Prison Jihad

New extremists are being created in our prisons, the very institution meant to deter crime. Two stories recently broke about people who converted to Islam in prison that acted in violent compliance with their new ideology. The media, for the most part, dropped the stories, leaving the American people unaware of the growing trend.

The October arrest of a man in Ohio named Abdullah Mohammed Muslim, formerly known as Johnnie Clagg, has now come to light. He was pulled over and arrested by a police officer for identity theft in order to get a passport so he could leave the country. Law enforcement searched his house and found a large stockpile of weapons.

The arsenal included the material for five pipe bombs, two AK-47s, smoke canisters, an assault rifle, a ballistic vest and ballistic face mask, a semiautomatic rifle, a flak jacket and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Additional facts help to identify the intent behind this collection. The police found a CD containing parts of “The Anarchist Cookbook,” a well-known guide to making explosives, and a CD with photos of the crash site of a small plane in the state. And as CBN’s Erick Stakelback has found out, the purpose behind the attempted passport fraud was so he could flee the U.S. before being sentenced for previous weapons-related charges.

Muslim’s attorney has confirmed that he had spent time on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan, the exact spot that radical Islamic militants have found safe haven, have constructed terrorist camps, and are recruiting Westerners to come for training and deployment. To any rational observer, Muslim would appear to be involved in terrorism, but federal authorities told Ohio’s Channel 10 News when the story broke that there was no connection to terrorism. As a result, the story failed to gain traction in the media outside of the local news and a follow-up report by CBN. At the time of this writing, a Google News search of the suspect’s name only brings up two results.

On April 14, a prison convert named James Larry slaughtered his family in Chicago. His brother says that in the days prior to the attack, he was acting differently, carrying around a Koran and saying it called for killing. The sister of his wife said he had begun talking about “going to Allah” and was fighting with his wife because she refused to wear a hijab. An apparent act of mass honor killing followed.

Larry shot and murdered his family. His pregnant wife, 7-year old son named Jihad, and two of his nieces, including one who was pregnant, were killed. His mother and nephew suffered severe injuries and went to the hospital. His 12-year old niece escaped as Larry shot at her as she fled. She managed to run into a gas station and have a worker call her mom. When the police arrived, Larry said he was bringing his family to Allah and said, “I wish I had more bullets. I wish I had more bullets.” His attorney says he is mentally ill and “suffering greatly” over his actions.

This just continues the pattern of the media failing to bring proper emphasis to worthy reports and the government steering the country into complacency by automatically downplaying suggestions that nearly any incident is connected to terrorism or radical Islam.

Last September, another American who converted to Islam while in prison named Michael C. Finton, who also went by the name of Talib Islam, was arrested in Illinois. He was a fan of Anwar al-Awlaki and traveled to Saudi Arabia in April 2008 using $1,375 sent to him from someone inside that country. Upon his return, he told an undercover FBI agent that he desired to go to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to fight Israel, but he also wanted to attack the United States. The FBI gave him fake explosives which he loaded into his truck so he could destroy the Paul Findley Federal Building in Springfield. After he tried to detonate the bombs with his cell phone and nothing happened, he found himself in handcuffs and in federal custody.

This is just an accounting of some recent incidents involving prison converts that didn’t receive the attention they are due. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee says that up to 36 American-Muslims who have served time in prison have recently gone to Yemen, claiming they are learning Arabic. Al-Qaeda has a vibrant branch there that may have recruited some of these so-called students. U.S. forces are trying to stop the next generation of terrorists from being bred overseas, but plenty are being born among Westerners who converted to Islam while serving time or shortly thereafter.

  • Anonymous

    We have to stop pandering to arselifters in prison. They shouldn't have any extra rights. No special halal food. And no toilets aligned away from Mecca. And definitely no korans in prison. Its a terrorist manual.

  • iyzablue

    I totally agree with you Gary… not just for those who believe in Islam but also any of the prisoners… they have entirely too good a life in prison. I recently saw on the news that they are allowed to order pizza and wings from the outside world. What the??? Our world is upside down!

  • Jean

    Well, I've never known inmates to order pizza and wings from inside, but I've known plenty who enjoy being a PIA with their pork-free diets and special schedules during Ramadan. It's nothing but another anti-social pretext for manipulation and aggravation.

  • David Catleugh

    We've got the same problems in the UK. Our prisons are becoming a recruiting ground for radical Islamists.

