Christian Massacre in Baghdad

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The motivation for this increased persecution is a desire to stop the conversion of Muslims. It is estimated that before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the number of Christians in Iran numbered in the low hundreds. This month, Ayatollah Khamenei publicly called the “network of house churches” a threat to Islam. Todd Nettleton, the Director of Media Development for Voice of the Martyrs, told FrontPage that the church in Iran is “growing at an absolutely phenomenal rate.”

“The thing to realize about Iran is that the ‘man on the street’ equates the government with Islam. It is the mullahs, after all, that are in charge of the country,” Nettleton said. He continued:

So failure, injustice and corruption in the government are seen as failure, injustice and corruption in Islam itself, which is creating a populace that is very open to other ideas, including the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

The boasts of Christian organizations are substantiated by the concerns expressed by Islamic authorities. One influential scholar in Libya says that 16,000 Muslims around the world convert every day. A top mufi in Malaysia said that 250,000 Muslims in his country have filed with the government to declare themselves to no longer be Muslim, and this number includes 100,000 who switched to become Christians.

In addition, the radical Islamic authorities trying to stop the spread of Christianity are dealing with the growth of atheism, agnosticism and the overall increase in non-practicing Muslims. Many do not go to mosque at all or only go on Fridays and holidays and do not live as devout Muslims the rest of the time. This phenomenon is particularly strong in Iran. reported in September that Mohammad-Ali Ramin, the Deputy Minister of Islamic Guidance and Culture for Media Relations, declared:

We call upon all clergy to abandon civic and politics issues, partisan matters, NGO’s and western-style organizations and return to the mosques where they can benefit from greater social clout, that will ultimately elevate societal and Islamic interests. We need to be able to put our clergy to proper use, as mosque attendance has thinned out.

The increased oppression of Christians in the Islamic world is an ironic sign of success. If they weren’t effective, such measures would not be necessary. The political shifts, like those related to terrorism and democracy, are making the headlines, but a potentially decisive religious shift is also underway and the world could look very different in the coming decades because of it.

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  • Fred Dawes

    badaboo said it all, Tolerance is a relative term and never used any place but here and some other stupid counties but never in any muslim nation.

  • mlp

    I was tempted to share this on facebook but I believe my non-religious friends would simply blame "organized religion"/Christianity for what is happening.

    • cinnamon

      hmmmm do they know the dangers of Islam …??? if they where ur friends maybe u should share that with them

    • sheik yermami

      same here, as a christian i believe it has nothing to do with being religious or ritualistic etc, jews, christians and atheists must at least know who the real person behind the faith called islam ''a good tree always bears good fruit''

    • Wayne

      Consider me a non-religious friend who would not blame Christianity. I blame Islam and any other belief that would enslave women or kill others who are not of that same belief. Islam must be exposed, resisted…. and fought wherever it manifests in violence.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The gunmen attacked because they have been indoctrinated into believing it is Allah’s command to do so.

    Actually, the jihad ideology or the imperative to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam couldn’t be anymore mainstream within Islam as it is taught and advocated by all sects and by all schools of Islamic jurisprudence in both Sunni and Shi’a Islam. Hence, not only are the gunmen inculcated, but also all Muhammadans are inculcated as well.

    Nevertheless, in the case of Iraq, the Christians living in Iraq are under a dhimma contract, which means that although they are persecuted and oppressed second-class citizens per the institution of dhimmitude, they are supposed to be protected people under the dhimma contract. However, with respect to the foreign Islamic jihadis in Iraq, who consider the Iraqi government to be an apostate government, the Christians are fair game because the foreign jihadis don’t recognize the apostate government of Iraq or its dhimma contract.

    The motivation for this increased persecution is a desire to stop the conversion of Muslims

    Well I guess. In Islam and in stark contrast with faith-based religions, which Islam is not, there is no freedom of conscience, as once a person becomes a Muhammadan there is no going back, because apostasy is punished under the pain of death. Hell, in the Sharia state of Afghanistan, which the US helped setup and is also propping up today, apostates from Islam are routinely sentenced to death.

