WikiLeaks Reveals an Isolated Iran

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Jordan appears to be a part of the Arab anti-Iran coalition as well, with the president of the country’s senate saying, “Bomb Iran, or live with an Iranian bomb,” according to one of the WikiLeaks documents. In January, Jordan immediately suspected Iranian involvement in a plot to assassinate two Israeli diplomats in its territory. Kuwaiti officials expressed similar alarm about Iran, specifically accusing the regime of supporting the Shiite Houthi militants in Yemen. The country’s military-intelligence chief was also optimistic about regime change, opining that a potential arrest of opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi could spark a popular uprising.

Egypt is undoubtedly in the alliance as well. The cables say that President Mubarak has a “visceral hatred” for Iran. Mubarak’s greatest challenge comes from the Muslim Brotherhood inside his country, which is the parent group of Hamas — a close ally of Iran. In April 2009, Egypt arrested 49 members of Hezbollah plotting attacks on Israeli targets in the country, which prompted the Iranian-backed terrorist group to call on Muslims to replace governments that had allied with the West. The Egyptian Prime Minister flatly stated that Hezbollah had “virtually declared war.”

The central Asian country of Azerbaijan, which borders Iran, did not explicitly support an attack in the files, but President Aliyev was recorded as expressing deep concern. He says that Iranian activity in his country, including the financing of terrorists like Hezbollah, is increasing. He also mentioned to the U.S. that Iranian state media was broadcasting photos of him with a Star of David into Azerbaijan. He condemned the fraudulent “re-election” of Ahmadinejad and said the regime is unstable.

The position of Qatar is less clear. This pro-American ally is described as “the worst in the region” in terms of supporting terrorism and is too fearful of its own population to take action. Qatar has taken a frustratingly pro-Iranian line in recent years, but Prime Minister al-Thani is recorded as saying he doesn’t trust the Islamic republic. “They lie to us, and we lie to them,” he said.

Interestingly, the WikiLeaks cables indicate that the party most opposed to a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites is the United States. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates believes that the Iranian people would somehow forget how the regime has brutally oppressed them and embrace the regime if an attack occurred. One cable describes Gates as saying that an Israeli strike would only delay the nuclear program by one to three years “while unifying the Iranian people to be forever embittered against the attacker.”

The WikiLeaks document dump indicates a wide range of support for military action against Iran. The files show that Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and probably Kuwait and Azerbaijan support a strike. It is safe to assume that a large number of Muslim and non-Muslim governments not mentioned in the cables are also supportive.

The documents indicate that the Obama administration has all but ruled out military action, but Israel certainly has not. Time has been bought with the success of the Stuxnet cyber attack and sanctions against Iran, but should the time come when a decision to bomb Iran is made, the U.S. and Israel can count on the support of a large but quiet Muslim bloc.

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  • CanadConserv

    But a smug Obama knows best: "War is never the answer."

  • weRscrewed

    Funny how these Internet Bloggers are so Quick to Condemn Wikileaks for revealing this information, yet in the Next Breath use the same information for their own ends.
    Media's purpose is NOT to protect Politicians from embarassment but to report newswothy information to keep THE People informed.
    Wikileaks offered to share the mateerial with the Obama administration for appropriate Redaction. O bama refused the offer and now wants to lay the whole blame on Julian Assange. Truth is there is little of this information that is new although it may not have come out before in concentrated form. As usual the mistakes belong to anyone OTHER than Obama and his Administration.
    Also funny (sarcasm) is the Obama Administration pissing and moaning about those whe break the Law when they are guilty, themselves, of so many violations of our Laws and violating the Ri8ghts of the American People

    Obama, put on yur "BIG BOY" pants and face up to your own failures. If you and your Administration were not so dihonest with us, I might feel differently anout wikileaks.

  • joshualipana

    An excellent and very informative article. Thank you.

  • stephencuz

    No one seems to take note that all the other countries sanction a military strike against a (fellow) Islamic State (against their religion) and want the US or (Allah forbid) Israel to do it. I am all for protecting our friend in the region (Israel ONLY) but that is it. Let all these other countries MAN UP. Let them deal with THEIR regional problem child. Because they want to appear to not have violated their professed religious beliefs they expect us foolish infidels to do their dirty work. I say screw ‘em. They all like rattling swords. Now they can actually use them. I’m glad this came to light from Wikileaks. The only way for them to save face now is to get it over with and take out the trash.

