The Moscow Bombings: A Prelude to Russia’s Invasion of Georgia?

The Chechen Islamist Doku Umarov has claimed responsibility for the March 29 subway bombings in Moscow that killed at least 40 people. Putin and the Russian government have vowed to hunt down those responsible for the attacks. The target of the beating of the war drums isn’t only Chechen Islamists, though. For months, Russian officials have been blaming Georgia for terrorist violence on their soil, setting the stage to remove the Saakashvili government and control Georgia.

In 2008, Russia went to war with Georgia under the pretext of protecting the Russian minority in the country from the aggressive Georgian military. The Russian forces took control of South Ossetia and Abkhazia using this excuse, and the two republics have since declared “independence” while remaining under Russian control. Since then, Russia has continually expressed opposition to the government of Mikheil Saakashvili and his removal is a clear goal.

When a Russian lieutenant stationed in South Ossetia was interviewed by The Associated Press, he said “It will be Russia. And Georgia used to be Russian, too.” As territory that was part of the Soviet Union, regaining control over Georgia is a goal of Putin, who has called the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

In May 2009, the Russians engineered a coup at a military base near Tblisi aimed at overthrowing Saakashvili. It failed, and a former Georgian special forces operative involved in the operation confessed that Russia was behind the coup. He said that top officials would be assassinated and the soldiers at the base would march towards the capital, at which point 5,000 Russian soldiers would come and help them. The Georgian government claimed that the plotters were financed by Russia.

The coup came less than a week after President Medvedev ferociously expressed his opposition to NATO exercises being held in Georgia, saying “I want to specifically stress that responsibility for possible negative consequences of these decisions will fully rest on the shoulders of those who made them and carry them out.”

Since the failed coup, Russia has been hard at work making the case that the Georgian government is aggressive, untrustworthy, and responsible for attacks on its soil. The bombings in Moscow might be just what they needed to finish off Saakashvili. There is no evidence yet that the Russian government was involved in these latest attacks, but questions still remain about the 1999 apartment bombings that provoked the Second Chechen War. I was told by a friend with wide-ranging contacts in the intelligence community last fall that some were expecting Russia to invade Georgia in the spring.

Nikolai Patrushev, the current secretary of Russia’s National Security Council and the former head of the FSB, the successor to the KGB, is already pointing the finger at Georgia for the Moscow bombings.

“We have had information that individual members of Georgian special forces support contacts with terrorist organizations in the Russian North Caucasus. We must check this also in relation to the acts of terror in Moscow,” Patrushev said. He described Saakashvili as “unpredictable” and “it cannot be ruled out that he may start [another war] again.”

These accusations are just the latest in Russia’s attempts to make the case that Georgia is essentially waging war on them through terrorist proxies. On October 13, 2009, the chief of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, said that Georgian intelligence maintains contact with Al-Qaeda and helped train and transport terrorists to Chechnya.

“They perpetually undertake to deliver weapons, explosives and financing for subversive acts on high security sites in Dagestan—first and foremost on oil and gas pipelines,” he said.

This statement was closely followed by a warning from the chief of Russia’s GRU military-intelligence, Aleksandr Shlyakhturov, that the Saakashvili government is “unpredictable” and could launch an attack on South Ossetia.

Shortly before the Moscow bombings, Russia’s rhetoric about Georgia’s alleged involvement in terrorism was making headlines. The Russian Deputy Interior Minister claimed in mid-January that recent violence in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia was the result of Georgian involvement. “At military bases in Georgia, terrorist groups are trained by foreign instructors to carry out attacks in Russia,” he said.

The Russian government has long been making the argument that the Georgian government is akin to the Taliban post-9/11, knowingly harboring and assisting terrorists and a threat that must be removed. Russia may move militarily, possibly via proxies like in the last coup attempt, against Saakashvili as part of their attempt to restore the days of power under the Soviet Union. It is also possible that Russia is planning to use Georgia as a chip on the negotiating table. They may try to win a commitment from the U.S. not to become involved in helping Georgia region in return for supporting sanctions on Iran.

It is unclear what Russia’s grand strategy is, but it is clear that Putin and Medvedev want Saakashvili removed and Georgia under their control. For them, the Moscow bombings may be just what they’ve been waiting for.

