Saudis: Green Light for Israeli Attack on Iran

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The Iranian regime does not just seek the destruction of Israel, but seeks to overthrow the pro-American Sunni Arab regimes, ushering in an era of Shiite dominance of the region. These Arab countries, despite their public denials, are wishing for the very scenario that the Obama Administration is trying to prevent: An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. And there are growing signs that such a strike is being prepared for.

The call for a “Greater Iran” stretching from Palestine to Afghanistan and vanquishing Saudi Wahhabism by the head of Hezbollah in Iran shocked the media, but the entire Middle East was already well-aware of this objective. The Iranians waged a proxy war against Yemen and Saudi Arabia last year, providing a tremendous amount of support to the radical Shiite Houthi rebels. The regime has been trying to dominate Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories via proxies, and the governments of the Arabian Peninsula have accused Iran of stirring up unrest in their lands for years.

“The Saudis are as threatened as Israel by Iran’s nuclear ambitions,” Aaron Klein, the Jerusalem Bureau Chief of, told FrontPage. He has broken numerous stories about the fear of Iran expressed by Arab officials behind the scenes.

“Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia secretly back an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Saudis are particularly active in coordinating with Israel since their oil interests are at stake in a major war,” Klein said.

The Saudis have been sharing intelligence with Israel about Iran and they reportedly told the head of Mossad in early 2009 that Saudi air space could be used to carry out an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. There have been consistent reports of secret high-level meetings between Israeli and Saudi officials over the past two years, and the Saudis have just simulated a scenario where Israeli aircraft pass over a thin stretch of their territory to attack Iran to make sure there is not a confrontation. Predictably, the Saudis have denied the arrangement, saying they’ll never allow their nation to be used to attack another country.

The panic over Iran’s activities in the region and pursuit of nuclear weapons capabilities can be clearly seen in the Saudi media and Saudi officials are increasing the tempo of the warnings. The former Saudi ambassador to the U.S., Prince Turki al-Faisal, spoke in Beirut last month and said that the Arabs must do everything they can to stop Iran from going nuclear. He said that if Iran succeeds in doing so, the situation is irreversible and the Arabs will face an increasing danger. Of course, he combined his call to stop Iran with criticism of Israel’s own nuclear stockpile, as is to be expected.

Egyptian officials are also taking a stronger line, particularly since the arrest of 49 Hezbollah members in the country planning attacks on Israeli targets. Hezbollah reacted to the arrests by calling for the overthrow of the more moderate regimes in the region, including that of Egypt. The Egyptian Prime Minister accurately said that Hezbollah had “virtually declared war.” On May 3, the former ambassador to Israel clearly stated on Egyptian television that Iran is not a friend. Last July, the Egyptians publicly allowed Israel to send two missile boats and a Dolphin-class nuclear-capable submarine to transit the Suez Canal, practicing a potential deployment for a strike on Iran.  And last week, over a dozen U.S. ships and at least one Israeli warship transited the Suez Canal with Egyptian forces providing security. This comes as a senior Egyptian security official anonymously said that his government sees an Israeli strike on Iran happening as early as this July.

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  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Well if it comes to an confrontation between Israel and Iran and Egypt-Jordan
    and the Saudi officials will concede then at least they will come to a form of
    an peace agreement,written on paper,not just words. If Iran succeeds in over-
    powering the midle Eastern regios and Israel will be destroyed firstly then
    notting will stop a world wide kalifat. The free West,if you can still call it that,
    has to unite themselves for an all out 3th crusade against those moslim

  • Kim Bruce

    I cannot, for the life of me, see the benefit in having a world caliphate. The more moderate Muslims do not want sharia law. They prefer to practise Islam quietly and in their own time. They don't wish to be forced to pray.

    Iran and now Turkey are the dangerous regimes. I would suggest that a pre-emptive trike on the Irani centrifuges would be a good idea right now.
    I wish they would hurry and develop cold fusion, if it even exists. That would solve a lot of problems. Nuclear fission is not much fun to play with.

