How Iran Kills Americans

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Five Iranian companies in Afghanistan are paying Taliban militants over $200 per month with bonuses of $1,000 for killing an American soldier and $6,000 for destroying a U.S. military vehicle. The ideological differences and past tension between Iran and the Taliban have not stopped them from allying against a common enemy, allowing the Iranian regime to help kill American soldiers with little consequence.

Most shockingly, the Iranian companies fund the Taliban using foreign aid. They win construction contracts and then place the money in corrupt Afghan banks, including one that is tied to President Karzai’s brother. The money then leaves Afghanistan for Tehran and Dubai and comes into the Taliban’s hands through the unregulated hawala networks. The Iranian financing is so large that one Taliban money-handler claims he alone has collected nearly $80,000 in the past six months. Iran’s bounties may not be a new development, as a U.S. government document released by WikiLeaks reported that Iran had a bounty of $1,740 for the death of every Afghan soldier and $3,841 for the death of every Afghan official in February 2005.

Pakistan’s offensives in the Swat Valley and South Waziristan have made the Taliban more reliant upon Iran for support. One “senior insurgent in Kunduz” told a British newspaper that “day by day the Iranian border becomes more important for us, especially now in Pakistan there are many problems for the Taliban.” Another commander admitted that they were working with the Iranians, saying “Our religions and our histories are different but our target is the same. We both want to kill Americans.”

Taliban commanders have also confirmed that Iran is running a training program for them. The Iranians pay for hundreds of Taliban fighters to make a wintertime trip to Iran’s camps in Zahedan, a location known to also be a safe haven for Al-Qaeda. For the first month, they learn how to attack convoys and escape capture. In the second, they are taught on how to do maximum damage with improvised explosive devices and in the third and final month, they are instructed on attacking military outposts. The State Department says that the Iranians have been training the Taliban since at least 2006.

In March, it was reported that over 10 tons of weapons had been seized coming into Afghanistan from Iran over the previous year. Iranian arms caches of RPGs, explosively-formed projectiles, C4 explosives, surface-to-air missiles, and all sorts of other weapons continue to be discovered throughout the country, much of which has the words “Made in Iran” brazenly imprinted on them. Some have argued that the Iranian weapons come from the black market and are not shipped on orders of the regime. Afghan intelligence estimates that 60 percent of the weapons it has seized from Iran are supplied directly by the government, putting that notion to rest. The real percentage is likely higher as the Iranians can use the black market to disguise their activity.

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  • Farzad

    It is just a lie. What do you have to say about the militant in Iran’s borders who are being supported by Americans? “Much of which has the words “Made in Iran” brazenly imprinted on them” isn’t it funny. Even if they want to help militants they are not that stupid to print “made in Iran “on the weapons. Iran even helped Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq when they entered these two countries. We want you out of the region.Farzad-IRAN.

    • Atatollah Ghilmeini

      Give us Ahmadinejad's head and stop funding terror and you won't even know we are around.

    • Ash

      I agree with you. Honestly, if weapons had "made in Iran printed" on them, they would have been on Fox News by now, LOL. Just like the WMD in Iraq. This is getting to be boring.
      If there was any evidence, it would have been presented at the UN, just like Colin Powel testimony regarding Sadam’s WMD so full of such large black holes, even a " Black Hole" would be sucked into it.

      Saying that the President of Iran is also full of “Black Holes” reminds me of an ex President of the USA.

      • Rifleman

        Don't worry, if the mad mullahs start making nukes your d.a. won't be bored for long.

    • Bill


  • Chezwick_Mac

    Instead of using the proximity of our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to pressure Iran, we became – after the invasion of Iraq – strangely quiescent towards the Iranians, as if we had bitten off more than we could chew and could not handle one more thing…(and I'm speaking politically, not militarily). This bounty on Americans in Afghanistan is a duplication of what Iran did in Iraq…where Al Sadr's Shia militia was deliberately used to kill Americans and inflate the body count…(for the record, Al Sadr is currently in Iran, establishing his religious bonafides by becoming an Ayatollah; he will soon re-appear in Iraq to try and establish a Shia mullahocracy based on the Iranian model).

    I was an early supporter of the invasion of Iraq, but I must say, it became a major impediment to effective action against Iran. Ridding the world of Saddam and his sons can only be seen as a moral, strategic and sociological positive. But tying our hands as Iran went ahead with its nuclear plans may haunt us for generations to come.

  • hijinx60

    I pray that Israel has the back-bone to do what our wuss-in-chief will not.

    • jbtrevor

      Begs the question: If we've known this since 2005? Why are we now trying to 'talk' to Iran. John McCain was partly serious when he responded: Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran…

      • Lori

        McCain And Bush Should Have Bombed Iran after 9-11. Talking To Iran Is Like Talking To A Wall That sees nothing But Death! John McCain Should Have Done more action instead of Talk! I agree This has been going on too Long.

      • ash

        Just rhetoric to get attention and vote, for his upcoming presidential race, nothing more nothing less. They are all the same, all talk and no action. Saying that at least McCain was a true war hero, unlike some i.e Clinton and some

      • bill

        If he had been more serious…. Or mabye the peanut prez should have invested more resources

        • jbtrevor

          Yes bill, Clinton really dropped the ball

    • Ash

      Nope Israel does not have the back bone, it wants the USA to carry this out. To far, and not worht the risk of losing its fighter pilots. Saying that if Israel wanted to, it could have taken out or at worse damaged and delayed the Bushehr nuclear power plant Nuclear reactor, just to indicate it means business, it did not. It does not have the stomach, sorry mate its America or nothing.
      Remember when Israel strike on Syria nuclear project, it did not seek or even indicated to the USA of what it was doing, only until after. When Israel strikes, it strikes, it does not need permission, it just does it.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    They are not doing anything we've never done before. In our case it was always supposed to be for a just cause and most often it was. By now selling tons of arms and planes to Saudi Arabia our brains in Washington hope to accomplish two things – sorely needed income for America and building a buffer of sorts since Shia and Sunni may consider each other greater enemies than they do us. Let them at each other.