  • cochavi1

    It may be true, but it is a stretch at this point to imply that Putin etc. 'did' the bombings in Moscow. What I notice on FPM is that 'birthers' are persona non grata, though Obama's eligibility is 'unknown'; that any questions raised about official versions (and there are multiple) of 9-11 is 'truther nuttiness' – and question raised brings the red flags out (so to speak), but you can immediately point to Russian authorities as having instigated attacks on themselves.

    I believe it is certainly possible, given the odd circumstances of the 99 attacks in Moscow. Then again, the initial reports from eyewitnesses of those apt bombings are similar in nature to the first reporting from Oklahoma City or New York in 2001. And yet in the US reports of additional bombs in the building in Oklahoma disappeared, and neither has there been true vetting of questions about the very odd total collapse of WTC7, and more.

    So be far, and apply the same standards in the US. After all, no planes were in fact intercepted, and war games were underway in the week of 911, etc. Otherwise it just becomes an endless repetition of an unstated premise:

    "American leaders and military figures, intelligence people, etc., are wonderful or would never think of doing such things while Russians can be assumed to do them regularly."

    I am no fan of Mr. Putin, but still this is unfair. It is also worth investigating whether Georgia has ties to Chechens, etc. It would be logical if they did.

  • malkhaz

    more than hundreds of thoosands of inoccent victims died under Putins bombs,in Chechnia, the fact which Eu and US won,t recognise. at least 300000 Georgians have been clensed by Russians from Georgian teritories since 1990, this is a fact too that everybody aware of but still west and new amerrican administration trying to please Russie as much as they could, Hypocracy of "democracies does not have limits!!!!

    • Indioviejo

      Yeah Buddy, to paraphrase someone smarter than all of us:
      " Democracy sucks, but it's still better than all other systems- by far-".
      Don't you agree?

  • Lucky

    "In May 2009, the Russians engineered a coup at a military base near Tblisi aimed at overthrowing Saakashvili."
    … :))
    Ordinary schizophrenia in Georgian Fuhrer style.

    ps Pssst…. it's top secret:
    "Military coup" – was a fake. Like more fresh georgian Big TV Falsification. ;)

  • Steve Chavez

    Did Russia/KGB Putin use laser-guided bombs in their invasion of Georgia? I remember a photo that all the buildings were leveled. How many civilians did they kill in their attempt to rescue them?

    The U.S. and Israel are the only countries I know of that have laser-guided bombs but when these two countries use theirs to minimize collateral damage, THE WORLD'S LEFTISTS BLAME THEM IF A CIVILIAN IS KILLED EVEN BY ACCIDENT! NO CRIES ABOUT RUSSIA'S CARPET BOMBING AND THEIR DISREGARD FOR ALL LIFE INCLUDING THOSE LIVES THEY ARE THERE TO SAVE?

    How will Russia treat the terrorists they capture? Do they have a Gitmo/Gulag? No Enhanced Interrogation Techniques since the World's Leftists/HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS will be up in arms RIGHT? RUSSIA DOES NOT TORTURE RIGHT?

    How many children died in their "rescue" of the school? "We rescued you but too bad you're all dead!"



    • Gary Rumain

      Britain had laser-guided bombs in the first gulf war. I recall seeing footage from them during the war (some sort of me-too-ism to compete with the American footage).

      I believe France has them too. In which case, most major powers have them.

      • Steve Chavez

        My main point is focused on Russia and if they have them. Their dupes/fellow travelers in the United States blame us and Israel for killing civilians even as those laser-guided weapons were made for the specific purpose of limiting collateral damage and yet they are silent at the carpet bombing of Georgia.

        Even when a smart bomb malfunctions, they are first in line to spit on their country. Now the ACLU is going after drones.

    • Andrew

      The Russians used area weapons, such as the GRAD rocket launchers, dropped cluster bombs on Georgian towns and villages, and were mainly using "Dumb" (unguided) bombs up to 2000lbs, unguided air to ground rockets (FFAR) etc.

      They also destroyed all the Georgian villages in the conflict zone, and drove out the indigenous population of the area, the Georgians.

      Then there is all the raping and looting by Russian troops in places like Gori.

