Obama’s Human Rights Disgrace

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The United States has refused to join the United Nations Human Rights Council since it was birthed in 2006 following the dissolving of its failed predecessor, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. The Obama Administration changed course in March 2009 and now, for the first time, has submitted a report on the status of human rights in the U.S. to the Council, setting up the country to be judged by governments like those of Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Pakistan and Egypt.

The U.S. report for the Council’s Universal Periodic Review states that the country’s participation is not a declaration of solidarity with “states that systematically abuse human rights…There is no comparison between American democracy and repressive states.” It is for this very reason that the U.S. should not be legitimizing the Council with its inclusion and subjecting the country to being judged by the non-democratic member states.

The slightest admission of fault by the U.S. will be amplified and used as a reason for condemnation. The report offers statistics about inequality for African-Americans, Hispanics, the disabled, homosexuals and Native Americans that will be used to reinforce anti-American propaganda class warfare rhetoric about capitalism causing oppression and racism. It also mentions Arizona’s controversial immigration law as a human rights issue, which Governor Jan Brewer has called “downright offensive.”

The report says the government is dedicating to fighting discrimination against Muslims and Arabs, inferring that a serious problem exists rather than boasting of the admirable restraint of the American people following the 9/11 attacks or the economic success of Muslims in the country. The FBI has found that the number of hate crimes directed at Muslims since 9/11 has sharply declined, with 10 times as many anti-Semitic incidents happening in 2008. There are actually more crimes committed against Jews, homosexuals and even Caucasians than Muslims. This is something that should be emphasized, but instead the narrative among those that use hate crimes, both real and fabricated, to frighten the Muslim world goes unchallenged.

The U.S. participation in the Human Rights Council has already been used to legitimize anti-democratic sentiments. The U.S. sponsored a “freedom of expression” resolution with Egypt that condemned “negative religious stereotyping.” Almost identical language was used by the Organization of the Islamic Conference to declare that “negative stereotyping or defamation of religions was a modern expression of religious hatred and xenophobia.” The resolution can thus be used as a weapon to accuse those that criticize radical Islam of being anti-Muslim.

If there is any doubt that the Council will be used as a platform against the West, the activity of the Council’s predecessor, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, should be reviewed. Enemies of Israel banned the country from regional meetings and more resolutions were passed condemning Israel than all other countries combined. Already, the Council has condemned Israel on numerous occasions and remains silent on the human rights abuses of countries that are truly oppressive.

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  • Andres de Alamaya

    History has shown that when some people feel something strong in their hearts, they will lay down their lives in defence of their belief. They are called martyrs by their admirers and often fools by their detractors. Some are admired, some are to be pittied for their folly and wrongness. America in its naivete has voted in a president whose heart belongs to Islam. He is intelligent enough to realize that he is out of step with Americans but as we put on blinders about him when we first got evidence that he was not what we thought he was (when his association with Rev. Wright surfaced) he has put on blinders about American voters and he is determined to kill his political career in defence of Islam.

  • Lori

    Well Civil War Is going To break Out, And That Is what The President wants, Hope He Is ready for the Ripple Effect Of his actions, It will Come Down On His Head. Islam Will Never Satisfy Him. It Is Religion Of Hate and Control!.Never Will Evil Prevail! We all Better Be asking ourselves, The Question? Truthfully! Which Side Will I choose?

  • No Sharia

    I choose the side of the Constitution of the United States and not that of those who would destroy our culture and establish Sharia Law in the US.
    I sincerely believe that Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. He was born a Muslim and if he had left Islam, those barbarians moon-worshipers would have put a "Fatwah" on his head. I also believe that if he were not born in Kenya it would be a simple matter to produce a real birth certificate, not that short form of questionable origin. And I believe that he is attempting to Islamize this country by stealth and is supporting with our tax dollars Muslim countries and Islamists in this country.


    • GalileoOnTheMoon

      Correct on all counts. It seems that the "global" Islamists have taken their battle to the core of this country, and its such an outrageous coup that the power elite cannot even imagine or accept that they have been DUPED. When everyday Americans can see what has transpired and the so called elites cannot, it makes them even more enraged. They will have to pay the piper for their grievous mistake when the day of reckoning comes and it can't come soon enough !

    • John

      Obama is the nastiest hoax this country of ours has endured in the longest time. A hoax, a fraud, and a sham, laughing all the way to the bank and living it up with his goons and family members. This will go down the history as the most destructive and harmful presidency we have EVER had. We can find a speck of dust in the outer space, but we cannot find this man's birth certificate. Disgrace. I refuse to call him my president and I sincerely feel sorry for the Secret Service personnel who are forced to deal with him and his cabinate for the sake of keeping their pension. I am also sick and tired of those who turn our resentment of this administration into a black-and -white issue. Get over yourselves. This country has repaid the debt of slavery to the fullest. A lot of us, white Americans, are first generation immigrants whose ancestors had absolutely NOTHING to do with the slavery, and yet we are subjected to reversed discrimination by the blacks on a daily basis. Get it through your heads: we can't stand him and his policies because we do not like the direction in which he is taking our country, and not because he is black.

      • bubba4

        What would you call this? "Punch Drunk Hate?"

        Dust off all the political propaganda and wake the $^#*(@ up.

        You can disagree on the direction of the country, but first you have to know what that is. Most of you only know the hate and fear of the winger tar baby.