    • Steven Laib

      It doesn't matter what the "moderates" want. It is what the militarists want that matters. If, assuming that they were to take over the region, expect that the Iranian mullas would turn on the conquered populations and force them to accept their version of islam or face extermination as heretics. The Wahabis would do the same if they believed that they could get away with it.

  • Alex Kovnat

    I am concerned that if Israel takes Saudi Arabia's side in a Shite-Sunni war, after the Shites (i.e., Iran) are defeated, the Wahabbi element will then turn on Israel. This is what happened in Afghanistan: We Americans assumed the enemy of our enemy is our friend, so we sided with the Islamo-Arabic element agains the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union was defeated, the Wahabbi element turned against us.

    In 1990 we sided with Saudi Arabia against Iraq, again assuming the enemy of our enemy was our friend. What happened after Iraq was defeated? The Wahabbi element REALLY turned against us and finally, September 11 2001 was the result.

    Israel would do well to remember that the enemy of one's enemy is not necessarily one's friend. All to often, the enemy of your enemy will ultimately become another enemy.

    • Democracy First

      For sure the Saudis will pursue Israel's destruction, right after they cease worrying about the Iranians. But, at this moment, "the enemy of my enemy" strategic calculation makes sense for both parties.

    • Amit

      You are right, It is simple Muslims cannot be anyone's friends.
      So, Israel better play its cards well.
      I believe Wahabbis are a greater threat to the world than the shiites, The wahabbis are the ones who promote worldwide fanaticism by supporting radical madrassas and islamic organisations.

    • Alon

      You are correct in your assessment. Saudi Arabia is the single most pernicious source of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in the world (and the most influential), and is interested in presenting an accomodating face to Israel and the U.S. only to the extent that the Shia threat exists. Saudi Arabia, as chief agent of the Oil Cartel, has inordinate influence in every foreign ministry and finance ministry in the industrialized world and is the surreptitious source of most of Israel's problems on the international scene. Short of a Western invasion and overthrow of the Wahabist regime, and confiscation of the oil fields, there is a vital strategic interest on the part of both Israel and the U.S. in managing the Sunni-Shia divide rather than eliminating it. Israel must not allow herself to be used as the Saudi's mercenary, her interests lie elsewhere.

  • Marty

    It needs to be kept in mind that the saudis will revert to the same genocidal anti-semitic policy they've had for decades after the iranian nuclear capacity is destroyed. Israel certainly knows that and it's time the United States under its incompetent government figured it all out.

    • Alon

      You are absolutely right. Israel (and the U.S.) have a fundamental strategic interest in profiting from the Sunni-Shia divide in the Muslim world, not terminating it. Every war of annihilation that has been directed against the State of Israel since its inception, and most of the terrorism, has come from Sunni (read Saudi-backed) sources, and Saudi Arabia has been the single most influential patron of anti-Semitism throughout the Muslim world. The Iranians, so far, are just pikers by comparison.

  • Cody Redbear

    Israel is in a tough spot. It cannot really trust the Obama administration for much help, yet it must figure out a way to defend itself against the murder and mayhem that visits the country on a daily basis. Sometimes joining your enemy to defeat a greater enemy is a risk worth taking. What else can Israel do in these perilous times?

  • darkmorrow

    Do it. Let the chips fall where they may. The Jews are being set up to be the bad guy no matter what they do. Egypt IS at war with Hezballah whether they chose to believe it or not. Islam is on the move, and all us infidels are in the crosshairs. The Saudis and the wahbi's are on the brink of losing thier status as largest oil producer, because we all know the wells are drying up. When the money goes, the Kingdom follows.

  • Raymond in DC

    Of *course* the "moderate" Arab states want Israel (or, better, the US) to do the dirty work for them. After the expected condemnation of "Zionist" and "Crusader" aggression against an Islamic country, Arab and Sunni Muslim triumphalism will emerge unchallenged.

    The irony of course is that Jewish and Persian cultures are the oldest indigenous to the region and have a joint history going back 2,500 years. Arab culture was everywhere imposed, and the Persian Gulf countries (Iran excepted) are all artificial. An Iran free of the mullahs and their operatives is a more natural ally to Israel than any of the Arab countries. But that's not the Iran of today, which poses a threat to us all.

