Why WikiLeaks Will Fail

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In April of this year, the Swedish-based whistleblower website WikiLeaks released classified video of an American helicopter attack in Baghdad in 2007 in which several civilians were killed. Military sources protested that the video was taken out of context, but WikiLeaks’ intent was plain enough: to undermine support for the U.S. military effort in Iraq. Now WikiLeaks is attempting to repeat the ploy for Afghanistan. This week it released over 90,000 secret documents with the goal of casting U.S. military efforts in the country in a negative light.

But just as the earlier video triggered a backlash from the military challenging WikiLeaks’ credibility, the new leaks also may not serve the website’s antiwar agenda. Indeed, some of the documents  — already being hailed in media quarters as the successor to the Pentagon Papers — could backfire on WikiLeaks because they expose the Taliban’s close alliances with Iran, Pakistan and Al-Qaeda and thus bolster a key rationale for the war in Afghanistan – that the U.S. military is fighting terrorists abroad so that we do not have to face them at home.

Documents released this week make nonsense of the antiwar Left’s claim that the Taliban are really nationalists fighting against occupation. They reveal them instead as radical Islamists acting as proxies for foreign elements, including al-Qaeda. The documents also show why U.S. military commanders accuse Iran of supporting the Taliban with arms, including advanced improvised explosive devices, and training. Although the two nearly went to war in 1999 after the Taliban murdered eight Iranian diplomats, they reconciled shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The alliance is tighter and has existed much longer than one would conclude from the recent statements by American and Afghan officials.

It is impossible to confirm the information contained in each individual leaked document, but together they paint a clear picture of close collaboration between Iran and the Taliban. In 2005, the Revolutionary Guards delivered over $200,000 to Hezb-e-Islami-Gulbuddin (HIG), an Islamist militant group fighting in Afghanistan. Eight Taliban leaders with seven bodyguards were also reported to be in Iran planning attacks on non-governmental organizations, Afghan government officials, and U.S. forces. The Iranian regime was said to be offering $1,740 for every Afghan soldier killed and $3,841 for each government official. Taliban commanders also planned attacks from Mashhad, an area that has been previously fingered as an al-Qaeda transit point and even as a hiding spot for Osama Bin Laden.

At least two reports confirm that the Taliban receives bomb components from Iran. A human intelligence report from June 2006 says that the Iranians were training the Taliban and HIG and sending explosives and vehicles for attacks into Afghanistan. Another document reveals the names and descriptions of two Iranian “secret service” operatives in Parwan Province that were trying to enlist the support of locals in creating propaganda against the Afghan government and international forces. The Iranians also arranged the travel for injured Taliban militants to Tehran for medical treatment, it is alleged.

The documents indicate that Iranian support for the Taliban has been extensive and consistent up until today. In February 2007, Afghans in Helmand Province reported that the Iranians had supplied the Taliban with poison for assassinations. Al-Qaeda was also  said to have been “helped by Iran” that year in acquiring 72 air-to-air missiles from Algeria which were then stockpiled in Zahedan, another area known to house Al-Qaeda. The following year, another report said that Iran provided the group with components for 20 IEDs that would be used to kill British soldiers. In September 2008, four Revolutionary Guards personnel in Herat Province met with terrorists, including one tied to Al-Qaeda, to help coordinate anti-government operations and provide intelligence. In March of last year, it is reported that over 100 Taliban members were dispatched to Afghanistan from Iran to carry out suicide attacks. As late as September 2009, rocket-propelled grenade launchers with “Made in Iran” written on them were being used by the Taliban to target helicopters.

The reason Iran’s meddling in Afghanistan hasn’t been made public is explained in one file. President Karzai requested that the U.S. not publicize the finding of Iranian weapons in Kandahar, so as not to jeopardize an upcoming visit by Ahmadinejad. An April 2007 file says that he wanted “to avoid additional friction with Afghanistan’s neighbors.” The documents also show that Afghan and U.S. officials were having trouble thinking up ways to counter Iran’s efforts to influence political parties through bribery, spending $4 million on 90 parliamentarians. It appears that fear has caused the Afghan government not to expose Iran’s terrorism connections.