    A top mufi in Malaysia said that 250,000 Muslims in his country have filed with the government to declare themselves to no longer be Muslim, and this number includes 100,000 who switched to become Christians.

    And in response to this manifestation, the Mohammadans went on a church-burning rampage.

    In addition, the radical Islamic authorities trying to stop the spread of Christianity

    I wish Ryan Mauro would explain to us readers what makes those Islamic authorities radical relative to other authorities that aren’t radical in his mind.

    The increased oppression of Christians in the Islamic world is an ironic sign of success. If they weren’t effective, such measures would not be necessary.

    Not really, all Christians and non-Muhammadans are systematically persecuted and often violently oppressed per the tenets of Sharia in virtually all-Islamic countries regardless.

    The political shifts, like those related to terrorism and democracy, are making the headlines, but a potentially decisive religious shift is also underway and the world could look very different in the coming decades because of it.

    Actually, that is a very naive exercise in wishful thinking. Study the history of Islam; once Islam reaches critical mass in a society, the society never recovers. In fact, there has never been one single case in history of a country casting off the yoke of Islam. Turkey came the closest, but thanks to Erdogan and his AKP, Islam has reasserted itself again inside Turkey’s government today at the expense of the former secular government.

    • joesixpack

      Excellent summary. You have done your homework well. I just wish more people would. Thanks.

    • wolff

      10000000000000000000000000% on the money. Islam means death to freedom and death to all non muslims. it needs to be crushed by it spreads further.

  • Michael

    It is a one way street for Islam. They can murder eveybody and anybody and get a heads up from the MSM. Had Christians entered a Mosque and murdered Muslims while they were praying ,the MSM would then have expressed outrage.
    Islam will eventually over step its murderous bounds with an attack to make 9-11 look like a fist fight. Unfortunately that is what it is going to take to wake America up. That attack will be the end of Isalm. Welcome to "Crusades II ".
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

    • PhillipGaley

      "The Islamic State of Iraq, a front for Al-Qaeda,"; but, as a mere religious Islamic title fronts for the worst sorts of barbaric criminality, . . . would! that, I had money for a couple firearms, . . .

    • Wayne

      I suspect you are going to be proven right.

  • American_Flag

    You nailed it Mike Canzano…the double standard is sickening….

    How much more can we take? Must we witness another 9-11 in order for the west to realize that talking and negotiating and hand posturing only allow more time for the enemy to strategize to commit more attrocities?

    Wake the BLANK up people!!

  • sam000

    The masacre of the KALDANIES in IRAQ was a political act covered by a religious color.

    Iran's Mullahs claim that without their supremacy on the midel east and SPECIALLY in IRAQ, they will not let the security and stability to be installed.

    In the Massacre of BAGDAD, Iraqi security forces killed all the hostages, they could neutralise with the minimum human cost the kidnappers.

    All the Hostages were massacred by the Security forces where their members(policemen) were the QUDS FORCES.

  • sam000

    The KALDANIES were the first Christians and their language is the MESSIH LANGUAGE.

    Their number is less than 2 millions, the biggest part of them (around 1,500,000) were in IRAQ before the 2003 invaision, half of them left the country by leaving all they had, US ARMY was ordered not to protect them.

    • MixMChess

      Do you mean Chaldeans?

  • InfidelHere

    You would think that ALL objective news organizations would question if there something inherently violent about the faith of Islam for this to happen on a virtually daily basis! Suicide bombings, calls for death, mass KILLINGS, stoning woman, all in the name of their allah. Damn…it happens so often that it really isn't news anymore, so our media simply gives this so-called "peaceful" religion a pass.

    You know damn well that if Catholics, Buddhists, Hinduists, or any other religion were committing these types of atrocities on such a frequent basis – while invoking the name of their religion, you know as well as I do that our media would be all over it. Actually, they SHOULD be 'all over it' and call any religion into question and determine WHY people of a given faith has violence and death always attached to it!!

    But is that the case? Why does it always seem to be in the name of ISLAM and not any other religions?

  • InfidelHere

    Here's WHY???…in a nutshell:

    Islam means “peace” IF (huge “IF” here) when one “submits and surrenders” to their (sharia) way of life and to their moon-god-allah.

