Where Will the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Be?

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Yesterday, Politico ran a story entitled “GOP takes harsher stance toward Islam” by Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman about the Republican Party’s alleged slide toward “Islamophobia,” complete with a tut-tutting quote about (what else?) tea parties and bigotry from Honest Ibe Hooper of Hamas-linked CAIR. Smith and Haberman do not, of course, see fit to mention that Hooper is the front man for a group that is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas jihad terror funding case, or that several of its officials have been convicted of jihad terror activities, and that thus Hooper himself merits the title of “bigot” — and much worse titles — far more than do those who oppose him and his ilk in the name of Constitutional freedoms.

But that’s not why I’m writing this. Nor am I writing it because the Republican Party is allegedly growing more realistic about the threat of jihad and Islamic supremacism. I’m glad to see some of its exponents talking sense about the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, but that doesn’t mean that they have any more of a realistic or informed appraisal of the roots of jihad terrorism, stealth jihad, and the like than they always did. The party appears to be pretty much as clueless as it has always been, but time will tell.

No, I am writing this because of an offhand remark that Smith and Haberman make: “…what is now nationally known as the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ – it is actually a few blocks north of the site…”

This has become a common weapon in the arsenal of mosque proponents. They will say that the mosque needs to be at 9/11 to demonstrate American religious liberty and as a gesture of healing to reverse the damage done on 9/11, as Daisy Khan has said. Then they will contradict themselves by saying that the mosque won’t be at Ground Zero anyway, but a few blocks away, and so it doesn’t really have anything to do with 9/11.

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  • Kim Bruce

    "Bridges" my ass!
    The Isatanic mosque is a declaration of war…not victory.
    The war has only begun. It took 10 years for the American people to (almost) forget the meaning of 9/11.
    If we had very, very short memories the mosque would have been built amongst the rubble in 2002.
    Islamic sharia has not encompassed America yet. It has run into barriers written in the Constitution.
    Now, with the help of the current President and his advisors, it will go up as a symbol of the invasion and overtaking of American culture and the replacement by Islamic sharia law.
    Resistance from the American people will meet this invasion,( I hope).

    This is why it is so important for Barack Obama to declare the 2nd and the 14th Amendments null and void.
    The first one…the 2nd, would take away the right to defend yourself and your family while the 14th would allow the Islamic invasion and eventual conquest to take place without hindrances.
    Obama is the biringer of peace…Islamic style peace that is.

    • http://www.intellectualconservative.com Steven Laib

      The islamists are trying to buy up this nation with the dollars we paid for oil. If they can't take us over militarily, they will do so by finance.

  • jes

    Yes, it's the damage not the proximity that is most important. They are building their victory mosque actually on Ground Zero and they will no doubt incorporate parts of the damaged building in their mosque just as the Muslims did in the Cordoba mosque in Spain where they incorporated the columns from the church which was previously on the site (spolia the Latin for spoils or booty is the architectural term).

  • Ali

    The 9/11 attack was perpetrated by a small group, not by Islam itself. The hate and animosity against Muslims in America and against the mosques being built confirms fears that war against terrorism is against war against Islam and Muslims. This is exactly what Bin Laden wanted, i.e., to create war between West and Muslims.

    • PAthena

      There are Mohammedans all over America and mosques as well, including mosques in New York City. The objection to having a mosque built near Ground Zero is its location; freedom of religion does not mean the freedom to build a religious, or any other building, wherever one wants. If there is any religious group hating non-members, it is the followers of Mohammed. Why the attacks on 9/11 after all? Why no churches or synagoges or Buddhist temples in Arabia and other Mohammedan lands? Why the destruction of the great statue of Buddha in Afghanistan?

    • http://madaboutmahound.blogspot.com/ Gary Rumain

      Yes, because all arselifters are the same whether they are jihadis or merely give zakat to fund jihadis. All arselifters are culpable and all will pay.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      You are a perfect illustration of why Leftists should never be allowed ever again to hold the office of the presidency, because you being a typical Leftist couldn’t be more gullible, naïve, and ill informed, which is the hallmark of Leftism. It couldn’t be more obvious that you are assuming that Islam is just like any other faith-based religion and that Muslims are just like any other faith-based adherents, and you couldn’t be any more credulous and wrong. Meanwhile Muslims readily exploit useful idiots like you and Barack Obama to further their “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

      • winoceros

        He isn't a leftist, he's a Muslim.

