Iranian Scientist Says He Worked on Nuke

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Yet another secret nuclear site in Iran may have just been exposed. A scientist kidnapped by Baluchi militants is providing personal testimony that he worked at a secret uranium enrichment facility with the explicit purpose of creating a nuclear bomb. If his statements are true, then Iran could get a nuclear bomb sooner than is thought.

Amir Hossein Shirani was kidnapped by the Baluchi militant group called Jundullah in October. The group demanded the release of 200 prisoners, threatening to make Shirani reveal damaging information about Iran’s nuclear program if they were not. The regime reacted by dismissing the credibility of any testimony by Shirani, saying he was fired in 2005 for being incompetent and was only a driver. The regime claimed that Shirani had gotten involved in the drug trade and was actually being held for ransom.

Jundullah made good on its threat on November 27, when Al-Arabiya television aired his testimony. He claimed that for three years he worked at a secret site located 15 kilometers southeast of the Isfahan nuclear conversion facility opposite of a village called Baran Shomali. Enrichment takes place around the clock at the site with three shifts of 50 people working per day. He gives the names of other engineers and workers and where they live, presumably to bolster his credibility and complicate the nuclear effort.

Shirani rules out the possibility that the nuclear program is for anything other than a nuclear bomb. He says that such peaceful uses weren’t even discussed at work meetings. Their intention of creating a nuclear bomb was openly discussed as being required in order to compete with Pakistan and threaten the U.S., Israel and the Arab world.  The regime will try to downplay the claims as being coerced, and that may be true, but the details given by Shirani lend credence to his testimony. The IAEA should at least react quickly to demand interviews with those he named and inspections of the site.

This significant development comes as the U.S. State Department has branded the Jundullah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The government says that “Jundullah uses a variety of terrorist tactics, including suicide bombings, ambushes, kidnappings and targeted assassinations.” However, Jundullah’s attacks are aimed at the regime targets like officials, security services and the Revolutionary Guards. This does not, however, make Jundullah a friend of the U.S. The group reacted to the State Department’s decision with threats and anti-American rhetoric. “The United States has always supported criminals and murderers, like Sharon and Zionists, and supports also criminals (in the Iranian regime) to advance its interests,” a statement to Al-Arabiya reads.

The suicide bombing of a mosque in July was condemned by the U.S., but it was carried out by a Baluchi who had his two brothers killed by the Revolutionary Guards and the mosque was being used for a high-level meeting of Revolutionary Guards officials. Officially, 31 people were killed including six members of the Revolutionary Guards, including the provincial commander and the deputy-commander of the force. The real death toll is probably higher than what the regime says, with Michael Ledeen saying that “at a minimum, 108 were killed, including 57 members of the Revolutionary Guards.”

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    If Iran gets nukes, it will let the nuclear genie out of the bottle from which it will never be returned, as the Sunni Islamic world will counter Iran by quickly becoming armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear armed Shi’a Islamic world. Indeed, Pakistan, which has been playing a double game with US useful idiot diplomats for decades, will quickly become the nuclear supermarket for the Sunni Islamic world thanks in large part to insane US financial aid that enabled Pakistan to produce far more nuclear weapons than it needed to destroy India. Thus, the Islamic world, which is under holy obligation to expand Islam via jihad against unbelievers, will quickly become armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and a once very manageable situation will quickly mushroom into a situation that is completely out of hand, as nuclear weapons and abundant oil wealth does not make for a very good combination if you get my drift. Meaning that a nuclear WWIII, which will make WWII seem like a polite picnic in the park, will be imminent in only a matter of time.

    Now, some narrow-minded people say that it would be ludicrous to initiate a war with Iran to eradicate their nuclear weapons program because Iran would possibly shut the Strait of Hormuz down skyrocketing oil prices through the roof at the same time, but in my book that alternative is still far more palatable to me than imminent nuclear annihilation of the world. Not to mention also that a nuclear-armed Iran will be able to skyrocket oil prices in any event at will just by rattling its swords and judging by past experience that will be nearly all the time. Not to mention that Iranian mischief in the region will also inevitably ratchet up exponentially once Iran get nuclear weapons, further driving up oil prices. Hence, their feckless arguments don’t hold any water. The fact of the matter is there are no good arguments against stopping Iran from bringing its nuclear weapons program to fruition.

