WikiLeaks’ Jew-Hating Staff

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It is fitting that such extremists would serve as high-level officials in WikiLeaks, given the organization’s anti-American agenda. The organization’s recent actions are clearly designed to damage the United States, politically and operationally. The group recently released a document labeled “secret” from February 2009 that lists over 200 sites including 35 companies around the world that qualify as “critical U.S. foreign dependencies.” The document specifically says that “if [the listed sites are] destroyed, disrupted or exploited, [it] would likely have an immediate and deterious effect on the United States.”

This was a confidential list of potential top-tier targets and it is now publicly available. Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies condemned the release, saying it is like a “global map—a menu, if not a recipe book—to every extremist group in the world.”

This is a case where the release of a specific document undermines the national security of the U.S., but the overall disclosures have instantly negative effects. By releasing confidential diplomatic cables, WikiLeaks deters foreign officials from talking honestly to their American counterparts and makes them wary of discussing any secret arrangements. Foreign governments will not make sensitive deals with the U.S. or even share intelligence if they are significantly worried about exposures that embarrass them or reveal methods and sources.

WikiLeaks’ disclosures also serve as anti-American propaganda. The leader, Julian Assange, has indicated he has material related to what he calls “the Garani massacre” that supposedly killed over 100 Afghan civilians, mostly children. As I previously discussed, the facts surrounding the incident provide some explanation for the civilian casualties but that is of no concern for Assange. Prior to that, WikiLeaks released a heavily edited videotape titled “Collateral Damage” that was so biased against U.S. soldiers in Iraq that left-wing comedian Stephen Colbert confronted Assange in an interview, one of the very rare moments when Colbert breaks character.

It is telling that WikiLeaks’ resources are spent against the U.S. and its allies and not against truly oppressive governments like those in Iran and China. Julian Assange has said “We have been attacked by the United States, so we are forced into a position where we must defend ourselves.” He says, “I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards.”

To Assange, Holocaust deniers and supporters of anti-Israeli terrorism are not “bastards” that should be “crushed”—but the U.S. government and its allies are.

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  • Martin

    And yet Julian Assange holds Benjamin Netenyahu in high regard? This article seems like propaganda to me. America incarcerates a soldier for releasing a video of its helicopter gunships mowing down innocent civilians and he is the one held in solitary confinement for months now under torturous conditions without even a trial? You are speaking about the sins of a small organisation, and yet what is being done about the sins of your government that has been exposed to the world? If any country is being Nazi and anti-American it is America itself- the ideals it speaks of upholding are the very ones it is suppressing. I hope the governement is brave enough to face its problems instead of blameshifting it's embarrassment- but I think it will take balls to do that and I dont know if the current administration has it in them. This is Americas chance to either shine and display humility, or lockdown its prison gates and cage its citizens inside.

    • Doug

      I would agree, the article seems weak. But pray tell, Martin, what are the sins of our government that have been exposed to the world? And do you really trust the likes of Assange to be your angle of truth? You seem to assume that Wikileaks and YouTube are the purveyors of truth in this world, look into the background of Assange himself and you see the reality. Seeing helicopter gunships mow down what appear to be civilians is pretty glaring, but were they? I wonder what nationality you are and what is wrong with you.

    • CanadConserv

      Bottom line: no matter the sins of demcoracies, they're relatively small in the context of would be good, and the angels side with them.

      Autocracies are systematically sinners. (No, I'm not religious, just using the metaphors.)

      Your post suggests you're one given to false moral equivalence.

      • Abdullah Mikail

        Sins of democacy?
        Do collateral sins count?

        What was the civilian body count for WWII?

        Then subtract those that were intentionally targetted in the Terrorism campaing against Japan…

        Either the lightbulb above your head just went on, or your true colors have shown…

        Which is it?

        • CanadConserv

          You're both antagonistic and irrational.

          WW2 was created by non democracies Germany and Japan, who are responsible for the body counts.

          • Abdullah Mikail

            Responsible for the body counts?

            We blockaded Japan and she attacked Pearl Harbor in response, so you say it is their fault we targetted civilians in jellied gasoline and napalm boming runs?

            Germany was a democracy that elected Hitler.

            You are out of your mind.

