When Mullahs Prepare for Nuclear War

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A top advisor for Iran’s Defense Minister, Alireza Saeidabadi, has published an article calling on the government to prepare for nuclear war. Its publication on a Ministry of Intelligence and Security website means it is an analysis that the government wants distributed and it is likely a preparation for the day when Iran declares that escalating threats require it to build nuclear weapons.

“But if the United States launches an unconventional attack, Iran needs to respond with a nuclear strategy,” Saeidabadi writes. His analysis focuses on a potential nuclear strike on Iran by the U.S. or Israel, but the vague term of “unconventional attack” is of special concern. The Iranian regime has consistently accused the U.S., Israel and other countries of sponsoring terrorism on its soil, actions which could conceivably be described as an act of “unconventional” warfare justifying a nuclear response. Saeidabadi’s call to prepare for such a confrontation implies that Iran needs to assemble the capacity to quickly produce nuclear weapons, if not actually build them.

Saeidabadi’s analysis is helping the regime set the stage for when it will declare that its “civilian” nuclear energy program must be converted into a weapons program in order to protect itself. This has been the strategy all along. As far back as January 27, 1992, a scientific advisor to President Rafsanjani flatly stated, “We should like to acquire the technical know-how and the industrial facilities required to manufacture nuclear weapons, just in case we need them. This does not mean that we currently want to build them or that we have changed our defense strategy to include a nuclear program.”  In other words, the creation of nukes isn’t completely ruled out, it’s just a matter of if and when they are necessary.

More recently in September 2009, President Ahmadinejad struck the same tone. When a reporter asked if Iran would ever build a nuke, he said “We don’t need nuclear weapons. Without such weapons, we are very much able to defend ourselves.” The reporter followed up by saying, “people will remark that you did not say no.” Ahmadinejad’s final response on the matter was “You can take from this whatever you want, madam.”

Article 10 of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty allows signatories to withdraw from the treaty if “extraordinary events…have jeopardized the supreme interests of the country” and build nuclear weapons if they give 90 days notice. Iran will likely exercise this option in order to say it is acting legally in the hopes of giving Russia, China and other friendly countries some leverage with which to oppose U.N. action. The regime may even use an Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities as its pretext. This move would also help Iran shift the blame for its withdrawal to the West and especially Israel.

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  • Kiwi

    "…an unconventional attack…" could cover a multitude of perceived sins. The so-called Stuxnet computer virus, currently causing havoc with the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, could quite easily fit into that category. There should be no doubt, Ahmadinejad is spoiling for a fight.

  • Rifleman

    The fools that keep telling us the mad mullahs' nuke program is for energy need to come up with some potent BS to 'splain this one away.

  • http://australianzionist.blogspot.com David Holmes

    These fruitcakes always blame Israel and those damn Zionists. Earthquakes were, they say, caused by promiscuous behaviour. These mullahs and Ahmadinejad are completely off their rockers and are psychopaths looking to start a war to bolster their Shiite dream of superiority in the ME. Just take a look at their latest bed partner in crime – the bearded one who lives in a bunker in Lebanon – no other than Nasrallah the Hezbollah big mouth.
    This cancer is spreading and needs to be stopped.
    They both need to be humiliated and be seen to be begging for mercy to finally put an end to their mad rantings.

  • poptoy

    These people will start WW III the first chance they get while Mr. Cool (The Kenyan) fiddles.

    • Ret. Marine

      aah, world war III, that my friend was already won by the Regan admin years back when we outspent the ruskies, pay attention and get with the program, world war 4 is what is about to happen. I'm waiting and they are itching for a fight they cannot win.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Mad messianics like these started World War II, whilst the sort of leaders we had during the run-up to that cataclysm were no different from todays, in doing nothing other than appease when something could and should have been done, and letting it happen.

      No wonder Churchill came up with the quote "The unteachability of mankind", because far too many of us never learns from past experience.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    2012 is nearing and I'm afraid that the ancients predicted it right.
    Those islamic imbecils want to destroy the world.It will not be one crackpot,but
    a whole nation who will comit suicide to our entire planet and what are we doing?
    we sit beside the sideline and watch when the sky lightens up,very brightly I think.
    And what only rests us is cry " to late".

  • wesley69

    The Mullahs and President Ahmadinejad are not interested in the peaceful uses of the atom, rather they are willing to start WWIII in order for the 12th Imam to return and convert the peoples of the world to Islam. If the Mullahs are destroyed, they and their people will be martyrs in the eyes of Allah. If they acquire the bomb, the world is truly in danger. Religious wars are the worst wars because those involved believe that God is on their side and that their cause is holy. Such beliefs have led to horrific atrocities. These Mullahs, Ahmadinejad, are religious fanatics. Just like a terrorist, you can not negotiate with them, if they are determined to carry out their mission. Does the world trust them to think rationally and forgo their chance at martyrdom and the 72 virgins that await them?

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • American_Flag

    Wake up people. In a few hundred years time, all of the world will be Moslem. Don't you get it? The signs are on the wall, yet we think political correctness and the Hollywood elite and the George Soros' of the world will save us. One of the teachings from the Koran is to decieve the enemy by any measure to further advance Islam. So it seems that there are "moderate moslems out there", but in fact they have a hidden adgenda. Make no mistake about it. Please…smarten up.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Much of Europe doesn't have to wait a few hundred years. A few decades is all it will take.