    • Nina

      Arab culture? What is this? But you are right as far as Israel having more in common with Iran (Persia), than with other Muslim countries. It's also true that Israel is positioned to pull the burning coals for the Arabs. I hope Israel thinks it through thoroughly before doing anything so momental. Let's not forget that it is very difficult even to find these places in Iran, let alone reach them for destruction. Am Israel Hai!

    • buzzard

      Before the Mullahs, under the Shah, Iran was an ally of Israel. That would be another problem for Israel you can thank Carter for.

  • tim heekin

    The only sensible response to the insane Iranians is for the U.S. to exit the unwinnable adventure in Afghanistan via Iran, with a build-up of the necesary armour capacity, and destroy the Iranian nuke facilities on the ground. Airstrikes, unless with nukes, will be ineffectual and only postpone Iran's objective. With a ground invasion of Iran the local opposition to the Iranian regime may be able to take advantage of the action to overthrow the mullahs but that would be only a secondary objective.

  • David

    The Iranian regime is not only a threat to Israel but also to the world. I don't trust the Saudis (they are the second worst terrorist country in the world). The best solution (if Saudis can be trusted ) is that the Israeli air force uses Saudi airports -which is much nearer to Iran- and it can be a success beyond imagination. The defeat of mullahs is an historical service not only to the Iranians and Israealis but also to the world.

    • TNM

      I don't trust any of them Israel, Saudi Arabia, or Iran.

      • chris jones

        You're probably right, but just for the record, what actions on the part of Israel make you say this? I mean, I can see Iran, or Saudi Arabia, they are both total dictatorships with world famous histories of human rights abuse, but why Israel? Israel's a democracy, isn't it? Are you just trying to appear "fair"? Why would you lump them all together in any way?

        • TNM

          Despite what others will say Israel has a history of human rights violations.

          • Diann

            Oh – no – the Islamic Republics are the winners of the most human rights violations. Israel is trying to defend itself. The Islamic Republics are trying to take over the world and force all of us to become Muslim, and live under Sharia law. Islamic Republics win!!! yeahh!!! they are the worst!!!

          • TNM

            That was a ignorant statement. Who wants Islamic law running the country…………..I don't

      • Jeff

        I don't TRUST you and anything that comes out of your filthy mind!

        • Jeff

          My comment was for TNM not for David. Also regarding TNM's comment on Israel has a history of human rights violations–that's bullshit!

          Unlike Arab and Muslim states Israel doesn't fire on its own people during government protests nor does it lock up Jewish outspoken opponents of Israel! Even the worse self loathing Jew can publish an opinion piece on Israeli newspapers! Israel does not have the death penalty even for terrorists that have murder Jews! Muslim terrorists can even have the right to a higher education in prison! And I boring you with the facts yet?

          The more I read of your opinions TNM, the more I'm convinced that all your knowledge comes from reading anti-Semitic propaganda!

          • TNM

            My knowledge comes from research and looking at all angles. I just don't get on racists web sites like this and buy everything they say. There are over 29 million hits on google for human rights violations by Israel. I am not saying every one is true but a lot of them are. Like I have said Israel is just as bad as the rest of them. Turn the whole middle east into glass

          • Stan

            29 million hits for human rights violations by Israel on google? Wow you really do your research don't you? Let's see there's 1.2 million hits for George W Bush fascist and 868,000 for Ronald Reagan fascist, not all of them are true but some must be so I guess they're both fascists. Hey there's 6.5 million hits for Obama racist so he must a racist – wow I didn't know that (or did I?). 5.4 million hits for Jews evil, 3.9 million for Muslims evil, 9.5 million for Islam evil, 6.4 million for Christians evil – I guess everyone's evil TNM except maybe you, right?

  • davarino

    The other alternative for Isreal may be to wait for 2012 in hopes that a patriot President is elected that will back our allies. We need a President that will enact foreign policy that does not leave the enemy confused as to our intent and goals. This current president is finding out that no nation on earth respects weakness, and cowtowing. BO is incompetent and naive, or worse yet, intentionally doing things to weaken America.

