• USMCSniper

    I said it before. How does the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) rate the same status as the Vatican State even with recognition let along ab offical State Department envoy? Ahh….of course… Yes…. we have a clandestine Muslim in the Oval Office

  • BS1977

    I wonder if President Reagen would have bothered to appoint an "envoy" to the OIC . I seriously doubt it. ……Why would any sitting President give this outfit the legitimacy of appointing a virtual Government rep? This is very strange. Is there an envoy to Hamas or an envoy to Al Queda?

    • Ruthie

      because the "sitting president" is the perfect puppet; unable to think for himself.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/brian_h7694 Brian H

    The closing suggestion that Hassein "clear his name" is hilarious. No Muslim would believe any repudiation of the Brotherhood he made. And if they did, his life expectancy would shrink to nothing.

  • landa

    Mr. rashid is not saying the truth, as is with all muslims. Islam is a lie. Mohammed aside from marrying a 6 yr old girl also had Head Lice. This is true, not kidding



  • Len Powder

    From Muslim Mafia (p. 234) by P. David Gaubatz:

    "The matter of the financial support was never the basis of our
    relationship, for our relationship added to the Brotherhood of faith," Al-
    Alwani wrote Sami al-Arian in a letter, referring to at least $50,000 Safa
    transferred to the now-convicted terrorist.
    He reiterated that they shared "the same objectives," and that "all of
    your institutions are considered by us as ours." Al-Alwani is an unindicted
    co-conspirator in the al-Arian terrorism case.13
    With each new indictment, the Muslim establishment in America
    looks more and more like a religious crime syndicate."

  • Len Powder

    Bush and Obama have two things in common:

    1. Not understanding that their 'bailout' would rescue no one except the crooks and criminals on Wall Street, and,
    2. That Islam in NOT a religion of peace, but a CONSPIRACY to dominate the World, a goal made far more reachable by Islamization of the US FIRST!

    For these 2 reasons alone they should be immortalized in the Museum of First-Rate Idiots.

    • Ruthie

      AMEN, Len. You hit the proverbial nail on the head, Brother!

  • bardefa

    We will continue accepting Muslim soldiers, so they can do "inside jihad"?
    "CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were arrested just before Christmas."

    Who makes those idiotic decisions?….A rhetorical question, isn't it?

  • http://www.expressautoservicing.co.uk/ Wimbledon mot

    Its founders are former officials at the Islamic Association of Palestine, a Brotherhood front shut down for supporting Hamas and are said by the FBI to be members of the Brotherhood’s “Palestine Committee” in the United States.