    • Brooklyn Dave

      But that small group represents the thinking or more specifically, the sympathies of a large sector of Muslims. OK, most Muslims in the US do not have any desire to blow themselves up or crash planes into our buildings, but are increasingly antagonistic towards Western culture and values (please do not focus in on smut). This is largely due to the efforts of Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia, who have the mega-bucks to spend on not onl;y on building mposques, but funding Wahhabist imams who preach the destruction of Western civilization. Yes, you can say that a significant portion of the Ummah is at war with the West, although only a small group has actually taken up actual terrorism. CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the US, and the dopey American politicians can spin it any way they like. One thing I can give the jihadi minded credit for, is that in certain arenas they have been very honest about their purposes. In this age of technology, everything is filmed, taped etc. Imam Faisal and many other have made many blunt and honest statements in regard to their ambitions.

    • Paddyjdonovan

      What is your excuse for islam in the other parts of the world in which this cult wages war. What is your excuse for islam not playing nice with ANYONE it comes into contact with? This is not to mention, of course, all the barbaric laws against women and people who believe in a more just, tolerant faith. There's only ever a group of " a few men " because there is not a muslim army that can find their ass with their hands so they have to kill women and children.

    • Atikva

      Ali, please don't even try to rehash that BS. We know better.

    • Matthew Quigley

      The mohammedans started this war 1400 years ago. It's about time we did to islime what was done to the Soviet Union: DESTROY IT!

  • The_Inquisitor

    Forget Ground Zero. Why allow any mosques to be built? Islam has declared war on America.

    • trickyblain

      How does an idea or system of belief (Islam) delare war?

  • tim heekin

    mosques everywhere are, at best, sleeper cells

  • ObamaYoMoma

    If those leading the fight against the Ground Zero Supremacist Mega-Mosque automatically concede to the fiction that Islam is just another religion like any other and nothing more, then you may as well just submit to dhimmitude because you will never be able to stop Islam from propagating in the USA and eventually subsuming the West.

    This Ground Zero Supremacist Mega-Mosque should be opposed on the grounds that besides being a religion Islam is also a very radical form of totalitarianism that seeks world domination as its main goal. Therefore, because Islam in effect is not just a religion but also a totalitarian theo-political ideology that seeks to subjugate the world via the imposition of Sharia, it is not protected by the first amendment of the constitution.

    Indeed, Sharia institutionalizes systematic oppression of females and non-Muslims and incorporates draconian punishments such as stonings, beheadings, and amputations. There is also no freedom of religion in Islamic countries, the freedom of conscience is forbidden, and apostasy is punished by execution. Hence, it couldn’t be any clearer, besides being a religion, Islam is also a very radical form of totalitarianism that seeks world domination as its main goal.

    Therefore, the fiction that Islam is a religion only like any other should not be conceded because it will set a precedence that should never be allowed to be set.

  • Just a thinker

    We have learned from our president that we should not fail to capitalize on an opportunity that a crises provides :). Instead of looking at this mosque as a threat we should look at it as an opportunity.

    Now. if we can climb out of "this proposed mosque is terrible" box we can look at the opportunities it provides.

    For example, a memorial to all of those killed through out the ages in the name of Islam could be constructed across the street. This memorial could contain a huge constantly changing display screen that contained pictures (they must be in color) of those killed. This constantly changing pictorial could start with the Jews beheaded by Mohammed in 627 A.D. at the Jewish village of Qurayzah to those those killed on 9/11. It could also tribute Daniel Pearl and Nicholas Berg. Some appropriate quotes from the Qur'an could also be highlighted, and we all have seen the reaction in the Islamic world when the towers fell – I remember well those videos of many in the street cheering the Trade Towers destruction.

    So, as it may be legal to construct a celebration mosque near ground zero, it is also legal to put counterpoint across the street.. Muslims seem to want to erect celebratory monuments of victory, so Americans can erect monuments of a different type.

    Let's not this opportunity to be wasted to reveal the Islamic threat !!!

    Now, the threat of a counterpoint like this just motivate those who are planning this thing to change locations. LOL.

    • winoceros

      If more were donated to SIOA's cab campaign, the Muslims themselves would carry these images and messages all over New York City.

