Why Sweden?

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Not likely. In speaking about Vilks and Sweden’s alleged “war on Islam,” Al-Abdaly was aligning himself with the efforts of the 57-government Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to compel Western governments to outlaw “incitement to religious hatred” – that is, any honest discussion of the ways in which Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. That would render the West mute and hence defenseless in the face of the advancing jihad.

This effort has already been a smashing success. The Obama Administration and the Bush Administration before it have both been careful not to speak about Islam or jihad in connection with what the perpetrators consistently and universally refer to as acts of Islamic jihad – no matter what mental contortions they have to go through in order to ignore or obfuscate that fact. They have been so intent on showing that the U.S. is not at war with Islam that they have taken a sanguine and supportive attitude toward Islamic supremacist groups that are dedicated – in the words of a captured Muslim Brotherhood internal strategy document – to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

So if this effort succeeds entirely, and it becomes illegal in Sweden to speak critically of Islam or Muhammad (if that isn’t functionally the case there now already), will there be no more acts of jihad against Sweden?

Again, this is unlikely. For behind all these shifting pretexts is an imperative that cannot be placated: the mandate, rooted in Islamic doctrine, to wage war against unbelievers until they either convert to Islam or submit as inferiors to the rule of Islamic law. The pretexts always shift, and are useful to stir up a righteous anger against Infidels that is useful for making recruits among peaceful Muslims, but if one cause of that anger is taken away, the anger itself will not dissipate. Instead, it will just find another object, and manufacture a grievance to use for that purpose if necessary. The anger itself, and the resultant jihad, are the only thing that is constant.

So while the audio file sent to the Swedish news agency spoke of Afghanistan, insults to Muhammad, and Lars Vilks, the biggest mistake embattled Swedish Infidels could make would be to think that if reasonable accommodation were made in Sweden’s military posture and attitude toward speech about Islam, a lasting peace with the Muslims in their midst would then ensue. A prediction: a period of calm may indeed come in that case, but it would only be the calm before a greater storm than ever, as Islamic supremacists newly emboldened by Sweden’s show of weakness in making these accommodations would press forward even more fiercely than before.

And one thing is certain: Western governments, possibly including Sweden itself, will amply prove the truth of that prediction by the policies they adopt and pursue in the next few years.

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  • jac


  • Ma_Sands
  • Robbo

    Many predict that Sweden will be the first Western European country to fall to Islam. They're sleepwalking into it so let's see if this moron's explosion will waken up the indigenous residents to the nightmare just around the corner.

    • PhillipGaley

      While, he was not truly a "moron", our scholars do note for us how that, “there is something invariable about Islam, which dictates that, very many persons of Islamic-dominated societies are uniquely hard-wired for violence”: That “something” has to do with the deleterious genetic effect inhering in the centuries-old practice of 1st cousin marriage; so that, those nations—and, European nations—so afflicted, suffer increasing birth defects, and a significant lowering of the general IQ—but more, that now with plain mental and emotional instability.

    • suprkufrB

      I totally agree with your point, but if I were a betting man I'd rank Sweden third, behind Holland and Belgium.

    • Gubbe

      I don't think anything will waken up the swedes (and I say that as a swede myself). We're just too spineless. Sad but true.

      Having realized what's happening to Sweden and Europe, I choose to move to East Asia instead of fighting for my people. I could fight, but I'm sure as h-ll not doing it if I have to do it alone. I guess that makes me spineless as well… but then again, I am a swede.

    • Eric

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  • imnokuffar

    Britain is the epicentre of militiant Islam and is sleepwalking its way into Dhimmitude. If our politicians don't wake up to this threat soon, it will be time to take things into our own hands. It is obvious that peaceful, democratic protest no longer has any meaning or threat to these subversives and traitors. I and many others understand the threat intelectually – thanks to sites like these. A lot of other people understand the threat instinctively but feel a great helplessness as the Leviathan imposes its iron hand on dissent, freedom of speech and action. This will not continue and cannot continue. Nature abhors a vacuum and we will step into it. One or two more terrorist outrages in our country should just about turn the tables on these lying Islamic scum and thier fellow travellers. And no amount of Taqui'a or Kitman will serve as an explanation or justification. Its a shame really that some innocents are going to suffer but our innocents are already suffering. ____You cannot make an omlette with breaking some eggs.

    • John Thomas

      Imnokuffar (I'm from Britain too). You assume: our politicians are just asleep, not aware of what's happening/coming – that's an assumption without evidence. If anyone tries "taking things into their own hands" they will be called Right Wing, Racist, etc., and the media will clobber them (remember, to the media, Geert Wilders is "Far right", etc.) Now the government is threatening to ban an allegedly anti-muslim Christian pastor ("Far right! Racist!") from the UK – but hate-preaching mullahs are given free rein.

      • Martin Koschuttnig

        Or here in Austria Elisabeth S.W. who faces the same treatment like Mr. Wilders. She is declared a "right wing nut-case" by the "leftist" Newsmag whose main Target for many years was "Alois Haider" the politican who died a few years back. She is accused of spreading hate, and all the while this happend when she spoke at a small gathering during the breaks of her lecture. Less then 30 People were there! I ask Muslims, How can a DEAD PERSON know that he was "insulted"? Their "lice-ridden" prophet was just a human like any of us. So why should one treat him differently, especially when one discovers what kind of person he was, and how much hate death and carnage his followers spread all over the world! Is Israel to be blamed for the fights between Muslims in Pakistan and Hindus in India?

        • PhillipGaley

          Actually, "Martin Koschuttnig", the statement which you have devised: "Their "lice-ridden" prophet was just a human like any of us.", is quite false: the short histories which have been published concerning him, show him in immorality, mayhem, and other destruction, to be almost a sub-human type.

    • Spider

      "it will be time to take things into our own hands."

      Over the years you have allowed your government (Britain) to confiscate your guns and take away your free speech rights. (does Gert Wilder come to mind?) So now what is it exactly you plan on using fight back with? Maybe you could send the Jihadists a very strongly worded letter in protest right before you are blown to bits by one of their bombs or illegally obtained guns. Oh That's right you couldn;t do that either because your government would put you in jail for insulting Is lam..

      • imnokuffar

        No, I do not assume they are unaware, they are traitors which makes them aware of what they are betraying, if not consciously then unconsciously. As to be called "Right Wing" or "Ultra-Nationalist" I have been called all that and more. I am saying I simply do not care anymore. ____Make of that what you will.

      • imnokuffar

        Who said anything about letters ?

      • Stuart Parson

        I am happy we are not allowed to be privately armed. We don't want to increase the crime and murder rate. As for Islam, there is no verifiable evidence for the existence of its god, its 'Prophet' was a pathological narcissist and meglomaniac and the cult he bequeathed to the world is a bigger menace to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the hordes of Ghengis Khan ever were.

        • PhillipGaley

          But it's been well reported how that, after giving up your firearms, crime against police officers has increased.
          Also, for all the mean things which you've written about Islam, to do any good, you'd need to have a loaded firearm; but then, you're "happy we are not allowed to be privately armed."; and in so saying, you appear to be as a broken reed, a loser, with all that, that implies, . . .

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      england and its people must act as one and do the right thing as england did from 1939-1945.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        We were left with no choice but to do the right things from 1939-45, and that was only because of the consequences of doing the wrong things from say 1930-39. We appeased Hitler for six years before World War II. We appease terrorists and the regimes who support them today in the forlorn hope our turn won't come. We look at Israel today the way we looked at Czechoslovakia in 1938, and we know how that turned out. The West has got it hopelessly wrong from 1979 onwards and arguably much earlier.

  • rickard

    Hello im from Sweden. And I am VERY worried about swedens future. Damn, why can´t every other swede wake up ??? WHY DOES EVERYONE IGNORE WHATS HAPPENING??? Im am really really really worried about the future. Not as much for my sake, but for our children and grandchildren! :(

    • Isabella


      I share the same concerns from here in Canada. Educate everybody you know calmly but surely about the Islam attempt tp take over the political system of the Western world. 2010 is a year where it is more and more obvious that the jihad is being escalated a step higher!
      No submission to Islam! We want our ancestors and generations to come te proud of us and not the other way around!

    • Paul of Alexandria

      Because it would require the Swedes to choose religious sides and admit that one side is wrong and the other is right. In this conflict there are no neutrals, and there is only one choice. Trying to play the middle will only turn you into a dhimmi.

    • BigPat7

      Hi Rickard, though I reside in SoCal, I was over in Stockholm for nearly a month visiting friends, about 3 years back now. The Swedish people have shown me a resilience I didn't believe possible.

      Though they do have a large amount of Islamic immigrants, the people have demonstrated to me they're quite fed up with this element of their population. They never had a graffiti problem until this influx of immigration. In English speaking circles I frequented over in the Stockholm area, this group of immigrants was commonly referred to as 'black heads' – intended in a negative fashion.

      It was also brought to my attention that 70+% of this immigrant population was living off the state, in one fashion or another. Not productive, just a draw on your society.

      So three years ago now, Swedes showed me they were rather sickened with the influx of this group of immigrants. I guess the harder part is persuading your government to recognize your disgust with this population. In this last aspect, if handled properly by your media, this suicide bomber Islamic-jihadist can be used as a tool to help get your government officials to honor your sentiment.