      • http://first-edition-online.com Gene Williams

        I don't want you to make the mistake of thinking that all black people in this country voted for and support Barack Obama. You sound as though that is what you believe. If it is, you are dead wrong. I am an American of African descent and I despise Obama. I literally can not look at him.

        I believe that he is a Muslim who hates this nation and will do everything in his power to destroy it while he occupies the Oval Office. I think that if we do not address those white, guilt ridden voters who were responsible for electing this fraud we are in danger of America as we know it disappearing. November will tell the tale.

  • debarrio

    As Ryan pointed out, this action can be described in one word. Disgrace!

  • wholesale-yarn
  • ajnn

    The UN Human Rights agency in 1994 (the 1st year of the Oslo Accords) denounced Israel six (6) times and Rwanda (the year of the massacre of 800,00) one (1) time.

    That is all I need to know about those awful people and that corrupt agency. Genocide cited once, nonsense six times.

    Which side are we on – Human Rights or the corrupt dictatorships running the UN ?

  • Wesley69

    When one thinks this administration has done its worst to disgrace this country, they come up with something totally new! Obama would argue, this is part of his transformation. A transformation into what? Countries like Russia, Cuba, China, Sudan, Iran? Honestly, does Obama have any idea as to how many people were deep-sixed by these countries? Maybe he is not the scholar his compilatie press claim. How could Obama label the state of Arizona a violator of human rights? The people of Arizona want protection against the violence associated with illegal immigration. Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the US. The state wants to do the job Obama is suppose to do. He has chosen to violate his oath of office. Then again, maybe he would prefer to emulate the deeds of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro? This UN counsel is a joke, just like our Mistake-in-Chief. It is an anti-American institution. something Obama could support. Maybe he is preparing to become the World President after he destroys the US Constitution, its Bill of Rights and its sovereignty. Mr. President, the citizens of this country are waking up. The political tsunami is coming. Do you know what a lame-duck is?

    • fmobler

      Obama knows full well that these countries are human rights disasters. He (and Ms. Bill) seems to be laboring under the illusion that one can get other people to behave better by admitting ones own faults. This is a breath-taking misunderstanding of human nature. Improving ones own behavior does often require admitting owns mistakes. But almost no one learns from someone else's confessions. (St. Augustine being an unusual exception).

      If you read the actual report, it does make clear that the US has, beginning with its founding, been working toward greater respect for human rights. This administration is, again, unaware of how things work in the real world. No one will quote the parts that make this point. Everyone will quote the parts about racial disparity in home ownership and so on to continue to justify their own horrible records.

    • bubba4

      "How could Obama label the state of Arizona a violator of human rights?"

      He didn't…it is mentioned because of the lawsuit and the fact that it has caused some controversy in this country. Obama didn't write this thing anyway….um…it was prepared by the State Department.

      Guard troops started arriving at the border and illegal immigration is down anyway….besides hysteria, I;m not sure what your problem is. The immigration problem didn't suddenly come into existence when Obama came into office.

      • GUEST

        "Guard troops started arriving at the border and illegal immigration is down anyway…."
        Riiiight; all of 30 troops in Arizona along with 15 signs from BLM telling U.S.CITIZENS to avoid areas of illegal activities. A SHAM!, A DISCRACE! A LIE!

  • fmobler

    Not a single word about antisemitism in the report, and yet these crimes have been on the rise.

    • bubba4

      DId you read the report?

      • fmobler

        Yes I did. In fact, the stem “semit” does not appear anywhere in the report. Nor does the word “Jew” or any of its cognates. “Muslim” gets its own section.Download it and look for yourself. You will not find a single word about the fact that attacks Jews are more frequent than attacks on Muslims. You will see hand-wringingabout the mostly fictional post-911 backlash.— On Wed, 9/1/10, IntenseDebate Notifications <notifications@intensedebatemail.com> wrote:

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    In this world of duality America has sins. It's only natural she should. But Obama is focusing on this negative side of America oblivious to all that's right about her.

    Maybe we should do the same thing about Obama, make him a term president, and change his change as quickly as possible.

    In a way he's done us a favor by taking away freedom so precipitously asleep America, like a slumbering giant, has awakened and has only begun to roar its disagreement with his transformation and outlook.

    McCain would have continued with the boiling water treatment and the frog would have continued sitting still while the water boiled.

    • bubba4

      The billionaires have spoken….we must give them tax cuts and rally in the streets against communism.

      This "he's apologizing" he's "oblivious to the good" is just a kneejerk response whenever anything is critical of America or an FPM writer tells you something is critical to America.

      This "report" is not critical of America in the way you want to make it. It's a lot of "duh" stuff that you would agree with….well maybe not..this is human rights by the way.

  • simianrelic

    Oidiot is going down as the worst of the worst. Carter will look brilliant next to him. If you pull into my driveway and intro as UN Rep I will shoot you. You have no constitutional authority here. If you are from Interpol the same holds true unless you show a warrant signed by a US Judge. After I read it I will shoot you anyway. If you are from ACORN or any other liberal group thinking to tell me what to do I will shoot you twice through the door. It is against the law to trespass on private property in Texas. Consider most of us armed and willing to shoot you if we deem you a threat on our property. Realize that a 2007 Castle law means if you pose a threat we can kill you. We do not have to retreat for any reason. Our vehicles are considered part of our home. Try to jack it and you die. Don't like GTFO Obama sticker? Touch it and die. I will consider it an act of violence against my person. Think Obama or the UN will be allowed to take our guns? Not in this Country. They are welcome to try.

  • lady

    color has nothing to do with anything