    Either way, if I were Isreal, I would bet that BO is out in 2012 and another Regan is elected that will scare the shiite out of the middle east : )

  • TNM

    Yeah lets just let Israel nuke Iran. That's what they really want. For all you bible thumping idiots you know the end of the world will come from a war that starts in he middle east. Who is starting that war if they use the Saudis air space? Not Iran? Does Iran need stopped from gaining a nuke? Yes they do. Should Israel do it? Absolulty not.

    • Stern

      Then who?

      • TNM

        Maybe the world a s whole needs to come together and stop these rouge nations.

        • davarino

          Did you just arrive on this planet? Ya that would be great if the world as a whole would do that but I am not holding my breath.

          • TNM

            Wishful thinking I guess. I know it will never happen

          • MixMike

            Exactly, that is the problem. Wishful thinking won't stop Iran from getting the bomb. Instead other practical and realistic solutions need to be sought.

        • Diann

          Yeah – that's what the United Nations was supposed to do. However, in recent years the UN has backed terrorist regimes by refusing to hold them accountable. Why? Because every two bit country has an equal vote to that of the super powers. THAT was a big mistake, rendering the UN untrustworthy to hold the peace anywhere in the world.

        • MixMike

          The UN has proven to be impotent when it comes to stopping rouge nations.

        • Foolster41

          "Rogue nations" would't include Israel in your mind?

          • Foolster41

            I realize I was't clear I was being sarcastic, in reply to TMN's comment. that might be the root of my votes down.
            It seems it is the Joihadist thugs are the first to talk about "rogue nations" (which they mean Isreal) and give little mind to the terrorism and hate supporting muslim nations that have REAL apartheid such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE etc.)

  • BS1977

    I laugh as I read all the comments of these arm chair generals and self proclaimed experts on this comment page…Sanctions are worthless…just turn Iran's nuclear weapons facilities into smoking rubble……..

    • TNM

      Sounds good. What happens when the other rouge nations retaliate? With all the nuclear weapons missing from Russia you can't tell me none of these rouge nations have them.

      • Stern

        What's a rouge nation? One with a red-face?

        • TNM

          Yep now STFU

          • cochavi1

            Were you a nation, and G-d forbid that should happen, you'd be rogue wearing rouge.

            Are you twelve?

  • USMCSniper

    Far too many American diplomats and commentators refuse to judge Iran. Instead, they regard its past hostility as a string of disconnected crises, unrelated to Iran's ideological agenda. They avoid naming the nature of the regime and behave as if its acquisition of a nuclear weapon would be the decisive event. But that particular weapon–despite its power–cannot be the whole story, since we don't worry about other countries, such as France and Britain, having nukes. The rarely admitted difference is that the regime in Iran would eagerly press the launch button. This fear-the-weapon-not-the-killer mentality refuses to understand the threat posed by Iran right now. This view holds that only the concrete facts about Iran's arsenal have any practical significance, while its abstract, ideological goals and character can be disregarded with impunity. But whether Iran uses one nuke, or attacks with more conventional weapons, its victims are still dead. Our leaders' narrow concern with Iran's nuclear capability cannot make the regime's longstanding hostility to America go away. Americans should face the real character and conduct of the Iranian regime, before it is too late.

    • The Hammer

      Well said. However, you are a voice in the wilderness.

  • Jhon

    I hope the war between Iran and Israel break out soon. world is awaitting to see this war which zioniest will be on there kneess in the mater of few days.Iran don,t have nuclear bomb and will not need one.Baby killers in Israel will go to hell prety soon and Gaza will be free of zioniest killers.Raciest ragime will fade away from the earth and peace will return to the Middle East.

    • aspacia

      The Muslim world is far more intolerant than Israel. You antiJewish stance is nauseating. Jews have proportionately produced far more advances than most other ethnic groups.