      And if not handled properly, there will surely be more Islamic-jihadist bombings to come.

    • KING


    • Betsy

      You should be!!!!!

    • Glenn

      My grandparents came from Sweden in the 1920s and although I have never visited Sweden I have always been interested in going there (and will) one day. Something is wrong in Sweden. It is the same wrong thing that is being experienced throughout the West. It is a combination of Socialism and Multiculturalism brought on by the worshipers of the god Diversity. If your country wants to survive this Muslim incursion then Step One for Sweden is to regain the combination of Christian truth and Viking spirit that once served you so well. In terms of concrete action, the Swedes should undertake a mass deportation of ALL Muslims immediately. Either the Muslims will rule Sweden or the Swedes will or you will continue to be attacked. Take your pick. By the way, you are not facing this problem alone. We see the same Muslim scourge here in the States too but your country is too small to take much more from these Muslim idiots. Get rid of them! It is your country, not theirs.

  • Dror Israel

    One that goes to sleep with fleas should not be surprised when he wake up bitten.

    From historical point of view: Once again Europe let extremists take her down to an evil era
    I don't understand why European choose that each time in the history when they reach a pick in their culture.

    I'm sad for Europe.

    • Skandinav

      Yes, me too (writing from Sweden). I fear so much that this will bring Europe to a horrible, horrible situation once again. Everybody seems to think that war and chaos would be impossible in Europe, but our societies are hyper-sensitive to terror. It only takes a few people to inflict massive economic burdens on us.

      All these people feeling so good about themselves with their multi-culti-I'm-so-saved egos will one day wake up equally selfish and ignorant to a crashing economy – and be surprised to realize that they cannot just migrate to the US. Then trouble begin.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        It isn't a crashing economy that we have to worry about but a demographic takeover. In percentage terms, the proportion of Muslims doubles every 20-25 years, so if Sweden is 5% Muslim today, it will be 10% Muslim in 2035 and 20% Muslim in 2060. Even allowing for a slowdown in that rate, you're looking at 50% Muslim 100 years from now. And we know what the Swedish politician Jens Orback said of Muslims in 2004: "We must be open and tolerant towards Muslims, so they will be open and tolerant towards us when they become the majority". Thats wishful thinking taken to its extremes.

        • Skandinav

          Well, I agree that Sweden is in particular trouble because they are so hyper PC that they cannot halt the development. Presently receiving around a 100.000 thousand immigrants a year + high fertility rates… even if the Swedish democrats get a landslide victory next election, by 2014 it might be too late.

          But I do think economy will crash first. Apart from Sweden, Europe is tightening immigration massively and by doing this the immigrant populations sort of lose momentum and have more average birth-rates ( I hope). Also we are tightening social benefits so it wont be so easy to exploit. But still, our welfare societies are bound to come crashing down around us and I think, that this will absolutely infuriate Europeans. The economics of the demographic situation you decribe is so bad (hardly any inventors, scientists etc. extreme rates of criminals, handicapped(inbreeding), unemployment, social fraud) that it will absolutely ruin us, I think, before Muslims get anywhere near a majority. Then a) they will no longer want to live here so much and b) I fear rampant ethnic violence. anyway, pray for Europe and her inhabitants!

  • TheFakeProgenic

    Give them Vilks, who cares? He's just another un-talented attention-whore "artist".

  • dumbledoresarmy


    you're not the only one. Over at jihadwatch in a thread discussing this very same attempt at a mass-murder jihad raid, there was a person identifying as a Swede, under the nom de plume 'Tvellen', who has woken up to the meaning and menace of Islam. So unless you and he are the same person, that makes two of you. Three, counting Vilks. And there are the Swedish Democrats – vilified as 'far right' merely, so far as I can see, for telling the truth about Islam. So you're NOT alone.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    This incident also illustrates that Muhammadans no matter where they immigrate don’t assimilate and integrate. Even though the Islamic jihadist in this case had been Western educated, he still resorted to jihad. The truth as can be readily seen in country after country that has made the mistake of accepting mass Muhammadan immigration is that Muhammadans don’t immigrate to assimilate and integrate. Instead they immigrate to eventually subjugate and dominate. Not only that but the countries that make the mistake of accepting mass Muhammadan immigration are forever fundamentally changed, in that they are forced to sacrifice more and more freedom and rights as time goes on and the Islamization of society gradually takes hold.

    The same thing is happening in the USA, of course. Indeed, as a direct result of mass Muhammadan immigration we already suffered the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Then without ever questioning or re-evaluating the purported benefits of multiculturalism, we doubled the size of the federal government to protect us from Islamic terrorist attacks, as if growing government is ever a solution to anything, while at the same time we also bogged down our troops in two fantasy based nation-building missions based on false premises and political correct myths. Meanwhile, today we are almost bankrupt financially and the global jihad is stronger than ever, because our elites not only aren’t even aware of it, they still don’t have the first clue about Islam. Hence, OBL’s terrorist attack on 9/11 has been more successful than even he could have imagined in his wildest dreams.

    In any event, the solution involves the West outlawing Islam and banning and reversing Muhammadan immigration. The next step is neutralizing the global jihad by using our military superiority to confiscate their oil wealth and oil assets. Otherwise, they will relentlessly use their oil wealth and oil assets to finance and fund jihad against the West perpetually forever. Anything else means we inevitably will be reduced to submissive dhimmis or killed.

    Nevertheless, if Iran gets nukes with impunity and the West still fails to act, all bets are off, as that will be the point of no return.

    • davarino

      You know in a way we are confiscating their oil now. We buy it at a fair price and use their supply up first : ) Here me out. Their supply will not last forever, and when they run out then we can start drilling and using ours. When they run out they will go back to being the backwoods retards they are, with nothng to sell but sand. Having wasted their resourses on this stupid jihad they will have nothing. They have not invested in infrastructure, modernisation, military….nothing. They will go back to riding camels and inbreading.

      Like any other movement like this, they are playing their hand to soon with out real muscle behind it. No dumb bastard won a war by committing suicide for his country

    • stephencuz

      You're absolutely right OB. A serious problem to my mind is the augmented Taquia willfully propagated by Hollywood and the mass media and the political mouthpieces in our midst. Seriously, just consider some of the movies depicting the Muslims as the multicultural peace loving dignified victims of Crusader advances. As if the Crusades were merely to “Take Muslim Lands.” This is the theme. We are the aggressors. Poor, peace loving, innocent Muslims are the victims. The facts are quite different. Please read Robert Spencers’ “The Politically Incorrect Guide to ISLAM and the Crusades.” Theirs is to subjugate the world and for ISLAM to be the ONLY religion and Sharia the only law. IT is really that simple and that devastating to anyone not a Muslim.

    • DNME

      I live in Malmö, Sweden, a city with approx 30% muslims. I live in one of the most mixed parts of the city and I see and talk to muslims everyday. I never had any problem. Multiculturalism is only a problem for people not meeting any other culture. If you had muslim neighbours you wouldn't be islamophobic.

      The truth is that after one or two generations they are integrated (not assimilated). Of course there are exceptions. There are ghettos with almost only muslims. That is, none-multicultural neighbourhoods…and just like in all-swedish neighbourhoods they develope a case of phobia against "the Others".

      (and also…don't worry…the modern western secular and open society is the stronger one, when we meet they become more like us, not the other way around)

      • Janey

        How many of those "moderate" Muslims you know are openly expressing outrage about this terrorist act and pledging to eliminate the terrorists in your midst's?

      • ObamaYoMoma

        I live in Malmö, Sweden, a city with approx 30% muslims. I live in one of the most mixed parts of the city and I see and talk to muslims everyday. I never had any problem. Multiculturalism is only a problem for people not meeting any other culture. If you had muslim neighbours you wouldn't be islamophobic.

        What? You think we don’t know about the tragedy that is taking place in Malmö Sweden? That Muhammadans are responsible for gang raping young Swedish girls, that gangs of young Muhammadans jump, beat, and rob Swedes everyday, and that they have formed Muhammadan no-go zones where even the police, ambulances, and fire departments refuse to go. Do you think that we are unaware that Jews are fleeing Malmo and Sweden in droves to escape the rampant anti-Semitism and persecution they are being subjected to? This is the age of the Internet and I can assure you that we are not unaware of what has been taking place in Malmo Sweden thanks to Muhammadan immigration. In any event, it sounds to me like you are in deep, deep denial.

        Moreover, you may talk to Muhammadans, but to assume that you are friends with them is absurd, as Muhammadans are forbidden from being friends with kafir infidel unbelievers like you. Not to mention that the term Islamophobia was created to stop non-Muhammadans from conveying the truth about Islam. Hence, anytime someone conveys the truth about Islam, like delusional leftists the Muhammadans can marginalize them by claiming that they are Islamophobic. However, legitimate truthful criticism is never bigoted or racist, unless you are so far gone that you mistake the truth with bigotry.

        The truth is that after one or two generations they are integrated (not assimilated).

        If that is the case, then please point to just one European country where mass Muhammadan immigration has been taking place since the 70s where the majority of the Muhammadan immigrants have assimilated and integrated, instead of forming Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies within a society and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside? The truth is there is no such place that exists, because Muhammadans don’t immigrate to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they immigrate to eventually subjugate and dominate.