          • CanadConserv

            Hitler came to power in a minority government, then committed a coup from within. Her never won a majority of the vote and he never stood for re-election.Japan had attacked much of Asia before the US acted to assist those conquered and under siege. The US ceased oil shipments to Japan after China fell. That was ethnical. The US did not blockade Japan.

  • chindoo

    So what… I hate the jews too. I hate muslems , Christians and most other religeous people. See, Religion is like your penis. You have to keep it in your pants. We need not hear about your gods. Besides you have ruined the world for centuries.

    • sebyandrew

      He hates grammar and spelling too.

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        Of course, we know who his atheist heroes are, and their 'contributions' to the world – Stalin (40 million murders), Mao tse-Tung (70 million murders), Pol Pot (4 million murders) et al.

        And we also know that he was the kid with the stupid grin who stood in the corner of the classroom wearing a pointed hat marked with the letter D.

    • ziontruth

      "See, Religion is like your penis. You have to keep it in your pants. We need not hear about your gods."

      Hmmm. But the ACLU grinching the annual celebrations of this time of the year, every year, is all OK with you. (Yes, this gets my goat even though I'm not a Christian. It offends me on principle.)

      "Besides you have ruined the world for centuries."

      Another one gets a dunce cap for being oblivious to the 100,000,000 victims of Marxism.

  • muchiboy

    "If you needed any more proof of WikiLeaks’ extremist agenda, look no further than Israel Shamir, the Holocaust denier"

    This is a no win,no win situation.Wikileaks has many proponents and antagonists.The arguments will go on for the foreseeable future.Likely opinion crosses many lines.
    As for Israel Shamir and accusations of Antisemitism and Holocaust denial,I am very confused and for now will simply stick my head in the sand.The dangers of mixing a little truth and reason with prejudice and hate are all too obvious.Admittedly,a brief visit to his site raises some red flags.But given his history in the IDF as a paratrooper and his scholarship what are his motives? Maybe he knows something I don't! Are you guys keeping something from me? MixMChess?ziontruth?Talk to me. muchiboy

    • CanadConserv

      Anti-Semitism is not driven by reason, but by hate. Who knows the source of his hate?

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        Antisemitism is the way of life for Naziboy. He goes to bed thinking out his latest anti-Jewish blood libel, and every way he can get his wish of seeing Jewry extinguished worldwide and every synagogue reduced to rubble. After all, it takes his mind off the padding that lines his cell wall.

        • CanadConserv

          Sometimes you have to wonder whether one may appear anti-Semitic, because they've bought the left wing anti-Israel party line. In Ron's case, that he won't respond to straight on to earnest points and well founded facts contradicting his point of view, and that he barely conceals a lust for Jewish blood, does suggest real anti-Semitism.

  • sebyandrew

    Psst. Maybe……………………………..he's a leftist.

    • Abdullah Mikail

      Pssst. Maybe the world isn't right and left like you think it is… mere shades of gray between black and white?

      • sebyandrew

        Psst.Designations based on common behavior of a particular group are very useful. Otherwise all discussions become so extremely long-winded and full of qualifiers that you might as well be droning a mantra on and on. Sort of like Muchiboy. Hey, you finally got back to an Israel-related thread!

  • CorporateComedian

    Do the backstory of who funds the Wikileaks agenda- George Sorros is at the helm. Chaos is the agenda. Crushing governments is the Motive. Hate is in their heart.

  • EVAbeliever

    Muchiboy: It's amazing how you try to make yourself appear rational but in reality it is evident that you are a bigot. Shamir is a Russian that used Sharansky's hard work to escape Russia. It is known fact that many anti-Semites fled Russia in this manner. Shamir is a fool and clearly not relevant.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    It stinks,and even here,where I live,you can smell it.
    And for that matter "CorporateComedian" I think you're on the right track.

  • USNCSniper

    Most people who are anti American are also anti Israel and anti semetic.

    • L.Davis

      Most people who are anti-American are green with envy of America's success. 'the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard is how some Europeans take the 'high road' in morality and human behavior. Really?!! The most hideious reprehensible actions in the history of the world have been a European responsbility. Someone just called America Nazis like…… let us all remember who the Nazis were/are and the countries that spawned both Nazis and facists and it wasn't the US. We just helped the 'good guys' win the War and then instead of acquiring land and territory and ruling over the conquored we spend bilions helping them restore their countries and their culture…. very much different than Obama's Russian friends.

