CAIR vs. the FBI

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On October 28, 2009, the FBI tried to arrest Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah in Dearborn. A shoot-out ensued killing a police dog and Abdullah, and immediately the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim Brotherhood-tied groups denounced the FBI and called for an independent investigation. Three reviews have now cleared the four FBI agents involved, but CAIR is still trying to portray the incident as the murder of an innocent man.

CAIR quickly jumped at the opportunity to make the Muslim community think that FBI agents would be so reckless they would open fire on a respectable imam. CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the American-Muslim Taskforce all demanded an independent probe. The Executive-Director of CAIR-Michigan, Dawud Walid, said Abdullah was “charitable” and defended his integrity.

“He would open up the mosque to homeless people. He used to run a soup kitchen and feed indigent people…I knew nothing of him that has related to any nefarious or criminal behavior,” Walid said. He said this despite the fact that Abdullah had been arrested in 1979 for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest and convicted in 1981 for felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

The FBI’s case against Abdullah showed he was nothing less than a hardcore militant jihadist. Abdullah led an African-American “nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group” called Ummah that included some prison converts. The spiritual leader of the group is Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rap Brown, who used to be a leader in the Black Panthers and is currently in jail for shooting two police officers, killing one. CAIR raised money for al-Amin’s legal expenses.

According to the federal affadavit, Abdullah called “on his followers to an offensive jihad, rather than a defense jihad. He regularly preaches anti-government and anti-law enforcement rhetoric.” The goal of the group is to establish Muslim enclaves that exercise independence from the United States government under the leadership of al-Amin. The ultimate aim of this effort is to bring down the government and replace it with Sharia law. Abdullah and his followers trained in martial arts, firearms use, and sword fighting at his mosque and members were encouraged to arm themselves for this cause.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    CAIR is the enemy, different from Al Qaeda only in their choice of tactics.

    • posse101

      CAIR is Al Qaeda with suits on. they're all the same. they hate us. they want us dead. end of story. i wish more people would read this article. good luck to us. flush the toilet on election day.

      • Paul Nim

        Good suggestion. I'm sending the article to Bill O'Reilly. He's the one who can interview a C.A.I.R. representative, Ahmed Rehab, and call him a "stand-up guy".

        C.A.I.R. refuses to denounce Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist groups and refuses to admit they are funneling them money.

        O'Reilly refuses to have someone from Front Page Magazine or Jihad Watch to appear on his show.

        • posse101

          Hello, excellent move. if you ever get a response from him please let me know. but then again, with all due respect, if my grandfather had breasts he'd be my grandmother. cheers!—

    • Ret. Marine

      Chezwick_Mac, in fact CAIR is and was orginally funded by the ongoing financial arm of al-Queda, get Mulim Mafia for futher explaination.

      • Chezwick_Mac

        Not surprising. They're all cut from the same cloth.

  • kafir4life

    Anybody see that fat creep from the terrorist supporting clan at cair Abe Hooper on Fox the other nite? These moon god worshiping, mohamat the pedophile terrorist emulating semi-humans are getting bolder and bolder (and somehow, Abe is getting uglier andd uglier). They remind me of rabid dogs. And that dead look in their eyes that comes from being a follower of islam, the gutter cult.

    Abe, did you hear Bob Beckle (the Dem) agree with Jaun about terrorist garb?

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    • davarino

      That is awsome. I love pork rinds : )

      • johnnywood

        Me too!

    • Gary Rumain

      How about a discount on babyback ribs?

  • Victor Laslow

    The Islamic jihads are using our own laws and P.C. against us.
    It is only now after Juan Williams a left of central liberal was tossed under the bus by NPR that Political correctness is coming to light.
    If you have read the health care law as I did your will find that Muslims are exempt from having to pay into the program or be penalized for not purchasing health insurance on the pretence that in Islam insurance is a form of gambling, yet Muslims in most states find it no conflict to their religion to buy auto insurance for the privilege to drive. It appears P.C. controls our politicians as not one Republican or Democrat would dare to even debate that fact of the health care law on the floor of either house.
    Not even after the rampage and murder at fort Hood in Texas by Major Nadil Hasan
    Victor Laslow
    The Republic Revealed is a research and social political web site for a free America
    2010 The year we take back Washington
    2012 The year we take back our country

    • davarino

      Some time after 2012, send muslims back to their backwoods retarded countries where they can kill each other and have fun doing it.

      To all you jihadist mooslims. America is different from europe in that we are allowed to have guns.

  • al-Kidya

    CAIR is merely showing their true colors…the colors of the Muslim Mafia, that is.

  • Tina Trent

    Take a good look at Ricky Kinchen . . . I am of course grateful for the many radicals-turned-conservatives, but the Black Panthers never were anything other than a bunch of violent thugs dead-set on murdering innocent cops — faux "breakfast programs" et al notwithstanding.

    All the resentment and self-indulgence and fashionableness expressed through allegiance with these criminals permanently destroyed a lot of vulnerable people and communities. And the threads of anti-cop rhetoric drifting through the right even today has more than a little in common with nostalgia for the fun of hanging with politically edgy people like H. Rap Brown. In Atlanta, before he embarked on his final crime spree, he was welcome in quite a few quite "diverse" political arenas.