        Of course there are exceptions. There are ghettos with almost only muslims.

        You mean Muhammadan no-go zones where the police, ambulances, and fire departments dare not tread. Indeed, these no-go zones have been popping up all over Europe since in the 70s and are beginning to pop up now even in America too. Oh joy, look how European we are all becoming! The Euroloons jump in the lake, and now clueless leftwing Americans want to jump in the lake too!

        That is, none-multicultural neighbourhoods..

        You and your fellow leftists can stick your multicultural garbage up where the sun doesn’t shine, because multiculturalism is a time bomb designed to turn homogenous and united societies, into segregated and disunified societies so that leftists like you can exploit their differences for political gain. I mean if I wanted to destroy a homogenous and very united society, I would convince it to adapt multiculturalism, which would inevitably over time turn that society into a segregated and disunified society consisting of disparate groups of people all competing against each other tooth and nail for a limited amount of resources. People need multiculturalism like they need heart attacks.

        (and also…don't worry…the modern western secular and open society is the stronger one, when we meet they become more like us, not the other way around)

        You are in serious denial dude, and you are too inculcated to realize it! Sucks to be you!

      • pappy86us

        Just give it time… wait and see how Islam and Muslims embrace you and George Sorros's "Open Society" You idiots are part of this Muslim scourge in the first place!

    • Tanstaafl

      You know, before 9/11 and before I read the Qur'an, I would have disagreed with you. But now that I know what I know, I agree completely.

    • PhillipGaley

      No, "ObamaYoMoma", they know, . . .

  • Rohland

    I don't believe anything will change due to this or any other Jihadist attack in Europe or the US.
    Neither will governments implement any of the suicide bombers demands (as of yet) and neither will it adopt a more effective policy to combat the networks and ideological base that creates these individuals.
    Instead we will continue to see these things forever and many people will die because of it. Islamisation will continue at pace and Islamic apologists will continue to dominate the media and the political parties.
    Security agencies can't avoid every attack and some will be very successful in killing scores of people.
    Sorry if i sound pessimistic but i don't believe there will be a fundamental change where people will understand the threat Islam poses to our freedom and way of life.

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    I am sad for all of this why cant it all stop life is too short!

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    • sebyandrew

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  • SHmuelHaLevi

    Islam is on the go because only few have internalized the intrinsic virulence of that aggregate, which is a cult of death. Regretfully as Iran is allowed to advance into being a nuclear weapon power, the stakes will be very high. They will use the weapons, no question about it. At that point the final stage will be reached and the outcome will be terrible. Tens of millions will die and critical resources will be lost.
    Islam must be defeated now and all of their implants in Europe, the US and other locations routed back. Martel "The Hammer" understood.

  • jacob

    Our politicians are still believing the "moderate" Muslims fairy tale, while I still
    ask and no one has bothered answering, whether those Muslims that were
    dancing and giving out candy (their way of showing joy) in the streets of QUEENS,
    N.Y while the WTC was burning and people were jumping off windows to their
    deaths, WERE ALSO "MODERATES" or just part of the "insignificant" number of extremists OBAMA, his clique, the rotten media and the foolish "celebrities" that
    walked out on O"REILLY, want us to believe ?????

    I stick to the words YOSHIRO SAGAMORIonce stated in the JERUSALEM POST :


    And I dare anybody to prove her wrong…! ! !

    However, like the last Moorish king of Granada told by his mother :

    And it happening sooner than later…

  • http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137740436246121 Nto

    The Swedish government is most likely going to move swiftly and decisively to stop any demonisation of islam that may arise as a result of this.

    • USMCSniper

      The number of rapes and gang rapes committed by Muslim immigrants in European nations are so extremely high that it is difficult to view them only as random acts of individuals. gang rape is an epidemic among Swedish and Norwegian non-Muslim white women. It resembles warfare. Muhammad himself had forced love (rape) with several of his slave girls-concubines. This is perfectly allowed, both in the sunna and in the Koran., it all makes perfect sense and is in full accordance with Islamic law. Western women are not so much regarded by most Muslims as individuals, but as "their women," the women who "belong" to hostile Infidels. They are booty, to be taken, just as the land of the Infidels someday will drop, it is believed, into Muslim hand. This is not mere crime, but ideologically-justified crime or rather, in Muslim eyes, attacks on Infidels scarcely qualify as crime that is openly advocated in the Mosques throughout Europe. Governments do nothing.

    • EdwinS

      There will be more terrorism…Swedes will grow more and more outraged… and then – after a particularly terrible event – a politician will finally arise who says 'Enough!' and he will be swept into office…
      and a whole new right-wing generation will dominate Sweden until the Muslim scourge is done…

    • suprkufrB

      Exactly! I'll never forget George W. Bush League piously forbidding a backlash against "the great religion of islam" while the dust was still settling around the twin towers. In my day, traitors were quite properly executed.

  • kafir4life

    By paying attention to muslims words and actions, I've come to the conclusion that islam is nothing more than a gutter-cult, a tad lower on the evolutionary scale than a virus. Notice the dead looking eyes of any of the sub humans that are adherants of this gutter cult. Imagine the stench of the inventor of the gutter cult, the murdering pedophile, mohamat. The irony is that I never had these views of islam until I started paying attention to the authentic voices of islam, the muslims and their terror guide, the anally produced koran.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    It is rather ironic to see British youth rioting in the streets of London over increases in cost of education, nearly harming the prince, but none of them take to the streets over the Islamization of their country. Their pocketbooks are more important to them than their freedom. Sadly, it is probably similar in the rest of the free world. My grandson wants to join the Peace Corps and I say we need a War Corps that will arrest all links to jihadists such a Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly. Round up all his relatives, his mullah, anyone who might have influenced him, and decide how to deal with them – the death sentence or jail or deportation. When the so-called moderates who aid and abet jihadists learn that they will have to pay for their help to enemies of our states, they may think twice before they collaborate with them.

    • jason taylor

      You already have a War Corps. It's called the Ministry of Defense.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        Call THAT a War Corps?

  • nunyainct

    The problem once again, is Islam itself since the Qu'ran commands and demands jihad against infidels. The problem with most journalists, who are largely liberal, is that they cannot accept the fact that this jihad is a Holy war. Secularists who see no value in religion are often shocked that anyone places high value on their religion and beliefs. Their cry is "fanatic" when it is really "faith" by these Orthodox Muslims. One may ask how do you fix the problem, and I am of the belief it cannot be fixed without scrapping the Qu'ran, the ahadith, and the sura since these are the holy books of Islam and all spew hatred toward any non believer of Islam. No one should forget Muhammad was a general and personally beheaded his adversaries, and that is why we have beheadings now, he is considered the perfect man even though he was a pedophile, and treated women like they were sub-human, this is their role model, and does not make for a belief system compatible with Western Civilization. It's a Holy war, and the denouement will be bloody if we look back at history to see the future. Unfortunately, our opportunity to make things right in Afghanistan and Iraq were lost since they were allowed to have their legal system be shariah law, we lost the objective with that idiocy.

  • Double_Tap_Jack

    If it was up to me I would publish a picture of Mohamid as a Dog eating his own fecal matter. Let them come, I will great them with mt three friends Colt and Smith & Wesson.
    Stick around for lunch because we are having BBQ pork on a fire lit by a burning Quaran.


      Jack ill bring my hadiths and good ol BB!!!!

    • suprkufrB

      You're my kind of guy!

  • Ruth

    Two years ago, I wrote "Amsterdam 2012" about the murder of an avant-garde theater group murdered in Amsterdam by Islamists, which sparks riots, then civil war throughout Europe, leading to a Eurabian War. It is distressing to see what I wrote as fiction becoming fact. I see the situation is reaching a breaking point. I stand in fear and awe, helpless.

    • sodizzy

      I know the feeling. LIke mine of watching a train wreck as I observe my precious American country these days.

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      You will never be helpless keep up your work.

  • Larry

    1,400,000,000 or 20% of the World's population are Muslim—They have received 7 Nobel Prizes.
    14,000,000 or 0.02% of the Worlds population are Jewish—They have received 181 Nobel Prizes.
    Perhaps the World's Muslims should consider investing more in standard education and less in blaming the Jews for all their problems

  • Chris

    America stands like a village idiot, unable to understand the world around her. Where is the outrage? Muslims are demanding taxpayer dollars to build their mosque on our sacred ground? We have jihad training camps here in America and they are allowed to operate? We are suffocating in politically correct nonsense from pre-school upwards? A court is unbelievably considering a suit filed by Muslims requiring that American courts take into account Sharia law when deciding a case? The list goes on and on.

    • Rebecca

      this comment would've been funny if I didn't think you were actually serious

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        You're too airheaded to be serious, and people like you are the reason Europe and indeed the West is sinking down the toilet fast. People fought for your freedom in World War II, whether you like it or not. Had the UK and Soviet Union been defeated by Nazi Germany, Sweden would have been invaded and conquered, and if we had all been like you, we would have been conquered in 1940. Your country hasn't fought a battle for survival for over 200 years, but like it or not, you're facing a war on your own streets, and it will get worse with time. Next year will look like a picnic compared with the year 2031.

