Arizona or San Francisco?

I am State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of SB1070, which was signed by Governor Jan Brewer.  Fear mongering and misinformation is the tool of the Left against this common sense legislation.

Paul Kantner of the 1960s rock band Jefferson Airplane once remarked, “San Francisco is 49 square miles surrounded by reality.”  When I first heard that San Francisco was planning to boycott Arizona over the SB 1070, this description seemed apt.

However, when neighboring Oakland’s city council voted 7-0 to boycott Arizona last week, and President Pro Tem of the California State Senate Derrell Steinberg announced a campaign in the legislature to boycott us, it became clear that San Francisco is merely ahead of the California crazy curve.

Why did I propose SB 1070?  I saw the enormous fiscal and social costs that illegal immigration was imposing on my state.  I saw Americans out of work, hospitals and schools overflowed, and budgets strained.  Most disturbingly, I saw my fellow citizens victimized by illegal alien criminals.

The murder of Robert Krentz—whose family had been ranching in Arizona since 1907—by illegal alien drug dealers was the final straw for many Arizonans.  But there are dozens and dozens of other citizens of our state who had been murdered by illegal aliens. Currently 95 illegal aliens are in Maricopa County jail for murder.  When do we stand up for Americans and the rule of law? If not now, when?  We are a nation of laws, a Constitutional Republic.

Most of the hysterical critics of the bill do not even know what is in it. SB1070 simply codifies federal law into state law and removes excuses and concerns about states’ inherent authority to enforce these laws and removes all illegal “sanctuary” policies.

The law does not allow police to stop suspected illegal aliens unless they have already come across them through normal “lawful conduct” such as a traffic stop, and explicitly prohibits racial profiling.  Illegal is not a race, it is a crime.

Aside from the unfounded accusation of racial profiling, the chief complaint about the bill is that it infringes on federal jurisdiction by enforcing laws.  Arizona did not make illegal, illegal.  It is a crime to enter or remain in the U.S. in violation of federal law. States have had inherent authority to enforce immigration laws when the federal government has failed or refused to do so.

For all their newfound respect for the authority of federal immigration law, the open borders advocates who oppose SB 1070 have no problems with “sanctuary cities” across the country that explicitly obstruct federal immigration authorities to protect illegal aliens, even though are illegal under federal law (8 USC 1644 & 1373.)

In 2008, San Francisco began a campaign to encourage illegal aliens to take advantage of the city’s public services.  Mayor Gavin Newsom stated, “We have worked with the Board of Supervisors, Department of Public Health, labor and immigrant rights groups to create a city government-wide public awareness campaign so that immigrants know the city won’t target them for using city services.”

The results were tragic. A few months after the campaign, Edwin Ramos, an illegal alien and member of the MS 13 gang, murdered San Francisco resident Tony Bologna and his two sons who he mistook for rival gang members.  Ramos had a lengthy criminal record including a felony assault on a pregnant woman.  He was arrested on gang and weapons charges and promptly released just three months before the murder.  Not once did San Francisco report him to immigration authorities.

One month after the murder of Bologna, illegal alien Alexander Izaguirre stole Amanda Keifer’s purse and then intentionally ran her over with an SUV, laughing as she hit the pavement and fractured her skull.   Four months earlier, Alexander Izaguirre had been arrested for felony dealing of crack cocaine.  Not only did San Francisco refuse to turn him over to immigration authorities, they expunged his record and helped get him a job, which is criminal in and of itself.

Keifer asked the obvious question, “If they’ve committed crimes and they’re not citizens, then why are they here?  Why haven’t they been deported?”

The answer is that politicians like Gavin Newsom and Phoenix Mayor Gordon put the interests of illegal aliens before the safety of American citizens.

Our law is already working.  One can just scan the newspapers and see dozens of headlines like “Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona Over New Law: Tough, Controversial New Legislation Scares Many in Underground Workforce Out of State,”

In contrast, American citizens are leaving California.  For the last four years, more Americans have left the state than have moved in.

In criticizing the SB 1070, Barack Obama said, “Our failure to act responsibly at the federal level will only open the door to irresponsibility by others.”  There is nothing irresponsible about enforcing our law, but President Obama is right in that this is only necessary because the federal government does not do its job.

