Europe’s Backlash Against Islamization

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“Many Europeans are refusing to talk about Islam on camera, fearing government punishment for hate speech or reprisals from Muslims. Those that dare speak express their fear that the entire continent will fall to Islamization,” Martin Mawyer, President of the Christian Action Network, told FrontPage.  His group is currently filming a documentary about the possibility of an Islamic Europe.

“There is an incredible degree of hopelessness and resignation that Europe is headed toward Islamic control.  Lacking the free speech rights and rights to assemble that we enjoy in the United States, Europeans who are oppose to Islamization are unable to develop a plan to counter Islamic domination,” Mawyer said.

In the United Kingdom, over half of the population links Islam to terrorism and only 13 percent believe the religion is based on peace. It is connected to extremism by 58 percent and 69 percent believes it encourages the repression of women. The statistics are certainly less favorable to Islam elsewhere in the continent where measures like the burqa ban are more supported. The lack of assimilation of the growing Muslim population is a major factor in Islamic extremism, but it is also stimulating anti-Islam sentiment. At the same time, some Muslims feel directly threatened by Islamism. This is causing a surprising amount of European Muslims to take a stand in favor of integrating their communities into Europe’s secular democratic society.

In the United Kingdom, a female Muslim took to the papers to declare her support of a ban, saying it has no connection with Islam and “is a sign of creeping radicalization.” The country is also home to the Quilliam Foundation, a moderate Muslim group founded by former members of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Britain is also home to Dr. Taj Hargey, who is being condemned and threatened by members of his community for calling for a “reformation in Islam” that includes rejecting certain hadiths. He says that multiculturalism is “the biggest disaster to happen to Britain since World War II” and that Muslims must become part of British society.

In another incident, a group of Muslims confronted a group of about a dozen extremists that were protesting British soldiers coming home from Iraq by holding inflammatory signs. Law enforcement had to keep the two groups apart as the tension grew.

“We have been fighting these Muslim extremists for you. They represent nobody but themselves. The community decided to move them on because the police won’t. We have asked them, but they did nothing,” said Farasat Latif of the Islamic Centre of London.

In France, the Conference of French Imams has publicly supported banning the burqa, causing the leader of the group to receive death threats and have his mosque stormed. A ban is also endorsed by a female board member of the Council of the Muslim Faith. In Germany, Professor Bassam Tibi is a leading Muslim voice against Islamism. He is actively working with other activists to try to reform the religion. He tells the Muslim communities that they need to renounce jihad, stop proselytizing, abandon Sharia law and become loyal to the constitutions of their European governments.

The lack of assimilation of Muslims in Europe is causing fear among those that treasure secular democracy and are threatened by Sharia law, both non-Muslim and Muslim. The trends in Europe are slowly coming to the U.S. Voters in Oklahoma will have the opportunity this November to ban judges from basing their rulings on international law including Sharia. America should watch how Europe struggles to cope with Islamist trends, because what happens there is a precursor to what happens here.

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  • hikerdude

    What religion bombs its own places of worship and then refers to itself as a "Religion of Peace" ?
    Case closed.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • SteveHayes

    The islamic tenants of Jihad and Sharia should be banned. Mosques with aforementioned literature or preaching should be closed. Imams trained in the radical sects should be banned. Documented acts by islamists to intimidate other religous groups should be fined, jailed or expelled. The countries that export this ideology should be boycotted. If they try to retaliate by creating an oil crisis we should consider it an act of war.

  • ladyliberty7

    The only hope for the West is a return to the Judeo-Christian God. The spiritual void/secular humanism is an invitation to Islam, totalitarianism, occultic practice, and the like. The materialism and worship of self has led to a low birth rate which necessitates immigration to sustain the economy. Islam may be God's judgment for turning away from Him.