    If you don’t “submit and surrender”, there is NO PEACE…never has, is, and will be.

    Look to their source documents that drive this madness like the Koran. The Koran encompasses over 60% of its content with how to convert, enslave, hold ransom, tax (called jizya in Arabic), punish, wife-beat (Koran 4:34), fight and yes…KILL non-Muslims and those “not-Muslim-enough”!!


  • Jim Johnson

    So Islam is a religion of peace. The Quran doesn't seem to say so.

  • ajnn

    "16,000 Muslims around the world convert every day"

    What can I do to help ?

    • Wayne

      Probably 15,900 of them are born into Islam. They weren't given much of a choice. Until the West throws all its weight behind exposing, resisting and shaming all who espouse Islam into the pit if humiliation they deserve, this problem will not improve. We're also going to have to start fighting back…. and right now we are not.

  • joesixpack

    Islam makes the Nazi's look like school children. It will reach a boiling point. The question is: When?

  • Morrismajor

    Well, there were three good reasons that we should have left Saddam alone:
    1) He kept the lid on inter-religious violence like that
    2) He kept Al Qaeda out,
    3) He kept the Iranians in line.
    So if anyone is to blame, it's silver spoon cowboy for getting us involved and opening the door for the religious nuts to come in

    • sam000

      78% of the Americans Aproved the invasion of IRAQ.
      78% of the Americans believed and continu to believe that BEN LADEN is Irakian.
      78% of the Americans believe that Sadam had the WMD.

      How many percent of the AMERICANS are the christians and good believers?

      So, the religion of the Americans is ANTI SADAM.

      and your reaction is anti-American religion.

      Wait another 7 years, maybe a part of this 78% could lose their faith.

    • Charlie

      Are you so sure?
      1) He had a totalitarian regime which included the press so any Muslim on Christian violence probably would never get reported if only out of disinterest. Secondly you have forgotten completely about the violent suppression of both the Kurds and marsh Arabs which Saddam instigated himself and the U.S. pledged to prevent which resulted in Operation Provide Comfort, Operation Northern Watch, and Operation Southern Watch.
      2) I doubt seriously that Al Qaeda personnel were 'never' in Iraq. That's about as preposterous as saying they aren't in the U.S.
      3) The only true statement of the three if only from the perspective of the internal doings in Iraq. Actually, how could you ever be sure that Iran didn't have influence in the Shia population of Iraq during Saddam's reign? These two groups cozyed up a little too quickly after the Iraq war for me tho think otherwise. Lastly here, just because CNN didn't report on it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

      I have my own reasons why it was right to do so.
      1) Saddam never came clean on his WMD''s and played a shell game with the U.N. for years.
      2) Before 9/11 Saddam was considered a containable threat, and after the threat was an intolerable risk.
      3) We liberated 25 million people from a tyrant.

      Something to remember.
      The only nation in the middle east that benefits from an Iraqi 'democracy' is Israel and even that is problematic since Iraq is still in a state of war with Israel which dates back to 1948. This leads to 'meddling' in the internal affairs of Iraq from just about every neighbor to include Turkey and a few that aren't like Egypt. The result is far more violence and discord than normal at this point.

      If you 'need' to blame somebody the religious nuts are the ones to blame, not a former president. If we follow your logic then we should blame God for everything since he invented man.

    • Wayne

      Saddam also murdered about 400,000 people during his reign of terror. The rape and enslavement of all opposition he didn't kill was another of his horrific legacies. Cowboy was right to take him and his twisted sons out for good.

  • Penny1

    Can you imagine if Israel had attacked a mosque…….You'd have the UN issueing sanctions, the european union condemning and of course the entire Muslim world issueing Fatwa's to muder and rioting all over the place……….meanwhile, all the above, not a word. And I don't see the Vatican speaking out……They only defend Palestinians

  • sam000

    American Army was requested 10 thousand times, but, the US army is ordered not to interfere into the Irakian Governement's affaire.

    The Irakian Government is directly involved in this Genocide.

    and your tax is spended to make survive the IRAKIE GOVERNMENT.

