Cuddling With Cuba

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“Cuba is still sponsoring terrorism big time—something apartheid South Africa and Pinochet’s Chile never did. Yet the entire world agonized and wailed over South Africa and Chile’s human rights abuses, which were a tiny fraction of Castro’s,” Fontova said to FrontPage.

Despite the State Department’s assurance in 2009 that “Cuba no longer actively supports armed struggle in Latin America and other parts of the world,” the government of Colombia says that the FARC narco-terrorists consult with Cuban intelligence and receive Cuban funding through Venezuela. The Castro regime’s intelligence service has thoroughly infiltrated and compromised U.S. intelligence efforts against Cuba, which may help explain the lax attitude towards Cuba.

Other cables released by WikiLeaks expose Cuba’s subversive role in Latin America in places other than Venezuela and Colombia.  In June 2009, the Obama Administration and other Western countries condemned the removal of Honduran President Zelaya from power by the military, despite the fact that Zelaya had repeatedly violated the country’s constitution and refused to abide by Supreme Court rulings. In accordance with the constitution, the Congress began impeaching him and the Supreme Court authorized the military’s intervention to prevent Zelaya from establishing a dictatorship.

Released cables report that some of Zelaya’s closest advisors were connected to Cuba, Venezuela and organized crime. It also confirmed his dictatorial ambitions, saying he “resents the very existence of the Congress, the Attorney General and Supreme Court.” Although the cables maintain that the coup was illegal, it shows that the military’s action stopped the expansion of the Cuban-Venezuelan alliance to include Honduras.

Another cable shows how Chavez, whose regime is propped up by Cuba, has come to the aid of President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, who is described as a “Chavez ‘Mini-Me’” by one American diplomat. The cables show that Ortega’s top officials are given “suitcases full of cash” when they visit Venezuela and release drug traffickers from prison in return for funding. This drug money along with oil cash from Venezuela was put into secret accounts, amounting up to $500 million in 2008 when municipal elections marred with fraud resulted in a major Sandinista victory.

The West may be engaged in a battle with radical Islam, but it cannot forget about the spread of neo-Marxism in Latin America of the Castro-Chavez ilk. The Castro regime is one that deserves to be challenged, not wined and dined.

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    Let's be clear here: Cuba is the JUNIOR partner in this Axis of Evil. It is CHAVEZ who is bankrolling FARC AND Ortega. It is Chavez who is facilitating the entry of Islamic terrorists into the USA via Mexico. And it is Chavez who is acquiring nuclear know-how and ballistic missile technology from Iran (and Russia) in order to brow-beat his neighbors and contest the USA for supremacy in Latin America.

    Our government's response – under both Obama AND Bush – seems to be to hope he's just a passing fad and that he'll go away soon. One gets the impression we're afflicted with a combination of fear and inertia in dealing with Chavez. We don't seem to want to do anything to provoke him so that he can justify his saber-rattling and his military build-up, so he proceeds with them, unimpeded.

    • Esther Rodriguez

      It is Cuba that is supplying Chavez with his own security apparatus, with the know-how of how to run a dictatorship while first establishing it, and protecting Chavez through very well, adept and professional agents to carry out the travesty that he does throughout Latin America. We should also remember that Hugo Chavez was one of the myriad of Latin American men who while very young, were sent to the huge indoctrination camp of Cuba. Chavez has publicly acknowledge this. Whereas Chavez is the spreading cancer, the Castro brothers and their communist regime, are its source….even in evil, don't underestimate Havana.

  • Wesley69

    Cuba still exports revolution. However, it is no longer isolated. Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia are Marxist regimes. The current President of Brazil was a Marxist Revolutionary. Then again, our own administration, if not Marxist, is Socialist. What these countries have in common is a hatred for the big giant to the north. Obama, hungry for a foreign policy win besides the Start Treaty, would probably entertain a normalization of relations with Cuba. I doubt Obama is concerned about the South Florida vote. He would win praise from the far left within his party.