Is Kim Jong-Il Fearful of an Uprising?

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A South Korean naval ship sank on March 26 after an explosion ripped the vessel into two. Suspicion of the source of the explosion immediately focused on North Korea, although South Korean and American officials emphasized that there was no proof that the incident was an attack and that it could have resulted from a collision with a mine planted decades ago. If North Korea is behind the explosion, the reason may lie in reports about the country’s population becoming more aware of the oppression they are being subjected to.

Initially, South Korea and the U.S. downplayed notions that the ship was sunk by Kim Jong-Il’s military. The location of the sinking was in the Yellow Sea near the North Korean coast in disputed waters that have previously been the scene of naval clashes as recently as November. The South Korean defense minister is now stating that he thinks the explosion was caused by a torpedo, but he isn’t ruling out the possibility of an accidental explosion from a Korean War-era mine or the deliberate targeting of the ship with a mine.

The chairman of the South Korean National Assembly’s Defense Committee says that two North Korean Shark-class submarines under surveillance disappeared between March 23 and 27, and they have been unable to determine the location of one of them on March 26, the day of the explosion. The South Korean defense minister initially noted that the vessel did not detect an incoming torpedo on its radar, but this official says that doesn’t matter. North Korea has advanced acoustic torpedoes that slowly stalk their targets so their sound blends in with the engine to escape detection.

High-ranking South Korean officials are voicing their increasing belief that the sinking was the result of hostile activity, but the U.S., eager to avoid a dramatic escalation, is doing the opposite. The commander of U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula says there is no evidence of North Korean involvement in the incident and recommends waiting for a joint U.S.-South Korean probe to figure out exactly what happened.

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  • Ghostwriter

    To be honest,I'll cheer when the hideous regime of Kim Jong-Il goes down. They are among the worst human rights violators on the planet and they deserve whatever happens to them.

    • Muchiboy

      “..the hideous regime of Kim Jong-Il goes down. They are among the worst human rights violators on the planet..”

      While most reasonable people exposed to the western principles of democracy and human rights would agree with this assessment,the Zionist state of Israel stands tall beside N.Korea as among the worst of human rights violators on the planet,too.As I pointed out in previous posts,one cannot exclude the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians cleansed from their homeland and birthright by the Jews and Zionists in support of this odious claim.One doesn’t have to dig too deep nor look too far to expose the obvious sufferings,indignities and crimes of humanity committed against the Palestinian people by Israel and Israeli policy.And one doesn’t have to look too far to hear the voices of Jews in Israel and America and elsewhere who rally against their kin in support of these same Palestinians.Thank God for good people of all kinds everywhere.We are all brothers and sisters living in one world.Thank you my Jewish brother,thank you my Muslim brother,thank you my Christian brother.Thank you. Muchiboy

      • Hammer2

        Simple question – if you had to choose, where would you rather live – North Korea or the West Bank? The answer is obvious. As is the obscene load of lies and propaganda that you have bought into.

      • gozznokeco

        These aspersions against Israel are not merely lies, but libels, Blood Libes at that. The Arabs have no one but there continual choice of fault leadership for their current predicament. They could have declared a Palestinian state in 1948 in Gaza and West Bank Jordan and Israel could not have done a thing to stop them. Instead, Jordan chose to keep the West Bank territory they scarfed in 1947, and Egypt decided to keep the Palestinian refugees in camps, and raise Fedayin to attack civilian settlements in Israel. Gaza today is ruled by a gang of thugs who kill far more of their own than any number of Israelis they have accounted for. Ireland had Michael Collins, but the IRA murdered him. Egypt had Sadat, and the proto-Jihaddis murdered him. The Arab wold sits on a pile of money and oil, and is still unable to fund a growth economy in its own portion of the world. These people are suicidal. No wonder that, after practicing self destruction for decades they try to turn this perverse talent on innocent civillians around the world. In contrast, Israel is a successful world class economy, second only to the US for the number of technology companies on NASDAQ. Meanwhile, their Persian neighbors build nuclear weapons to re-establlish an Empire, as their population staggers under economic decay. What a useless people, dangerous to themselves as much as to others.

      • brenanc


        You gotta get away from that much-admired (but seldom imitated) Muslim habit of wiping your ass with sand after you defecate. That "blinding light" you experience isn't Allah.

  • Doggwood

    The problem with North Korea, as I understand it, is that the entire population is collectively insane. They have been raised in a lunatic asylum. The state has complete control of the media. It's not like an occupied country in which people have alternative pictures of what's going on in the outside world. You ask the man on the street what else is in the world, and they'll tell you something like there are six other countries, all of which are at war with his home country, and the only thing that stands between him and annihilation is Dear Leader. It's like something out of 1984. The men compete to look like Dear Leader. Even the artistic endeavors are insane, like the thousand dancing eggs.

    So what do you do with 20 million lunatics? You can't just give them the vote and a car and a job and assimilate them into your society. They're too badly damaged. China and South Korea are afraid that if North Korea breaks down, they'll come flooding in. It would be a catastrophe. So everyone wants to keep North Korea from imploding, just so they won't have to deal with that scenario.