      You know, there isn't much to be said for an ideology that rejects man's best friend. Reject dogs as a society, and frankly, you lose your anchor to compassionate humanity.

      Watching neighborhood Muslim scatter if a dog is walked by on the street because they have been told by their superstitious elders that dogs are "najis" is awful to watch. Imagine what they've been taught about women and gays…

  • dbowers

    Has anyone ever heard of the Trojan Horse? Given the Muslim focus on New York, a tall building in Manhatten would make for excellent blast coverage.

  • http://www.islamicreform.org Edip Yuksel

    Looking at this warmongering, hateful, bigoted group can I accuse all Jews and Christians being the same? Of course not. Similarly, based on the few terrorists and bigots, we cannot declare all Muslims to be the same.

    • winoceros

      You're right. They are not all the same. Some adhere to the Qur'an's proscriptions very closely, and some just float along in the comforts of the West, content to let others cleave to Islam's tenets, hoping that when shari'a finally does take hold, it just won't be too bad.

      Of course they're not all violent. But why is zakat just for Muslims? Why do "moderate" women get punished or worse if they are uncovered?

      What on earth does bigotry have to do with anything when we are discussing a political ideology whose adherents have declared war on America and acted on it? Do you reject that political ideology of Islam?

      And is the Constitution for all times to be followed ahead of the Qur'an?

      I can't wait to hear the answers.

      • Atikva

        You are right, winoceros. We are tired of this other BS about moderate muslims, who do not even exist according to their leaders. Where are they, when and how did they ever rally in the streets, on TV, in newspapers to condemn the massacres committed by their non moderate brothers? We have been enduring islam's violence for some thirty years now and their long silence is deafening.

      • http://www.islamicreform.org Edip Yuksel

        Dear Winoceros: There are many problems with today's Muslims faith and practice as it is the same with others. For instance, according to commonly accepted Jewish teachings, Jews can make profit from usury against non-Jews.

        Zakat should be given to anyone in need, starting from close family members (since you know their needs better). The Quran does not make any discrimination between the receiver's faith or lack of it.

        I reject Sharia laws and I promote secularism. Yet, I cannot blame majority of Muslims for the few extremists. In fact, Muslims have been on the receiving end of violence and terror much more than Christians and Jews. As it seems, you are blind to what your jets, tanks and military has been doing for decades in predominantly Muslim countries. Of course, the imperialist invading forces will portray their attrocities and destruction, the mass murdering as liberation, etc.

        I am for justice. When I condemn terrorism and violence, I do not favor state terrorism or of my ethnic group or those who share the same religion.

        As for the Constitution, as a lawyer and as a student of the Quran who have studied both, I see no contradiction between the US constitution and principles of the Quran. Besides, the very Quran itself instructs me to follow the terms of the contract. If I have problem with the Constitution, I would try to change it through the accepted procedure, that is vote and ratification.


    • Matthew Quigley

      Maybe individual mohammedans can be nice people, but islime is evil. Ask the Copts, the Armenians, Jews, Eastern Orthodox, Chaldeans, Assyrians and the other victims of Arab mohammedan and Turkish mohammedan GENOCIDE! And all done in the name of a pedophile psychopath false prophet!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    After rejecting an offer by Governor Paterson to discuss an alternate location for their victory mosque near Ground Zero Imam Rauf's supremacist group did a 180 turn and agreed to a meeting less than 24 hours later. Why the sudden reversal? Is this a PR stunt concocted by these fanatics to seem reasonable and flexible? Or were they dragged kicking and screaming to the meeting because Governor Paterson had the power to ruin their plans?

    Google ApolloSpeaks at Townhall.com to continue article

    • Rosa

      i do hope it was because David Patterson has the power to spoil their plan and i pray that one of the last things he does as Governor of NY is to spoil these arrogant Muslims from building their mosque on our soil…

  • Mare Wolkstein

    That Greek Church was very small to begin with. It was such a nice little church. Why doesn't someone file a law suit? This is discrimination. You can bet if a church has Black or Hispanic parishoners, it would have been reconstructed and made larger by now. I lost my stomach over the Cordoba mosque. To be honest, I forgot about the Greek church – when I read about it I lost my lunch again. I no longer love NY.