  • badaboo

    Funny , when the islamists claim we bomed ourselves on 9/11 we say FOUL , but we have no reservations about suggesting that's what the Russians have done . And no Steve Chavez , there is no Communist Party USA , in the White House , nor in any part of the Administration .Take off your Republican /Conservative /Tea Party lenses .
    And your reference to Beslan , is a bit fractured , the terrorists were there to die , and take as many lives as they could . The terrorists shot running children and teachers IN THE BACK , not the Russians . Personally I dont care how the Russians treat captured terrorists , and as far as Georgia , they played the US for chumps , gambled and lost .

    • Steve Chavez

      No CPUSA influence, connections, or closet Communists in the White House?

      You're right about Beslan, which I couldn't remember the name due to my brain that was clouded by the Tea I drank this morning, and the Russian's attack was about as premature as Janet Reno's assault on Waco. Yes, the terrorists were picking off kids one by one but as I remember, but I'm still under the influence of my tea, that the parents blamed the Russians more than the terrorists. Also, was a forensics team there to see whose bullet hit who?

      On Georgia, according to my Tea memory, it took candidate Obama three days to make a statement which he again faked that he was outraged with the Russians while he just recently showed real rage at one of America's biggest supporters: Israel!!!

      Obama's thinking is surely a result of Communist Party USA brainwashing. Go to and see for yourself. I'm not sure who gives the days talking points first!

      • badaboo

        Wrong Steve , you haven't flushed all that TEA ,out of your system , it's still affecting your vision . Be slan was nnot a question of a premature action , it was a matter of acting before the cowards began their slaughter wholesale . Dont peddle revisionist history for the sake of your political Agenda . As far as Ossetia , I could care less what Obama said or didn't say , It was NONE OF OUR BUISINESS , the Government gambled on the US to intervene AT OUR EXPENSE , for btheir own ends .

  • Tank Major

    No, badaboo. The Georgians DID do some bad moves against Ossetia and Abchasia, but that was under the rule of Ghamzachurdia and Szewardnaze. The Rose revolution and Saakashvili did what Russia saw as a criminal act, used their power to (almost) exterminate corruption, turning the economy around and steering Georgia towards the West, NATO and EU, and thereby diminishing Russian influence. This was accepted during the Yeltsin reign in Moscow, but not under Putin. Georgia has put forward several proposals to solve the problems of South Ossetia and Abchasia, these have always fell on deaf Russian ears. The UN contributed by letting Russia set up the "peace-keeping" force (farce?) in Ossetia, and the West let them do it. In short, the West let Georgia down, not the other way around. The west warned Saakashvili not to tease the Bear, but did nothing to warn off Russia.
    Neither Saakashvili or Obama can be blamed for this problem, it originated in Clinton´s Balkan politics and the US/EU stand on Kosovo, which truely pissed off the Russians.
    And be careful, badaboo. Your lot always said that Hiss & Funck didn´t have ties to Moscow, either… ;-)

    • badaboo

      It's more like they teased the bear , looking to get bailed out when the sh-t hit the fan , as they most assuredly knew it would . Simply favoring the west is no causus belli for the US in that part of vthye World , no matter what they did as far as corruption etrc .Everyone knew the situatioin quite well , and the Russians needed not to be warned , nor did we have to issue a warning . Everyone knew exactly what would happen , the georgians misplayed their hand . I guess everyone forgot the rather large Russian population living in Ossetia , and either ignored or underestimated the commitment Russia had to its own huh ?

      • Andrew

        Actually moron, the population of SOUTH Ossetia was (before Russian sponsored ethnic cleansing) a mix of Georgians and Ossetians.

        The Georgians are the native population, while the Ossetians mostly immigrated from the late 19th century onwards, although they were a minority presence from around the 13th century, when the Georgians gave them shelter from the Mongols who destroyed the Ossetian kingdom in the volga basin and drove them south.

        There were very few, if any, ethnic Russians there.

        Also note that more Ossetians live in Tbilisi than in South Ossetia, and serve in the Georgian government and security services, and have Ossetian language schools available.

        By the way, bucko, I suggest you get an education.

  • Indioviejo

    Yes, there's a Marxist in the WH. As for the Russians, I feel sympathy for their nation's suffering under Islamic terrorism, but do they feel the same towards us? Are they on our side in this war? Aren't Russians covering Iran's nuclear project? Aren't they arming Hugo Chavez and by so doing, helping Iran expand their reach into our Hemisphere? So I suspect that maybe their hate for us is greater than their love of self. It happens.