  • tim heekin

    Larry, the current mohammadan population is actually 1.6 billion and of those mohammadans' Nobels only three have been in science the other 4 were in the dubious "Peace" category

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Yep, when the evil filthy pig Yasser Arafat gets a peace prize, you see what prize idiots do the nominating.

    • winoceros

      One of those three was to a nominal "Muslim" whose sect is most often deemed heretical anyway. He would hardly be claimed as a Muslim except for propaganda purposes.

  • Rebecca

    I'm from Sweden, from Stockholm, I was supposed to be there shopping when the bomb exploded… but I want to ask you all one question: just because one person blew himself up, I should hate all muslims? Should I hate a large part of my classmates, the people at my school? Should I hate the people who are just like me, because they don't share my faith.

    The trouble is, as said, that the education in islamic countries is poor, and when they arrive to the western world they are treated as scum.

    I have nothing against my country becoming more muslim, I hardly see it now anyway. I don't like islam more than I like christianity or judaism, or dislike it more. I think they're all pretty up to par with each other, only that muslims tend to be more literal with their interpretation, and christians and jews like to pick what they want from their holy scripture.

    All in all… I think it's this kind of unacceptance that leads to segregation, and poor results in school for muslim children. All muslims I have met have been peaceful, and haven't acted any differently than my Swedish or European friends. Except for one, but she's an atheist now. She's vile.

    It's not the religion, it's the people, a small oart of the people.

    You get what you give, so why are we so belligerent with being against Islam??

    • stephencuz

      Because you begin with the false premise that Muslims, Christians and Jews share the same standards of beliefs as is incorporated in "the golden rule." Jews and Christians believe in doing unto others as you'd have done unto you. Muslims DO NOT. Really quite simple. I refer you to Robert Spencers' "The Politically Incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades." Please read this enlightening book. THEN tell us ho they are "all pretty up to par with each other…."

      • Rebecca

        How unbiased is that book on a scale from one to ten? One?

        • Felsen Stark

          Read the book Rebecca and rate it yourself.

        • stephencuz

          I must admit it is biased…toward the truth. It stands unrefuted by Islamic apologists that apparently are ready and willing to sue over inane issues. You've got to KNOW they would sue over false claims against their religion. No, Spencer prints the truth. BTW, not all of it is comfortable for the Christians (like me) that still think a modern day Crusade is what is called for.

    • corax

      Rebecca, I am a 55 year old American, reading your post. I am almost certain you are much younger, probably in your 20s. What you think about the world DOES matter. You should educate yourself on the basic tenets of world religion. Just do an *unbiased* survey of the general principles of at least Christianity, Judaism & Islam.

      Spencer's books may be "biased" but if so, they are "biased" by the facts about Islam. Biased by truth. He's a scholar on Islam, speaks Arabic, nobody has been able to refute his statements about the core tenets of Islam. We all need the plain, hard facts to start with.

      Here's an article about "moderate" islam. Reading this will only take you a short time and it will expand your horizons (a good thing when you are young). Then keep adding to your awareness of the world around you, not just from amongst your circle of personal friends. What you learn, and what you decide, will matter. Make sure it is the truth.

      This essay is on Spencer's Jihad Watch website, but it is written by one of your fellow scandinavians:

      • Rebecca

        You are American, go figure. I tend to not want to listen to Americans speaking of Islam, unfortunately.

        And my horizons are quite wide, I think when I am unacceptant of other people I make them not as wide.

        I suppose we have very different views of the world.

        • corax

          You "tend to not want to listen to Americans." Why is that? Are you becoming intolerant too?

          No one has suggested you should be "unaccepting of other people." What I suggested is you learn some facts about the subject – islam – before you preach about it.

          Perhaps you have a muslim boyfriend, and that makes an objective study difficult, I admit.

          The 1st goal would be…um…that you know what the hell you are talking about, and not sound like a fool. The 2nd goal would be that you start supporting what is best for Sweden, not what wants to bring it down.

          There is nothing wrong with muslims that their ideology is not responsible for. I do not dislike the people, I distrust the religion.

          I have worked with probably hundreds of muslims and liked almost all. The problem is their programming that lies quiet until something activates it. Don't assume that Americans have no knowledge of islam; you just demonstrate your own lack of knowledge. IF you had done any research since yesterday you would be at the edge of understanding. Best regards.

    • DNME

      I'm from Sweden too, and I totally agree with you. Since my comments are censored and yours are not I let you speak for me from now on ;)

      • Rebecca

        A lot of Swedes agree with me. I get angry when people from other countries tell us we react in the wrong way to something happening in OUR country.


        • corax

          The "something happening in your country" is happening in everyone else's countries, too.

    • Paul of Alexandria

      Please don't be a fool. Nobody is asking you to "hate" anybody. However, you must realize that suicide bombers are not insane (and for the most part they are very well educated); they truly believe that you are the enemy and are willing to sacrifice themselves to stop you.

      "I have nothing against my country becoming more muslim…." This is, indeed, the problem. You know nothing of religion, of either Islam or Christianity, and so you are unable to see the threat when it is right in front of you.

      "so why are we so belligerent with being against Islam?" Because Islam is against you. Under Islam there are only three choices: convert, submit, or die.

      • Rebecca

        Source saying they are very well educated? Please post it here!

        I know nothing of religion? Might be true, but where have you learned about Islam? On the news? I have spoken to muslims, learnt first hand, I live in a christian country. I've read parts of the qu'ran as well as parts of the bible. I was more appalled with the bible, but I was also apalled by the culture adopted by muslims.

        Islam is against me? Many people are against me. As an atheist I'm comitting a huge sin according to Islam, and possibly a sin in Christianity too.

        This does nothing to change the fact that majority of the muslims want everyone well, and there's a small part that are terrorists (unless you go with Glenn Beck's assumption, that has nothing to back him up).

    • Diann

      Rebecca dear – find a Koran, and other holy books of Islam – read them – then make a decision about how peaceful they are.

    • Joel

      Rebecca, you wrote exactly the post I wanted to type after reading all these comments.

      I guess we think differently in Sweden.

      • winoceros

        Do not confuse a reality about the nature of the political ideology as a religion, with a dislike for "people". People don't really hate Muslims per se. They want the best for them. They wish them freedom from oppression and the ingraining of totalitarianism as a dogma.

        Your defensiveness will not protect you from the realities of Islam. All the nice people you know who are Muslim, will be swept up as you and your children, if you ever have any, will. The nice ones get subsumed as well, as were the "nice" Germans in Nazi Germany. Do you think all the people in Afghanistan or Pakistan are evil terrorists? Of course not. But do you see them "winning" the battle of mind and spirit over those most devoutly interpreting the Qur'an? No, you don't.

        They cannot win. You must do everything you can to disallow totalitarian or mob rule from infringing on your secular society.

      • Rebecca

        We do think different. These people obviously know nothing about our country. They should learn from us…

        • Spirit_Of_1683

          Learning from you would have meant the UK being overrun by Nazi Germany in 1940, Vienna falling to the Turks in 1529 or Charles Martel losing against the Moors at Tours in 732 AD. Now losing THAT battle 1,278 years ago would have resulted in the Islamic conquest of the whole of Western Europe.

    • Jack

      You are suffering from a certain syndrome, Rebecca, care to guess what it is?

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      What percentage of rapes get carried out by Muslims in Sweden? 68% or more. Muslims make up 9% of the population of France, but 70% of its prison population. Go figure.

      • Rebecca

        Statistics from where? I do not believe numbers pulled out of thin air, sorry.

        (and, it's not the religion, it's the culture, and how my country fails to help them assimilate (ugh, I hate that word), by putting them all in one place)

    • Dale

      Thanks for sharing your honestly held beliefs and being open to dialog on the issue. Your motives appear pure but as others have said you need to broaden and deepen your perspective.

      One point with which I can agree is that the great majority of Muslims are decent people.They love their families etc. and just seek a better life when they migrate to places like Sweden.

      Sweden and the rest of the west must wake up and understand it is not our policies that cause the hatred of extreme Islam toward us. Study history and the confrontational nature of Islam. You are quite mistaken when you equate it with Christianity and Judaism – neither of these two religions requires conquest and submission on non-believers. True, they have been misused at various points in history to justify aggression but the doctrines are not promoting this.

      The atrocities you and so many other atheists point to the the old testament must be viewed in proper context to obtain a proper picture. The Lord destroyed or ordered the Jews to destroy entire cities including women and children. From our modern perspective this is quite horrifying. But consider the context. This was a much earlier time in which evil was rampant and people in such cities had degenerated into a hopeless state of affairs – children were being sacrificed to false gods and other similar acts. To let this continue would only result in more suffering. The creator of these people decided it best to take back their lives before more suffering resulted.
      At no point did he order the Jews to forcibly convert others. He gave man free choice. Islam does not. It is a religion of conquest, abuse of women and other human rights violations when practiced in its pure form.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        While I have no doubt that the majority of Muhammadans love their families in a kind of Muhammadan way, what evidence can you provide to prove that the great majority of Muhammadans migrating to the West are migrating to seek a better way of life? Indeed, if that were true, then it would mean that Muhammadan immigrants would readily assimilate and integrate into their host societies. In any event, just out of curiosity, can you please point to just one country anywhere in the world where mass Muhammadan immigration has occurred where the majority of Muhammadan immigrants have actually assimilated and integrated instead of forming Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies within a society and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside? If you can, then you are a better man than me. I hate to rain on your naïve parade, but the reality is Muhammadans don’t immigrate to assimilate and integrate. Instead, they immigrate to eventually subjugate and dominate.