    Your American politics is feeding the wolfs.

    Obama's soft politics towards the Islamists will bring the III WORLD war, but this time, Nuclear war.

  • sam000

    American Army was requested 10 thousand times, but, the US army is ordered not to interfere into the Irakian Governement's affaire.

  • Morrismajor

    Hey I usually slam Mauro when he comes out with his silly theocon memes, but I agree with him on this one. Fundy Christians remind me of obnoxious yapping poodles. Moslems are rabid pitbulls, Islam is nothing but a cancer on everything the West stands for. At very least, we need to ban all Moslem immigration here & in Europe at least.

  • vicki



  • robert williams

    we the people Had better rebell against the moslems and the rest of the Obamanation that obama is planing against the American People Once He rounds up the Patreats Christians and the Vetrans into his Consentration Camps to be Extermanated with the Help Of the Muslems the Uninted Nations Treaty to Compenscate the U S Citizens Guns to prevent us from protecting ourselves and our famileys and homes like the Nazies did to the Jews in ww 2 this will be mostley done at first by Homeland Security in all Civilion transet locations all over the U S A even on the U S Hiways Using P D F senate bill s3081 look it up and read it yourself look into REX 84 and the RFID Chip as well as the use of the presedentual Executive Order to Implament Martial Law Throught the Intire Uninted States with the stroke of a pin Even Under a So Called Financial Crisess that He Obama Delibertly Created Himeself . He Already Has Controol of the Money Now He Wants To Controol the One World Government that He and the Ilimanities the Bulderbergers and yes the Uninted Nations Have planed for Hundreds of years Checkup on these Secrate socities that JohnF Kinnedy Tried to Expose As Did His Brother .

  • robert williams

    see to seek a newer world that got robert Kinnedy Assanated for the atempt to Expose Government Officials By Name in his next book to be Written as you know he to was Asanated some of the groups are the Free Masons the Bulderbergers the Cross and Bones that Both Bush and Bush Jr Belonged to in Collage the U n as well as the Trylateral Union the Opras New Agers and Maney others that For Hundred,s of years Been pushing for the One World Order.

  • James Pundsack

    We Christians and American Patriots must keep our eyes open and stop any attempt to build a Mosque anywhere else in the USofA since there too many already in existance.
    In addition, those Infidels living in areas of existing Mosques should open their eyes and keep the Muslim members of them under constant vigulance to avoid being killed by them, which the Koran directs them to do.
    Arm yourselves and be prepared to defend yourself! God provided David with means to protect himself from Goliath so you are well within the Lord's authority to protect yourself!

  • noronha vivian

    The muslim is a very peaceful person when he finds he has no supporters,therefore in most of the Western world he will be a pacifist and show how peaceful he is and that Islam is brotherhood.He will quote the Koran.But as all know there are earlier versions that talk of this brotherhood while the later versions talk of the Jihad based on Mohameds inspirations..Once he finds he is strong,as Mohamed became when he had a military with him, he will become a raging bull and will be the opposite of what he was earlier.No muslim counrtry has such a thing as freedom of religion.Non muslims are second class citizens although their ancestors were in the countrry even before Islam was born.When a muslim requests for rights in non muslim countries he must be made to understand that it has to be reciprocal to what is the situation in his home country

    .Libya,Malasia,Pakistan,S.Arabia, are muslim fundmentalists countries, so also is Sudan.Pakistan to which the U.S gives huge aid, civil and militaary is the mother of terroism in the world.Its military is the organization that trains and exports terrorists and terrorism to all other countries.That they are allowed to this is because the U.S turns a blind eye to their activities.Therefore the U.S.Government is an accessory.
    The issue of Islamic followers belief in violence against non muslims must be focused in the U.N and muslim countries must be named as violaters of the U.N Charter.The U.N General Assembly should thereafter take action to put them on watch till they clean up their constitutions.Till they do this no muslim should be accepted as an emigrant into free countries.
    Any country that has more than one muslim among its citizens will never have peace.

  • Laura Hall

    Praise the Lord, His will be done.