    Some say let Israel do it, but Israel is incapable of doing it alone, and if Israel does attack Iran’s nuclear weapons program, which it must attempt to do if it hopes to survive, the Strait of Hormuz will be shut down and a regional war against Israel will ensue involving Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the so-called Palestinians. Hence, if the US wants to minimize the consequences of an all out regional war in the Middle East, which is inevitable and which includes the probable closure of the Strait of Hormuz, we have no other choice but to lead the way in eradicating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Not to do so would be criminal and grounds for impeachment in my book.

    • rayan

      So I guess tomorrow morning you go proudly go to a recruiting office to sign up for the war in iran, an unwinnable war , unless using of nuclear weapons, and I suppose you'll ask your father, brother and sisters to work also, because to attack, invade and then occupy Iran a country as large as Alaska,
      four time irak, for ten years its not less than one million soldiers that they need!
      or you'll just wait for others committed to you. please answer my question is serious!

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Why occupy Iran? I’m not a stealth Leftist like GWB was and still is. Hence, the last thing I would ever support is bogging down our military by occupying Islamic countries to pursue silly fantasy based nation building missions based on false premises and political correct myths. I’m a true conservative as opposed to a delusional Leftist. Hence, don’t confuse me with Leftists like you and GWB.

        No, instead I believe in eradicating our enemies via the application of intense military power to create as much deterrence as possible and then bringing the troops home in triumph, instead of bogging them down forever like you and GWB. In other words, I believe in leaving behind our death and destruction to serve as a festering open wound, constantly reminding them of the suffering they will incur if they ever make the mistake of ever crossing us again.

        In addition, how do you figure eradicating the Iranian ruling Mullahs and destroying their nuclear weapons programs is un-winnable? If we occupy them subsequently to pursue a nation building mission to the win hearts and minds of Muhammadans, which is exceedingly fantasy based, not to mention literally impossible, then it becomes un-winnable, but I’m not a delusional Leftist, I’m not blinded by political correct multiculturalism, and I’m not nearly that stupid. Thus, I would never support something that idiotic and asinine.

        Your problem is you have become so mentally corrupted and self-hating due to leftwing indoctrination that you no longer believe our Western civilization and culture is worth fighting for and defending. It sucks to be you.

        Dude, even if it would come down to the use of nuclear weapons it is perfectly justifiable as for as I’m concerned. It’s either them or us. Thus, it is justifiable self-defense. Do you think we should keep our nuclear weapons locked away in a closet while our civilization and far superior culture gets destroyed? Are you that mentally incompetent and self-loathing?

        Like I said, there are no good arguments not to stop the Iranians from acquiring nuclear weapons. Your argument was one of the dumbest I’ve ever seen.

        • rayan

          Your reasoning is absolutely a reflection of what's wrong in America. the surreal idea that you can bomb a country and leave like that without expecting for damages!
          a simple example how do you prevent Iran from attacking ships and undermine Hormuz divers with simple, without occupying the odds? here is already an example, you'll think the regime collapsed by bombs? Give me a single example in history? your words are the pure inconscience fortunately for the world there, they are reasonable people like Robert Gates and Mike Mullen!
          you want to attack a country of 78 million people and let them into chaos, and after that you will come pleindre madmen have taken power in Iran? or as training camps for terrorists in Iran grow like flowers.?

          • ObamaYoMoma

            What is surreal is you have become so self-hating that according to you the West isn’t worth fighting for and defending and thus should just surrender to what is a backwards and exceedingly barbaric totalitarian culture. Nevertheless, maybe you despise freedom and hate your own culture so much that you are willing to surrender without a fight, but don’t assume that everyone else is as mentally handicapped as you are, as I will die first before I lose my freedom.

            If the Iranians don’t want war and to be damaged, then they should stop seeking nuclear weapons and threatening the peace of the world, because that is exactly what will happen if they continue, and it won’t be our fault, it will be the Iranian’s fault, and if you can’t see that, then it is not my fault that your moral compass is broken beyond repair.

            Give me a single example in history?