  • William_Z

    Georgia is a sovereign nation, which is slowly being taken apart. South Ossetia and Abkhazia are under a solid Russia influence.

    Putin needs a reason to invade Georgia, and I'm quite sure he can find one. The one thing we can be sure of, and that is, there is no one who can or will apply any pressure before, during or after any Russian attack. Georgia is on her own.

  • badaboo

    You goit that right , and I'm sure the Georgians will give him one , and yup , you're riht …they're on their own .

  • badaboo

    It would do many well here to REMEMBER the South Ossetia War [1991-1992] between Georgians and S.Ossettians ,the preludes and the result . Also remember that Russia 's war with the Georgians occurred in EARLY AUGUST 2008 , DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION . .
    I know many would like to revise history and put the blame on the present Administration , but sorry boys , history just isn't on your side . Check your dates next time . Any comments made by Obama are for all purposes IRRELEVANT , other than a straw man for a political agenda .

  • badaboo

    oh …and TANK MAJOR , I doubt if you were alive , or cognizant of Alger Hiss , let alone attempt to presume what I thought about it . But to benefit that position of IGNORANCE , I will grace you with what my thoughts and opinions WERE ,and Still are …..GUILTY .

    You know what they say about "ASSUME " ,dont you "tank major" ? Or are you too young to know that also ?

  • USMCSniper

    Putin refers to President Obama as "Barry Obambi" and regards Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as a genuine useful idiot. Laurie Roth observes that Putin can’t help but rejoice when he sees Obama's endless concern over extending habeas corbus rights to terrorists, our demonizing of Gitmo and trying these high level terrorists in civilian courts while the war is going on. Putin watched us do nothing but talk and even with threats to N. Korea regarding them going nuclear we did nothing. He is watching us talk and retreat again and again with Iran. Why shouldn’t he jump in and conquer old Russia back? And why shouldn't China seize Taiwan by military force? Both Russia and China do not consider the USA a threat under Obama.

  • badaboo

    Yea , and Putin watched us do nothing under Bush , [both ] and Clinton ,. So what's your point ? Fact is , we have enough nukes to wipe out both China and Russia .. And last time I looked Taiwan was still flying its own flag , and didn't we just sell them an arms package ?
    As far as what " Laurie Roth Observes " , thence interjects her guesses , on what Putin's thinking , well you go with that and run girl . MAD still rules , and the Russians know it .
    And for that bit on habeus corpus ? So far every terrorists tried and convicted since 9/11 , was in a US Federal Court . NO , not one single terrorist has been tried in Military Tribunal , to date .
    Great euphemisms though USMCSniper .

    • RTR


      May I ask you for a small favor? Before you decide to launch a nuclear holocaust by nuking Russia and China, could you please move to some island and give the Russians your new address, so that they can limit their nuke response to your island.

      You see, I don't want my three children to die just because you have an overwhelming desire to play your video game in real life.

    • victoria

      We don't have to nuke Russia or China. Why bother, Russia is drawning slowly in its own extrements – THERE IS NOTHING TO SAVE RUSSIA FROM BECOMING ISLAMIC COUNRY. Present russian army is in a pitiful state BUT THE FUTURE ARMY WILL BE 100% HIV POSITIVE. I think Putin is god sent for the civililzed West he is trying to retake and rebuild the 18 century russian empire.

  • badaboo

    The wholee idea of Gitmo is basically flawed .If the detainees are POW 's then you put vthem on the world stage , and if you're gonna sitb there after several years without actually bringing any of thjem before a Military Tribunal , then you're just asking for trouble . Too bad the geniuses in the Bush Admin , didn't think of that either . What to do ? Wait till ther war's over ? Like Nuremberg ? Well exactlky WHAT COUNTRY are we fighting ? ….it's an ideology , with no actual geographic borders , it's not even a formal enemy , it's terrorists who when captured should be interogated where caught , then summarily executed . Soon as you bring'em back to Gitmo , US soil or not , you are in effect guaranteeing them a soapbox and a trial .

    This is why Collin Powell asked , before we got involved ," do we have the stomach for this "? That answer under both Bush and Obama Admins, is an obvious NO .
    After all , what do they do to our boys when captured ? Do you know of any that are still alive ???