      It is the Muslims who target babies, and condone this with their book, and claim that these babies will grow to be Israeli soldiers. Remember, their book condemns the likes of you and me to either servitude, or death. This is not found in the Torah.

      Have you seen the videos of what Hamas did to Fatah members a few years back. They lined them up and shot them, threw them off buildings, some were impaled.

      Your fate awaits Jhon.

    • MixMike

      "Raciest ragime will fade away from the earth and peace will return to the Middle East. "

      If that's the case, then the entire middle east save Israel will disappear. Come to think of it, that is quite a promising prospect!

    • amit

      Peace in Middle-east with its hugely fragmented Islamic society, rooted in violence, who do not think for a moment before killing ?
      Pipe dreams …
      Remove Israel from the scene and they will be fighting to death among each other.
      The root cause is Islam, which preaches hatred.

    • JhonPussy

      Jhon, go to the kitchen, take a fork and shuv it to your Bigass

  • Daniel A

    The problem in allowing a country to provide electricity for their population and preventing them from building a nuclear weapon can be resolved by assisting them in the construction of a Thorium based nuclear reactor.
    The electrical power needs would be met, but without the ability to convert the remaining waste product into a viable weapon.

    I enclose a link below, to an article that discusses this subject.

    Daniel A

    • Stern

      Gee Daniel, that's great. How do you propose we persuade the Iranians to accept this idea?

      • Jim C.

        They just might. They clearly want to be seen as an international player. We need to take every opportunity to keep them in the spotlight. The key to Iran is not war (if we had to go to war, switching Iran for Iraq in 2003 would have made more sense strategically), but getting them back to the near-Western nation they were before their Revolution, keeping pressure on the mullahs. The mullahs are a lot of bad things, but "mad" is not one.

        As far as Israel is concerned, Iran wants to be the big We're Standing Up to Israel! nation. I think they know better than to actually try Israel's military.

  • Brett

    Jhon, I hope war breaks out too, especially considering Israel is more than likely to wipe Iran off the map instead. I also have an idea for you, you can join the next flotilla & maybe get a crack at Israeli soldiers trying to board. I'm sure there are many like minded people on those ships that you could bond with and maybe if we're lucky the Israelis will just torpedo it and let the sharks take care of the rest.

    • cochavi1

      He/she and TNM are salivating waiting for action. I agree. Put them face to face with the IDF unleashed and they'll go back to video games.

  • SAM000

    You have forgotten the Iranians.
    We are able to remove this regime from our country if and only if you the Americans stop your Government to help the Mullahs.

    The majority of your Congremen and Senators are on our side, but Obama and his Administration are with the Mullahs.

    Your Senators and Congressmen feel and understand our priorities which are the Regime change.
    But Obama and his People want only the Mullahs behavior change and provide the security for the Mullahs en exchange of their behavior change.

    The Iranian Anti Mullahs RESISTANCE is on OBAMA's BLACK LIST, and this is the most effective support to the Mullahs REGIME.

    Mullahs Intelligence and Operational services are implemented in the US while the Supporters of the Resistance are forbidden to enter to USA.

    The Mullahs Lobbies are very influent in your State Department, They had more than 250 meetings with the US officials during the last year.

    YOUR US GOVERNMENT uses his forces against our people, OBAMA is the best ally of the Mullahs.

  • LibertyLover

    As an
    American Christian, I say "God speed, Israel. Our morally depraved president does not speak for the majority of Americans."

  • steven L

    If all this is accurate, the best way to improve the situation in the area, at the expense of Iran and its acolytes, would be for Saudi Arabia and others to push for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But it is not happening. Why???
    This would be like an IED under Iran!

  • Charles

    I agree with SAM000. Unfortunately, it seems that many Iranians will die in whatever conflict ensues. Even though Obama did not support the dissidents last year, in the end, it is up to the Iranians to initiate their own revolution against the mullahs. As assassination of Ahmadinejad might help get the thing rolling. I am tired of reading that those Muslim governments which ostensibly oppose Iran and covertly support an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear sites cannot make their stands public. Rather, WILL not. The Arab Muslims' antisemitism conflicts with their strategic interests. Too bad. They, too, will reap what they sow. A pox on BOTH their houses!! I suspect that the Israelis have more than enough nukes to go around and that they are making more. Israel is being pushed to the point that it will have no choice, and the blame will fall primarily on Obama and secondarily on the hypocritical Sunnis and the Iranians who somehow cannot topple their mullocracy.