            Just one? That’s easy. Hitler’s Nazi Germany was completely obliterated in WWII and as a direct result neither Nazi Germany nor Nazism is a threat to the world today. Likewise, obliterate the ruling Mullah regime via the application of intense power, create deterrence, and then bring home the troops in triumph while at the same time leaving behind our death and destruction to fester as an open wound and to constantly remind them of what will happen if they ever make the same stupid mistake of threatening us again in the future, except the next time it will be far worse.

            Nevertheless, the notion that terrorism is a result of America’s foreign policy is not only a mentally incompetent notion; it is also utterly absurd as well. Muhammadans didn’t attacks on 9/11/2001 because of our foreign policy. They attacked us because the main goal of the militant theo-political totalitarian ideology that is Islam is to subjugate the world via the imposition of Sharia. In other words, Islam is waging a global jihad against unbelievers, and that global jihad will continue perpetually as long as unbelievers continue to exist in the world, as Islam can’t be placated.

            Moreover, with respect to Robert Gates and Mike Mullins, they are both blinded by political correct multiculturalism and incompetent as it gets, which is why they both don’t have the first clue, and also the reason why they both have their jobs, as like-minded morons have appointed them exactly because they don’t have a clue.

            Nevertheless, your arguments not to attack Iran once again are about as lame as it gets.

          • rayan

            hahah you make me laugh with your example, Germany was at war against almost the whole world with a dispersed power all odds, usa ussr GB all African countries your army is dispersed and iran larger and many more populated ! I also ask you one example of regime change by bombing and you give me an example of a massive deployment, it is proof that you have no sense of realism! god bless the realism of Robert Gates and Mike Mullen and obama!

            list war lost by the U.S.





            afghanistan (as we speak)

          • Inthiscorner

            Korea – Still an ongoing conflict. South Korea still free.
            Vietnam – Lost by politicians not military
            Somalia – What war? Clinton threw a few bombs their way- conflict continuing
            Iraq – Again, Military – stellar performance, Politicians screw it up- Obama hands it to Iran on a silver platter with Maliki
            Afghanistan – Gates botched now Patreus has to fix it. Left screws up, right has to fix it.
            Anymore questions?

          • rayan

            yes, the images of American soldiers left Vietnam in the disorder to flee the advancing Viet Cong, was also a political defeat, the reality is apparently something you do not know!

            Somalia? Battle of Mogadishu was a disaster that killed 18 soldiers and more than 1OO trapped by insurgents in a city besieged is also
            a political issue, fortunately for us soldiers Pakistani troops intervened on the spot to rescue the soldiers from the massacre

          • rayan

            tell me it is not humiliating or depressing to have a defense budget of 700 000 000 USD and you are unable to defeat the 25,000 Afghan insurgents is pathetic, Iran does nothing to fear lol

          • Inthiscorner

            You've never served in the miltary. That is obvious. Until you do, shut your pie hole. The only thing I get depressed about is that someone hasn't put you out of your misery. You are no different than the Jihadists who hide behind women and children and all of them do. You are a big man and big thinker sitting in your mom's basement, smokin the Gange and your boyfriend's pipe.

  • RiverFred

    ObamaYOMoma your right on, unfortunately Obama does not have the balls to deter Iran with war, instead he employs a policy of wait, see and hope. He also believes that all it takes for Mideast countries to behave is finding a two state solution for the Palestinians and Israel. Unfortunately he does not know his history. This is the worse time to have a smuck like Obama as President of the U.S.

    • PhillipGaley

      Oh, but, we don't want to make 'em mad at us—do we?

  • Paul

    ObamaYoMama, what do you think about a super EMP attack on Iran, you know, just see if it works?

    If it doesn’t work, no harm no foul (hey must have been an asteroid hitting the atmosphere Iran, never no mind), if it does Iran won’t be able to flush their toilets let alone continuing the development of nuclear weapons. The key is that an EMP attack should shut down most if not all of Iran’s retaliation capabilities against the oil infrastructure quickly. Arm the Iranian people while providing them with communications, clean water and food and they’ll take care of the rest. After which the world will help restore their nation’s grid using the oil and gas revenue, plus the US will finally be forced to get serious about hardening our own grid. So it’s a win for everyone not sporting a black turban.