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  • luke

    interesting article, well researched. but how, exactly, can the usa win if everyone is against the usa?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Wiley Wiley

    Like duh! A bunch of sociopath Muslims cooperating to kill Americans. So what else is new. Why the hell are we there in the first place? We actually think we can reform them? Of course we know we can't. But there's billions to be made fighting losing wars, and so life and death move on. What a pathetic tragedy. Ain't my America.

    • Ahmad Yaqeen

      The myth is about "reform"- America and the West in general are fighting for their lives and doing a bad job at the front and at home.
      You dont get it at all- America is changing for the worse…look to Dearborn Michigan- or how about the 911 Mosque?
      Muslims have no shame- and Americans are asleep at the wheel.
      Imagine trying to build a church in an Islamic country- than imagine trying to build a church in an Islamic country next to a site where Christians slaughtered 3000 completely innocent Muslims in the center of their country.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/simpleton0013 J Michels

    The only way that terrorists can afford to compete with the might of the U.S. military is due to the black market trade of illegal drugs. Prohibition is a stupid policy which empowered Al Capone and now the Zetas, not to mention the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition has been influencing lawmakers all over the world, even convincing the U.N. to embrace a philosophy of "harm reduction" rather than incarceration–but our government is fighting the war on drugs, which recently lost its official name, more vigorously than ever–unless you want to count the contradictory acceptance of "medical marijuana" (according to the Controlled Substances Act, the mere fact that the herb is being used as for medical purposes makes it impossible for it to be classified as a "schedule I narcotic." )

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

    The whole logic of the war as a war of prevention of terrorism is fundamentally flawed. The war provides a pretext and a reason for increasing Muslim militancy. The real enemies are here in the UK they exist in Bradford, London, Birmingham and many other places. Personally I don't care if the Afghans succumb to the Sharia or the Taliban. Let the buggers have it and then show it as an example to all those "moderate" muslims. They would pretty soon change their minds (if they have one in the first place) once Johnny Taliban gets going. Pull out of Afghanistan now and put a cordon sanitaire around it. If they get too uppity blow the bastards to bits.

    • onewaytowin

      This is the only way to really deal with this situation. Conversion to Democracy, modernity and moderation is totally unrealistic. We have to overcome the lefts control of the media and government or this wars never going to end.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

    The mad mullahs are the epicenter of islamic terrorism. Toppling them and breaking up their terrorist infrastructure would be the single biggest blow we could strike against either sunni or shia terrorism. They should have been paying the price for waging war against us all along.

    We're in Afghanistan to deny it as a safe haven and training ground for terrorists. They'll never lack a pretext to kill infidels or muslims that don't measure up in their eyes, and they are encouraged by our retreat (not their defeats), so it's best to keep them busy as far forward as possible.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/muslimpoxbyebye muslimpoxbyebye

      It will take another 15 years or so for the planet to wake up completely and as one to realize that islam is not a religion at all but a mass murdering cult started by a very very disturbed evil murderer and pedophile that has spiraled out of control. THE SOURCE OF THIS EVIL IS mecca AND THIS will have to be vaporized and all the mosques on the planet will have to be razed to the ground. All the korans and all their evil cult literature will have to be burnt and only then will peace come.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/muslimpoxbyebye muslimpoxbyebye

        About 2 billion muslims will have to be killed. There seems to be absolutely no option to this scenario. muslim means cult member and cults cannot co-exist with the rest of this planet. Think about it …THEIR population is spiraling and our resources are dwindling and these insane cult members are looking FORWARD to Armageddon. We should give it to them. Let their evil day dreams come true. When will this start? When the courts start informing the general populace about this cult. Right now we are just unveiling the cult's face …. slowly slowly. soon the title of religion will be SHORN away from it and permanently labeled as a cult. The masquerade will be over and the real fight will start. As it is today the term muslim in the free world is a spittoon and an insult. Blood will have to flow….is there another way ? The gaya theory guy Lovestock says there should be 1 billion people max on this planet. Today there are nearly 7 billion… If we minus 2 billion muslims = 5 billion. 5 billion peaceful people on the planet will be a tight squeeze but it'll be cool.