  • guest

    The Saudis should attack Iran. Not us. I suppose the Afghan and Iraq wars
    were also requested of us. Now they are moving here to do like they did to France and England.

    Let them hire China to deal with it

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Whether you like it or not, Iran must be stopped from getting nukes at all cost, as it will lead to massive nuclear proliferation throughout the Islamic world and eventually to a nuclear world war that will make WWII seem like a pleasant walk in the park. Hence, you can bury your head in the sand while claiming it is their problem to fix, but the reality is if the USA doesn’t stop the Iranians, no one else will and the aforementioned nuclear world war will become preordained in only a matter of time.

      Not to mention that the Islamic world is also under obligation to subjugate the non-Islamic world via the imposition of Sharia per the strictures of Islam. Which is something today that at least at this time is still very manageable. However, once they become armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, all bets are off. Hence, it is your call.

      As for as the Afghani and Iraqi wars go, the Afghani war should have been limited to the eradication of OBL and AQ only in retaliation for 9/11 and the Iraqi war should have been limited to the ouster of Saddam and the scouring of the country for WMD. We never should have occupied either country in order to pursue what are extremely fantasy based nation-building missions, and if GWB had lived up to what he campaigned on in 2000, he never would have occupied either country to pursue endless fantasy based nation-building missions.

      Moreover, if GWB had not bogged us down in both aforementioned countries, the Iranian regime could already be history today. Nevertheless, if we don’t stop the Iranians now, a nuclear world war will be eminent in the not too distant future.

  • Wesley69

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So it is with Israel and the Arab states. Naturally, Israel has a vested interest in attacking Iran, but so do oil rich Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates. They are Sunni: Iran is Shiite. Their hatred goes back over 1300 years.

    The US, with good reason, are worried about attacking because it would endanger regime change and cause Iranian people to back their government. But what is the US doing to help with regime change? Sanctions, possibly, but, Obama lost a huge opportunity when Ahmadinejad's reelection led to protests in the street. Rather than support the unrest, Obama, thinking he could talk Iran about stopping their nuclear work, kept his month shut.

    Now, with these WiliLeak revelations, there may be a silver lining, in the sense, that Iran knows neighboring states are not behind it. A problem that could arise is that the Mullahs become all the more dedicated to bringing about WWIII and the return of the 12th Imam.

  • Dennis / Tampa

    Stephencuz has hit the nail on the head! Where are the following: Egypt's Army, the Colonel of Libya, i.e. Qadaffi, Saudi Arabia's Air Force, btw – U.S. equipped, and all these "so-called POWERHOUSE WARRIORS" who can beat their people, their students, their women, and suck the life from us WESTERN CIVILIZATION bastards? All these duplicitous, wimpy leaders of countries asking the U.S. to send our soldiers to fight and die for what they are afraid to do need to PUT UP or SHUT UP! The EXPENDABLES should be mandatory viewing by their PAPER CAMEL Armies. Get our guys back home and let the fools eradicate each other. PS: Israel, stay on the sidelines unless directly attacked because involvement will make you the bad guys – as always – per the propaganda machine of the U.N.

  • USMCSniper

    President Vladimir Putin amended the presidential decree on nuclear exports to allow Russia to export nuclear materials, technology, and equipment to and to build a operational Nuclear facility in Iran, Russian entities during the reporting period continued to supply a variety of ballistic missile-related goods and technical know-how to countries such as Iran. Secret American intelligence assessments have concluded that Iran has obtained a cache of advanced missiles, based on a Russian design, that are much more powerful than anything Washington has publicly conceded that Tehran has in its arsenal, diplomatic cables show. Iran obtained 19 of the missiles from North Korea. Companies located around the world sell goods — from arms, cigarettes to medical devices and PCs — to buyers in the U.A.E. Dubai traders simply repackage and reroute the items and send them along by air or ship to agents to Iran from anywhere.

    Isolated, give me a break!