  • Evil Russian

    ага… сейчас пойду съем пару грузинских детей, наточу свои метровые клыки и рога, и пойду уничтожать демократию… надоели уже, одноклеточные самолюбивые дауны…
    P.S.: извиняюсь, не одноклеточные, а "думающие спинным мозгом" (c)

    • Alex

      No you would not it Georgian children, yet. But you, russians, made Ukrain eat their own in 1930's through artificially created famine (at least 8 million dead), while exporting confiscated Ukrainian grain to the West.

      You should be careful interjecting yourself into an open forum of people who know history and not yet afraid to express their opinions.

      • alex

        O-ops! My fault. PC and Russian ethos doesn’t allow a recantation of history in such a simplistic way. All this was perpetrated by Israelis (or Zionists, or Jo-o-z, those hook-nosed pesky interlopers). The benevolent Russians did not know anything about perpetrated atrocities and just took over vacant land, countries, homes, apartments and what-not personal belongings. Just as they did in Georgia in 2008. Kind of reminds me not so far-off excuse used by the other nation.

        And by the way, 20-25 percent of Lithuanians (who counts!), either were so deranged by the departure of Germans in 1945 that a “suicide” was the only relief they could find. Though, some others, not being able to fight the urge to explore Kolima, Siberia and far-Eastern regions of the newly acquired brotherly neighbors/liberators, departed on the trip with their children, sick and elderly.



  • badaboo

    Ваш русский язык плох, и ваше утверждение неосведомлено и сыро

    • victoria

      who needs russian language, it is in reality local eurasian dialect so do not criticized those who still are interested in your dying language.

  • Steve Chavez

    Evil and Babaloo are уже наточу ваше свои метровые клыки и рога, BUT и пойду уничтожать демократию… THEN YOU надоели уже, одноклеточные самолюбивые дауны извиняюсь, не одноклеточные думающие спинным мозгом неосведомлено и сыро SO GO BACK IF YOU LIKE PUTIN SO MUCH!

    P.S.: сей, чапойду –съем паругру з=инскихд етенаточ у своиметровыелы ки и рога, и пойду==уничто жать демократию SO THERE!!!


    Americans r BRAINWASHED iMBICILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gary Rumain

      But at least they can spell are and imbeciles.

    • victoria

      RUSSIANS are asiatic stupid barbarians who are longing for stalin and gulags. Let them go back where they belong.

  • badaboo

    hey steve , you have to READ IT ,in order to comment . I told evil his Russian is bad , and his statement ignorant and crude , but I guess it being late and all , two more idiots replied .

  • Alex

    Atrociously low intellectual level of comments on this one. What is happening to the FP audience? Total indifference to the plait of the only democratic country east of Baltic Sea and the last independent proto-European nation under assault of Asiatic hordes!!!

    Now, in addition to badaboo, real Russians are coming with their standard stile of political debate.

    Poor Georgia. Every Jew who cares about Israel, should recognize the common enemy and precisely the same approach to "problem resolution". Atrocities committed by Russians in 1991 and 2008 in Georgia are a clear illustration of what this people are and what to expect from KGB thugs in the future.

    Would Russia ever recover from the genetic genocide perpetrated by its "masses" lead by demagogues and thugs. Purely a rhetorical question. Aren't US doing the same, though in much softer and bloodless form.

    BHO, your total indifference to our and others future is suicidal!

    PS To EVIL RUSSIAN – Exchanging truckloads of naked Georgian teenage girls for diesel fuel by muslim abhazians in russian army camps, playing football with cutoff heads of Georgian men, filling water-wells with live Georgians, etc, etc, etc. The same "brotherly love" your people expressed through the decades of Soviet terror. You do precisely the same in Israel using arabs.

    • victoria

      Alex dear,
      You must be drinking this contaminated samogon AGAIN. Democratic country east of baltic sea my foot!!! – democracy – russian style democracy with gulags, starvation, diseases and total disregard for human rights – you are delusional and desperate. But let me make some comments so you can understand the gravity of the situation – This pathetic attempt to save the soviet/russian empire by asking american/EU help is totally useless – you cannot control people by brutal force any more – Russia is going down the tube so fast that it shocks and delighs everybody. You are in total denial – Russia is not going to survive in its present shape and size – siberia is chinese already, north caucausus is lost, as is Konigsberg, Karelia, Tatarstan, etc., But Russia is determined to fight to keep status quo – so in the future Russia will be fighting civil war – here is the good news russia will survive but NEVER REVIVE.