        • Dale

          The evidence is my first hand experience with Muslim coworkers and students. I find the great majority to be decent civil people. As a Christian I cannot condemn them for the acts of others. Knowing the teaching of their religion however I recognize that it bears close watching. When people become U.S. Citizens they are required to give up any claim to status as nobility. Perhaps some similar provision should be added to the effect that that they renounce the forceful conversion of others to their religion. To close our borders to all Muslims and expel all of them seems absurd and unwarranted. What is vital however is that the majority of the West consciously (and voluntarily) reclaims judeo-christian values as our cultural foundation. Down with political correctness.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Your personal first hand experience is tainted by the fact that you are less that educated about Islam and also very naïve because you are obviously applying your own western sensibilities to the way that Muhammadans see the world while assuming at the same time that they see the world the same way you do. While Muhammadans will no doubt be cordial to kafir infidel unbelievers because not to do so would give away their game, don’t assume for a second that they don’t hate your kafir infidel unbelieving guts. Any Muhammadan that doesn’t, per the dictates of Islam, isn’t a Muhammadan but an apostate that should be executed.

            With respect to condemning them, look I don’t condemn Muhammadans either. It’s not their fault that they were born into Islam. However, I do condemn Islam, because it is the greatest threat to the freedom in the world today.

            Moreover, Islam is not a religion. It may have started out initially as being a religion, but after the Hijra, Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE, it is clear that Muhammad morphed Islam into something else, which is a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology that seeks to subjugate the world via the imposition of Sharia as its main goal and that masquerades as being a religion for the purpose of infiltrating and subverting the societies it intends to subjugate and eventually to subsume.

            In addition, taking oaths of citizenship no matter how strenuous you make them will never solve the problem, as Muhammadans are obligated not only to hate our guts but to deceive us per the dictates of Islam. Thus, the only solution is to outlaw Islam and ban and reverse Muhammadan immigration. Anything less will inevitably result in our eventual dhimmitude and subservience to Islam. Hence, your assertion that closing our borders and expelling all of them is absurd and unwarranted is a product of your lack of education and extreme naivety with respect to Islam.

            Indeed, during the Cold War the West didn’t open up its border to mass communists immigration as that would have been suicidal, but with respect to the global jihad, which is the Cold War of the 21st century, that is exactly what we are doing today thanks to the religion of multiculturalism. Despite the fact that demographic conquest, or what the Muslim Brotherhood calls civilizational jihad, is the most ubiquitously employed form of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad in the world today that the Dar al Islam employs to pursue their goals of subjugating the world via the imposition of Sharia. Not to mention that stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad is far more dangerous than the violent variety because for the most part it operates stealthily and below the radar of most people’s level of awareness, since for the most part it takes place completely behind the scenes and undetected. I mean you are the perfect example, as most people like you are kind of aware, but still at the same time very naïve and totally oblivious to the stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad taking place right in your midst.

            Finally, even though you say down with political correctness, like a hypocrite it is obvious that you are blinded by political correct multiculturalism, and if you don’t believe me read your own posts. In addition, if you are confusing the truth that I put forth in my posts with bigotry, then it is further proof of your blind adherence to political correct multiculturalism. In any event, if you believe that I’m wrong and therefore a bigot, then by all means please demonstrate it.

          • corax

            Bravo, OYoMoma! I agree 100% and you did a great job of articulating the problem. I hope Rebecca listens to you.

            She's a Swede, and that is a good thing to be. We have to stick together, all the western countries. We need each other whether we realize it or not.

          • Spirit_Of_1683

            Mentioning the US and particularly Israel to a Muslim is the surest way of outing them. It never fails.

      • Rebecca

        This I can take in and agree, as apposed to the "pat on the shoulder" replies I've gotten from others.

        People do come here for a better life, but accepting a new culture must be hard, especially when you've been taught that this way is the only way – which is why they probably aren't assimilating that well.

        But I don't want them to assimilate, not to the extent that their identity is washed away and replaced completely by the swedish norms and culture… But we are doing a poor job of helping them. We're putting them all in the same place, few counties accept immigrants, forcing them to all stay in one place. They aren't exposed to SWEDEN, they are exposed to everything but. How can we expect them to find a role in society?

        • Shefali

          You may not accept my comments since I am an American citizen, however, my parents are from India.

          I grew up in New York City and had several friends who were Muslim growing up. In fact, my best friend in primary school was a Muslim, and a co-worker of mine who is a good friend, who I've known for 20 years is a secular Muslim. He is a very kind, decent and good person.

          What I have observed, however, and the problem – the more religious Muslims become, the less decent they become.

          Think about the ideals for Christianity and Islam – in Christianity, the ideal that everyone seeks to emulate is Christ. You may think Christ is nothing more than a symbol or a myth, but for the people who actually believe in Him – what do they believe in? A man that healed the sick, taught women as intellectual equals, fed the hungry, washed his disciples' feet, etc. Obviously many Christians are quite far from acting out this ideal in their daily lives, but this is the ideal they are called to strive to.

          For Muslims, the ideal man is Muhammad. Muhammad, from the Koran and haditha, did not heal sick people. He did not feed the hungry or treat women like intellectual equals. He took a 9 year old girl for a wife when he was in his 50s, and he made war on those who would not convert to Islam, and took as his wives captive women from the men he killed.

          You do not have to accept what _I_ am telling you – just ask a Muslim to tell you the history of what Muhammad accomplished in his life. Or read for yourself.

          Given the ideal that people are to emulate, one thing that seems to happen – the more devout and religious Muslims become, the less tolerant they become. I have seen this for myself, sadly. A friend of mine has a 19 year old daughter who is a charming girl. She is becoming more deeply involved in Islam… and the more devout she gets the more angry she seems to become and the more intolerant. Whereas her mother, who grew up as a Muslim, values the freedoms in the West and does not understand why her daughter seeks to go back to Islamic restrictions.

          Perhaps the best way to understand Islam might be to take a trip to a majority Muslim country such as Egypt. Live there for a few months, talk to the people… I have lived in many different countries for a few months, and that has broadened my perspective.

          I do not think all Muslims are bad – most are decent people. However, Islam enslaves them in places like Pakistan. Maybe if you visit these places, you will see what I mean. Or, you might have a different perspective. But, it's worth keeping an open mind and seeing for yourself, right?

          • corax

            Great comments, Shefali. You have seen a lot in your travels. My experience with muslims has been in the US but corresponds exactly.

            A good muslim friend of ours, an M.D., suddenly switched into a devout, radical mode and started speaking hatred towards the Jews, etc. To see someone so well-educated change like that was a sad shock.

            I hope lots of people read your post.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      but I want to ask you all one question: just because one person blew himself up, I should hate all muslims? Should I hate a large part of my classmates, the people at my school? Should I hate the people who are just like me, because they don't share my faith.

      Of course, not! Don’t be that absurd.

      The trouble is, as said, that the education in islamic countries is poor, and when they arrive to the western world they are treated as scum.

      So you attribute the reason for Muhammadans refusing to assimilate and integrate in every country where they have migrated in mass as being a problem associated with a lack of education in Islamic countries and also a lack of tolerance and multicultural values in the host countries?

      By the way, out of curiosity, can you point to just one non-Muhammadan country anywhere in the world where mass Muhammadan immigration has occurred and where the majority of the Muhammadan immigrants actually assimilated and integrated, instead of forming Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia as parallel societies within societies and in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside? It should be easy, point to just one country where mass Muhammadan immigration didn’t turn into an unmitigated disaster.

      I have nothing against my country becoming more muslim, I hardly see it now anyway. I don't like islam more than I like christianity or judaism, or dislike it more. I think they're all pretty up to par with each other, only that muslims tend to be more literal with their interpretation, and christians and jews like to pick what they want from their holy scripture.

      Anyone who assumes that Islam is just like faith-based religions and that Muhammadans are just like adherents of faith-based religions is naïve to the extreme. The reality is Islam isn’t like faith-based religions because Islam isn’t a religion, much less a faith-based religion. Instead, Islam is a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology that seeks to subjugate the world via the imposition of Sharia as its main goal, and Islam only masquerades as being a religion to infiltrate the societies it plans to subjugate and eventually subsume. Nevertheless, it’s obvious you support your country becoming more Muhammadan because you obviously don’t have the first clue what Islam is or the threat it represents to your and your fellow countrymen’s freedom.

      In any event, to give you a clue, Sharia systematically persecutes and often violently oppresses all unbelievers and females as second-class citizens, while incorporating draconian punishments such as floggings, stonings, amputations, and beheadings. It also severely restricts the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and the freedom of conscience. In other words, a Muhammadan can’t question the tenets of Islam or even decide to leave Islam, for that matter, as that is harshly punished under the pain of death. By the way, Sharia also obligates Muhammadans to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam. Hence, if a Muhammadan questioned that obligation, it would be construed as being blasphemous, which is punished under the pain of death.