    Ultimately, and ironically, the world may yet be saved by little Israel. Any little country that could have pulled off the rescue at Entebbe, can bring to its knees the evil puppet Ahmadinejad and his bearded puppeteers.

    • ash

      I agree with you, Israel is the only country that has the capability to strike Iran, America, even with Bush was soft.
      Even Israel is not willing to strike. Saying that Israel wanted to, it could have taken out or at worse damaged and delayed the Bushehr nuclear power plant Nuclear reactor, just to indicate it means business, it did not, its too late now, for that target.
      Remember Israel strike on Syria nuclear project, it did not seek or even indicated to the USA of what it was doing, only until after. When Israel strikes, it strikes, it does not need permission, it just does it.

      Saudia Arabia will not attack Iran, its like beliving in that Camal can fly. Saudia Arabia is too weak.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        Israel has the will to strike Iran but not the capacity. The US has the capacity to strike Iran but not the will. Worse still, the US has stupidly threatened the shooting-down of Israeli jets if they dare attack the Iranian nuclear plants. Time after time, the West in general and the US in particular has prevented the Israelis from utterly destroying their enemies when attacked, notably in 1967, 1973 and much more recently preventing the destruction of Hezbollah in 2006 and Hamas in 2009.

        • Rainbowman

          Keep eye on Russia…

  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    If Franco had sent arms and terrorists against Allied forces in France, the US would have:

    a) Begged Franco to negotiate and sat silently while he worked on his nuclear capability

    b) Sent an angry diplomat to offer trade and technology in exchanged for the good wishes of the Spanish people.

    c) Shut down anti-Franco groups in the US as a sign of "good faith" to show we really want good relations.

    d) Bomb Spain into rubble and, if the fascist scum survive, give him a quick tribunal and a quicker hanging.

    For bonus points, describe US response if Franco had impeded US efforts in North Africa and Italy.

    You know the answer. It is to the utter shame of Pres. Bush that he let these barbarians kill our soldiers with impunity in Iraq and the current shmuck is even worse.

    • bill

      Most of the idiots today don't even know who Franco is…

  • Brett

    There are plenty of folks inside Iran itself that would be more than happy to kill Iranian Revolutionary Guards and we wouldnt even have to pay them. Why arent we supplying these groups with weapons of our own clearly marked "Made in USA". Answer= a lack of cohonies sitting in the oval office. What go's around comes around and we need to let Iran know that we can play that game too, we just need the commander in chief to grow a pair.

  • Ash

    If Israel is such a goody goody, why dose it not shut up and do what it normally does, takes action, why has it not now,, its expecting other nations to sacrifice it people for its cause.

    Why has Israel not taken action, America is not holding it back, Saudi Arabia and rest of the Gulf are in fact encouraging it.

    Come on Israel, show us how its done, i can’t stand all this whining, Bush and Obama are softies and fools , i am not saying they are not, they are. Come on Israel.

  • steve segers

    we need attack iran primarily to so stopjthe production of nuclear weapons but also because iran has been waging war against america for the last 30 years but also you have to realize that Iran is funding al qaeda in yemen, since al qaeda in yemen tried the underwear bomber attack while recieving funding from Iran that means Iran is right now funding 9/11 style attacksagainst America at this very moment.

  • coyote3

    I don't know why this surprises, or in any way, is a big development. What do people expect? Iran successfully invaded the United States of America, and we did nothing about it, through successive administrations. Why wouldn't they become more emboldened? It is we who should be in the streets screaming for blood. The Iranians interpret this lack of reaction, as being timid, and/or weak. It might be a good idea to take a look at who we are dealing with. These are people who, if you burn a book, will riot and burn. They are irrational children. We need to exploit that, not worry about how we are perceived by "allies". We don't have to convince them we mean business, because it is irrelevant. The Iranians are the ones who need convincing, and it must be done on their level, so that "they" understand it.

  • Turnaroundisfairplay

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The CIA should pay Afghanis (using old Northern Alliance allies only) to kill Iranians. The five Iranian companies would be done within a week and Imam's at Iranian camps in Zahedan would follow within the month.

  • Brit_in_USA

    Germany is also having troubles with Iran. Won't be long before Germany "king of the North" will invade Iran. Germany needs resources and Iran is sitting on a whole bunch of oil.

  • USMCSniper

    David Holcberg says. Diplomatic attempts to persuade Iran to give up its quest for nuclear bombs have been going on for years, and produced no results other than to buy time for Iran's nuclear program and confer on that hostile and tyrannical regime unearned legitimacy as a peace-seeking nation. Iran's leaders are committed to a global Jihad against western civilization and employ proxy terrorists like Hezbolla, Hamas, and al Qaeda; no negotiations are possible with enemies who seek western civilization's destruction. The West's only moral choice is to defend itself from this deadly threat. Given Iran's murderous goals and its feverish pursuit of the weapons to achieve them, not attacking Iran with massive military force would be immoral, and truly catastrophic and will lead to Saudi Arabia and Egypt going nuclear and eventually to all out war in the Middle East with nuclear terrorists operating in the west .