    • Kat

      I couldn't have said it better myself. It's true – every word you say. The deceit they use is called "taqqiya" – (spelling?) and they justify lying to further their cause. Also, they may make comments like "we don't want to kill innocents" – yet what they don't say is that IF YOU AREN'T MUSLIM, YOU AREN'T INNOCENT. So killing Americans is fine. We're not innocent. Also – "Peace" – "Peaceful purposes…" – their definition of "Peace" means when the world is Islamic. So pursuing Peace means pursuing Islamization forced on us all.

  • stand_for_truth

    To American_Flag: Can you please quote the exact verse from the Quran that states "to deceive the enemy by any measure to further advance Islam"? You make Hitler proud. From what you are stating you would like nothing short of complete genocide of 1.5 billion Muslims or forced conversion of them. Will it make you a proud American if US was to do the same thing as Hitler?

    • Pedric


      The Islamic ideology of the House of Submission (dar al-Islam) and the House of War (dar al-harb), is that all who are not Muslim should be attacked and killed, or forced to convert, or forced to live under a relentless tyranny.

      • stand_for_truth

        you still have not quoted the exact verse from the Quran regarding it. Quoting from some propaganda material is useless.

  • Paul

    Part 1:

    An EMP attack via a cargo ship in the Gulf Mexico is clearly the approach Iran will use to attack the United States. Launching an attack without a return address is exactly the MO of these cowards.

    Since that is clearly the Iranian end game plan, I say we give Iran a choice, either they shutdown all nuclear program activity with the United States onsite help, or we test whether this EMP actually works on a modern infrastructure, like say Iran.

    After all one experiment is worth 1,000 expert opinions.

    Do unto them before they do unto us.

  • Paul

    Part 2

    If EMP doesn’t work then we’ll know that EMP isn’t much of threat plus Iran will not continue to miscalculate that an EMP sucker punch is all it will take to bring down the US. With regards to Iran, hey no harm no foul. What in space detonation? I’m sure it was just an asteroid hitting the upper atmosphere don’t get your turbans in twist, happens all the time. You and your Zionist conspiracies gee wiz Awk Mad Nads in a Jar, get a grip. We were just kidding about all that EMP stuff.

    Besides, considering all the other potential sources of a loose nuke (ie Russian, North Korean, Pakistan etc) that could be sold to OBL and Associates, finding out if the EMP threat is real could be very useful in helping guide how we spend our limited DOD and Homeland security dollars in the future.

    And don’t forget the Sun can have bad day once and while as well with a big CME that produces a number of the same theorized effects of an EMP. Only this natural threat would affect all of mankind. The world’s entire electrical grid getting fried? Talk about a bad day.

  • Paul

    Part 3

    If on the other hand,

    EMP does work than all nations of the world will be more than happy to sell Iran all the food and replacement equipment they need in order to rebuild in exchange for all the gas and oil Iran can pump. After all it’s the least the world can do for them considering that they helped show the world just how much damage a Solar CME or EMP can be.

    As a side bonus Iran will be so focused on rebuilding they won’t have any more time or the money to spend on their current passion. That is the passion of bring about the Shia Islam end times thereby destroying the very foundations of the modern world. A foundation that all of mankind depends upon, even the Iran, Turkey, Syria, China and Russia.

    Seems like a win win for everyone.

    That is everyone except the 12 Imam. 12 Imam, I’m afraid you need to go back into the hole. If you are looking for holes 12 Iman, I’m sure Chile can set you up, it seems a very deep slight used hole just came on the market, should be just perfect for you. We’ll even weld the tube shut for you.

  • http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com Chris

    I agree that no Muslim can be trusted. They are threatening us on all fronts and with more of them living among us, its more difficult to defend ourselves. You can see the negative effect their presence has on any community in which they populate. They take over and think they can make their own laws. Well, we Christian Americans need to stand up to this and soon. We are still in the majority, but if we don't get united, they will run right over us. We need to defend ourselves, our country, our laws, our constitution and our faith, while we still can. Please join me in uniting American Christians to wear you "Visible Voice", to show our strength in numbers. Go to: http://www.PatrioticChristiansToday.com. If we form a circle of strength and unite as Christians, it will be much harder for them to break us down. Please help

  • Kat


  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is all getting closer and closer in time and then one
    day everything will change………………………………….William

  • Dal Ran

    I agree,Please leave out Israel-Other wise your right.

  • truebearing

    There is absolutely no chance that Iran won't eventually use nuclear weapons on Israel and at least try to on us. Iran is run by the most radical, extreme cult in all of Islam, the Twelvers. They believe they will trigger the return of the Twelth Imam by starting a world war.

    The only thing holding them back, in my opinion, is their lack of sophistication in the weapons, especially when it comes to weaponizing intercontinental nuclear missiles. Once they succeed, with China's help, we will be facing a nuclear exchange, and then Obama's shutting down of our missile defense will clarify his role in making this country, as well as Israel, vulnerable to our enemies.

    Obama is the Muslim/Marxist Trojan Horse (and horses ass)

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    While Obama fiddles and political correctness rules the day, Muslim's are not only at our gates but on the march preparing to blow us away. In short the Left's beliefs will be the death of us and I mean that literally.