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Beauty and the Beast of a Representative Republic

Posted By Sally Meininger On July 21, 2010 @ 6:00 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Now that Obama is sinking fast in the polls due to his abysmal performance as President, a guaranteed second term is slipping away like the bloom of youth. Solution? Change the rules in the middle of the game. Why not? It’s been done before.

The latest (but hardly new) game changer to come down the pike is to make the Electoral College obsolete. A group going by the moniker of National Popular Vote is leading the way to get states one-by-one to switch from the electoral college system and go straight to a majority rules vote in presidential elections. Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington, and Maryland have already enacted the bill (is it a coincidence that all these states went for Obama?) and its passed in another 19 states.

Why do we have the Electoral College anyway? Popularity contests worked just fine when electing the Homecoming Court in high school, so it should work on the national level, right? Unless you were like me; bitterly mocking the whole dog and pony show because you felt unrepresented and outnumbered by the popular kids and their sycophants who threw the friggin’ election every year since high school was invented.

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