        • http://intensedebate.com/people/muslimpoxbyebye muslimpoxbyebye

          Let us cull these cult members from this lovely planet for their sakes as their evil book instructs them to be evil and not co-exist with the rest of the planet. let us send them on their way. Call it pest control or what you will but it will have to be done.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/muslimpoxbyebye muslimpoxbyebye

            . Dark times are coming and come they will. A few years back thinking like this would have been ridiculous but with every passing day we encounter more and more of these mad people who refuse to live in the present and refuse to see the madness in their thoughts and actions. Locking them up means feeding them and spending resources that could be used for good otherwise. Science is anathema to them and the dirty years of their pedophiling and mass murdering leader is the only era to live in …so be it….. let's get rid of them. Anyone can start an evil cult but everyone can stop it….if anyone has another option that would make more sense let me know. I'm not an Israeli but if anyone should start this mass cull it should be Israel because when the evil mad man was alive AND spewing at them they didn't knock him off and look what's happened. It's never too late to stamp out filthy evil. Never too late. We all, bar none will help the Israelis… we have to ….for our sakes and for the good of this planet.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/muslimpoxbyebye muslimpoxbyebye

            It is said that blood always flows where muslims go……soon blood will flow where muslims have gone but it will be muslim blood that will flow. Non-muslim Good blood will also flow in the fight back by evil but that is expected. We live in interesting times.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/muslimpoxbyebye muslimpoxbyebye

            Get ready boys and girls ….our grand-children will thank us BUT FIRST we have some sincere work to do even if it repulses us. SUCH IS LIFE. AFTER DARK COMES LIGHT AND ONLY AFTER islam IS SMASHED WILL COME PEACE FOR OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. We have to make this happen.

  • solemnman

    If the U.S., their common enemy, removed itself from the equation on the ground and limmited itself, in its responses to terrorist attacks,to devastating attacks from the air,-the anti American coalition would disolve and it's constituant players would soon return to their default position and give their full attention to slaughtering each other.The prospect of shiite Iran acquiring the bomb,has already inspired the ,now terrified, Sunni Arabs to seek ways of stopping Iran.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/sodizzy sodizzy

      I think you are leaving out the part where, as they slaughter each other, they mount the strength to come against us!!

  • Ahmad Yaqeen

    Funny how the left is obssessed with anything anti American /Israel and grasp at any straws to make their case-
    How about looking at wiki Islamofascism ?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/sodizzy sodizzy

      nice site!

  • Ahmad Yaqeen

    Does anyone ever read the Koran or Hamas' Charter?

    They could not be more specific in their ideological ambitions. They say that they want an Islamic world- that would "tolerate" non msulims under the umbrella of Islam".

    Imagine the outrage if the Christian church of America decided to call for a world of Christianity that would "tolerate" non Christians under the umbrella of Christianity"?
    How would the left react? Outrage I imagine.
    The war today is on the ground- but even more so in the media who distorts the truth.
    This is the 1st time in the history of conflict that the bad guys( Islamists) have used the media against the good guys.
    This reminds me of a Spiderman episode where Spiderman wants to save the world but is
    made out to look like the bad guy by the media.

    • ajnn

      The main theme of spider-man is that he is vilified every day for who he is but continues to do the right thing day after day without any expectation of approval or reward.

      A little bit like the united states relationship with the left and its good friends, the Islamists.

  • Ex-muslim

    The easiest way to fight islam is to expose the quran and ahadith, make everyone know how evil it is and debate it openly. Finally but most important is not to appease muslims send them back to where they come from if they want shariah law.

  • USMCSniper

    The US justice department needs to fully prosecute an American involved in leaking the classified information. Penalties should be as treason and individuals involved given maximum penalties. The general public does not know what information will jeopardize troops in the field. Wikileaks Julian Assange and the mainstream media should also be criminally prosecuted for being a willing party to the unauthorized disclosure and aiding and abetting by publishing. Under Holder? Never happen!