  • muchiboy

    The Independent? Robert Fisk? I know,I know, but Fisk has some interesting things and insights into the Wikileaks.Say what you will,and it comes at a price,but wikileaks give us ,the all too trusting public, some interesting and useful insights into the sometimes dirty always secret and intriguing world of diplomacy.You gotta luv it.Get it while you can! Extra!Extra!Read all about it!Muchiboy

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      And this is the same Robert Fisk who blamed it on the Americans after he received a good hiding when in Afghanistan. *rolls eyes*

      Go figure Naziboy.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Please, Robert Fisk has been a Western hating loon, Israel bashing moonbat, and Muhammadan supporting useful idiot for years. He is also like you are too a rabid anti-Semite and one of the biggest morons in the UK. Hence, I can’t say that I’m surprised that you would post one of his absurd articles. Nevertheless, pardon me if I don’t give myself brain damage by reading his garbage.

  • muchiboy

    "And this is the same Robert Fisk who blamed it on the Americans after he received a good hiding when in Afghanistan. *rolls eyes*"

    Damn Yanks! Behind everything.If it's not them,it's those damn Israeli's.Muchiboy

  • Paul

    While Israel can certainly cause some damage (if constrained to using only non-nuclear weapons) the only country with sufficient means to decapitate and de-nuke Iran via conventional methods is the USA. And remember Iran has its finger on the button of enough powerful missiles in Lebanon to basically destroy Israel's ability to function right now. So a MAD stalemate is already in place for Israel vs. Iran showdown.

    Not that it will be picnic for USA. Once the USA attack begins then Iranians will have sufficient capability to take out the soft targets in the gulf, thereby eliminating about 40% of the world’s oil supply delivery system for at least one to three years, before going down for the count. The spike in energy cost will turn the current economic downturn into unmitigated collapse of the entire global economic system.

    All the countries in the world would quickly point their collective finger at the USA (leaks aside) for this unnecessary aggressive action. Long story short, if Bush didn’t have the stones to endure the above it is beyond all doubt that Obama has them.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Last time I checked one fifth of the world’s oil supplies translates into only 20 percent and not 40 percent, and it is highly doubtful that the Iranians could have a major impact on that supply for any length of time. Maybe they could impact it for a few weeks, but two or three years is utterly absurd.

      Not to mention that after the Iranians are allowed to acquire nuclear weapons with impunity, they will be able to impact world oil prices severely at will just by rattling their swords, and judging by their previous behavior, that will be practically all the time.

      It is also obvious that any war between the Hezbos and the Israelis this time around will certainly be far more bloody and destructive than the previous brief war was in 2006, thanks to Condi “appeaser Rice, GWB, the duplicitous French, Ehud Olmert, and Tzipi Livni, but with Netanyahu in control of Israel this time around, in all probability the Hezbos will be eliminated once and for all, but in the end at least Israel will survive. However, if Israel fails to stop Iran, its days in all probability will become numbered, as Israel will be facing an impending nuclear attack in only a matter of time. In addition, a nuclear-armed saber rattling Iran will probably mean a mass exodus of Jews from Israel, further weakening the Jewish state.

      Nevertheless, here’s the choices: Sit back on our hands and tell the world it is their problem, which probably means a nuclear world war some time in the future that will make WWII seem like a pleasant walk in the park is probably inevitable, as the Sunni Islamic world in response to Iran will certainly race to become nuclear armed. Not to mention that an Islamic world armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons doesn’t forebode very well for the Western world, as the Islamic world is under a strict holy obligation to subjugate the non-Islamic world via the imposition of Sharia by any and all means at their disposal. The other choice of course is to stop the Iranians at all cost.

      Hence, do you really believe it is better not to act to stop the Iranians at all cost, as you seem to advocate per your grand over inflated hyperboles?

      • Paul

        No the countries that would be effected produce 30%. Natural Gas pushes it up to about 40%. Just google oil production.

        Regardless, even a six month disruption of 10% of the world’s energy supply would be more than sufficient given the current economic environment resulting in the complete collapse of fiat currencies taking global trade with it.

        Look I agree, as bad as our choices are now they only get worse with time.

        My primary fear is that it’s far easier to collectively rationalize ourselves (present company not included) into a false comfort than it is to confront the uncomfortable reality head on until it literally hits us collectively (present company included) in the head, ie Bombing of London, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, etc.

        My fear is that unlike these past events an EMP attack will not give us any ability to recover as nation like we did in the past. While a USA counterstrike would be deadly it would also be our last. Also there is 100% chance that an EMP attack will not have a return address thereby leaving the President with the unpleasant choice of either just Nuke em-all just to make sure we got one who did it to us or not Nuke at all.

