The Other Mosque Battle

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The Ground Zero mosque and Islamic center controversy is absorbing most of the media attention, but there’s a battle brewing in Murfreesboro, T.N. over the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro’s plans to build a new site to accommodate their growing congregation. Tensions are reaching a boiling point, with citizens protesting the project and pointing to signs that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (ICM) may promote a radical ideology.

The anger has reached the point where acts of arson and vandalism are being committed against the ICM, helping supporters of the project paint its opponents as seeking to strip the rights of Muslims to build mosques. This may be true of some, but the reality is that the imam of the ICM, Osama Bahloul, has not addressed the issues that are stoking the legitimate fears of the surrounding community. Imam Bahloul has not made a convincing case that he will be a voice combating radical Islam and the establishment of Shariah law.

One of the ICM’s board members, Mosaad Rawash, was suspended after his MySpace page was exposed. On it, he promoted a pledge for Muslims to wage violent jihad against Israel and had a poem decrying how people he feels are resistance fighters in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq are being labeled as terrorists.

“I swear by God Exalted, that I shall remain faithful to the blood of the Martyrs devoted completely to the historical right, rejecting all types of concessions no matter how strong the pressures or great the sacrifices, pledging to God Almighty to help the Palestinian people in their steadfastness and Jihad until they realize the promise of God,” was written on the page.

Most disturbingly, his page had a photo of two founders of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin and Abdul Aziz al-Rantissi, standing above members of the terrorist group carrying weapons. Despite this blatant support for terrorism, Rawash’s suspension was temporary and he is back as a board member. The decision to accept Rawash back as a board member with his support for Hamas now known casts serious doubt on the ICM’s credentials as a moderate organization. Imam Bahloul did condemn Hamas and Hezbollah for CBN News, but would only do it off-camera.

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  • stephencuz

    IF we refuse to acknowledge where and what the "fight" is how can we possibly win? The issue is never really about a building or even a community. The issue is the ideology that is at enmity to our Constitutional way of life. Let us name it; call it into the light and examine it close. When all is said and the facts exposed we would then be justified as a people to call for the removal from our society all remnants of this vile, insidious, totalitarian socio-theological-political system which at its core desires to rule over every aspect of human existence thus reducing all individual freedoms we enjoy to the will of those few "leaders" (Ayatollahs?) THIS is what we must fight. THIS is what, as Americans, we all pledge to do ~ to fight all enemies (of the Constitution) both foreign and domestic.

    • Ali

      Why dont you then continue your plight and exterminate all Muslims in America Mr Hitler..

  • tanstaafl

    A mosque or "community" center is not a church. It can be a munitions storage area, a safe house for violent jihadis, a command and control facility, a bomb-making factory, a dispensary of violent Muslim jihad materials and even a torture chamber for the enemies of Islam. It is not a church.

    • guest

      so can your basement.

      • tanstaafl

        Your point, if you have one?

        • guest

          well, it's pretty obvious actually, virtually any place can be used for the things you mention. Your argument that a mosque/community center is different from a church in that it can be used for things is nonsensical, Replace mosque with your basement, your garage, etc. and it's the same point, which means there is no point. Even your first sentence makes no sense. Of course a mosque is not a church. It's also not a MacDonalds, not a Starbucks, not a bowling alley. In fact there a lots of things a mosque is not.

          By the way, white supremacists and klansmen used churches to plan terrorism in the past, so if your point is that a church is different from a mosque in that horrible things have never been planned/done there, you fail. Let's not even mention what's happened in Catholic churches and the conspiracies to cover up crimes that have occurred in the most powerful of that organization's institutions.

          • poetcomic1

            Supremely disingenuous answer. Bland, well practiced and you ARE NOT FOOLING US ANYMORE.

          • guest

            no, i've left the fooling you part to Glen Beck. Appears he's doing a good job.

            bland? that's subjective
            well practiced? you can't prove that one way or another.

            Between bouts of frothing at the mouth, care to back up that charge of being disingenuous?

          • Ali

            christians killed 250,000 civilians in Bosnia for the name of God…
            They raped 50,000 muslim women as punishment for being muslim.

            who is terrorist here?

          • Fiddler

            what century?

      • FJ Harris

        Silly comment.

    • Ali

      It can also be used as a super collider to destroy the universe. Better..I suggest we expell all Muslim students from our universities. Particularly the medical students as I know several dozens are in my school. They are getting trained to destroy the formula for aspirin so we can all get headaches without any relief.

      I heard the muslim guy who owns the gas station in our neighborhood pees into the gas tanks so all christan cars will stop working. His baby doughter is very dangerous. She was heard crying. May be she is a terrorists to..

    • rfoster112

      OR- It could be a church, a gym, a library, a worship center!

  • Yankeegirl

    The problem is that we are a land of laws. The ICM purchased the property and can do what it wants to develop it, within the law. It got permits and underwent the planning process. It is unfair and downright un-American to change the law, ex post facto, when you become aware that some entity, of which you do not approve, is furthering its own interests, perfectly legally.

    In a way, we are hoist on our own petard in these situations, and we had better get used to it. I would kick the situation upstairs, that is have the federal government enforce the immigration statutes that we have and have (a new) Congress make new ones that outline just who is and who is not welcome in the USA.

    • realhumanrights

      The law is the law for all people, of all races, religions, genders, and ethnic backgrounds in America. If we give that up, we give up on the basic identity of America.

      FrontPageMag should be very cautious on this extremely sensitive matter. There have been FPM writers that are inciting others on this issue. The violence in Tennessee and around the nation is not a joke, it is a very very serious problem, and a real national security issue.

    • Frank

      The problem is not the building, but Sharia law which is part of Islam. Sharia law says it is higher law than the US Constitution and that is sedition. You can't condone sedition and you surely don't want to live under Sharia law.