But the solution is not “comprehensive immigration reform,” a euphemism for amnesty. This will only encourage more illegal immigration.  And making illegal aliens legal does nothing to change the social and fiscal costs they impose on Arizona or the nation as a whole.  The Heritage Foundation’s research puts the cost of amnesty at over $2.5 Trillion dollars.

The federal government simply needs to enforce its immigration laws by cracking down on employers of illegal aliens, securing our borders, and deporting illegal alien criminals.

If states understand states rights and our Constitutional duty and responsibility to our citizens this legislation in Arizona will be a model for states across the nation and the federal government, it will end illegal immigration to America, but President Obama is looking towards San Francisco instead.

State Senator Russell Pearce represents Arizona’s 18th Legislative District.

  • hopetotellyou

    I am definitely for ARIZONA.

    Cases sited here (in Pearce's article) and elsewhere
    prove that elected officials are breaking their oath of

    Why are the American people not calling these
    officials to account? Why are they still in office?

    I'm contacting my Kansas legislators, hoping
    Kansas will pass a law like Arizona's.

    • LEGAL citizen guest

      you REALLY should know about Kris Kobach. He is a professor of CONSTITUTIONAL law at the U of Mo in Kansas City. He's currently running for Sec. of State in Kansas to try to get ONLY legit votes counted for a change. He helped co-write this bill 1070. He had Sen. Pearce on his Sunday night radio program.

      HEY EVERYBODY! – You can't find a better man!
      Every Sun. 6-8 pm central right here:

      (top right and "listen live")

      Prof. Kobach's podcasts are here:

      (go to headphones, click on round blue play arrow next to it, a player shows up at the bottom, wait for it to load (2-3min) up to 100% then it should play automatically – volume doesn't seem adjustable, I didn't design it, just walking y'all through it.)

      You can find out alot more about him AND HELP him here:

      IGNORE THE SCUMBAGS on lame blogs who are already trying to SMEAR him.

      • embarrassed Guest

        SORRY! Sen. Pearce is on the first hour:
        May 2, 2010 Hour#1

  • Grantman

    Quote: "SB1070 simply codifies federal law into state law and removes excuses and concerns about states’ inherent authority to enforce these laws and removes all illegal “sanctuary” policies."

    What common sense this is. I've always been dumbfounded at sanctuary cities and how nothing was ever done about these patently illegal moves that actually cost the municipalities hundreds of millions of dollars that they don't have.

    Cognitive dissonance in its highest form.

  • Steve Chavez


    Where is the ACLU protecting the students rights and suing the school?


    Wearing/Drawing the flag: BAD! GO HOME!



  • bpaolucci

    Finally, someone with the guts to do the right thing. Bravo Sen. Pearce!

    Now for the rest of the nation to wake up, enact the same law at their state level and enforce it.

    No one should pay attention to the protestors, they are, for the most part, bought and paid for.

    Tell the rest of us how we can support Arizona, Sen. Pearce and of course the governor who had the courage to stand up for her citizens.

  • bpaolucci

    BTW: I think legal immigration should be shut down for 10 years so we can revamp the rules and enforce the laws that exist. We need the jobs that exist for Americans. 75% of Americans thought this was a good idea in the 1980's but were ignored. Look where that got us.

    When someone immigrates to America, legally, they should have a sponsor who will be financially responsible for them and a job, housing or living with the sponsor etc. required and arranged for them before they get here. They shouldn't arrive at our airports and head to the nearest welfare office, have government subsidized housing waiting for them, and get all of the benefits our 'poor' people get. We can't support the world.

    • Babs

      Once upon a time that was how it was done…sponsors so the gov't wouldn't have to support you. How far we have fallen. The government WANTS you to depend on them for everything so they ll have your vote come election time.

      • bpaolucci

        I know Babs – I can remember my great uncle having to enter America through Spain because the quota from Italy was full and my grandparents were his sponsor. He worked 3 jobs – 7 days and nights a week to save up and send for his wife and children and was not a burden to anyone. We, his family, took care of them. Today all 8 of his kids are grown and in business for themselves with homes of their own and living the American dream. That's the way it was and still should be.