    Regardless, I agree with your fundamental assessment, the time to decide which future we want to live in is fast approaching if not already here. My primary fear is that we don’t have 51% of people even aware of this danger let alone in support of a non-fantasyland approach to actually eliminating that danger.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Hell, the Israelis could very easily accomplish an EMP attack, and then go in and destroy the nuclear facilities subsequently. However, the international community would have to provide food for the Iranians until their electrical grid was repaired.

      Nevertheless, I still would prefer the USA lead the attack so that we can also eradicate the ruling Mullah regime at the same time we also destroy the nuclear weapons infrastructure.

  • kim

    Maybe the worm will finish off what obama is chicken to do..after all he doesn't want to hurt is muslim brothers too much, after all he has been funding them with our tax dollars to the teeth along with all weapons and intrance to the US

  • rayan

    why the racism against obama he is not alone in refusing an attack on iran

    Robert Gates, Mike Mullen, Michele Flournoy, etc. ….

    and even the formers CENTCOM commanders, john abizaid, amiral william fox fallon, antony zinni, refused on the grounds that this war is unwinnable and that Iran is deterrable and that in any way the United States were strong enough to face a few Iranian warheads (you have thousands )

    • Inthiscorner

      Stop it with the Race thing. It is spew. No one mentioned his race but you. He is a coward and incompetent even if he was blue. His entire Administration is made up of Cowards and Dhimmis. We don't need to occupy Iran to bring down the regime. Localized EMPs and an air campaign with special forces touching down to assess damage and take out particulars. You know nothing of military affairs so you should avoid discussing them. I have a huge number of Iranian friends who want nothing to do with the Regime. The army said it would not fight to save the Mullahs. To think that if we bombed Iran the whole Middle East would turn on us is BS. Virtually everyone but Assad and Erdoghan is begging us to take them out including a majority of Iranians. The students want to rip the Basij to shreds. Stick to what you know and you may make some valid points. The world hasn't seen the full force of American Military power since WWII. No, Vietnam was a politicians war as was the current wars. Tactical Nukes will be used in this one against the IRGC and Hizbullah, not conventional Nukes. Big Difference.

      • rayan

        you're a clouw you think that civilized nations around the world will allow you to use nuclear weapons with impunity? you think that weapons nukes should be used so if I understand if the U.S. uses nuclear weapons is a good thing but if iran is so bad? my god what a paradox!
        You are a true imbecile, the bombings were never allowed to change a regim without long and protracted occupation, you did nt had not answered you are ready to hire you tomorrow? no of course people like you are fascists cowards who call for war but with the blood of others, be warm at home

        you talk about obama, but why do not you say that George Bush was president for 8 years under the Iran crisis and he has never used force? because the risks are too big!

        I know military affairs better than you in my country ended conscription in 1998 and in YOUr AFTER THE DEFEAT OF VIETNAM en 76
        No you've probably never read an interview with Fox Fallon Abizaid Antonny Zinni or I'm sure you do not even know these people,you r ignoring

        • Inthiscorner

          We already used neutron weapons on Bahgdad Airport. Iranians are wimps and the bulk of their weapons are very poorly made clones. You don't understand the game. We have 2 million boots on the ground in the form of Persians who were born after 1979 and despise the regime. You think in comic book terms. Zinni is a lefty, he follows the line. He was in consideration for Obama's VP in 2008. A phenomenal soldier but a politician now. Abiaid the "Mad Arab" from Westpoint. Great Courage. Great insight but has said we will do what is needed to contain Iran. The fact is, the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts were designed to surround Iran as part of containment strategy that may lead to war if the Iranians don't come clean. Three administrations have constrained themselves to give talking a chance. No one wants war. But, I guarantee time is running out for Iran's Mullahs. Quote from Fox Fallon regarding Iran And if it comes to war?
          "Get serious," the admiral says. "These guys are ants. When the time comes, you crush them.… Seems you can shoot your mouth off but can't back it up. When you want to talk about military matters serve first.

          • rayan

            keep dreaming the mullahs will have the bomb even if they must bear the destruction of the city's beating Vietnam will remain a sweet memory compared to what awaits you! iran you have been humiliated in Iraq and right now your army is kicking ass in afghanistan very frankly I laugh when I hear that you want to go to war in Iran!

