American Al-Qaeda

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The blog was also used to post death threats. He asked Allah to “kill” Rusty Shackleford, the operator of the Editor-in-Chief of the My Pet Jawa blog, and “terrorize his family.” He also prayed that Allah would break the hands and poison the tongue of Robert Spencer of

“Some of you seem to have a misunderstanding regarding my intentions. I did not preach that we must slaughter every single non-Muslim for the purpose of them being non-Muslim. Rather, I have been repeatedly stating that we, as Muslims, are obligated to hate you for the sake of Allah because the fact is that you are non-Muslim…” Khan wrote in 2006 in his letter to Spencer.

Despite his very public history of support for terrorism, Khan was able to board a flight from the United States to Yemen in 2009. The Al-Qaeda branch there has since put out an English magazine on the Internet named Inspire. The first issue is almost 70 pages long and has directions on how to encrypt messages and produce bombs in a kitchen. It also includes an interview with Anwar al-Awlaki, a former imam in the U.S. that is a rising star in the terrorist world. Khan is now believed to be the editor of that magazine.

It is well-known that al-Awlaki had a major Internet presence and was actively trying to recruit Americans from Yemen. A Senate report revealed in February that up to three dozen American prison converts are now in Yemen and likely working with al-Awlaki’s branch of Al-Qaeda. His sermons are inspiring many terrorists in the West. Terrorism expert Evan Kohlmann says al-Awlaki’s appear “to surface in every single homegrown terrorism investigation, whether in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, or beyond.”

“Whether what he was doing then constituted illegal activity is open to question…but apparently not to the extent that the authorities felt it necessary to take him in or put him on the No Fly List,” James Robbins, executive director of the American Security Council Foundation and author of This Time We Win: Revisiting the Tet Offensive told FrontPage.

“[The authorities were] simply not taking him seriously…He was a kid literally blogging from his parents’ house in Charlotte, North Carolina,” he continued.

As two American sympathizers of Al-Qaeda adept at using the Internet, it should have been assumed that they were trying to link up and a trip by Khan to Yemen would be for this purpose. Yet, despite Khan’s pro-terrorist activity, he was apparently not placed on the No-Fly List and was able to make a trip to Yemen that was extremely likely to be terrorism-related. Based on this error, it is clear that significant gaps still exist in our defenses. If a well-known supporter of Al-Qaeda is able to board a flight to a country known to be used to recruit Americans for Al-Qaeda, then the U.S. is far more vulnerable than most people think.

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  • Bob Halpern

    just another muslim scumbag in our midst. and as long as we continue to elect Democrats to positions of power in this country the more scumbags we'll have here. and then there's the strange case of Mr. Obama: the first sleeper cell president we've ever had.

  • Richard

    Look in the WH Mr. Halpern.

  • Exador

    Keep the drones flying, and Samir will be BBQ'd soon enough.

  • Mark

    Islam isn’t a religion. Read the Quran, the hadith collections of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the biography of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq, and you’ll realize this to be the case.

    It’s not a religion because Muhammad was supposedly God’s “last, true prophet”, yet he had apostates killed. That doesn’t make sense. A true “man of God” would bring a man back through love, not murder him for leaving the religion. That’s what a cult leader does.

    It’s also not a religion because the Quran says Muhammad is “a beautiful pattern of conduct”, but when you look at his life you see that Muhammad had sex with a child, owned slaves, bought and sold slaves, had poets killed for criticizing him, slaughtered unarmed people, beat his own wife, and in general, was a terrible, worthless human being.

    I’ve compiled a list of arguments non-Muslims can use at “Islam outreach events”, mosque debates, etc., at my website:

    If you don’t want a mosque in your community, print those arguments out, distribute them, ask them of the “friendly tolerant” Muslim leader.

    Islam is indefensible. Learn it, and you’ll defeat it.

  • Larry

    The only way these moslem bastards are going to be permanently beaten is for the free world to unite and to declare war against them. It is going to take a World War 2 type of universal effort to bring these bastards to their knees. The sooner we start the sooner we will win. Of course., when we do this, we will need to lock up every Moslem sympathizer in our country, or send them back to whence they crawled out of.