The Left’s Lust for Black Gangstas

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Fox correspondent Erik Rush has just published a book, Negrophilia, with a profound premise. A biracial conservative, Rush decries the Left’s slobbering love affair with blacks.  Like necrophilia, liberals’ obsession with black people is a sick and creepy fetish.

In 50 years, this country has traveled from segregating blacks to elevating them onto pedestals.  But not all blacks, of course;  not Condi Rice or Thomas Sowell or Rush himself.  Liberals save their lust for liberal PhDs like Cornel West, as well the black urban underclass.

Of course, you can’t say any of this out loud.  Citizens are forbidden to challenge anything connected to what’s been dubbed “black culture,” even though this subculture is at odds with how most blacks, decent and law abiding, actually live.

It’s off limits to question rap music that celebrates snuffing out cops and ho’s. Whether it’s behavior that is wholesome or loathsome, any criticism of blacks is out of bounds.

On the contrary; whites emulate blacks.  Suburban boys wear their pants down low, wishing that they too were gangstas.  They call their girlfriends “bitches” and use all the latest urban slang.   Of course, the masses flocked to the untested, unvetted Barack Obama because he’s a liberal black, and, therefore, cool and exceptional.

What gets shoved under the rug are the unsavory aspects of this subculture, which have devastated the black community.  It is not uncommon for a gang initiation rite to include a gang rape — often of a white girl.  Further, no one talks about promiscuous behavior that leads to unconscionably high rates of HIV, teen mothers, and abortion.

To say out loud that too many black children grow up bereft of the love and protection of a black male is to be a racist.   So is bemoaning a welfare system that has rendered black men inconsequential.   But isn’t it racist to set the bar so appallingly low?

The Left is not just ga-ga over blacks.  Radical Islam is as captivating to them as a rare, exotic bird.  Let’s call this other fetish Muslimphilia.

Radical Islam, of course, poses an even greater danger to the West.   And they wage not only war against the West but towards their own people.  Women aren’t just treated as a man’s mattress.  In many Islamic nations, women are kept in abject servitude.

And it’s not just women: in many Muslim cultures, homosexuals are beaten,  imprisoned, even stoned to death.  Pedophilia is rampant within a culture that perverts healthy sexuality.  And yet liberals, supposed advocates of the oppressed, don’t utter a peep.

Some liberal luminaries, such as Anette Bening,  and Naomi Wolf, go one step further and actually advocate practices that ravage women and children. While living in the lap of luxury and freedom, they don head scarves and defend the dreaded Burqua.

Emboldened by liberal enabling, Radical Islam finds new and insidious ways to worm itself into this culture.   Most brazenly,  there’s the proposed new mosque at ground zero in Manhattan, slated for opening next year, 9/11.  Closer to home, the first Muslim college has opened in Berkeley, just minutes from my office.

Why have the masses become smitten with Negrophilia and the Muslimphilia?   Why are cultures, with an underbelly of violence, viewed as superior to our own?

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  • danica

    Hello, Mr.Rush i read your book, i hope more will read and learn.Blacks specially. I think President O. will have his army ready made/remember he said we will have, bigger better army than what we have today,well i think we have plenty recruits in line, pay vill be good
    il /I am white from EX.communist country. Danica thank you

  • fporretto

    Your post is typical of leftists' evasive tactics. All social and political generalizations are inexact; that doesn't automatically render them valueless.

    Riddle me this: Is Barack Obama black? If you say yes, on the grounds that one of his parents was black, then why isn't he white? If you say no, then defend his use of the race card to smear his political adversaries during the 2008 presidential campaign. ("He's got a funny name. And did I mention he's black?")

    Leftists love to use race and race-related issues to their advantage. When race can be used to make us feel bad or guilty, then it's racialism and victimism all the way to the bank. But when an inconvenient truth rears its head — say, that black Americans' IQs average a full standard deviation below white Americans' IQs, or that 69% of all babies born to black mothers are born out of wedlock — suddenly leftists deny that "race" has any conceptual validity!

    You can't make it fly any more. We're on to you.

  • VonSchtead

    Yeah, George,

    After all, the "Left" has managed to marginalize all conservatives by using "Racist", "Fascist", and "_______-phobe" to shut down any hope or dream of intelligent conversation.

    Twilight Zone, yes, but not the way you obviously intend it.

  • Guest

    A thing that is blatantly obvious to any non-black who bothers to look is this: most black Americans are Christians, a huge number are churchgoing people, more than half of black young people come from Christian, clean-living households and do not habitually use bad language or get their culture from the streets, just as many blacks as whites want to hold down gainful employment, and no more blacks than whites are bums. Both the white Left and the white Right need to start treating black people as people and not some group to be sponsored and cultivated for votes and as fodder for the culture wars.

