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The 10 Most Common Elitist Denials That The American People Rejected Obama’s Policies

Posted By Sally Meininger On October 2, 2010 @ 8:00 am In NewsReal Blog,Uncategorized | No Comments

The American citizenry have been called rubes, smelly, racists, fascists, rabble-rousers, insurgent, narrow-minded and xenophobic. Not by the likes of Ahmadinejad (he keeps it short and sweet at ‘Satan’) but by our own governmental and cultural elite. What’s got their cocktail circuit all atwitter?

You, me–us. We’re asserting our constitutional right to disagree with what’s happening to our country.

Instead of rolling over and taking the blows as we’re expected to, citizens are going to town hall meetings and voicing their opinions, and then going one step further–the ballot box.

Getting yelled at by an octogenarians was bad enough for politicians. Now with conservative candidates sweeping mid-term elections, the self-appointed elitists in government, academia, and the media are none too happy with the electorate. They are acting as if they’ve suddenly been savaged by a trusted family pet; despite the fact that they’ve been yanking on the pet’s tail all along.

Their failure is our fault. Just ask them, they’ll tell you…

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