William T. Hathaway: Sabotaging the U.S. Military for “Peace”

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“The point the couple is trying to make is that they discovered this kind of love is a powerful and effective way to subvert patriarchy and make men less aggressive and violent, and they wanted to share that by going public. They also feel that incest between consenting adults is a matter of personal liberty and should be decriminalized,” Hathaway explained to FrontPage.

The overall goal of Hathaway and this group that he praises becomes clear in the chapter about the Iraqi student. The student says “The communists were trying to build a different economic system, so the capitalists wanted to destroy them any way they could. Warmongers have always portrayed themselves as the only alternative to the brutal beasts out there. They generate fear to stay in power.”

Elsewhere, Hathaway writes in true Marxist fashion, “The conditions are caused by capitalism’s drive to turn the middle class into a white-collar proletariat.” And the solution is predictable: “Despairing over the prospect of endless war, they [the activists] are convinced the only way to bring peace now is to bring the system down, and sabotage is one way to do that.” He isn’t critiquing policy, he’s actively working to dismember the military and overthrow Western governments in line with Marxist philosophy. And he’s an adjunct professor of American Studies at the University of Oldenburg in Germany.

In talking to FrontPage, he said there were no ultimate goals but did not deny his support for a revolution that involves replacing the U.S. government.

“The general consensus of the group, including me, is that the current system needs to be brought down before anything new can be built. It is not open to fundamental changes but only to those that maintain its power. We all agree it is important to bring it down as peacefully as possible. This will probably be a long-term process of sedition, subversion, and sabotage over several generations,” he said.

Hathaway is now writing a book titled “Wellspring: A Fable of Consciousness” that argues that world peace can be achieved through something called Transcendental Meditation. In keeping with his previous theme, females are the ones “more able than men to lead us there.”  He claims that credible studies prove that gatherings of people using this form of meditation have improved the economy and health and brought down the levels of crime, violence and accidents. The root cause of war, he says, is “stress in the collective consciousness.”

This could be dismissed as the ramblings of a bizarre, paranoid man detached from reality, but it must be reiterated that he is a professor in Germany and published author with an endorsement from Noam Chomsky. His reports about this group of saboteurs may be greatly exaggerated, but this must not lead to an overlooking of the damage that placing his propaganda in American Studies courses in Germany causes.

Hathaway confirmed to FrontPage that he is still an adjunct professor at the University of Oldenburg and the University of Bonn, teaching classes called “The U.S. Presidential Election,” “Contemporary U.S. Society,” “Changing Perceptions of the USA in the Homeland and Abroad,” “The American Peace Movement: Diversities in Resistance,” “The Alternative Media,” and “Radical Women Writers.”

German parents should not tolerate having a professor like Hathaway teaching their students about the United States and they should remember that their country would not be spared the revolution he preaches.

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  • Jim

    Being an adjunct professor is as close as you can get to being an academic nobody.
    It is not a starting level position.
    His record suggests that no university found him to be qualified enough to be hired at the lowest Professoral rank.
    Why is he in Germany? Has he an affection for Germany or did he have to go that far to get a job?
    They are an anology to a graduate teaching assistant except the adjunct get paid more but has less job security.

    • Taxpayer1234

      No, you're wrong: Being an adjunct professor IS being an academic nobody. For 20 years, I've been nobody to academia, but somebody to my many students. That's what really matters, anyway.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Reading about this misguided man who has an influence on young minds actually made me nauseous because there is an army of professors like him both in and outside the U.S. working as agents of subversion and indoctrination. Cloward and Piven's evil plan is coming to fruition, and it is useful idiots like Hathaway who will implement it to its malevolent climax. An endorsement from Noam Chomsky is as useful as one from Michael Moore or any of the other loons who work to bring down our republic — it only serves to illustrate that a repellent radical is teaching German children to inject inhumanity and chaos deep into what he would call our "collective consciousness."

  • antifascist18

    just another retard. I'm surprised he was even in the Green Berets. But given the tenor of the military in recent years, maybe not. After all, they (the RINO Bobby Gates's Pentagon) allowed a Palestinian Moslem and Jihadist Nidal Hussan to get Major's rank to kill our troops.

  • 4b1

    can someone confirm his record of actually being a green beret and being in vietnam?

  • Doug

    There are lots of guys in Europe like that, some are "professors" at universities there whose administrations are just ever so slightly left of center, especially in the history, journalism, and other humanities type departments. My guess is he is a guy who may have been in Vietnam, but given the rate at which vets over here lie about what they did, what are the chances? Then he has a fawning university audience to be the American to, in much the same way as Michael Moore has been. If I am wrong about this, so be it, but he is not alone. This is not to say that all American expats who take up residence in Europe are leftist malcontents, I love Germany and it can be a great place to live, IF you can put up the occasional (in some venues more common…) remarks about what the US is doing in the world.

    • Chiggles

      If that's a recent photo he wouldn't be nearly old enough for Vietnam. If his DOB and claimed years of service can be discovered, it will be a simple task to write to the National Personel Records Center in St Louis for the publically releasable portion of his service record. I did this for Ward Churchills once and learned that, while he had been to VN, his claims to be a LRRP and paratrooper and a combat vet at all were lies

  • USMCSniper

    America was a great county when neighbors cared about each other and pitched in and took some pride in who they were and where they came from. What have we become when the national pastime is now Internet arguments about supporting foreigners who want to weaken our very system and way of life? Lately, Europe has become a safe haven for Self Hating American Apologists spreading their messages to hate. have no problem when Americans want to bitch about having to pay taxes or Obama being an idiot etc, but when people start bringing down my country, they're walking on the fighting side of me, as Merle Haggard so eloquently put it. A good ass wuppin is what this clown needs!

  • Pappy86us

    Simple, just put a bullet in the man's grape.

  • Stephen_Brady

    This guy actually thinks that women will bring about world peace? This alone disqualifies him for teaching at the college level …

  • fmobler

    I wouldn't worry about this guy as far as his having an academic safe haven. In Germany, "adjuncts" are not even second class members of the academy. They are exploited bottom feeders. The worry is that he will manage to gin up some other means of support once he is eventually tossed out of the academy.

  • Steve Stacey

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the spiritual teacher from India who brought Transcendental Meditation to the West, would be completely opposed to the anti-military activities of Hathaway. Maharishi, being a member of the religious community, was a great defender of traditional values and traditional societal roles. Although he was not a soldier, he was born into the Warrior caste and considered the occupation of soldier to be the holiest of all occupations because the warrior was "willing to give up his breath so that others could have breath." If Mr. Hathaway desires world peace he should put his efforts towards experiencing God ontologically and towards discouraging other radical neurotics from trying to tear down a dharmically valid division of society.

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