states that 'all the people of Islamic descent can stay', if they adjust. Funny thing is that there are thousands of people in the Netherlands of Islamic descent, born and raised in this country and well adjust. People in Universities, schools and in other jobs. Just like in you country. And one should definitely not forget that GW is of Indonesian descent, who was in his younger days just like anybody else. Long hair, smoking etc. Point is politics is a well paying business in this country. Where else can you find with another group of losers such a well paying job on taxpayer wallet.

    Joshua, Eindhoven

  • david

    Joshua and Jan use the time-honored tactic of people who can not meet an argument: they call the speaker (Geert Wilders) names. The problems with Islamism in the Netherlands and other countries are obvious to anyone who cares to look. How many girls have to have their genitals mutilated, how many brave souls have to be stabbed to death or have their heads sawed off, before Joshua and Jan wake up? I have seen Mr. Wilders' short film and heard him speak. Sorry, lads, Mr. W. is a very smart, learned and wise man. And the Dutch public, though not the leftist elite, are with him.

  • Jaydeezee

    Lets see. What's the name of that company? It slips my mind……oh yes! Royal Dutch – Royal Dutch Petroleum. Shell Oil. Any more discussion necessary?

  • Infidel

    I PISS on ISLAM.
    The Koran is nothing but a bunch of toilet paper
    that I wipe my butt with!
    Three cheers for Geert Wilders

  • Julian

    Is that half past eight tonight?

  • Pat

    Only too true; I fear it is far too late for my native America. The West is dying, it's spirit and body are being consumed by Islamic rot and our own people would rather allow this to happen than take a stand. We Westerners are not the spineless savages they think us, but I fear these backward liberals are only reinforcing such perceptions. The day we trade the chruch for the mosque, the parliament for the minaret, and democracy for theocracy will be the end of our culture, our values and civil liberties, our very way of life….

  • Pat

    If there were more men with your courage and conviction, these bastards never would have been allowed in.

    Keep it up.