    • guest

      guest……the blacks that identify with Christianity have a different God than Whites. The blacks' God is a God of Oppression. One to show the right path to 'freedom' from the 'enemy' ie, The White Devil.

      The Whites' God is a God of Love and Servitude….

      TWO totally different entities in itself.

      My God goes by the name Odin. He is a White Mans God…..not this made-up suicidal God that alot of Christians 'worship'. They can be the lamb on their own time, but to take the whole Family with them is wrong.

      Their God wears panties. Their God wears a dress. Hes no 'God'….hes a wimp. And everybody that follows that god is a suicidal person….a self loathing fool. An abject racist. A coward hiding behind their Gods dress……just like little boys hide behind their momma.

      The 'Christianity version' of God is so off base, so twisted, so insipid and ignorant that when they stand before their God one day he will laugh at them and tell them just how foolish they are as a human.

      I have no love loss for ignorant and guilt-ridden fools. May their punishment for killing their own, which God created, rest very hard on them….for eternity…VERY HARD.

      I hate them because they hate what God has created…their kinsmen, and they are trying so hard to kill all of their kinsmen off….all for this God of theirs. For a God to request you accept genocide is no God at all. Hes the Devil.

      Their God is the God of Death. And I want no part of this God.

      • Dennis X

        You'd be more correct on stormfront. I as a Black refuse to worship the god of the master. Jesus was a man of color. You subcribed to a pagan myth in hopes of securing you loss manhood. You understand this is the end of white supremacy!!

        • Your Best Nightmare

          I, as an ex-black man, refuse to worship any false god, and turn to the one true god, human kind. It amazes me that large numbers of sheeple would give their power over to some imaginary sky man. Funny how people here on earth seem to enforce "his will". Christians can be at least as scary as Muslims. Fortunately few Christians truly believe their own religion, and just as bad, lost of Muslims _do_ believe in their magic sky guy. How about we find better reasons to hate and kill each other than some invisible, non-existant force?

          • jaythehistorian

            You clearly know nothing about Islam. Christians "can be as scary as Muslims" ? Are you for real. The Koran is full of passages describing non-muslims as sub-human and encouraging Muslims to do violence to non-Muslims. Show me where in the Old or New Testament , there are similar passages.

        • freda

          let blacks build their own civilization and quit parasiting on ours………
          take their black god with them

        • jaythehistorian

          To Dennis X: How do you know Jesus was a man of color? You don't know. Jesus , was most likely similar in appearance to people who live in countries which today border on the Northern and Eastern Meditterean .i.e. white. White supremacy will never end because whites have much higher IQs than blacks and brown people. Europeans and their descendants have invented 99% of the devices ,systems, etc., required for life in the 21th century.

  • scum

    George is right. Robin of Berkeley's article is little more than than a screeching, overbloated diatribe devoid of anything newsworthy at all. Hard to believe even FPM posted it. Of course, they recently posted a David Forsmark article that had us believe that only Chris Matthews believed that Bush/Cheney suggested there was a link between Saddam and 9/11. He obviously didn't do the 5 minutes of youtube homework that would have shown that both Bush and Cheney went on TV a few days apart to make just that claim, not to mention that the CIA itself was trying to tell the administration that it had not been able to make the connection. FPM would be pitiful, if it weren't so lame.

    • Richrd0001

      Robin of Berkley then, in your view, failed to make the Bush/Cheney link between Saddam whose connection to David Forsmark was been revealed on YouTube, which Chris Matthews knew about but lots of other people — who would have engaged in overbloated or simply bloated diatribes — were ignored?

      Is that a fair summary of your point right?

      • NEGRO X

        Richard, keep groveling at the islamic anus, soon you will be rewarded.

    • jaythehistorian

      This is "tons" of evidence Osama bin Laden and Saddam had a working relationship dating back prior to the first WTC bombing in 1993. For example , an authentic document found in the HQs of Iraqi intelligence under Saddam listed bin Laden as a " valuable intelligence asset" on page 14 of the document. I could give you 100 more examples. However, I don't want to waste my time with left-wing fascists.

  • Jobe

    "It's Bush's fault, it's Bush's fault, it's Bush's fault" ad infinitum. You talk about Twilight Zone, the real Twilight Zone did have a few episodes about people who could not see the difference between truth and fictional idiocy. You, my friend, are the problem.