      Hating Israel is much the same…they are far too succesful ….. and after all a Democracy. In leftist European terms that's a bad thing…… Communism/Socialism has been so freakin' successful.

  • PhilDru

    We are getting near the end when all Israel will be saved, that is the 1/3 of the nation that takes refuge in Petra, Jordan. The Muslim anti-Christ(Rev 17 vs 10-11) will take over the rebuilt Temple and set himself as God. 3 1/2 years later Jesus Christ will return with the saints that were raptured 7 years earlier(1Thes 4 vs 13-17, 1 Cor 15 vs 51-52).

    • Abdullah Mikail

      Whatever it is you are smoking please don't share it….

  • Steve Chavez

    This LEAK by one man, Manning, is turning into a FLOOD WHICH MEANS some group, INSIDE OUR GOVERNMENT, IS GIVING AWAY THOUSANDS OF MORE DOCUMENTS! Was this kid that smart?

    I believe that our Congress is full of traitors who hate the U.S. and Israel and are using their National Security briefings and committees to learn secrets that they pass to our enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC!

  • Dean

    Funny, the Wiki leaks do not impact countries with free and open press coverage (with many journalists bashing Israel and the West) as much as they do in countries without (totalitarian Islamic states and others).
    I believe that Wikileaks is a case of information having unintended consequences and if there are anti-Semites working to leak information to harm the USA and Israel, it has failed because most of that information regarding free countries was well known and well covered – the bits of information that we are getting on the totalitarian states was much more hidden and so, Mr. Israel Shamir, your intentions have been thwarted!

  • BS77

    In the great march of history, piles of garbage like Asange and his little group of vermin will soon be forgotten…..miserable losers that they are. Nothing like an infantile leftist narcissist to darken the day. All the chronic complainers on the left can do is cry for attention, use "journalism" as a cover for their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their creepy lives. They attack out of frustration …like spoiled brats, unable to succeed, except by attacking others and being "bad"…to get attention and notoriety. And that Israel Shamir…is this guy a human? He looks like some thing from Night of the LIving Dead.

  • Fred Dawes

    In world war two about 6 millions jews killed by really evil people, but also about 2 million troopers from the USSR And millions of others who worked against hitler, the slaughter and butchery called the Holocaust will happen once more. If people do not get what that means, all races of people have that evil inside, blacks and whites and our little brown/yellows brothers. the last mass murder will look like nothing in the coming years, billions will die.

  • SemperCivis

    I have a confession. I used to be a leftist and I met Israel Shamir. I was with him when he called his elderly mother, who lives on the "West Bank", to wish her a happy birthday. He showed me a draft of one of the articles he was working on. We went to a used bookstore and he picked out 3 books for me, including "The Loved One", by Evelyn Waugh, easily one of the funniest books ever written.

    That being said, the man is HATEFUL towards everything Jewish. He despises Spinoza.. His goal is to DESTROY Judaism as we know it. He doesn't have the facts of history that I have now.

    Listen: Israel National Radio Interview on the Ancient History (10000 BCE – Islam) "Revising the Revisionists"

    I am NOT the person in the interview.

  • alcycle

    I think 'you all' missed THE BIG PICTURE! I LIKE OUR WAY OF LIFE!!!… matter how we got here!!! I feel bad for our Native American Indians…but they lost!!! Pick any other Country you want….& examine how they all treated their own ethnic populations…ISTANBUL…CONSTANTINOPLE!!! Go look at; Turkish, Greek, English, French, German, Egyptian, Spanish, Poland, Russian.. History…etc !!! WE the USA, are the best there is!!!! BAR NONE!!! WE WON, Soooo we get to make da laws!!!! I am sorry, but all laws are interpreted by the VICTORS….not the losers!!! Just ask BULL Halsey, George Patton, U.S. Grant, W.T. Sherman, Sam Huston, Andy Jackson…etc!!! Santa Anna would agree!!!!, as he NEVER LEFT MEXICO!!!!! TEJAS is TEXAS…..SORRY!!!!!

    • Fred Dawes

      Mexico was only one part of the Spanish emepire in fact many people living inside the spanish emepire would not like being called Mexican. TX Had about 800 whites living in that land with about 100,000 indiano.

