The Most Ridiculous Tweet Today: NBC Newser Mitchell Tweets about Tweets

I don’t know about you, but when I think about the ultimate in cool, the person furthest from my mind would probably be NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

But GREAT NEWS, the doyenne of the D.C.  bureau stopped down long enough today to point out the ultimate in tweeting cool:

how cool is it that obama just tweeted on @redcross, theyve raised 21 m so far by Twitter.

Mitchell’s mid-afternoon tweet is somewhere between absurd and laughable.

The twitter-verse already knew that the Prez had sent his first tweet – and that fact alone was ludicrous today.  But Mitchell ascribing the action as ‘cool’ is enough to make me rethink my whole definition of cool.   Visions of Alan Greenspan in skinny jeans may keep me awake all night.

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