  • Paul

    So prediction;

    Israel will do nothing, the world will do nothing and the next opportunity for a USA President and Congress with the stones required to pull the trigger on this bad or worse proposition will be January 2013 at the earliest. Unfortunately it’s hard to imagine Iran ‘not’ having a working nuke before that date.

  • Jacob

    There's less and less of a reason to avoid doing something about Iran's nuclear program the more time elapses.

    Come on, Obama. Just bomb the Iranian nuclear sites already so that Israel and the Arab countries can go back to hating each other in peace. :)

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Who on God's green Earth can attest to the truth of what is in Wikileaks?
    There is enough reason for caution to not jump to any conclusions, We know
    Iran has to go but we also know when we leave Iraq, Afghanistan and
    the rest of the area the blood bath will start all over and death will be
    on its horse worse than ever. If we can not eliminate all of the bad guys
    enmasse we will be hard pressed for another ten years, Obama and
    his leftist legion will retard any positive advancement until they are gone
    and they should be the focus of our attention before we will ever be able
    to proceed to cleans the World of our mortal enemies, it ever……..William

  • ObamaYoMoma

    It’s a perfect storm. We have B. Hussein Obama as President with the Iranians on the verge of getting nuclear arms. Not that GWB was any better, at the same time he committed America to pursue two silly and endless fantasy based nation-building missions based on political correct myths like Islam is a Religion of Peace™ and Islam is being hijacked by only a tiny minority of Muhammadans, he also ignored and miserably failed to stop the Iranian threat, which makes the Iraqi threat pale in comparison.

    GWB also appointed Robert Gates, another stealth RINO Leftists that like Bush is masquerading as a so-called Republican. Gates like GWB also believes the hearts and minds of Muhammadans can be won at the same time he also cut important defense programs like the F-22.

    The truth of the matter is the Republican Party under both GHWB and GWB has morphed into a political party of appeasement almost as feckless as the Dhimmicrat Party. I know in stark contrast to Dhimmicrats GHWB and GWB both engaged in war, however, instead of defeating our enemies decisively and creating deterrence in the process at the same time, they engaged in endless fantasy based nation-building missions intended to win the hearts and minds of Muhammadans that are obligated to hate our non-Muslim guts no matter what.

    On the home front and in response to 9/11, GWB like a liberal on steroids doubled the size of the federal government, when GWB should have discredited multiculturalism and banned and reversed Muhammadan immigration instead, and the predictable result is that America today isn’t any safer, as the Christmas Day Bomber, the Fort Hood Massacre, and the Times Square Bomber all demonstrate. Had he discredited multiculturalism and banned and reversed Muhammadan immigration instead, not only would the homeland today be far safer, but our federal deficits also wouldn’t be over a trillion dollars annually either.

    The problem has been America has elected a string of consecutive Republican and Dhimmicrat Presidents that were in reality Leftists since Ronald Reagan was President and the condition of the country both domestically and abroad today is directly attributable to their collective misguided policies.

    • paul

      Agree 200%, the basic problem is that only 20% agree with us.

  • paul

    Look the US policy towards Iranian people has been FUBAR since Carter, no argument there. The simple fact is that unless the Iranian people are armed the courageous among you will be cut down in the streets or killed in prison by the Islamic psychopaths currently in charge. Nothing would make me happier to see the Iranian people take out Islamic thugs in charge, but just like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, the more violent a regime is the less of the population they need to keep them in charge.

    The problem for everyone else is that as soon as these Islamic psychopaths get a workable Nuke they will nuke Israel and EMP the USA. Their basic strategy is so obvious at this point.

    So ironically because the USA and Israel are true democracies we are slow to act, and because Iran is not their people can’t shut this down.

    • sam000

      Your thoughts about the behavior and the characteristics of this regime is exact, as soon as they get the Nuke, they will attack somewhere, one of the reasons is that the " Democratic World" preferes to appease rather than face.

      Ahmadinejad says that, " the Yankees and the jews have no courage, so we can SMASH them,

      You know, the appeasement generates the worms, and the worms believe that they are the big SNAKES.

      The appeasement had generated HITLER, and Ahmadinejad.