    Fashion. At somebody else's expense, usually a cop, somewhere down the line.

  • TommyBoy 52

    No, CAIR is not Al Qaeda with suits. CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood with suits and attorneys. The bottom line…. Islam does not belong here, in America, or anywhere in the Judeo-Christian world. Nor do they belong anywhere else except the Saudi cesspool from which they sprang. The biggest problem with Muslims is that they suffer simultaneously from both a superiority complex, with their perfect religion, and an inferiority complex, in that they haven't accomplished squat through their perfect religion. All the claimed contributions to mankind stopped when Islam ceased expanding. Where Islam established itself, science and the arts died. What they contributed came from other cultures Islam conquered. There are moderate muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

    • chiquelets

      Lest we forget Obama Bin Laden's recent words to a Muslim audience at the end of Ramada-dama-dingdong, touting the great advances in Math and Science that Islam has contributed to the world. HUH? Most of them are still living in dung piles thro'out the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Can't blame them for wanting to come here, but it's time to throw off the burquas and the Mullah Madness and integrate into America. Take a peak at this piece of art…it says it all.

  • Muchiboy

    "…but the Black Panthers never were anything other than a bunch of violent thugs dead-set on murdering innocent cops…."

    Let's not forget the unconscionable history of Blacks in America at the hands of our race.While no fan of the Black Panthers (That history was a factor in my decision to fight in southern Africa) ,I had mixed respect for Eldridge Cleaver,even at that time.I still have a copy of his "Soul on Ice" and occasionally read select paragraphs.If I were to stand in a Black mans shoes back then,would I have become a Black Panther?Would you? In all honesty,I don;t know.Muchiboy

  • Ret. Marine

    Having been in the field that basically kept a watch on groups such as these, up to and including Louis Farrakan's Nation of Islam, it has been long known of which cloth CAIR is cut from. Don't be fooled. It is the job of CAIR to expand on the good side of islam, whatever that really entails is anyone's guess, but one thing is for, sure they are not here to make compatible the interest of islam to the United States, they are in fact here, and have planned from the start at a meeting in Philly of the members of IAP in 1993 to subvert, to lay scales to the eyes of the westerners all of the sedition they are involved in to the furtherance of the cult of death known as islam. Its that simple folks. Check out Muslim Mafia for further references of this plot to over throw the U.S. Government in general and western Representative Republic with sharia law as their ultimate goal. A mind is a terible thing to waste, a wasted mind is one who submitts to the devil.

  • Kilroy

    Another member of the murdering hordes of those who have no problem strapping bombs on their children and sending them in to kill as many innocent men, women and children as they possibly can, and the first to scream that they have been wronged when one of them gets killed. There is no place in this country for an ideology that calls for the murder of anyone that does not subscribe to the dogmas of their own.

  • MAC

    A list should be created that lists all these numerous incidents that show CAIR's true nature. It should be sent to all the network commentators. Then, when they bring on a CAIR representative (I don't know why we even give these people a forum), they could confront their taqqiyah (attempts to act for a gullible American audience like they are fair, level-headed, reasonable, democracy-loving, non-hating normal fabric of society persons) with the list of indicia. A response could be formulated beforehand to counter the all too expected b.s. rationalization that will be given. Often, these commentators are not quick enough to properly counter and it turns out sounding like CAIR does have a reasonable response. However, after a little logical thought, one can easily see that it is not.

  • enaud

    PORK BBQ Thank you Mohammed.

  • Ken

    CAIR should indicted as a conspiritor promoting terrorism and outlawed. Period. They will always play the 'victim' card while in turn helping and defending scumbags who willfully cause mayhem and are intent on inflicting harm on others all in the "name of Islam". Until we are non-PC enought to stand up to these thugs and call them on there nefarious deeds, they will continue to spread lies and defame those who protect our country from them.

  • mackie mccleod

    for more information about our conferences dealing with crimes committed by FBI agents to see a partial list of crimes committed by FBI agents over 1500 pages long
    forums.signonsandiego. com/showthread.php?t=59139

    to view a partial list of FBI agents arrested for pedophilia see
    campusactivism. org/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=29

    also see

  • johnnywood

    And a pork sandwich for each one of them. Allah ha ha, snack bar!

    • Gary Rumain

      You know, I eat a ham sandwich everyday now. It helps to ensure I'm untouchable to them. Plus its help the meat industry.

  • turbantorpedo

    Hello America,

    This is why we need an American friendly administration and congress. There is no way this feckless bunch of Islamic loving pols, and a justice department that condones the intimidation of voters by Black Muslim thugs at polling places. The issue of terrorist supporting CAIR needs to be addressed by a red white and blue legal system. Many Muslims preaching hate in our country need to be at Guantanamo Bay. If we are to survive as a nation, we have to separate the few hard working by the rules Muslims from the rabid pigs, that should be fed to pigs.