  • bruce

    PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA…He who curses ISREAl IS CURSED, & HE WHO BLESSES ISREAL IS BLESSED…This Nation Is ONE NATION UNDER GOD…look at you Money…well better look to THE LORD JESUS to find GOD THE FATHER thru THE HOLY SPIRIT Merry Christmas

    • Fred Dawes

      people will never wake up the day is coming when billions will die. so whats new?

    • Spinoza

      Don't forget your medication!!!

  • Lightning Jack

    There are significant ethical differences between releasing documents related to valid freedom of information issues and compromising the national security of a nation state by acting as an accessory to, or aiding in the commission of espionage simply to satisfy ones own delusional narcissism and anti- American hatred.

    The weasel snitch Julian Assange and his cohorts at WikiLeaks should be charged as accessories or co-conspirators in the commission of international espionage, and WikiLeaks declared a terrorist supporting organization.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Jew hating anti-Semitic bigots of a feather always flock together.

  • Ernest

    Israel Shamir is Jewish. So does that make your article anti-Semitic? Of course not.
    Anti-Semitism comes from anti-Gentilism. As long as Jewish supremacists think that they have a right to control and oppress Gentiles, and the bulk of the Jewish people let them, then anti-Semitism will continue to rise. Israel Shamir is a great man. If there were more Jews like him, the Jews would be treated just like everyone else in the world. People don't care what race you are, they care how you behave and treat others.

    • ziontruth

      "As long as Jewish supremacists think that they have a right to control and oppress Gentiles, …"

      You're confusing Judaism with Islam. Islam is about world supremacism. Judaism isn't politically correct, but it's not imperialist. Whatever it is in Judaism that does not pass PC muster, it applies only to the Jews, and the laws of statecraft only in the Land of Israel. Whereas the Muslims want all non-Muslims all over the world to bow down to their laws and precepts.

      "Israel Shamir is a great man."

      He's a traitor. He aids and abets those who would kill his brothers and sisters.

      There is something the Ultra-Orthodox, even of Satmar, know that Shamir and his like don't. When they excommunicated Neturei Karta, they showed that, whatever differences they might have with Zionism, these do not justify siding with would-be followers of Hitler's work. The Neturei Karta and Shamir both fail to understand this, so eaten by treasonous hatred are they.

      "If there were more Jews like him, the Jews would be treated just like everyone else in the world."

      Yes, and if only Sweden pulled out of Iraq and out of its support of Israel, the Swedes would be free of terrorist attacks. What, you're saying Sweden never got into Iraq and never supported Israel?! Then why was there a terrorist attack there recently? It doesn't make sense…

      …as long as you're attached to the idea that aggression is always a tit-for-tat affair. Not with the Muslims, it isn't, and not with Jew-hatred either.

  • Tian
  • Guest

    In 2004 Shamir was baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem by Archbishop Theodosios (Atallah) Hanna of Sabastia and given the name Adam.

  • Al Yahood

    I echo YoMoma's sentiment on this issue. But I do conclude that when Jews show weakness, it seems to invite aggression. I believe, also, that the Jews that vote for the Democrats (not the Dems of 30 years ago) but those who side with Soros, Castro, and Chavez, also contribute to a image of Jewish weakness; which, sorry to say, the peoples of the world have vicious, contempt, for this image. On the other hand, the 'leaks' seem to have done the U.S. no real damage, so far.

  • Leo Taylor

    Thanks, Mr. Mauro, for bringing to our attention the deep involvement of the notorios Jew-hater Israel Shamir with Wikileaks. It sheds a lot of light on the situation.

  • L. Banks

    It is sad to read some of the comments in this section so full of hatred and ready to accuse everyone and everything. The problem with men like Assange and Shamir is they have no character and honor. They have a cause and they can be used by those who really have an agenda against all of us because their desire is to control the world. What better way than to destroy the United States whose founders based this country upon the rights of the individuals? Realizing that today many of these individual rights are gradually erroded and we are being assigned numbers. These two men are so intent upon getting back at people that they have no idea what they have done to themselves. This is not a perfect world and there is always another waiting in the wings to take control and to forward their world agenda. We all need help because the signs are all around us of the impending disaster, but many still ignore what they know in their gut to be true.

  • andrewbynum

    if i was muslim id hate jews too.