Why Sweden?

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Why Sweden?

Why did Islamic jihadist Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, the suicide bomber who killed himself on a major street in Stockholm on Saturday, decide to target Sweden, of all places — one of the most benign multiculturalist welfare states on a continent full of them?

For even though no one was killed, that was apparently only because al-Abdaly didn’t set off his bomb at the intended time or place. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said the bombing was a “most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm,” and noted that it “failed — but could have been truly catastrophic.”

And certainly that seems to have been the intent. In an audio file in Arabic and Swedish that was sent to TT, the Swedish news agency, about ten minutes before Al-Abdaly detonated his bomb, the unidentified speaker exhorted “all Mujahadeen in Europe and Sweden” to act: “Now is the time to strike, don’t wait any longer. Step up with whatever you have, even if it is a knife, and I know you have more than a knife. Fear no one, fear not prison, fear not death.”

Why would an Islamic jihadist want to unleash catastrophic mass-murder upon mild, sclerotic, socialist old Stockholm? Reuters had a ready answer: the same audio file, it reported, “threatened retaliation for Sweden’s military presence in Afghanistan.”

Ah. So if Sweden withdrew its military personnel from Afghanistan, no more jihad would be waged against it, right? That is certainly an assumption often taken for granted by Western analysts on both the Left and the Right: Islamic jihadists are provoked by our presence in their countries, and if we just left them alone, they’d leave us alone.

It is a comforting notion, at least to those who are so supine and addicted to their comfort that they’ll sacrifice their freedom for it, but unfortunately for them, there was more in that audio file.

“Our acts will speak for themselves,” said the message, “as long as you do not end your war against Islam and humiliation of the Prophet and your stupid support for the pig Vilks.”

“The pig Vilks” is the Swedish cartoonist who drew the dog Muhammad: taking umbrage at the threats and murders of innocent people that followed the publication of cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper, Lars Vilks published his own cartoon of Muhammad as a dog with a human head. Islamic supremacists have put Vilks high on their hit list; last spring, he was attacked while he was giving a talk in Uppsala, and jihadists also tried to burn his house down.

So if they succeed one day in murdering Vilks, will Sweden then be safe?

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  • Red Rose

    Rebecca should watch Pat Condell's video "Goodbye Sweden"

    Sweden is in a diabolical situation. It appears to be worse than Britain and Eurabia, if that is possible.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And when we see the rubbish put on here by Rebecca, we can see why. If she's still alive 40 or so years from now, she might well be thankful that she won't still be around in the year 2100.

  • waterwillows

    We should understand that terror is not confined to just the murder of the masses. Terror and terrorism is also done person by person. That helps to make it far more acceptable to enable ever more esculating terror on larger numbers of people.

    For instance; to support sharia law, one is prepared to publicly stone a woman to death for her crime of being raped without four witnesses. This is practised individual terror. So when people accept sharia law into their country, they have started the first steps of becoming climatised to even greater terror becoming the norm.

    As they say; one can eat a whole elephant, if it is done bit by bit.

  • lassenfels

    Personal and public terrorism will end when Islam has converted enough of the population to control the country.Why Switzerland? The Muslims are systematically taking over small countries to eventually use the accumulated power and wealth to go after the larger,more powerful countries.
    They plan on Muslim world domination with the elimination of jews and the pope.They’ve said it repeatedly and they are not joking.Just follow their conversions,violence and take overs in Yemen,Africa,Indonesia,India,France……

  • vert

    given and has it really gotten back what it has given? Yes and no. I'd say they've got it pretty good here in the U.S. Got some examples? You are either offended on behalf of others due to inexperience and naivete, or you are muslim. Victims? Don't insult the many who have been killed because of Islam. clay

  • http://www.mirti.com camelia2011

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