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Biggest V-8 Moment Tweet Today: Atrios Hits it Outta the Park

Posted By Sandra Lee On January 25, 2010 @ 5:17 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Social media doubles  as great entertainment some days.  Although I have to wonder what possesses anyone to be so inane.  Boredom?  Vitamin deficiency?  Ego issues?

Some of my do-gooder left wing pals spout utter nonsense too but they are clever enough not to post it on Twitter.

So it is with a distinct cleverness deficit that left wing blogger Atrios crafted today’s Twitter V-8 moment:

people don’t like the stimulus because it was to small (sic) and therefore didn’t work well enough. what they don’t like is unemployment
Tweeted by Atrios @ 12:09

Of course the reliable leftist vitriol about the stim pack being too low…as opposed to flawed leadership.  But the HIGHLIGHT, the pick-up-your-V8 laden-bloody-mary-and-drain- it sentence is about unemployment.

You know Atrious, you are absolutely right…people do NOT like unemployment.  We are funny like that:  actually liking jobs, paychecks, benefits, holding on to our homes, eating, etc.

Who knew?

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