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Fox News Delivers the Progressive Slapdown

Posted By Sandra Lee On March 30, 2010 @ 2:56 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

When I was a newly-minted journalist we called Ted Turner’s Cable News Network the Chicken Noodle Network. Today that poultry- based moniker seems poised to make a return.  The NY Times reports this morning:

CNN continued what has become a precipitous decline in ratings for its prime-time programs in the first quarter of 2010, with its main hosts losing almost half their viewers in a year.

On the other hand, it’s nothing but good news over at the Fox News Channel:

The trend in news ratings for the first three months of this year is all up for  the Fox News Channel, which enjoyed its best quarter ever in ratings, and down for both MSNBC and CNN.

Wow, the Media Matters spin docs are gonna have to work a little OT spinning this puppy.  As I blogged earlier here at the NewsReal Blog, the lefties over at Media Matters were giddy with delight when they “slammed”  Fox News in February based on a Pew research study:

What say you Fox News? PBS Tops Latest ‘Most Trusted’ Poll -

As we all know, those “viewer studies” don’t mean jack…what does matter is the ratings.  The American viewers have voted loudly and clearly with their clickers.  The media websites are all reporting:

We’re now one month away from Fox News becoming the #1 cable news channel for the 100th consecutive month based on total viewers.

Let’s break it down:

  • CNN ratings are down 39% in prime time despite big news stories like the Haitian earthquake and the battle over HCR
  • MSNBC is down 15%  in prime time even while Olbermann & Maddow continue the nauseating slobber over the O administration
  • the ONLY cable news  network to report increases was the Obama-demonized Fox News Channel
  • many of the Fox evening and prime time shows had large audience increases ..well into the double digit percentages of growth

Fox News now has more viewers than ever.  But if you watch only the  “mainstream” media or listen to the WH then Fox would be but an annoying little blip on the progressive radar.

Earth to the leftists: most Americans feel betrayed and pandered to.  They will not watch nor believe  the drivel that you feed them, courtesy of the POTUS. You may want to take note…or not.

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