  • Dani Dankowski

    With the news of Iran sending a "relief ship" to Israel's shores to challange Israel in allowing this one to go through, it may already be too late for IDF and the USA to bomb the Iran nuclear sites! There could be ANYTHING on this ship! God be with Israel!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If patience is of any value it was long ago, time should be up, Israel should list its
    enemies and make one big hit and call it a day. New life with peace is impossible
    until and unless Israel cleans house and stops bending over backward to be nice
    and civilized with barbaian thugs and murderers. Israel stop prolonging the
    inevitable and necessary, put the bad people down………………William

  • SAM000

    Some of American Democrat Congressmen and Congresswomen encourage the Mullahs to go nuclear.

    I heard on Voice of America a very Influent Congresswoman saying that "The hostility of the Mullahs is the answer to our very bad behavior".

    and we hear the same claims from Al-Qaida and the Mullahs.

    So, The Mullahs and Al-Qaida are very well represented by some of your Congressmen and even by some of your Government Officials.

    Your Vice President J. BIDEN says that "Israel should admit a Nuclear Iran".

    Our Answer is, "Maybe the whole world will admit the Nuclear Mullahs, but not we the PERSIANS".

    • cochavi1

      Hi Sam. Just a couple of points. First, I agree with what you are saying.

      Second, you have in the past frequently 'warned' Israel not to launch a military attack against key Persian infrastructure.

      Those two things don't go together; and, yes, I still hope for an early end to the regime in Tehran.

      • SAM000

        Hi Cochavi; I'm saying always that NO Other nation should interven on Military against Iran, Specially Israel should never attack IRAN, because the result will be the benefits to the most FANATIC and REACTIONARY and Arab Fascist regimes in the midel east and even the EU countries will amplify the Anti-JEWS atmosphere for the next 7 decades.

        Cochavi; OBAMA and US GOV. are pushing the world to a Nuclear confrontation.

        Appeasement and the support of the Mullahs by the First Power encourages AhmadiNejad to threaten Israel, and the Mullahs seek the continuation of their Regime in a foreign attack.

        If the free world headed by USA takes a rough position against the Mullahs and Stop BANNING THE IRANIAN PEOPLE in their anti Mullahs Resistance, we can remove them in less than 2 months.

        Go and see what USA is doing on ASHRAF CITY (this is the Resistance City who are DISARMED by the USA ).

        RESISTING AGAINST THE MULLAHS is a crime for the USA.

        You can say that the Resistance is inside the country, and it is right, but the leading and political wing and organising system is outside the country.

        Very happy to see you again here, where are the other friends? steve chavez, northern Steve, freethink, prescilia, Zin, and many others?

  • Bobbie

    The corner stone ideology of the current regime in Iran is martyrdom! So that's why they don't care about life and safety of thier own people.

  • mordy Golan

    Forget NoBama he is against Israel and the US he is here to destroy the USA as we know it
    Israel must choose here friends and supporters carefully By destroying Iran’s Nuclear capability Israel is doing a great service to the all stupid world that is again Israel,,, screw everybody Israel need to kick some ass to have peace

  • greg stanford

    old albert E – put an end to man kind /hatred of the human race who knows / We are all dead
    problem is mankind does not want to accept it/
    UN has failed over a number of years to take decisive military action, it has not only failed those dead/genocide but has failed to foresee the danger of rogue nations claiming to be working for the benefit of the human race.

    Israel, (Lift your Head, Jerusaluem)……..Strike-Strike Hard……..


  • Inteli

    If I was president I certainly will win in afghanistan by launching hundreds of neutron's bmb until enemy is over no one left standing,nor man neither animals but plants only. And of course the victory will be for the United States of America. The same to finish Iran.