      All in all… I think it's this kind of unacceptance that leads to segregation, and poor results in school for muslim children. All muslims I have met have been peaceful, and haven't acted any differently than my Swedish or European friends. Except for one, but she's an atheist now. She's vile.

      Yeah right it is intolerance and lack of multicultural values in the host societies that causes Muhammadan immigrants in stark contrast to other immigrant groups to refuse to assimilate and integrate in every non-Muhammadan country in the world where mass Muhammadan immigration has occurred. The reality is although you are obviously extremely naïve, Muhammadans are forbidden from being friends with kafir infidel unbelievers like you. Not to mention that if they all engaged in violent jihad, as opposed to stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad, like demographic conquest, their true intentions would be readily apparent, and Muhammadan immigration would soon be banned and reversed as a result. Nevertheless, their intention is to wait until their population reaches critical mass, then they will impose Sharia upon Sweden and make you Swedes subjugated dhimmis in your own country. Judging by you and other Swede’s naivety, that won’t be very long.

      You get what you give, so why are we so belligerent with being against Islam??

      Uhm…just guessing, but maybe it’s because we are far more aware of Islam than you. Indeed, they are the products of an entirely different civilization, yet you are applying Western civilizational values to Muhammadans and assuming at the same time that they see the world in the same exact way that you do. However, the reality is you couldn’t be more naïve.

      • Shefali

        BTW, why is it that poor people from India who are Hindus can move to the US and they don't become terrorists? Why is it that poor people from China or Africa come to the US and do not become terrorists? Even though we complain about illegal immigrants from Mexico (and I'm all for enforcing our borders) I find it curious that these people are not committing 9/11 type attacks against us. Neither are the Native Americans. The Jews, who are some of the most persecuted people in terms of their history – nope, they haven't blown up any skyscrapers. What about the poor Tibetan Buddhists? Nope, not them, either.

        Now, the IRA is pretty bad, but they stick to bombing the Brits in Ireland.

        However, looking at conflicts around the globe – about 95% of them seem to involve Muslims. It's interesting.

    • Boogies Daddy

      Education in Islamic countries is poor…..by choice!

      I've seen kids in Africa doing algebra in the dirt with sticks.

      • Rebecca

        And that's the people's fault? I thought it's the leaders fault.

    • Bert

      It takes time to absorb an education. One solitary incident with no deaths is NOT an education. In England and France there is far more Muslim militancy and hatred and they are barely beginning to wake up. Abstract ideas will not educate Sweden. Unfortunately it will take mega violence and many casualties and even then the education is not assured.

    • Matt

      "It's not the religion, it's the people, a small oart of the people"
      With respect Rebecca, you are wrong, it is not a small part of the people at all, It's the theology. Such comments only serve to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the core of the problem.
      Islam is a cruel, vengeful & unforgiving relegion, it is a religion of violence & conquest that teaches that the whole world must be brought under the rule of "sharia" law.
      Very little of the Koran is devoted to how to be a Muslim. Instead, the majority of the Koran is about kafirs (non-Muslims). Kafirs are the worst of the creation. Allah hates kafirs and plots against them. Kafirs can be tortured, murdered, robbed, raped and enslaved.
      Fact: Islam’s success came from war and politics, not religion & we have 1400 years of violent Islamic history to prove it.

      • Rebecca

        I can say I have never heard of this before, I've heard the oposite.

        And you can't have read the qu'ran, I can't read the qu'ran, but I can read a interpretation of the qu'ran? Why? Because it can't be translated

        • Matt

          Rebecca, some "peacefull" passages from the Koran;
          "When the sacred months are past, kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and seize them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush" (Sura 9:5)
          "Fight … the People of the Book (christians) until they pay the poll tax out of hand, having been humbled." (Sura 9:29)
          “O Ye who believe, murder those of the unbelievers…and let them find harshness in you.” (Repentance 123)
          In simple terms, Islam’s objective is not to coexist peacefully in a tolerant world of religious freedom but to convert the world to Islam, if necessary, by the sword.
          Every Muslim knows this because it is preached in EVERY mosque throughout the world.
          The problem is that western democracies, which hold religious freedom as a fundamental right envision a environment based on the assumption that all religions coexist peacefully. Since Islam’s objective is that the world be converted by whatever means necessary it is by definition subversive and anti-democratic.
          I suggest you look up the word "Taquia" then apply its meaning to your "understanding" of Islam.

    • suprkufrB

      How could you have grown up in a progressive, democratic and egalitarian country and managed to become such a brainless idiot? Let us know how you like it when sharia law is imposed and the soldiers of the great paedophile turn up at your home with the intention of divesting you of your clitoris.
      Please, get a brain.

    • Kevin Stroup

      Wow, a gutless dhimmi acting like the coward we have come to expect. Thats right, don't face up to Islam. Just ignore the problem staring you in the face. Hope the problem goes away. This way, you do not have to get up off your lazy butt and fight for your dwindling freedoms. God, you are so pathetic. A slave, through and through.

  • sebyandrew

    I don't know if you are from Sweden or not. Are they just like you? Really? You have nothing against your country becoming more muslim? Really? The only problem with islam is that its adherents tend to be more literal in their interpretation i.e. more devout than say Christians and Jews? That one atheist is, of course, vile, thus demonstrating your righteousness and also eliciting your disdain because of her atheism and for no other possible reason. You get what you give? What has islam given and has it really gotten back what it has given? Yes and no. I'd say they've got it pretty good here in the U.S. Got some examples? You are either offended on behalf of others due to inexperience and naivete, or you are muslim. Victims? Don't insult the many who have been killed because of Islam.

    • Rebecca

      I'm an atheist, so I don't say she's vile because she's an atheist, I'm saying it has nothing to do with religion. You're reading into it a bit too much.

      And I'm deifinitely not muslim, born and raised in Sweden with a brittish father.

      Examples of muslims giving? It is a part of their faith to give food to the poor, offer shelter, etc. Is that how they are given. And how are they not given anything back? People say they're this, they're that, shutting them out of society and are offered poor means of getting back into the society.

      My mom works with immigrants coming to Sweden, and they have to learn Swedish to be able to get help with money etc. But, some people are so ruined after what they've seen in their countries that they cannot learn anything more. We stamp on these people, push them down. Will this make them feel better? NO.

      Don't insult the many muslims that have bee killed by the western world.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        And we know how many infidels (atheists are infidels) have been murdered by Muslims over the years. More than 300 million – the tears of Jihad nobody cares to mention. 120 million Black Africans, 80 million Hindus, 60 million Christians, over 20 million Buddhists amongst that carnage. And heaven knows how many Jews, Zoroastrians etc in the conquest of Persia and Arabia. And it would have happened in Northern and Central Europe but for the likes of Charles Martel, Richard the Lionheart, who in his ten years as King of England bought the best part of 80 or 90 years for the infidel world, because without the Crusades slowing down the Jihad, the whole of Europe would have been facing East by 1300. There would have been no opportunity for the likes of Johannes Graf von Salm to defend Vienna successfully against the Turkish onslaught in 1529, or Jan Sobieski to defeat the Turks at Vienna again in 1683 without men like Richard the Lionheart buying that vital time. By the time of Vienna in 1683, the Christian world had been on the run for over 1,000 years, fighting rearguard actions, and the retreat finally stopped for the first time since 623 AD.

        And you think immigrants are ruined in their country. On the contrary, they're ruining your country because they've brought their violent ways to your country, and the end result of all of this is that your country won't be yours for much longer. It will be theirs instead. Your descendants will be third class citizens in your ancestral home. Don't think it can't happen, because it has happened countless times in history. Where's the Byzantine Empire now? And the Byzantines would never have believed back in 620 AD that they'd fall to Mohammedans. Nor the Zoroastrians of Persia in 630 AD. What do you think were the dominant religions in the Islamic world before Mohammed burst on the scene? How do you think a country like Turkey has gone from near 100% orthodox Christianity to less than 1% Christianity? Or present-day Pakistan from over 90% Hindu to less than 2% Hindu? Why do you think there are no longer Buddhists in Afghanistan – the place where those 2,000 years old Statues of Buddah were destroyed at Bamiyan by the Taliban savages. And look at what happened to them within 100 years of Mohammed's death. They're all gone with hardly a trace. If those stones of unearthed archaeological ruins of civilizations destroyed by the Islamic tide could talk, they'd have a pretty sordid tale to tell.

  • Sam Deakins
  • waterwillows

    I do hope I am not the only one who is amazed at the miracle taking place in our western leadership. Imagine this; how many hundreds of thousands, even millions, of e-mails, letters, phone calls, visits, protests, debates, dialogues, etc……..etc……have been sent to our westen leaders? Yet……. amazingly, they are STILL not informed about the true nature of Islam?
    WOW. It must be a miracle?