  • glpage

    Why should we be any more accepting of their religious practices near an area considered sacred in our country than they are of our religious practices in Mecca and Medina?

  • USMCSniper

    Ali, the Islamic treasury flush with oil extortion money from the west together with the help of useful dhimmi idiots is gaining the upper hand in this battle of survival for freedom. The slaveholder Islam has been transformed into a more virulent form of Islamofascism; it is an inveterate unrelenting enemy of freedom and western ideals. We as Americans need to act now and stem the tide of this deadly threat. Tomorrow may be too late. Freedom is too precious to abandon through complacency, acts of political correctness, or outright cowardice. If the Muslims try to build it make it impossible for any contractors to even work on it.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Islam is less a religion, and more of a cult. Why? Religions teach tolerance, right from wrong, how to deal with each other (Golden Rule), all in a way to maintain peaceful relations, in self, families, small communities, nations. Clearly, any way of thinking that enforces peace but at the end of the sword, is not a peaceful existance. Netanyahu stated if the Muslims laid down their arms and declared 'Peace!' with Israel, there would be peace. However, if the Israelis laid down there arms to declare 'Peace!', there would be no more Israel. But now that line of thought extends throughout the world. Islam only preys on the weak, on those it can overcome in battle, or subjugate through terror.

    Consider just what contributions Islam has given the world. I can't think of what that might be that is truly positive. We see many Christian hospitals, Jewish hosipitals, schools, open to all, much philanthropy to help heal the world in general. What comparable measures exist in the Islamic world? With their vast wealth?

    Western Civilization hangs in the balance, people!

  • fmobler

    "Most Muslims are not violent" trope is dangerous because it misses the point. The religion itself, its founding story, its history of codification into Sharia, its eschatology, the self-understanding of its current and past religious leaders, are all violent and profoundly immoral. Spencer and others document this in horrifying detail. The fact that most Muslims are decent and not violent is, at best, a testament to the decency of God's creatures even when surrounded by perversion. It is to their credit that many Muslims to not take their own religion seriously. It is to their debit that they stand by and permit it to continue.

  • Jonathan Swift

    A modest proposal: why not insist that Rauf and his ilk build a mosque for the Ahmadis and/or Sufis, that Salafi/Wahhabis like them are always blowing up? That way, America allows a mosque to be built (tolerance), but on behalf of groups that are also victims of the pro-terror Raufs of this world.

  • Art Unifier

    What is beyond me is how everyone has forgotten the power of images (art) to unify and make a case without words. Renowned artist, Marc Richard Rubin, and I were in NYC on June 6 at the Stop the Mosque rally with his 7ft x 14ft masterwork "Atrocity 911" (image at http://www.marcrubin.com/TANROOM.ivnu) which was painted as at the request of his life-long friend who lives 2 blocks from WTC. She asked him to "Paint this atrocity so no one will ever forget".

    Al-Jazeera turned their camera from the painting as they were interviewing Imam Rauf. The power of art. An Israeli woman translated to us Rauf's words from Arabic: " "I am the director of the mosque.(not the community center as they like to claim) It will be a living center for young men from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries…" Gee, why is this important fact ignored despite my best efforts to disseminate it?

    Military and ex-military, NYPD, NYFD and people from MANY countries thanked the artist. There were tears and healing. Only in Ohio did FOX Toledo cover an outdoor exhibition of "Atrocity 911". Liberal New York is brain dead. The 97 year infiltration of our Western culture by the Dadaists who merged with the Progressive mafioso thugs in 1918 is covert and the clue to taking back our civilization. They now run the important museums, government and the media and kick people to the curb who do not share their pernicious agenda.

    Even good people are brainwashed that art doesn't matter. Since when?? The creative impetus is what drives civilization forward—we ignore this fact at our own peril. If you want to take back America, take back the Arts, because when art dies, so does civilization. Paint it, dance it and sing it, people will wake up from a long Progressive-imposed slumber.

  • nomoregore

    It is an absolute right for the Islamists to erect an armory (a.k.a. mosque) as close to Ground Zero as possible. Where is a terrorist to find ammo when needed? Allahu Akhbar!!!!!!!

  • Rosa

    it's always good to reiterate not just for the newbies but also for anyone who many not yet have heard about it…there is so much we are all fighting that not everyone can be informed of everything…i do appreciate the info and i will further look into this…