    • VonSchtead

      Let's be honest. The left cannot accept responsibility for their actions.
      They are like children pointing at others and saying "They did it!" or "He hit me back first!"

      Sorry guys, it's time you accept that:
      A) Your policies have destroyed the black family
      B) They are currently dismantling this country
      C) YOU are responsible for the multitudes of death in the MidEast, Africa and Southeast Asia
      D) Muslims will NEVER be our friends, despite:
      1) American aid to every Muslim country that suffers a natural disaster
      2) American blood shed in Kuwait and Kosavo
      E) The fact that high black crime rates are not due to poverty, but a lack of respect for others and the horrifying lack of fathers in the community

      Stop blaming Bush and "Man up" already

  • Eugene Alden Jewett

    The worldview of the Left is subject to the same animating impulse as that of any other religious belief system. In that regard, a reading of Josh Muravchik's, "Heaven On Earth: the rise and fall of socialism" might encourage even the most stubborn of advocates to reassess their position.

    The radical Left originally saw the Black Panthers as the vanguard of a socialist revolution that these same O-team-like radical's sought to tranform America into a workers paradise. The Frankfort School is well documented as an intellectual touchstone for radical leftist thought which should be obvious to anyone who takes the time to read.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Wow what a warped version of the Christian God you have "guest". My God is no sissy or insipid but is a God of love, light, liberty, and laws who holds us all as sinners in need of a savior.

    So gave us the Ten Commandments to make us aware of how far we fall short of complying with his laws.

    Our punishment is sure and just and I'd just as soon not fall into the hands of a living God for disobeying him and refusing to accept His grace. There is an end to his patience and woe to him who incurs his wrath.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Also the Progressives have made the Black man into a "holy cow" and the white man as a "devil" responsible for all the evils of the world. Moreover, White America and Black America worship the same God. what an imagination you have.

  • blotto

    scum/george: Neither of you two brain surgeons refuted anything that Robin wrote. Yet you went on you all-to-predictable tirades. Yawn. Okay so let's take the issue of white progressives who work the MSM: Explain why the coverage of the murders of eight white workers here in CT was slanted in defense and in rationalizing what the black murederer did? So bad was the coverage that in this overwhelmingly white, liberal blue state citizens were made to feel like they were all latent racists.____

    Neither of you mental morons have the capacity to think critically. It is really funny to read the uber progressive, effete white reporters defending black gangstas like they would be shown any deference or be any safer in their company. I want to see Maureen Dowd get down with the BLOODS.

    • Lary9

      Don't they remove name-calling posts in here anymore?

  • Antonio Sanchez

    Both Negrophelia and Muslimphilia are indicative of a very real and destructive mind set among a large segment of our population in this country. Why do a large part of Americans support cultures that are so evil and destructive and at the same time denigrate our great country.

  • Skyblazer

    Liberals, Blacks, and Hispanics have only two arrows in their quiver: racism and racial profiling. They have proven to be more powerful than cannons and been the source of trillions of dollars changing hands from the earners to the hucksters. Gutless whites and Conservatives lack the courage to stand up to this extortion so it will continue until they do get some courage.


    Go work. You guys are too busy being brainwashed with the fluff.

  • Guest 999

    It's easy to see how completely many have totally bought into the Negrophilia concept to the point they can defend such a destructive concept. Those who developed this idea (Cloward & Pivan) must be cackling at their success. I know there are millions of Black Americans who are believers in the true America, the one our forefathers (many who were black) gave us. Then there are those who call themselves African-Americans – just what part of them is African? Some long ago great, great, great grandfather? Is that their African connection? That's pretty thin! If they feel their African heritage so strongly, and dislike America so intensely, why not prove their dedication and move there? Give up your American citizenship and become a real African? Be one or the other – trying to be both isn't working for you.
    As far as Islam – they can defeat America without firing a shot. The immigrate here, then create their own villages which operate under Sharia Law. Women are subjegated, forced to walk behind their masters, stoned if not subserviant enough, with 8-10 kids around then they will rapidly outpace American populations even if the Latino population is included. It's happening in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, etc. already. As their population grows, their voting power grows, and they can elect their own mayors, Senators and maybe even a president. Has anyone seen him support a Christian event the way he always seems to support islam events? He claims to be a Christian but it's been reported he has not attended church even once since election. He even missed church on Christmas. Yet he bows to a muslim king. Quite a Christian. He also is visibly pained when forced to take sides against a muslim like the Ft Hood murderer, but that's the way the koran teaches – any means justifies the ends. We're seeing it in action.