    • awfulorv

      There is a problem with your premise. Were Silicon Valley to use only hoe grown and trine brains they'd never invent anything of consequence. Our educators have done such a poor job these last generations we're graduating, in the main, uneducated dolts. Canada years ago, don't know if they still do isisted every immigrant prove they were bringing $350,000, or s, with them when they came to it's shores. Insyead we get the criminals, the ignorant, those unwilling to assimiilate, the sick, those with no skills, etc.

      • Barbara

        I think that its a myth to say that home grown and trained people lack the brains or talent to invent anything of consequence – but even if it were true, the problem is the messed up educational systems across the nation and that means getting rid of the unions that create the mess.

        We're not talking about the few who come here to work in silicon valley though, we're talking about those who come here illegally and the jobs, housing, cirminal prosecution costs, jails, welfare benefits, medical and education expense they cost the rest of us. And the illegals are not just from Mexico – they're here from virtually all Latin American countries, Asia, Ireland, Eastern Europe and Africa.

      • Barbara

        Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg (NYC) and Rupurt Murdock (Fox News, Wall Street Journal tycoon) partnered up to do a media blitz on many news stations including several Fox Cable programs to push for immigration reform. Lots of people are going to stop watching the programs they appeared on. This was a foolish thing to do on their part since they know that the majority of Americans are fed up, support Arizona to the hilt and want the illegals tossed out regardless of where they are from and the borders 1000% secured.

  • catzmeow

    Most American citizens are begging for secure borders, no Amnesty and enforcement of our immigration laws. Any elected official who does not support Arizona is treasonous. If you don't know why, then you are too stupid to live.

  • Jerry O


  • Larry D. Crumbley

    I know which path America better take, and that is the path that the "GREAT-STATE" of Arizona took, and that is the bottom line period.

  • AgentFatwad

    Thank you, Senator Russell Pearce.

    Round them up, and ship them home!

    This IS Federal Law, just re-written at state level. So why the charge of racism? Because groups like MeCHA or La Rats–A$$-A are RACIST criminal organizations making excuses for illegal aliens.

    Not ONE of my tax dollars should go to the Hispanic Ku Klux Klan. PERSONE!

    • Steve Chavez

      Any group that labels themselves by color and race are racists!

      Rosa Parks fought for desegregation and against "Whites Only" but now we have groups like the BLACK Congressional Caucus and the HISPANIC Roundtable and many other names with "Hispano Chamber of Commerce" and "BLACK Student Union or BLACK STUDIES" AND YET THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO CELEBRATE MLK whose "Dream" speech turned into a NIGHTMARE in 2008 when BLACKS voted not "for the content of their character" but FOR THE "COLOR OF THE SKIN!!!!"


    • Jim C.

      Problem is it costs around $17000 per illegal to ship them home.

      "Political correctness" or not, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

      Anyone got a real solution? and no, it's not Arizona, doesn't (and I'm not disparaging them in saying so–they're trying something 'different' at least).

      • Carolina Don

        $17,000 to ship one illegal home?? This may not seem to popular, but why not let them get home the same way they got here?? Hire some rangers on horseback, get a chuckwagon and water wagon, haul some port-a-potties on wagons or trailors and let them gently walk home. For what it cost to 'ship' ten home, you could walk 500 home. Camping out is great for family closeness and they would have abundant time to contemplate their crime. Maybe I love the outdoors and westerns to much but I think it's a great idea!!!! I am going to talk to my NC reps about a similar law.

        • Carolina Don

          One more thing. If the people wont go for the above idea, ship them to Beverly Hills and other such "sanctuary cities". They WOULD change their minds!!

  • Luke

    It looks like you spiked my last comment. Your righ of course. Since I have no copy could you email me my comment so I can have a copy for myself? Thanks

  • Mary

    I support Arizona. The Left is doing what it does best, politisizing the issues to consolidate their power. Frankly, the Left doesn't care who pays for their demands, they just want their demands met. That is why they vote and think in blocs. They know that the Democrat's will provide the entitlements they seek, while conservatives may seek reform or repeal of entitlements. Democrat's gain these large voting blocs because they support entitlement programs. Conservatives object because they use taxpayer money. The Left exerts pressure on politicians who oppose them. They threaten Conservatives who oppose their entitlements with stigma's like "racist", "violent", "bigot", etc. Bottom line is this: don't support any politician who supports Leftist agendas. Don't buy any product that supports Leftist agendas. Don't buy a ticket for a movie where the actor's, director's, etc., come out and support an issue, ideology, etc., that you do not support. Cut off the funds for entitlements and stop supporting people who do not support you.