          • rayan

            Iranians are wimps lol,we have all seen what wimps can do in 2006, who scraped a beautiful stay in history, Hezbollah is not even a thousandth of the power of Iran and the Lebanon territory 170 times smaller lol, if you want a good spanking go to iran
            Then with speeches like yours, you openly call to use nuclear weapons against countries! I understand and I support iran

          • Inthiscorner

            Sounds like Saddam talking. He fled to a hole and finished on a rope. Are you related?

  • rayan

    you talk about the detriot of Hormuz but do you know it will be cost tens of millions of jobs lost, as in 1929 how many people have to loose their home for a war that is not yours!
    the American people will not accept a return to conscription,without conscription you have no hope to bit iran on the field! So you're ready to send your country into the wall to try only with no hopes of success
    just to maintain the monopoly of israel?

    • MixMChess

      "just to maintain the monopoly of israel?"

      Actually, among the Middle East Nations, Israel has the least to gain from an attack. The wikileaks has shown that it is countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai etc. that have been putting pressure on America to attack Iran for their own interests. Iran has made numerous territorial claims to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and other surrounding counties.

  • Inquisitive

    Rayan, what do you propose ?

    • rayan


      accept into realities, as Regan made with china, ie accept nuclear Iran against the United States where you can not much and have a good relationship with Iran and overcome the reluctance on the nuclear

      diplomacy and deterrence with a nuclear Iran
      and stop trying to stop them you can see that this is not possible

    • Inthiscorner

      Close the Straits huh? I'm laughing too hard. We have a surprised for your swarm of ski boats. It is called ADS. Those clowns will be diving in the water to escape faster than a light turns off. Keep up the jokes. You are very funny.

      • rayan

        je suis peut etre drole mais pour le moment c'est votre armée qui se prend une fessée

        LES MISSILES noors ont prouvé en 2006 LEUR efficacités , lorsque vous vous retrouverez au chomage et perdrez votre maison comme alors vous rirez sans doute moins

        • Inthiscorner

          Now I get it. You are an Islamist living in France. That explains everything.

          • rayan

            your only argument is "Islamists" and nothing else, we want to live in peace and security! and nothing else
            and if our government wants the nuclear for the security of the people, so I support as 71% of Iranians


          • Inthiscorner

            You are a sheep. You believe the crap your delusional Mullahs and the monkey Ahmadinnerjacket tells you. That is the same thing you accused me of when this conversation started. What a BS lie -71%. ha ha. 71% of your population doesn't want to die in the name of Islam. Your government means to sacrifice their whole population to bring to fruition the Twelvers dream. A dream Khomeini denounced. The fictitious return of the Mahdi. They mean to turn the whole Middle East into an inferno of chaos to hasten the return. The Mahdi will crush the Infidels and make the whole world Islamic. It's all hogwash. There will never be another Caliphate. No chance of a greater Islamic Republic. No such thing as the "Midget in the Well". Islam will be crushed in Europe and the Caucuses and the smelly illiterate trash will be driven back to Qom. The biggest chance is a smoldering Iran. I laugh in your face because you will die for nothing. Thousands don't stand on their rooftops throughout Iran nightly yelling kill the dictator for nothing. Time for you is almost up.

          • rayan

            currently it is your soldiers who die in iraq and afghanistan and i m laugh in your face when I read the sites of U.S. casualties soldiers and mercenaries! lool the most powerful army in the world kicked ass by peasants wohahahaha wohahahahahah whohahahaha
            vous vous efforcez de soutenir vos alliés, mais en 2008, vous n'avez pas levé le petit
            doight pour aider la Géorgie wohahahahahaha
            The Chinese have even your economy and if you do something the Chinese doesn't like they can put your economy to its knees I laugh too loud whooahahahaha

          • rayan

            you strive to support your allies, but in 2008 you did not lift a
            you strive to support your allies, but in 2008 you did not lift a
            to help georgia against russia lol. georgia still occupied a large part by russia short of rhetoric you do absolutely nothing to help your allies! nor against the north korea lol
            poor allies of usa

          • Inthiscorner

            More delusion. Kicked a$$ does not compute. with a kill ratio of 2000 so called Warriors of God to every one soldier. Who is kicking who's a$$? You are an illiterate pompus troll who has yet to defend any position you have put forth. All you do is bring up some other obscure examples of Islamic prowess. Which in reality does not exist. Cowards hiding behind women and children in hospitals, schools and mosques equates to a bunch of desperate twits not warriors. You are all cowards. I through wasting my time. I am going to move on and let you make up crap with someone else. Look in the mirror and think to yourself…what a waste of skin.