  • Andrew

    Oh RTR, are you here?

    You forgot to mention where the report blamed Russia for years of provocations.

    In addition it described EVERY SINGLE ONE of Russia's actions as illegal.

    Try actually reading the report RTR.

    Some quotes:

    "Still, doubts remain whether the Russian peacekeepers were attacked in the first place."

    "d) Conclusions: Lack of necessity and proportionality

    As an act of self-defence against the attack on the Russian military bases, the only admissible objective of the Russian reaction was to eliminate the Georgian threat for its own peacekeepers.

    The expulsion of the Georgian forces from South Ossetia, and the defence of
    South Ossetia as a whole was not a legitimate objective for Russia, because Russia could not rely on collective self-defence in favour of South Ossetia, as will be shown below. The admissible Russian objective was therefore limited.

    The military reaction of Russia went beyond the repulsion of the Georgian armed attack on the Russian bases and was thus not necessary. Russia mainly targeted military objectives, and at least some of the targeted military objectives were related to the Georgian attack in South Ossetia. Nevertheless, Russian military support for the use of force by Abkhazia against Georgia cannot be justified in this context. The bombing of large parts of the upper Kodori Valley was in no relation to any potential threat for the Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia (see below). The same applies to the posting of the ships in the Black Sea. An impartial observer, putting himself in the place of Russia, would not have qualified the Russian reaction as reasonably related to the objective of halting the Georgian attack on the Russian peacekeepers stationed in South Ossetia.

    The means employed by Russia were not in a reasonable relationship to the only permissible objective, which was to eliminate the threat for Russian peacekeepers. In any case, much of the destruction (see Chapter 5 “Military Events in 2008”) after the conclusion of the ceasefire agreement is not justifiable by any means. According to international law, the Russian military action taken as a whole was therefore neither necessary nor proportionate to protect Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia."

    "IV. No justification of Russian use of force as fulfilment of the peacekeeping mission
    Russia claimed that both the peacekeeping units and the further reinforcing units “continued to carry out their peacekeeping mission until the European Union Monitoring Mission was deployed in accordance with the “Medvedev-Sarkozy” agreements (…).”173
    As explained above, peacekeeping units are defensive in nature. They have to be neutral and must not take sides with either of the conflicting parties. They are normally equipped only with light weapons for self-defence; their number is clearly limited.

    According to the 1992 Sochi Agreement, the Russian peacekeepers were a part of joint forces “under” the Control Commission (Art. 3(3)). The Joint Control Commission’s task was “to exercise control over the implementation of ceasefire, withdrawal of armed formations, disbanding of forces of self-defence and to maintain the regime of security in the region.” (Art. 3 (1) of the Sochi Agreement). “In case of violation of provisions of this Agreement, the Control Commission shall carry out investigation of relevant circumstances and undertake urgent measures aimed at restoration of peace and order and non-admission of similar violations in the future.” (Art. 5).

    These provisions show that any unilateral support for one of the conflicting parties cannot be justified as a peacekeeping mission. Furthermore, it is not possible to combine a peacekeeping task and a military action based on self-defence. The status of a victim of an armed attack is incompatible with the neutral status of a peacekeeper. Whoever is drawn into a conflict can no longer act as peacekeeper.174
    The peacekeeping mission was limited to a small number of lightly armed troops which could not be reinforced or replaced by heavily armed “fresh reinforcement units”. Greater use of force was not only against the spirit of the Sochi Agreement, but also against the very idea of peacekeeping.

    Conclusion: Russia could not justify its use of force as a mere reinforcement and fulfilment of its peacekeeping mission."

    "4. Conclusions
    Russian military activities against the Georgian military forces were not justified as collective self-defence under international law."