    • SFLBIB

      Re: "Don't buy a ticket for a movie where the actor's, director's, etc., come out and support an issue, ideology, etc., that you do not support."

      Good advice. I use to work in a movie theater, and most people don't realize that every ticket bought is a vote for more of the same. This is not rocket science. Also, people should keep in mind that if they don't like a movie, they can get a refund if they have not watched more than a short part of it [times vary; we used 20 minutes]. If you ask for, and are refused, a refund after viewing only a short time, don't go back to that theater.

      • MHG

        For years now I have been keeping away from films that have left activists actors. Now I find that I am running out of movies to watch.

        I wonder why this profession is so >>left<<??

  • USMCSniper

    What is it the illegal immigrants always say? Ahhh… Yes….. "WE DON'T NEED NO STEENKING GREEN CARDS!"

  • Steve Chavez

    Here in NM our governor Bill Richardson called the Arizona Governor to talk her into not voting for this law. Richardson allows ILLEGALS TO GET DRIVER'S LICENSES! How is that when WE have to prove who WE are with a birth certificate to get that license or ID?

    Then we got VOTER ID to prove we were eligible to vote AND THEN THEY DIDN'T ASK FOR THE ID DURING THE 2008 ELECTION! MY TWELVE YEAR OLD SON WAS REGISTERED AS A DEMOCRAT and I got three calls, which I taped, from the Democrats asking if he needed a ride, or already voted. The Dem worker was shocked too but I got two other calls for my son! I CALLED THE FBI AND NO RETURN CALL! I BET THEY WERE OBAMA SUPPORTERS! IT COULD ALSO BE THAT THERE WERE THOUSANDS OF IRREGULARITIES AND THEY DIDN'T WANT TO HASSLE WITH IT LIKE THE I.N.S. DOESN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT ILLEGALS!!! I'm not sure you know this, BUT DEAD PEOPLE VOTE IN NEW MEXICO!!!

    The "Sanctuary" word started in the 80's when our NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR, TONEY ANAYA, declared a Sanctuary State for illegal Central Americans at the request, or order, from KNOWN COMMUNIST PARTY USA FRONT ORGANIZATIONS THAT CAN BE TRACED TO THE SOVIET KGB'S WORLD PEACE COUNCIL! The CPUSA controlled the U.S. PEACE COUNCIL!


  • tearick

    I just want to thank FrontPage for communicating sanity. As our country spirals downward I hope Americans WILL repent of their sins, turn to God so that He may heal our nation. It is good to know that there are those who see the insanity of the liberal left. I interpret it as a spiritual sickness caused by godlessness. There are evil political agendas present and payoffs given by those who hate America. Islam exists inside our government. This generation of Americans did not have to defend freedom so the value of their own country isn't precious to them. They are giving away their birthright. May God save America and cause us to repent of our sins and turn to Him.

  • Colorado

    From Colorado – I am 100% behind the Arizona legislation and in hope that my own state will follow suit.


    Re: Boycotting Arizona

    I live in AZ and think that AZ should boycott other states by keeping their liberals from moving here.

  • Reneeca

    100% for Arizona and wish my state of California would follow suit also!

  • Syd Barrett

    You did the right thing, Russell. I'm sure you know that people who do the right thing are vilified by people who won't.

  • idf

    A full scale boycott of California is long over-due. I've stopped renting movies and going to the theater… Life is better without them. If Hollywood were to fail, the whole house would crumble.

  • Big Elk

    Arizona! San Francisco is an HIV infested slime pit. I am ashamed of my native San Francisco (call it Frisco) and apologize for Boxer and Feinstein and People's Temple candidate Pelosie. In Frisco restaurants, the waiters spit in the soup. Pettowee! BTW, Pelosie, Boxer, and Feinstein are partners in property in the shitty little town of Fairfax, in limosine-liberal Marin County, home to dead communist Vincent Haqllinan, defender of communist Harry Bridges. Frisco makes lots of money off of enslaved illegals, who aqre kept prisoners in various houses in Frisco. As for the rest of California, thanks to Governor schwartzenkennedy the state is in the toilet. Of course, California couldn't run without border-jumping criminals, no gardeners and maids for lousy Hollywoood actors, no busboys for restaurants where they spit their HIV sliva into the soup, no crack runners fleeing up Highway 5 on the way nto Portland and Seattle, no kidnapped Mexican girls tuned into prostitutes by obama look-alikes. California sucks; stay away. As for the 3-foot tall mayor of LA; that guy was a gangbanger and more that likely gets kickbacks from Mexican drug cartels.

