How America Can Stand By Arizona

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I knew Arizona’s SB 1070 would be controversial when I introduced it, but I did not expect the national immigration debate to revolve around a state law.

While the anti-American open borders Left attacks me and the law as “racist,” “nativist” and their other empty pejoratives, the vast majority of the people of Arizona and America support the law.

Naturally, politicians of both parties on the state and local level are trying to jump on the bandwagon as the election approaches.

On the state level, dozens of gubernatorial and attorney general candidates are campaigning to enact SB 1070 style legislation. Even Democrats like Georgia’s Roy Barnes say they’d sign such a bill.  Of course a politician’s promise isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Even if they would in fact sign the bill, they must also pledge to fight the Obama administration and its far left buddies like the ACLU and Mexican American Legal Defense Fund who are sure to file lawsuits and do whatever they can to block implementation of the law.

On the federal level, just saying “I support SB 1070” is even emptier without any commitment to fight the open borders agenda of the Obama administration and the courts.

Any Senate candidate who supports SB 1070 needs to guarantee that they will vote against any activist judge.  Any RINO who voted for a board member of “LatinoJustice” (which filed an amicus brief against SB 1070) like Sonia Sotomayor knew how she would vote on immigration cases.

Additionally there is legislation that can affect the legal challenges against SB 1070.

Sen. Robert Menendez’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010 would try to nullify every single state and local law that fights illegal immigration.  Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s CIR ASAP Act  with over 100 Democratic co-sponsors does the same thing.

Menendez’s bill also restricts the 287(g) program to allow state and local law enforcement to enter into formal agreements with federal immigration authorities to fight illegal immigration.   Gutierrez’s bill completely repeals it.

287(g) is a useful program, but it is unfortunately viewed by many as a permission slip that must be granted by the federal government to allow states and localities to enforce immigration law.  Former INS Commissioners Doris Meissner and James W. Ziglar wrote an Op Ed in the Washington Post claiming that SB 1070 is unconstitutional because it goes beyond what is permitted by 287(g).

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  • kwg1

    Thank you for standing up for the rule of law. We need to attack on all fronts including Nullification! And all 10th Ammendment issues. This Arizonan is with you!

  • Chezwick_Mac

    We all owe you a debt of gratitude, Sen. Pearce, for your courageous attempt to solve one of our nation's most pressing national security problems. Keep up the good fight!

  • davarino

    Good job Sen. Pearce. There are still patriots among us. I am from Texas and I wish my governor was as tough as he talks. He put forth a very weak effort to get obama to guard our borders.

  • Wesley69

    More states need to join the cause, Senator Pearce. The national government is not doing its job to protect your citizens from invasion. What I propose, Senator, you may find to your liking..

    While it is radical, it is within the meaning of the 10th Amendment.
    ****We need a Constitutional Convention now. If 2/3rds of the states call for one, Congress must do it. The President can't stop it.

    ****An amendment needs to be added to the Constitution to create a Council of the States, chosen by state legislatures to meet yearly. This council will have power to:
    – nullify federal laws and actions by a 3/5ths vote of the State Council
    -propose amendments to the Constitution by a 3/5th's vote. Amendments to the Constitution require a 3/4th's vote of all the states.
    -create a national referendum on an issue of national importance. The popular vote will be binding on the national government and the states.
    – call for a popular recall election to remove the President or other high ranking officials.
    – investigate actions of the national government.
    – propose laws to Congress.

    I believe this would restore a balance between the national government and the states. The 3/5th's vote is high. but it can be achieved.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • BS77

    Make sure you vote this November 2….Californians vote for Meg Whitman for Governor and Carly Fiorina to take B Boxer's seat in the US Senate. Urge your representatives to uphold US law, to end the so called "sanctuary cities", and stop "comprehensive immigration reform" (euphemism for amnesty). VOte for fiscal restraint and lower taxes. Stand with Arizona…a great state with a great Governor.

    • Fiddler

      YES Carly Fiorina for California!! If anyone is overwhelmingly qualified to be senator, she is! She OUGHT to have overwhelming support from all women because of her accomplishments. I heard her speak at a Women of AT&T event, when Lucent Technologies had just been born and was really impressed by her. California NEEDS FIORINA and needs to DUMP Boxer! Tell everyone you know in California that you can't go wrong with a former CEO of a major corporation with her credentials to be senator. And if they are hung up by her being pro-life; TELL THEM TO GET a LIFE!

      • Clara

        I cannot forget Carly Fiorina's heartless comment when, at HP, after outsourcing a number of jobs, she said (I'm paraphrasing), "Americans have to get over thinking that they have a God-given right to a job." I also don't trust someone who worked with RINO John McCain.