Iran: Filling the Void in Iraq

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Last week, the U.S. removed its last full combat brigade from Iraq, bringing troop levels down to about 50,000. The withdrawal comes as the Iraqi political parties struggle to form the next government and Iran increase its efforts to control Iraq. The war isn’t over; it’s just entered a new phase.

Iran and Syria’s meddling in Iraq went into overdrive around the time of the Iraqi elections in March. The Iranians were funding two religious Shiite parties, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and the Sadrist Movement $9 million and $8 million per month respectively. Posters criticizing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and indicating Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani had endorsed the religious parties were printed in Iran and set up in Iraq.

The Iranians are particularly fearful of the al-Iraqiya bloc led by former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, a pro-American opponent of Syria and Iran. Allawi is a secular Shiite who formed an alliance with the Sunnis. Despite Iran’s best efforts, the pro-Iran religious parties lost in a huge landslide and Allawi’s bloc came in first place with al-Maliki’s bloc closely behind him.

An Iranian opposition group called the National Council of Resistance of Iran reported that Iran was planning to stop Allawi from coming to power and if he did, to instigate sectarian warfare. The group claimed it had obtained a secret document where a commander from the Revolutionary Guards’ Al-Qods Force in Baghdad boasted of carrying out 400 operations in Iraq.

Since the election, three members of Allawi’s bloc have been assassinated and several others have had attempts made on their life. Unnamed “local groups” and “regional parties” were blamed for an attempt to assassinate Allawi that was foiled with the help of neighboring Arab countries. Damascus hosted an Iraqi Baathist conference in April to try to unite the two factions. A group called Iraqi Hamas took part in the bombing of Shiite mosques and in kidnappings and murders, and Iraqi Hezbollah has stepped up attacks on Coalition and Iraqi forces. General Odierno stated that Iran is helping three Shiite extremist groups attack American bases. And recently, Abu Dura, a notorious Iranian-backed militia commander known for brutally killing thousands of Sunnis, has returned to the country.

At the same time, Iran is trying to play kingmaker as the Iraqi parties try to form a government. Iyad Allawi has actually met with Moqtada al-Sadr, the extremist militia commander who currently resides in Iran, in an attempt to get his backing in forming the next government. With al-Maliki and Allawi unable to come to a compromise, Iran’s allies in Iraq are offering themselves as the ones whose support can bring about political victory if they are included in the government coalition.

“In the end, the [Iraqi] politicians need to become more responsible, and that is something that is hard to legislate,” Dr. Larry Diamond, who was a senior advisor to the Coalition Provincial Authority that ruled Iraq following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, told FrontPage.

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  • jacob

    Just imagine the Allies fighting Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan with the same stupid
    "Rules of Engagement" devised by well intentioned sophists that well never shot at even
    with snowballs and now enforced all over but with the difference that the other side pays
    absolutely no attention to….

    Would you doubt we wold still be fighting Hitler and Hirohito ???

    Same thing happened in FALLUJAH, where AL SADR and the AL QUAIDA leader (later
    killed by aircraft bombing) were staying.
    Instead of leveling the town with everybody inside, Rules of Engagement dictated
    otherwise, allowing both of them to leave and keep on killing American soldiers…

    Same as there is no half full or empty cups not half pregnant women, our political geniuses swhould learn nonce and for all, that if you are not going to fight a war it has to be to the ultimate consequences but if not, then better stay the hell home but, if you intend to fight it following these stupid rules, better send your own blood relatives to fight it.
    Sure as hell not my children nor my neighbor' s either

  • Steve Chavez

    Remember the "School of the Americas?" The Communist Left loved to attack any graduate of this school if they were involved in any incident in Central America. NOW THAT OUR "COMBAT" SOLDIERS HAVE LEFT IRAQ, THE "AMERICAN/IRAQ SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS" WILL BE BLAMED IF ANY IRAQI POLICE OR SOLDIER IS INVOLVED IN ANY TYPE OF INCIDENT SEEN BY THE COMMUNIST LEFT AS AN "ATROCITY!"

    The Communist Party USA declared official "Solidarity with the Iraq Communist Party" and can be found if you google that. You must read that declaration. Why is that important? Because the Iraq Communist Party is involved in the insurgency, directly and indirectly! They both want a U.S. DEFEAT AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO ACHIEVE THAT! Isn't that "aiding and abetting?" The CPUSA is aiding in the killing of our soldiers that they "support?"

    The slogan "You won the battle but you didn't win the peace" was ready before we even attacked Iraq. SO, THEY AND THE IRAQ COMMUNIST PARTY ARE READY TO BRING OUT THEIR EVIL FORCES TO CAUSE AS MUCH MAYHEM AS POSSIBLE TO THEN BLAME ON THE UNITED STATES!


  • Steve Chavez

    JOHN KERRY WILL BE THE FIRST TO SAY "WE TRAINED A BUNCH OF MURDERERS AND KILLERS!" So far, he has spent his whole life and whole Senate career SPITTING on our troops who put their lives on the line in order to protest his right TO SPIT ON THEM!!!

    JOHN MURTHA, now in HELL, would be there too but there will be others that he brainwashed to carry on his legacy!


  • Wesley69

    The Appeaser-in-Chief is giving a speech next week on Iraq. I wonder if he will claim credit for success there or point to the violence and the inability of the Iraqis to form a coalition government labeling the entire mission as foolhardy and misguided as he and other Democrats believed. Any failures, he will attribute to Bush, saying Bush should have focused on the "good" war in Afghanistan. Then again Marine General James Conway told reporters on Tuesday. "In some ways, we think right now it's probably giving our enemy sustenance…" This is about our Commander-in-Chief helping the Tailban????? Looks like another general will be looking for a job.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Our leaving Iraq and withdrawing power from such a broken
    land with evil factions slitheing for domination can only mean
    continuing war. Remember all of the mass murders carried
    out by Muslim killers of Muslims, the burning of Mosques
    and exploding bombs destroying the innocent populous.
    Our MSM screaming about the false reports of our Military
    personnel desecrating the Koran while Muslims were burning
    their holy places full of the Koran in the hands of its people.
    Farcial and insane but it goes on like a macabre nightmare.
    When America leaves it will be again one of the most awful
    places on Earth second only to Darfur. Iran is on a path to
    destruction and Israel is in their way, what choice can they
    have but to act in self preservation. America must get its house
    in order and expel the leftists in government along with
    Islamists or our future will be as bleak as Iraq……………William