  • DNME

    1. Thanks for calling the capital city of my country for sclerotic and socialist. I really shows how neutral and objective your views are. Sweden has not been remotely socialist for quite some time now. Even the socialdemocrats are in effect a rightwing party.
    2. Lars Vilks never drew a cartoon in his life. He's a painter and an artist. (In my opinion one of our foremost). The way you treat facts is only rivaled by mr. O'Reilly of Fox News (who claimed Sweden was a country of 6 millions who had numerous abortions because we allow gay marriages…the logic of a madman).
    3. The "jihadists" who tried to burn Vilks house down were two imbeciles. They only managed to put fire to themselves. They even dropped their wallet before fleeing. They are not terrorists…they are buffoons. Just like the dead clown i Stockholm. They do not commit acts of terror, they commit extravagant slapstick humor on themselves. Good riddance.
    4. Saying that every muslim is a potential terrorist is like saying every american is a potential racist. In other words it is just silly. I do agree with you that the old desert religions of the middle-east all have a violent element in their tradition, but just like christians and jews no longer stone someone to death because they worked on a sunday/saturday the muslims of today no longer think there is a violent external jihad to be fought. I live in the city of Malmö (approx 30% muslims) and have never met any hostility from muslims when criticising Islam. It always turns out that my problems with Islam is their problem with Islam. But they, of course, define it away saying that it is in fact not Islam.
    5. Texts from the Quran is not proof of violence. Have you opened the Bible? The Quran seems like a childrensbook in comparence. The hate and violence in the Bible says nothing about the christian faith today.

  • DVG93

    You should take the time to visit Dachau. It is educational.
    The press in those days wrote how Hitler was doing good and the victims, I mean guests were treated so well and so happy to be there.

    You should also undstand Rebecca, while other religeons will leave you alone for being an unbeliever, islam will not. You cannot say that this cult is hijacked, because it is not.

    Islam is pure evil.

    • Rebecca

      Islam isn't pure evil, I think it's the most peaceful religion, in theory.

      But, I did walk out of a lecture for Islam once because they said my 9 year old sister somehow deserved to get cancer. I'm not saying it's completely void of cruelty, but take a look at christianity, there's a lot of horrible things in the bible.

      • winoceros

        It is peaceful for those who submit. Ask the Christians in Iraq how peaceful life is for them today? Or the Yemeni Jews…oh, wait…they're not there any more.

        As for lots of horrible things in the Bible, which of them are happening to you and your country right now?

        And the in'shallah fatalism you describe in the sad story about your sister is endemic and must be, because the "faith" is all about submitting, and that which a Muslim is to submit to will be determined by whatever political "Islamic scholar" holds sway at any given moment.

        You truly, and sadly, have no idea whatsoever about history if you would even for a moment believe Islam is peaceful. There are millions and millions who have been killed over the millenia in the drive to expand the Islamic empire. What happened to the Persians? The Zoroastrians? It goes on and on.

        Really. What on earth is being taught in those schools? Don't you have access to the internet, same as all of us?

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        But, I did walk out of a lecture for Islam once because they said my 9 year old sister somehow deserved to get cancer.

        If that didn't teach you anything about them, then I guess nothing will. You're too stubborn and PC to get it. You're the sort of hopeless case the Islamists rely on – fools right through to the bitter end.

  • Atlas_Collins

    Islam is an evil ideology that is based upon hatred and intolerance, was spread through violence and war and is maintained only through intimidation and fear. According to Islamic doctrine all non-muslims are given three simple and stark choices: convert, submit or die.

    This should be turned around on the muslims and ALL muslims given a simple choice: renounce Islam or die. The only solution is to exterminate all muslims who refuse to do so. This is the brutal and sad truth of the matter.

    Islam Delenda Est!

    • winoceros

      Atlas, I do not condone extermination of any kind. A battle in war is just.

      This, in my opinion, is unjust and does not allow freedom of association. No other way to win and diminish that influence?

      I prefer open battle to pogroms. I reject this.

  • Arngrímur Stefánsson

    Christian and Jews have the privilige to pick and choose from their books since the Bible and Torah were written by many over the ages. The Qu'ran however, was written by one man in his own lifetime, so even when the Qu'ran contradicts itself, the latter, more violent verses supercede the more moderate earlier verses, since it was written by the same guy who was appearantly perfect and changed his mind.

    That is the fundamental difference between Christianity/Judaism and Islam, this video explains it very well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgsrnmzxEUY

  • Diana

    Education in Islamic countries sucks because Islamic values are anti-intellectual Islamic "education" consists of memorizing the Koran. Critical thinking is forbidden.
    And women are in many cases kept out of school on purpose.

    As for teating Muslims like scum: are you serious??? Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, etc., have given Muslims very generous welfare packages and bent over backwards to accommodate hostile newcomers who refused to assimilate. Political correctness stifles honest discussion about Islam and its many disgusting aspects . Honest discussion of the problem is labeled "racist."

    But you know who really IS treated like scum? Infidels in Muslim countries. You wouldn't even be allowed to enter Mecca. You aren't supposed to physically touch the Koran. You aren't supposed to talk about Islam. Because you're an unclean infidel.

    Attitudes like yours are the reason the west is losing to Islam. Wake up, educate yourself, and get some cultural self-confidence before it's too late.

  • Seek

    It is time for Sweden to unleash its secret weapon against Islam: Lisbeth Salander. She embodies that Viking spirit of bygone centuries, albeit in a modern context. The Muslims are playing with fire. It's time for the Swedes to kick that hornet's nest and kill the hornets.

  • ziontruth

    You know, I just remembered… there's a Bin Laden quote the Leftists always like to ram down conservative throats:

    "If it is true we hate you for your freedom, why do we not attack Sweden?"

    For years, my answer has been, "Because you don't need to. Because, as your friend Mullah Krekar so aptly said, you're doing fine by demography alone."

    But now it looks like that quote needn't be answered with a rejoinder any longer, but can be buried in its entirety.

  • Alex Kovnat

    What do y'all make of Helen Thomas's remarks that the Jews should get out of Palestine?

    I'd like to add my perspective on this issue: Suppose some news reporter who's Polish or Italian, and grew up in a Polish or Italian neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, and whose neighborhood died when black people moved in and the whites moved out, were to issue a statement that Blacks should "get the h**l out of Chicago and go back south where they came from?"

    So, why do we tolerate bigotry from middle easterners (mostly Islamic but sometimes Christian) toward Jews, that we would never tolerate from white Europeans toward people of African descent?

    • Reason_For_Life

      I wonder if Helen Thomas wants those darn Swedes to get out of Sweden. They've only been there for a few centuries. Besides, they enjoy a high standard of living because of the way they treat Muslims, especially the Muslims that haven't emigrated to Sweden yet.

  • Dennis

    Hello Rebecca,

    There are quite a number of rebuttals to your comments and I wish to add mine.

    Please Note:

    1. Research the definition of THEOCRACY. Islam / Sharia / Qur'an / Hadiths / Suri / FATWAHS / Dhimmitude / Taqqiya / Kuffir / Infidels, etc., etc. If you are capable of an OBJECTIVE analysis and believe in Individual Freedom and the unalienable rights of all humans, I venture to say that you will care if Islam takes over Sweden.

    2. Research the connection between the NAZIs and the Grand Mufti prior to and during WW II.

    3. Research Roman History re THE PALESTINE. Research the relationship history of the Trans-Jordan state / state of Jordan and the "Palestinians" …30,000 plus killed.

    4. Research the amount of money issued to "Palestinians" for relief efforts and then research what Yassar Arafat did with the funds – a hint: his wife cut a deal and cannot disclose the amount.

    5. Tell us what happens in Sweden if a woman is caught in adultery? Now, tell us what is an Iranian woman, alleged adulteress, facing as punishment in Iran – hint: sticks & stones?

    Rebecca, please, do yourself & family & friends a big favor and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. At the very least, let us know how many "MODERATE, KIND, LOVING" Muslims in Sweden voiced outrage at the bombing.

    Finally, if all else fails, just blame us ordinary AMERICANS…BUT don't come asking us to save your sorry ass when all hell breaks loose, OK?

    Dennis from Detroit where the weak are killed and eaten!

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      She's like 90% of Westerners. They won't do their homework. They digest what their media tells them. They're intellectually too lazy to learn anything off their own bat. To read a 50 or 100 years old book about Mohammed is too much for them. If it isn't politically correct mush they don't want to know. They don't want to know what Winston Churchill, John Quincy Adams, John Wesley, William Gladstone, Bishop Fulton J Sheen and the like said about Islam, because thickoes like them are weaned on political correctness, and as a result have no common sense, and no ability to think critically.

  • Jack

    From the land of nailing blonde bombshells to the land of nailing blondes with bombshells.

  • http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/ Bob Smith

    Islam is nothing more than a giant fear generating system. More Muslims equals more fear.

    Sweden and Western Europe have allowed enough Muslims to reach a form of critical mass. The fear has started to set in. As the Muslim population increases the fear will intensify.

    Read my complete theory on this at http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/ .

  • dawning

    Rebecca is either a scary example of her socialist upbringing and incapable of thinking for herself or readin g a book that might help her understand better… OR perhaps a muzzelem making a feeble attempt at taqiyya. Either one shows unbelievable ignorance

  • waterwillows

    We must never allow Islam to 'isolate' Israel from all who would stand with her. This invasion of Europe stinks to high heaven of this attempt.

  • dawning

    ALL islam is hate. the only thing that matters is how strong or how weak it is in any particular location. Darfur is an example of strong islam. Sweden is an example of islam feeling like it is getting strong enough to start taking over. How strong would like to see islam get in Sweden? It could easily turn into another Darfuf….If you know anything about Darfur?????