  • jacob

    The Rotten Apple "Fuhrers" didn't say NO to the Ground Zero monstrosity building project and now nationwide opposition is growing by the minute…

    So now, in line with using our own laws to hang us, they may claim "Religious Discrimination" and since the sole mention of the word DISCRIMINATION is enough to make everybody drop his/her pants, we can get ready for our inefable Supreme Court to side with them and then we will see what is going to happen, as I don't believe the relatives of the 9/11 horror and the rest of the people will take it lying down, whether
    the Supreme Court and the Annoited One like it or not…
    Time will tell..

    • Gerald

      If some Christians had killed 3000 Muslims in a Muslim country would that Muslim country allow Christians to build a Church at or near the site of murdered Muslims? The answer to this question should be used to determine whether a mosque be allowed at ground zero.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Wesley69 Wesley69

    Reminds me of the time when the Pentagon Papers were leaked and you know how the left seized upon it to demand withdrawal from Vietnam. Radical Islam is determined that you or I can not exist as anything other than Muslims.

    As for the mosque at ground zero – when the Muslims took Jerusalem, they built the Dome of the Rock on the site of the Second Temple. When the Muslim Turks took Constantinople, they changed the Byzantine Church of Holy Wisdom into a mosque. If there is to be a mosque at ground zero, then we need a Catholic Church, every denomination of Protestant Churches, a a Jewish synagogue, a Mormon Church, a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple, etc. etc.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Morrisminor Morrisminor

    Duh, well the Taliban have outside support, like half of them are in Pakistan or Pakistani anyways. Of course all the other Muslim heavies are going to funnel aid to them.
    Once again, what are we fighting for in Afghanistan and what is victory supposed to be?

  • brimp

    Something doesn't smell right on this. On the face it looks like wikileaks is trying to undermine the war effort. But, the only new information that was leaked is that Pakistan and Iran are supporting the Taliban in the war. Could it be that wikileaks is being used by American intelligence services to give justification to go into Iran and Pakistan? If it is decided that it is in America's interest to go to war with Iran and/or Pakistan, will we use the same techniques that were used in Iraq and Afghanistan? How much money will this cost? How many U.S. soldiers will pay the ultimate price for this? Until it is determined what went wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan I would be leery in starting new wars.

    • ajnn

      1. this is not the only information exposed in the documents. some is not favorable to the US and US military.

      2. the Left believes that the docs show that the Pakistani and Iranian support for the Taliban demonstrate the war in Afghanistan should be abandoned because it is unwinnable. Same information, different conclusion.

      3. go to war with Pakistan? this is not being considered by normal people. are you one of those wignuts who think that americans are shallow and impulsive actors and we need the experience and judgment of europe to guide us in the paths of wisdom?

      conspiracy theories are generally silly nonsense. stay clear of them.

      • brimp

        War with Pakistan is one of the things that Obama campaigned on. He wanted to get bin laden; even if it meant sending troops into Pakistan. I agree that normal people would not consider it but our servants in D.C. are not normal people.

        The term 'conspiracy theory' implies that the smart people do the thinking and you and I are incapable of independent thought. It is akin to heresy. Anyone not repeating the findings of the overlords must be insane. But since our overlords have lied to us about so many things, how can a thinking person believe anything they say?

        The first step in independent thinking is to fit the 'facts' to see if they fit the official story. One must look at the history of the sources of facts and theories to properly weigh them. Once you determine that the facts don't add up, then you should try to come up with a new conclusion. Currently, I am only suspicious of wikileaks. I have little confidence in the alternative theories. I'm actually looking for others to generate theories so I can disprove them or adopt them.

        Many alternative theories end up being unconvincing. But, to call them silly nonsense only means that you will never think any thoughts that were not prescribed by the authorities.