    The Turban Torpedo

  • ealha3

    Why is it that the credibility of anything Islam is not challenged by their belief in "Let not the believers take the disbelievers for friends in preference to the believers unless
    you very carefully guard against evil from them." (Koran 3:28) which means that Muslims may and, indeed, must practice deceit whenever it furthers their religious cause. Therefore, the interview with any Muslim, especially one representing CAIR, should begin with "Are you a practicing muslim?" "Do you believe in the Koran?" Do you follow the policy of Taqiyya – which allows for deceit whenever it suits your purpose?" Of course the answer is untrustworthy irrespective of an affirmative or negative answer – still the listener is on alert!

  • Anonymous

    Beware!…CAIR is successfully building bridges with Seattle Conservative churches.
    In Seattle a church plant of Seattle's infamous Pastor Mark Driscoll called Soma, but formerly called Harambee, has been carrying on so-called interfaith dialogues with CAIR.

    Soma Pastor Michael Ly is now planning another Christian/CAIR event targeting "conservative" churches in the area. A recent Seattle Times article states, " Ly's next big project is to work with the director of the local Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to organize a dinner this fall, inviting 20 imams and other Muslim leaders, and 20 pastors and other Christian leaders mainly from conservative evangelical churches."

    We need more conservative, freedom loving Americans paying attention to this growing trend.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The implication that there is systematic persecution of American-Muslims

    If anyone wants to see institutionalized systematic persecution and often-violent oppression, take a look inside every Muhammadan country in the world, where women and non-Muslims are victims of it every day.

    • Abdullah

      You don't have to look outside of America and you find it…you are pointing a finger not realizing that in that same hand there are three fingers pointing back at yourself.

      " institutionalized systematic persecution and often-violent oppression"

  • olustee

    Olustee Part I:

    This country has yet to rake over and plumb the depths of sheer cowardice that governs the thinking of that portion of the US population that can't bring itself to see that Islam is its deadly enemy. The proper name of this cowardice is "dhimmitude": in brief, we in America already have among us a treasonous sector of the population that is already psychologically subordinated to the hegemony of Islam. This is what the "terror" in "terrorism" is all about when practiced by muslim jihadis: the creation of group of American citizens who are paralysed by fear of Muslim attack.

  • olustee

    Olustee part 2:

    These are the people that the CAIR people are "reaching out to." Their message is clear: "See, we are peaceloving American citizens and to show how peaceloving we are we work to obstruct America's war on Islamic hegemony. We are nice people–just like you dhimmis–who wouldn't dream of obstructing Islam's expansion, and we want you (liberal) Americans to be nice people by agreeing with and accepting an Islamic takeover of America. Of course, if you don't, then you will be killed by Islamiist terrorist attacks, and none of us want that to happen, do we?"

    In brief, we have met the enemy and it is us.

    • Abdullah

      Sorry to pun ya, but you sound like a "dhimmi-wit."

      There are peaceful people everywhere, and I really question the only people who feel threatened by them…we need to look at those people and ask why they are really seeking to start a conflict?

      Peace will prevail and violence will always fail…something humanity has yet to learn to put into practice.

      • olustee

        Islam's threat to the non-Islamic world is writ large in its history from the 7th century down to the minute I am writing this reply. You sound like just the kind of jihadist I have in mind in my post. Why does Islam "seek to start a conflict" (if that is what your vague statement is asking)? Because whatever human political states that do not dwell in the House of Islam dwell in the House of War. That's Islam's decision, not mine and not anyone else's. And no I am not dhimmi. I see through you and you are the enemy.

        • Abdullah

          I guess you missed the sublety…"why do YOU seek to start a conflict" with people who seek peace through interfaith dialogue?

          • olustee

            No subtlety to miss: Islam is a self-proclaimed aggressive entity. The claim that it "seeks peace through interfaith dialogue" has nothing going for it but a blind belief in the persuasiveness of your own propaganda . As I said in my original post, the only people in America who believe in the credibility of people like you are liberals, whom you have managed to succeed in terrorizing. Just read the American newspapers–liberals are already beginning to recognize that the rest of the country no longer has a belief in anything but liberals' treason. If you live in America, I would get out. If you don't, don't come. I will not reply to you again.

          • Abdullah

            There is perception and then there is reality, seeing that you are a product of this sound bite culture it is no wonder you think the way you do…thank God you are vastly out numbered by decent people.

            If we are seeking peace and you are seeking conflict there is only one “bad guy” in that equation and you will be it.

            Your approval isn’t needed…my credibility and those around me stands upon who we are and what we do in the real world, not who you “think” we are.

            “Whom you have managed to succeed in terrorizing” this is only a projection of your twisted personal bias…it has nothing to do with reality…reality, try it some time, it’s far better than the dark fantasy you are caught up in.

            No more responses? Too bad for you…

  • William Johnson

    CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, ANY muslim organization is an enemy to the US .gov.
    We will not be free (or safe) until EVERY LAST ONE is sent packing. (Yes, little ones grow into big ones)
    Those that won't leave need a pork sausage stuffed up their ass.