  • Rjazan

    Hello everyone sorry for the bad English writing through perevodik.Napadenie in Georgia occurred after the Georgian military attacked the South Ossetians who are mostly citizens of Russia and the Georgian military, shot a detachment of Russian peacekeepers in any country is regarded as a declaration of total war with all arising out posledstviyami.Lichno I'm sorry that just threw the Georgian army and brought the matter to an end but on the other hand can and better 'cause schizophrenic Saakashvili UTB best antiadvertising demokratii.Vy do not know what is happening in Georgia now, in fact, as you can see only what you showed Saakashvili to justify the waste of money sent in your gos.depom. As regards the famine in Ukraine will tell you that the famine was throughout the country because you have one state is accusing the other of the famine in time of great depression. And Ukraine has stated that it feeds the entire Soviet Union, and that became independent it will become second Frantsiey.Teper when there is a profound economic crisis became clear who's kormil.PSRaz and forever remember that the second Chechen war began with the invasion of militants in neighboring Dagestan in August and not with the apartment bombings in September.
    Once again sorry for bad english

  • Andrew

    "In conclusion, the Russian intervention in Georgia cannot be justified as a rescue operation for Russian nationals in Georgia."

    "II. Legal qualification of the Abkhaz and Russian offensive: violation of the prohibition
    of the use of force and armed attack on Georgia

    As explained in Chapter 3, Abkhazia is a state-like entity. The prohibition of the use of force is applicable. This is also explicitly confirmed by the 1994 Moscow Agreement (Agreement on a ceasefire and separation of forces) which states: “The parties shall scrupulously observe the ceasefire on land, at sea and in the air and shall refrain from all military operations against each other.“219

    Although there was no clear ceasefire line in the Kodori Valley, the upper Kodori Valley did not belong to Abkhaz-controlled territory under the provisions of the Moscow Agreement.

    The attack on the upper Kodori Valley by Abkhaz troops supported by paratroopers must
    therefore be qualified as use of force prohibited by Art. 2(4) of the Charter and moreover as an “armed attack” on Georgia in the sense of Art. 51 of the UN Charter.220

    III. Legal qualification of the Georgian operation: self-defence
    The military operation in the upper Kodori Valley was, for the reasons just explained, an
    armed attack on Georgia. The use of force by Georgia was justified as self-defence.

    IV. No justification of the Abkhaz and Russian use of force against Georgia"

    "Russian involvement could not be justified as collective self-defence in favour of Abkhazia, because third-party involvement in an internal military conflict in support of the seceding party is not allowed for the reasons explained above.

    2. No previous “armed attack” by Georgia
    a) No Georgian military operation in the Kodori Valley by Georgia
    Abkhazia argues that it had to “liberate” the Kodori Valley. This refers to a Georgian operation or military occupation of Abkhaz territory. Such action might qualify as “aggression” in the sense of Art. 3(a) Resolution 3314, and therefore also as an armed attack in the sense of Art. 51 of the UN Charter.
    Yet, even if Abkhazia shows all characteristics of a state-like entity, it had no right to
    secession under international law (see Chapter 3 “Related Legal Issues”). Abkhazia had no legal title to that territory. This also follows from the Moscow Agreement under which the Kodori Valley falls outside the jurisdiction of Abkhazia.

    Conclusions: For these reasons, the presence of Georgian police or military in the Kodori
    Valley cannot be considered as an armed attack on Abkhazia.

    b) No preceding terrorist attacks sponsored by Georgia
    The Abkhaz military operation cannot be justified by alleged earlier terrorist attacks
    attributable to Georgia either. The involvement of Georgia could not be confirmed by

    c) No imminent armed attack on Abkhazia as a whole by Georgia
    As explained above, it is very controversial whether an imminent attack confers the right to
    self-defence. In any case, Abkhazia cannot claim that a Georgian attack on Abkhazia as a whole was imminent. When the Abkhaz operation in the Kodori Valley started with Russian support, the Georgian troops were already “on the run”. Even if there had been a Georgian plan to attack Abkhazia, it was evident that on 9 August 2008 no such attack was “imminent” or even feasible. International law does not allow self-defence against putative attacks or attacks that might have been planned, but were never carried out.

    3. Military support by Abkhazia for South Ossetia

    As explained above, neither collective defence nor the principle of intervention upon
    invitation legally justified the Russian military support of South Ossetia. Abkhazia’s military actions were not even supportive of South Ossetia, but aimed at conquering additional territory. Therefore they cannot be justified as collective self-defence in support of South Ossetia.

    4. Conclusion
    The use of force by Abkhazia was not justified under international law and was thus illegal.
    The same applies to the Russian support for Abkhaz use of force."