  • Atikva

    What's the use of asking the imam to "address the issues"? Whatever explanations he may offer would be biased, whatever promises he may make would not be kept – it's called taqyiah.

    In turn, this statement from Turkey's Prime Minister (among similar ones from other Middle East Chiefs of States) can be trusted: "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the believers our army".

    Allowing the spreading on our soil of these terrorism nests which their builders masquerade as religious premises is suicidal.

    • Ali

      pardon me…Have you been diagnosed with a mental ilness?…

  • Michael

    Islam is out to take over the Planet. They have a long term plan. Once they take over a Nation that has Neucleur Power , the rest of the Planet will fall into the "Convert or Die" mode.
    The question will be Mohammed or Christ . Those answering "Christ" will be executed.
    They did it in Armenia. Read the history.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

    • Ali

      I heard that was the Smurfs.

  • BS77

    Why are we unable to see what is right in front of us? Why must we tolerate the intolerable….sharia law is TOTALLY incompatible with our Constitution, our freedoms, liberties, rights and traditions. Why must we follow the clueless liberals in accepting and submitting to everything and anything that comes down the pike out of this misguided sense that we have to be doormats to the world???????

    • Alice

      Do you even know what Shariah Law is?
      All of it is already included in your constitution!!!

  • bert

    Mosques have been used to store arms but not so for churches, temples and synagogues. Muslims also use ambulances, schools and hospitals to hide weapons and terrorists. Muslims also attack from behind women and children and in disguise. The 9/11 terrorist plot was hatched in a mosque (in Hamburg, I believe). That mosque was recently closed down by German authorities because they believed it was still a center for planning more terrorist attacks. Too many people foolishly believe that a mosque is simply another house of worship like a church or synagogue.

    I wonder if non-Muslims can visit a mosque and observe what is really going on there. Years ago an undercover video was made in an Oklahoma mosque where they were raising money to fund terrorists in the Middle East. The video was shown on PBS TV and subsequently a Muslim woman later attempted to deny what was plainly evident to all.

    In 1998 a moderate Muslim cleric in Washington tried to warn America that 80% of all mosques in America are headed by a radical clerics who are trying to radicalize their members. The congress did not pay attention. Today there are about 2,000 mosques in America. Who knows what the members are being taught? Perhaps their clerics are the Muslim equivalents of Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

    • Ali

      Hitler was a christian…

      • BoogiesDaddy

        No. Hitler was NOT a Christian.

      • Fiddler

        No, good people like Corry Ten Boom (a godly Dutch woman and her family) were Christians. They recognized God's chosen people Israel and risked and gave their lives to protect them. They knew the scripture in Genesis where Yahweh said to Abraham: "Those who bless you I will bless; and those who curse you I will curse". True Christians know that their Messiah came from the Jews and desire that Israel embrace HIM. Read REV CH 5: "To him who sits upon the throne AND to the LAMB be honor and glory and power and dominion and might". This man who came from the Jews will be worshipped alongside his Father, and "every knee shall bow".

    • ALICE

      You are more than welcome to sit and observe the activities in the mosque! Who stopped you? Stop assuming nonsense without any strong evidence against anything……You cant say that just because a few people of a community were doing wrong all of them are doing wrong! Because there are extremists in every religion and every state….if one group of christians does something wrong I can't say all of them are wrong and terrible human beings always planning in churches and blah blah cuz I have met many Christians and many are good people! OPEN YOUR EYES….STOP BEING NARROWING YOUR MINDS…IF YOU HAVE SUSPICIONS GO FIND FOR THE SOLUTION…DON'T SIT AND ASSUME!

  • guest

    oh a little church here and a little church there, then a little bigger church, and another even bigger one…..before you know it….you are going to be very sorry you allowed this nightmare on our shores.

    • BoogiesDaddy

      The folks in the churches to my understanding have not promised to destroy America and her allies and fly the Muslim flag on the White house.
      That makes a bit different.
      Some illicit activities may have been hatched in selected church basements in certain parts of the U.s. but it was not condoned by the general populace or in any way coordinated with similar attacks around the globe.
      but we are talking about the future and present not the past.
      The KKK is further removed from relevance than George Bush.

    • Fiddler

      Pretty silly statement. Non-equivalent. Many of the signers of the Contitution were (Christian) pastors. Sorry that doesn't wash. Harvard University's motto was included proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pennsylvania for instance was named after William Penn a Quaker. The Liberty Bell says: Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof. That's a quote from the Bible. Your statement about chuches sprouting up is a non-sequitir to what is being discussed.

      • guest

        Non-equivalent? Ask Native Americans. Christian churches and missions functioned as prisons, torture chambers and were instrumental in the conquering of the Americas, particularly on the culture front. Pots should think twice before calling alleged kettles black.

  • Gmbreport

    We have reposted a link to a copy of the mosque reading list since it seems to have been removed. Go here:

    and click on the link for the list.


  • Art C

    It's not WHETHER they have a right to build, I think we all agree they do, they SHOULD'NT WANT TO. That is the difference between the Constitution and sharia law.

  • Joker 2003

    This is yet more totally irresponsible & unsubstantiated malarkey! Sheikh Bahloul has publically denounced terrorism and radical Islam on several occasions in Middle TN in the last seberal months, once most recently at a forum on interfaith dialogue at Middle TN State University attended by the press, faculty, local citizens and students. This "lawsuit" is a sham, brought by two real estate developers, Howard Wall & Sally Snow (husband & wife) who are using htreee hapless souls as the "Plaintiffs." Thes poor people didn't even read the absurd complaint before they signed it!

  • readnready

    Joker: don't know your age, but dude you've been asleep for a few years.