  • JosephWiess

    California doesn't really belong to the United States of America anymore, it's more like a third world country, as illegal immigrants flood the state and drive down the wages, and drive up property taxes. Those taxes go up as the state and counties have to find new ways to cover illegals, who won't even get insurance, or think that our government owes them something.

  • bigbiz

    Native born Americans have been fighting this battle of uncontrolled immigration for 50 years and we continue to lose ground every year.We are at war …lets face it.We have been recieving assualts ,murders, robbery,rapes,id theft etc.
    In any battle you have no chance of winning unless you take back ground lost.
    We need to take ground by reforming immigration laws to stop all immigration until employment goes down to less tha 5% and welfare drops by at least 75% and zero public funds for legal immigrants.Felony prosecution for being hre illegal and no child born by a non citizen shall be a citizen …NOW THATS IMMIGRATION REFORM WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!! SI SE PUEDE!!!!

  • libindagudlife

    Remedy for Illegal Labor Trafficking:

    Those here illegally should be fined and all property confiscated and sold to cover their upcoming judicial/deportation expenses and serving 60 days jail time while being readied for deportation. Their employers should be heavily fined and all property confiscated with sentencing of 6 months to 5 years and carrying a felony on his/her record for “aiding and abetting criminal activity”, he/she was engaged in illegal activity undermining the economy, security, living conditions, and welfare of fellow countrymen and peers willingly and dishonestly to the lowest illegal bidder. The proceeds from the sale of confiscated items would be used to buy a one-way ticket sending the illegal, under military or law enforcement escort, to the farthest destination point from our borders within their confirmed country of citizenship.

  • libindagudlife

    It will not be necessary to bus 20+million criminals home as some have supposed. Once unscrupulous employers and the illegal alien population have realized that enforcing agencies within our country have finally decided to punitively rid our homeland from this criminal intrusion, there will be such a mass flooding of illegals attempting to "escape" from WITHIN our borders that, after only a short period of time, our law enforcement agencies will have only a few stragglers to round up.

  • donna

    If I could afford it, I'd be out there supporting SB1070!

  • Mazzzz

    Somone with guts – State Senator Russell Pearce, bravo! We have a similar problem here in Britain, with both illegals and with left, commie, politicians and although we have a new Government now, not much will change. We need a Nationalist Government in order for the British indigenous people to survive in our own Country.

  • BS1977

    Stand with Arizona!!! Vacation in Arizona. Buy in Arizona. Heck, I love Arizona.
    Arizona is a wonderful place……..instead boycott the clowns in the so called Sanctuary Cities…..

  • Basil

    Hooray to AZ from a CA citizen/

  • Basil Smith

    Hooray for AZ from a CA citizen.

  • Mark

    The more our brave and educated elected officials create laws like SB 1070 the easier it is for real Americans to discern which ones need to go. Obama is a fool that is only able to occupy the whitehouse because of his cheating friends, stealing votes, and his skin color (first affirmative action President of the USA. It is time for all good Americans to throw out of office those that prefer illegals over us legal citizens!!!

  • Rick3516`

    Our entire Political Establishment has gone off the deep end. It is time we as God fearing Americans stand up and take our Country back and put God back in our land. Go to the polls and elect New Officials that think like Americans and have American names and believe in God and walk in a Godly manner. We can do this and should do this every chance we get. Don't sit on your hands and wait for the other guy to fix it cause it ain't gonna happen if you do. Arizon just has the balls to get the ball rolling!

  • California

    I support the Governor of AZ and its immigration law – oh that the rest of the Americans could show such smarts. Come on California – we need to get rid of illegals – all illegals. If they want to come here, let them walk in the front door instead of taking short cuts in the dark and then living off of American citizens and not even thinking of the word – WORK!