          • rayan

            yes a ratio of 2OOO civilians killed FOR 1 occupying us? SOLDIERS AND NOT 1 for 2000 insurgents lol this ratio manerai 8000 000 INSURGANTS KILLED, whahahahahahahahahaha what stupid, I understand why you lose all your war! you want me to loan you a combination of driver as you can also declare mission accpomplie?

          • Inthiscorner

            Oh yes and polling 700 people in Iran gets you a valid cross section. This is half assed polling to say the least. It just shows where your credibility comes from. The same ass this poll was pulled from.

  • Inthiscorner

    Rayan- another failed abortion who cannot read or write. He lives in Iran and is a Basij member, on Ahmadinnerjacket's payroll. How's that STUXNET worm working out for you?

  • rayan

    Well as you can see it yourself, it is not very effective Bush has begun to work! and uranium stocks at 4 '% and 20% continuous auguementer! you want more news?

    • Inthiscorner

      Sorry but you are misinformed. They loaded the fuel but can't start the Turbines, which was one target of the worm. At one of the larger American web companies offering advice on how to eliminate the worm, traffic from Iran has swamped that of its largest user: the United States. The web traffic, he says, shows Iran still hasn’t come to grips with the complexity of the malware that appears to be still infecting the systems at both Bashehr and Natanz. “The effort has been stunning," Byres said. Enough said.

  • Marline Halaas

    did you see the humpty dumpty movie is out

  • rayan

    BUT I SEE THE realities on the ground and not what Byres,,,,,,, said the Bushehr plant is loaded with uranium and will be connected
    for January so get your handkerchief for the new year, and Natanz ago 4500 centrifugeuses AGAINST IN SEPTEMBER 3800 only, if your stuxnet was also effective when israel does not supplant the United States to bomb Iran!

    The Natanz uranium stock rose 29,000 kilos BEFORE STUXNET to 33000 kilos to 3% and 36 KILOS to 20 % AFTER STUXNET into realities is a FIGURE OF THE IAEA CONFIRMED WHAT A SUPER SUPER FOR STUXNET PLEASE SEND IT US MORE FOR REVERS INGERNIORI PLEASE

    encian the number two laiea recement said "the Iranians are facing big problems, but they are about to solve them"

    iran and when he says something like every time this year are the new centrifuges IR 2 which will start being installed, so thank you to stuxnet Liran give the opportunity to prove its capabilities viva iran

  • Inthiscorner

    BUT I SEE THE realities on the ground Ha Ha Ha.

    So you work in one of these facilities. I think not. The realities on the ground are the realities that the Fascist dictatorship wants you to know. Ha Ha Ha falling of my chair laughing.

  • rayan

    not just read the reports of the IAEA simply whohahahahaha lol

    • Inthiscorner

      Oh you mean the people who aren't allowed into your bomb making facilities? For years Elbaradieh was paid off. Not hiding anything huh? what a joke.. Boom! the last thing you will see is a very bright light. Oh and the 72 virgins waiting for you….don't hold your breath!

  • rayan

    I mean the 72 VIRGIN are sleeping with Americans soldiers at the moment, yes they were vacationing in afghanistan lol

    why you do not send aircraft carriers, and made a show of such a plane landed and banderloe riddicule with writing on it "mission accomplished"

    This year 700 nato soldiers have died in afghanistan mhohahahahahaha and you can not even protect them and want to make another war mohahahahaha

    • rayan

      I hope you have the courage of your words and you will enlisted in the army, so we will meet when you come to iran mohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha unfortunately I doubt you will continue to drink your tea in front of your computer and ask your neighbors go to war for you! whohahahhahaha