  • Body of Lies

    Hollywood will also Fail:
    "Body of Lies" with Leonardo de Caprio and other Hollywood movies advocate the total dependence of the US in its war on terror on local intelligence agencies and countries. Well, the Pakistani ISI is one such agency. Here is a dependable ally according to Hollywood !!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/LooeyNoorey LooeyNoorey


    Mayor "Napoleon" Bloomberg and his backstabbing cronies must have a $tupendou$ rea$on which they can't reveal for wanting a sharia-hugging mosque near Ground Zero!
    But the sharia "cobra" they're toying with can quickly grow its fangs and then say "Smile, you're on Candid Scimitar and will soon be buried in a scimitary, ha ha ha!" – proving that one good backstabbing deserves another!
    God-haters and America-haters may not realize how high the collective temperature has now risen in the hearts of true American patriots – many of whom are now willing to die for America right here in America if they get pushed completely over the line!
    Since the nation's headquarters for treason is the White House, readers can enjoy related material if they Google "Obama Avoids Bible Verses" & "Obama Supports Public Depravity" and also Google "Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman" in addition to Googling "Obama…destined to become a black-slavery avenger."
    And by all means visit Googleland and type in "Government-Approved Illegals" and "Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham."
    I hope Mayor Bloomberg, dressed as Napoleon, will thoroughly enjoy his mosquerade party!
    PS – Since Jane Fonda still loves leftist causes, here's a one-liner I penned during the Vietnam War era that the big Kansas City paper ran: "I'm not Fonda Jane; her Laosy remarks Hanoi me!"
    PPS – Interestingly, many conservative evangelicals have lately given up belief in a "pretribulation rapture" (the 180-year-old, fringe-British-invented, escapist-and-thus-subversive theological aberration behind the rapture bestsellers by Lindsey, LaHaye etc.) and now believe they will be on earth, standing against evil, during at least a portion of Antichrist's diabolical reign. Widely read Google articles like "Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts," "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy" and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" have helped to bring about this "pretrib" mutiny.

    A Kansas Patriot

    [Here's another interesting article I ran into.]

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ObamaYoMoma ObamaYoMoma

    “that the U.S. military is fighting terrorists abroad so that we do not have to face them at home.”

    Give me a break Ryan. That assertion couldn’t be anymore mentally bankrupt. Indeed, I almost spilled my coffee when I read that garbage. I mean for the most part there is no running water or electricity, no roads, most of the people are illiterate and unskilled, and pack animals have to be used to plow the fields. There is no way that a primitive and backwards country like Afghanistan can represent a grave and perilous threat to a superpower like the USA. In fact, 9/11 was put into operation long before OBL and AQ ever migrated to Afghanistan, and there weren’t any Afghanis that participated. Hell, Mullah Omar didn’t even know about the impending attack until after the fact!

    The only reason we are still stuck over there today is because Bush like the political correct loon he was didn’t understand Islam and decided to try to remake Afghanistan into a beacon of democracy via a fantasy based nation-building mission that was based on idiotic and stupid assumptions, when he should have concentrated on eradicating OBL and AQ only.

    Anyway, what the leaks confirm is Pakistan’s duplicity that anyone with half a brain already knew was occurring, and with respect to Iran, everyone already knew they were killing our troops with impunity in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Hence, what the leaks confirm is that the GWB and BHO administrations are both incredibly incompetent and that they are hiding their incompetence from us. Not only that, but I’m positive that the leaks only scratch the surface.

    Moreover, there is an easy way to stop terrorist attacks at home, ban and reverse Muslim immigration. During the Cold War we didn’t let millions of communists immigrate and infiltrate our country because that would have been suicidal. Hence, we shouldn’t let millions of Muslims immigrate and infiltrate our country today because that is likewise suicidal.

    • ajnn

      yes the afghan people are not experienced with modern technology. THAT IS WHY THEY GO TO IRAN FOR TRAINING IN BOMB-MAKING AND OTHER TERROR SKILLS.

      the afghan people are perfectly bright and intelligent and have the ability to learn anything.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/sodizzy sodizzy

      I like what Ryan said. I think he's got it right.

  • Malingo

    I once read a fiction.

    "war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength".

    Wait a minute, was'nt that supposed to be a fiction?

  • Eric

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