  • curmudgeon

    rebecca. i am very sorry to say that we have lots of people just like you in the usa. they are not concerned if the usa is taken over by foreigners. they also equate religion with the antireligion (crime dressed up as a religion). they hate patriots, thinking people, those who work for a living, and anyone who isnt a pervert, we call them liberals. in spite of your similarity to our liberals, i believe, based on your ranting, that you are just a muslim pretending to be a liberal.

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      you can see facts

  • CAROLE63

    It really has nothing to do with Swedish soldiers being in Afghanistan!
    Do you not understand that the jihadists are trying to control and conquer/overtake every country and install Sharia Law to make a wolrdwide islamic caliphate!
    They are being commanded to begin attacking the populations as soon as they are a certain percentage of the population in every country! We must then convert to Islam or be killed or subdued to their way of life! Their holy books command them to do this and the way they have many more children than the indigenous population does, it won`t be long before this happens! It`s been happening in the continent of Africa, in Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan to name but a few!
    They are attempting to conquer Europe and the West!
    If we don`t see the problem because of political correctness and multiculturalism we will have a terrible legacy to leave our children and grandchildren and other generations down the line!

  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    I hope so Waterwillows I really do, But why Sweden? you must ask why Hitler? its all in the game of fools i would not let one muslim come into any Western Nation, ask million and millions of people and millions of jews why the mass slaughter/Holocaust of little kids who did nothing and millions of guys that died in world war two why?, don't be fools remove Islamic/Puppets of hitler, BS From all nations.

    Islam is the stink of death and rape of the little people and to all muslims get with Jesus and the jews who only want to be brothers and sisters with you become human become the good over total evil.

  • BS77

    Why NOT Sweden?? The same moronic PC multicult open immigration garbage promoted by ultra liberals to usher in the diversity utopia has infected Sweden. Nations like France, England, Denmark, Holland and the USA are all now regretting the day they became doormats for third world goons, thugs and non assimilating ingrates…..but they still haven't really figured out what to do. Hey Swedes, how's that multiculturism working for you?

  • sebyandrew

    I don't believe Rebecca from Sweden exists as such.

  • jgreene

    The only solution is to KILL ALL MUSLIM JIHADISTS and their families wherever we find them. And long term, remove all Islamists from Democratic Nations.

  • Paul Revere II

    In our USA, the presiding politicians are: corrupt, stupid, insane. Your choice. Someone said: all three.
    MAYBE new conservative elected reps will do better, but there are “imbedded” obstructers throughout government who can wreak havoc against moral clarity.

  • Alex

    I know many peaceful muslims. The only violent ones I read about are in the news. Branding all muslims terrorists is nonsense. There wouldn't be a high-rise building left standing if that were the case. Did a wave of murders follow the suicide bomber's call to arms for all muslims in Europe? No.

    Let's not scapegoat groups of people, where punishing the actions of a few will serve justice.

    Perhaps a little more faith in representative democracy would help us not to walk blindly into the arms of so-called 'saviours' who will save us from 'islamisation', but set themselves up as fascist rulers. Think for yourself, not like a herd-animal.

    • sebyandrew

      It is appropriate to say muslims commited and are commiting atrocities, and openly speak of doing violence against the West in general and Israel in particular. The onus is not on us to rescue their reputation. Let the "moderates" do it. So far they want to lecture everyone else on what not to do so as to avoid violence at the hand of their co-religionists. Their silence is practically speaking sanction, regardless of the underlying reason(s). If and when our elected reps do their job and give up the failing/failed immigration and economic policies of europe I have great confidence in rep democracy. You are looking at it as a criminal justice issue rather than the clash of cultures which it really is. Yes, and the only dead from muslim violence I know of are the ones I read about in history and today's newspaper. Follow your own advice.

  • suprkufrB

    Sweden being the first is simple random chance. We're all targeted by the disciples of the great paedophile, and will all have our turn – unless, of course, we wake up and immediately initiate a program to repatriate all the camel jammers we have so naïvely and foolishly permitted to infest our tolerant, enlightened nations to their sheikdoms of origin.

  • Egbert

    I totally agree with Rebecca. We all living in the west just bring huge attention to what a brainwashed Muslim does. Just think once and open your eyes what we are doing to them? Supporting holocaust of Palestinian women and children by Israel, and naming Israel(worlds 4th strongest military) as a poor victim against defenseless women and children who are being expelled from their homes every day.Think what we did in Iraq(how many Iraqis were killed since 2003 because of Super lie of Mr.Bush…never discovered WMD)…or just think of Afghanistan.(innocent people dying because of Invasion of their country …who created Taliban…of course USA ..and who is paying price…of course innocent Afghans…and all Muslims being defamed as terrorists). Do you think western Media is saying all the truth? and judge on what only biased media are saying…you are just children being deceived. If I was born in Palestine, seeing Israeli ruthless military killing my defenseless parents, family and destroying my home…Of course I would defend my family as anyone(then I am called terrorist…of course)….Stop being stupid and pretending to be know everything…just pay attention what Taimor said" You are killing our sister, brothers and chilren….and we will kill your sisters,….." From where this much hatred is taken from? Just think as impartial humans…first judge our actions(Realistically and with knowledge..not only what media says) and then judge their reactions

    Hope you would not misinterpret what I said….because most you are really skillful in it

    • sebyandrew

      Thanks for the thoughts Becky!

    • davarino

      Oh brother, another young skull full of mush. Let me guess, 25? Or a muslim pretender.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Dude you are diametrically opposed to reality.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And how do you attire the kidnapping and enslavement of white Europeans from coastal areas by Muslim Barbary Pirates to be sold on the slave markets in North Africa. Over 1.5 million white Europeans sold as slaves and treated cruelly by their Muslim masters. You can hardly blame it on Israel for the villagers of Baltimore, Ireland being kidnapped in 1631, or Cornish villagers in 1625. They raided as far afield as Iceland. But then nutters like yourself will blame it on Israel, even though 1625 was a mere 323 years before the existence of Israel, eh Jew-hating fascist.

      • Egbert

        Dear Spirit, First of all I am myself a Jew(so do not call me jew-hating fascist). Secondly, I must acknowledge you anti-human Zionists are really professional and real masters in redirecting the main point of the theme, the same way you(Israel),the forth strongest army, always falsely claim to be victim against against defenseless Palestinian women and chilren while using shoot-to-kill policy against Pa civilians who fight you with stones in hand and making the world feel pity and turn blind eye on your so called holocaust of Palestinians. Please do not take something that happened 300 years ago…many things have happined since then in the world(Otherswise there is many things every one would have to talk about). Please to do not use your false trick of drawing attention from Israeli attrocities taking place at present against Palestinians to the something that happened 300 years ago. Be a MAN….and speak like a MAN, the truth. I do not care who is Israeli or who is Palestinian, what I care for …are those children who just learned the word Mother are shot in the head by ruthless Israeli military.If speaking truth and defending innocent and defenseless would mean fascist or Anti-semite,I have no problem with that as long as my heart would be in peace in speaking truth and defending defenseless against black and ruthless army…IDF of Israel.

        • Spirit_Of_1683

          You're no Jew. You're an Islamist troll trying to pose as a Jew, and doing it badly. Sorry it won't work here. Above all, you're the type who would have marched Jews into the showers had you been around 70 years ago.

          And lastly, what have yo to say for the near 1 million Lebanese Christians butchered by those so-called helpless Palestinians you support? Obviously nothing. And we also know that King Hussein of Jordan and President Assad Snr of Syria had tens of thousands of Palestinians butchered, but that goes above your tiny mind.

  • Red Rose

    Rebecca should watch Pat Condell's video "Goodbye Sweden"

    Sweden is in a diabolical situation. It appears to be worse than Britain and Eurabia, if that is possible.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And when we see the rubbish put on here by Rebecca, we can see why. If she's still alive 40 or so years from now, she might well be thankful that she won't still be around in the year 2100.

  • waterwillows

    We should understand that terror is not confined to just the murder of the masses. Terror and terrorism is also done person by person. That helps to make it far more acceptable to enable ever more esculating terror on larger numbers of people.

    For instance; to support sharia law, one is prepared to publicly stone a woman to death for her crime of being raped without four witnesses. This is practised individual terror. So when people accept sharia law into their country, they have started the first steps of becoming climatised to even greater terror becoming the norm.

    As they say; one can eat a whole elephant, if it is done bit by bit.

  • lassenfels

    Personal and public terrorism will end when Islam has converted enough of the population to control the country.Why Switzerland? The Muslims are systematically taking over small countries to eventually use the accumulated power and wealth to go after the larger,more powerful countries.
    They plan on Muslim world domination with the elimination of jews and the pope.They’ve said it repeatedly and they are not joking.Just follow their conversions,violence and take overs in Yemen,Africa,Indonesia,India,France……

  • vert

    given and has it really gotten back what it has given? Yes and no. I'd say they've got it pretty good here in the U.S. Got some examples? You are either offended on behalf of others due to inexperience and naivete, or you are muslim. Victims? Don't insult the many who have been killed because of Islam. clay

  • http://www.mirti.com camelia2011

    Prix Timbres high appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog with more information?

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