    CNN is/has been running a big deal on White and Black color preference…

    poor Jessie Jackson will learn Black is not Beautiful if the person is a

    habitual jail bird, drug addict, and Fathers Children as a sport in the

    Hood, with so many Fatherless Homes and Mothers who have no

    idea who Fathered their Babies, and gave the life shortening AIDS.

    Just for a start, by the way all these little Kid's are smart enough to

    RECOGNIZE if White they would be much better off, 5 and 6 years


  • Lary9

    I guess it's a waste of time…but I'm a leftie and I hate rap music. But then I can't stand heavy-metal or Star Wars movies either. Is that OK if I actually have different tastes in art and music than your stereotypical super-Liberal Man?

    replying to George~
    Minus 28….!!! Is there no justice? Your point is well made.
    I've said it myself in here…."…how nice to be in possession of the truth and have it certified."

  • Lary9

    It happens frequently. That's when the argumentum ad hominem starts, Georgie-boy. Then it slips into an unconscious argumentum ad absurdum.

  • LibertarianHomo

    Given the Muslim answer to outward homosexuality is death, given the chance, I'm thoroughly baffled how the left can keep the Homo Hordes from bolting, but they do. While I can't argue that the Fundamentalist Christians don't exactly seem to remember WWJD when it comes to homosexuality, their typical response is NOT to cite a hadith saying that the doer and doee should be killed. Being an "abomination" is a shade less fatal, no?

    The worst part is the hypocrisy about pederasty where the isolation from women creates more rampant behavior left in the shadows.

  • J. Dermody

    It is my opinion that some of these comments are given by people who really think they are all smarter than the average bear.
    The Americans I am around are frightened by the changes that have constantly come at
    us since 1965. These Americans have prayed that the citizens of this country would
    smarten up and see what is being done to them.
    All my friends are Christians and Jews. To them Obama has been as distasteful to them at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. A shock and quite dispicable.
    It took the people of the U.S. to finally wake up as a huge sleeping giant but I hear the yawning and as this happens fear will leave them and they will again take control of their own country and begin by stopping our State Department and Immigration from allowing muslims to live in this country and constantly trying to take over our culture.
    These waking Americans are also returning to churches and starting new ones if theirs
    had been closed down. They now realize how the UK has been destroyed by a communist government and muslims. Praise the Lord and pass the fighting spirit on to
    all Judeo Christians. One if by land and two if by sea.

  • Mitch

    OMG! This dumb cow is HERE now? I can never get through the moderators at American Thinker with the questions I have of this cut and paste artist's premises. She pimps on the creativity and headline power of others, stealing their ideas, barely escaping raw plagiarism….from authors to 60s songwriters, to Sarah Palin's body, to her unwitting, so-called "patients" that get their stories blabbed all over the internet, to falsely attributing putrid quotes to Andrew Sullivan, to her morbid fascination with big black man raping vulnerable white woman. With over sixty-five articles at American Thinker, as she claims here, you'd think by now she'd have learned to write something of her own! Or does a recovering liberal benefit from Affirmative Action at conservative websites? Especially if they never let you forget they're a recovering liberal, which I doubt, because EVERYONE is still a victim or victimized, according to Robin….especially poor wittle Hillawy. And just when is the whole rebirth finally over with for God's sake? Get a C-section would you?

  • Mitch

    _What's with the name? What are you hiding from? The Truth? The Consequences of your paranoid delusional blame-game words? Or from the embarrasment of being such an abysmal writer….the lack of facts, the inane generalizations, the mixed metaphors peppered with patronizing "hip" words is not only "creepy"'s downright cringe-inducing. If this constitutes critical conservative thinking, I'm in the wrong crowd. ______

    • PTBarnum

      "What's with the name? What are you hiding from?"

      Probably, Liberal nutcases like you who are envious that Robin gets published.


    HOLY CRAP WEASEL — Has Front Page Magazine lost it's mind? They're letting Hillary trolls disguised as Born Again Conservatives – The Faux Robin of BerzerkVille — post cut and paste garbage called articles on their pages? God save us from ourselves!!!!???!!!

  • Tampa

    Mitch, I love you. I want to have your baby.

  • L. N. Apple

    Yes, well the left violates reason with such elan that we are left with no alterantives. Can one reason with lunacy?
    We have our second amendment rights. We have the police. We have the armed services. They are by and large on our side.
    We need to start with the looney judges.
    McCarthy was right. Call them names if you want, but as a group they are of one of three catagories: Nihilist, anarchist or atheist. Take your pick, it doesn't matter.