  • Gary Rumain

    Better they learn to cook or grow their own food. That might help in their reform process. But learning a trade or a skill and lessons in ethics and morals should be compulsory. Which, of course, means no koran.

  • Gary Rumain

    Exactly. Its no different to when arselifters are in free society in the West. They start agitating for their "rights" fairly quickly once they have some numbers. Read this –

  • Gary Rumain

    The UK is where most of the reports I've read about prison jihad come from. Toilet alignment, halal food, ramadan, etc. They always seem to come out of the UK first.

    And then, there's all the conversions –

  • jmcaul

    I have been concerned about the concerted effort to convert the US prison population to Islam for some time now. A few years back, a family member was in a relationship with a Pakistani muslim who was a Psychologist. Guess where he worked? Yep, he had become extremely wealthy by somehow garnering the WA state contract to head up the Psychological services of the WA state prison system. A few years ago he was in PA presumably doing the same thing.
    Could it be an innocent coincidence of a peaceful, humanitarian psychologist just working in US prisons? Perhaps. But in today's circumstances of the rotating door justice system, radical Islam and declared jihad against the US and Western civilization; what a perfect strategy for undermining our nation. We must be paying close attention to these people!

  • Stephen_Brady


    I agree with you.

    One of the things that we absolutely MUST do is reduce the number of non-violent offenders who get sent to prison. For example, non-dealers who have several arrests for simple possession of drugs. The people who are most vulnerable to conversion to Islam in prison are blacks. There has to be a better way …

  • USMCSniper

    The Nation of Islam has historically been aggressive in their recruitment activities in prisons and finds appeal among African-American inmates, who may regard Christianity as a “white man’s” religion that has failed to serve their needs. The Nation of Islam followers refer to blacks as God’s chosen people and Caucasians as white devils. They call for a separate homeland for American blacks, for racially segregated education and for a ban on interracial marriage. To quote again from their website: We believe we are the people of God’s choice. WE BELIEVE this is the time in history for the separation of the so-called Negroes and the so-called white Americans. We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere. We want all black children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers. We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited by law.

    • Stephen_Brady

      And they arrested the Huttarees. Jeez …

    • bill

      Maybe because they are being preached a social gospel by ignorant of scripture. Christianity had been working for the hundred or more who attend our church. But we preach the whole gospel and love soles. It is the African American who want to seperate, promoted be their leaders who become richer daily.

  • 4grace

    I use to be a prison chaplain in the Federal BOP and I resigned because I had to accommadate followers of the Nation of Islam and their incredible hatred to America. I can remember walking their Friday speakers into the prison and listening to their speeches of hate against Jews, White people, and other religions. On top of this, they received special diets at taxpayers expense and many religious holiday offs from work and they would sit in the chapel and watch TV all day! These inmates are being brainwashed at taxpayers expense. I have many other stories I could tell you.

    • Stephen_Brady

      I spent the most depressing six months of my life as a correctional officer at the "Illinois Youth Center" in Joliet, Illinois. Eventually, I had to leave because my life was endangered simply by talking to a young man about my faith (he asked me about Jesus, since he had never heard of Him, before).. There was no place I could have been safe, because the threats were coming from inmates AND guards.

    • Chaplain Mary Murphy

      Wheat Ridge,CO 80033 –
      So pray we can get in touch with this 4grace; i.e., as the first female Catholic Prison Chaplain with the Colorado Dept of Corrections, I encountered the demons so present in this misogynistic worship of the evil one; and immediately resigned to start a ministry for Wounded Warriors Incarcerated; helping pass public laws and executive orders providing preference, when low bidder, for Disabled Veteran and Veteran business in government contracts.
      Please help us birth such a needed Veterans Chamber of Commerce so we can begin to convert such Hebrews 6:6 – We crucify Christ afresh and put Christ to an open shame" through John l4:12 "Because you believe in Me (TRUTH) greater works will you do than I for I go to My Father"
      The War Widows

  • ChristopherL

    Islam destroys societies from within. After the Barbary Coast Wars, it should of never been allowed to be practiced here in the first place.

    Islam 101

  • gerald h. treffinger

    Islam ,in Arabic, means "submission". It is a mental illness but that does not make it any less dangerous.Yeah,yeah, 'THAT'S RACIST" NO it isn't .(A) islam is NOT a race, (B) read the quran and add it up yourself.GHT