A Rare Victory for Free Speech at UC Irvine

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At the University of Southern California, Students for Justice in Palestine, threatened to shut down a planned speech by David Horowitz and were only prevented from doing so by the refusal of Horowitz’s hosts to admit them to the auditorium. They settled for screaming epithets outside. When Horowitz was invited to speak at the University of Texas, angry mobs of students led by Marxist professor Dana Cloud had to be removed before he could proceed with his address. While attempting to deliver a lecture on radical Islam at Emory University in 2007, Horowitz was constantly interrupted by protestors from several student organizations. The disruptions were so severe that his speech had to be cut short.

One likely factor in the suspension of the MSU, though it goes unmentioned in official accounts, is a campaign organized by students at Irvine to request rebates of their mandatory student fee monies used to fund an “Israeli Apartheid” hate week earlier in the semester. Approximately $6,500 in student funds were allocated to the Muslim Student Union for the event which was held May 10-13 on UCI’s campus. Speakers at the Apartheid Week included Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali, a radical Islamic leader who rallied students to support Hamas and Hezbollah, openly declared his support for Islamic jihad, and told students at his speech, “You Jews…ya’ll the new Nazis!”

The refund campaign was initiated by UCI student Joe Wolf, a third year Ph.D. candidate in physics, on May 24th. On that date, Wolf invited 56 UCI undergraduates to join a group on a Facebook site that provided information on how to request their refund. Within 12 hours, approximately 100 students had filled out the online refund form. Within two weeks, a total of 911 students, most of them non-Jews, had used the site to lodge official refund requests with the campus administration. UC Irvine policy allows for students to “seek a refund of that portion of his or her fee which he or she believes continues to support political, ideological, or religious organizations or activities.”

These students’ information has been sent to the chair of the ASUCI judicial branch, who recently contacted Wolf to say that their case is being reviewed.

Speaking on the decision to suspend the MSU, Joe Wolf commented, “I think that this decision is long overdue… After years of harassment and intimidation of Jewish students on the most anti-Semitic campus in the United States, it was only after MSU shot itself in the foot by disrupting Michael Oren’s speech that disciplinary actions have finally been internally recommended to the administration.”

Commenting on the UC Irvine decision, David Horowitz said, “The administration there has taken a rare and courageous stand in support of free speech and critical thought on campus. It is time for other universities to do the same and adopt an official policy recommending a one year suspension for any campus organization which obstructs an invited speaker.”

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  • Dan

    I guess this is the new reality, where we must commend the administrators at a university for finally and belatedly slapping the wrists of a terrorist organization that has continually spewed hate against Jews and other Americans. I will say that I'm relieved that they finally took a small stand, but I am still shocked that they allowed this to go on for so long, and that it continues to occur at campuses across America and the world.

    I find it especially disturbing to read that a Communist professor at the University of Texas actually led the charge to disrupt a similar speech. UT has always been known as the liberal mother ship in Texas, but to hear that they actually condone one of their professors acting in this manner is just sickening. The Texas Legislature should shut off their funding until they begin to act like Americans.

    • http://www.simplyfoodndrink.com food blogs

      I just hope that the university will take a deeper look into this case. It's not that i'm a racist or what, but these Muslims cannot be trusted totally.

      • kafir4life

        Muslim isn't a race. It's a cult masquarading as a religion. And these muslims cannot be trusted AT ALL!

        Allahu snackbar!!

    • ajnn

      This was a very minor penalty.

      The penalty adhered to the group, not to the individual students. For such penalties to have a deterrrant effect, the people, not the group, must be penalized.

  • Patrick

    Shows the pure ignorance and lack of discourse they have. You are free to speak your mind as long as you agree with the flimsy narrative that islam ( lack of capitalization is mine ) is a religion of peace and " palestinians " are victims

  • Stephen D.

    And so it goes on. In Tenn. a Muslim was "offended" by a guest letter in a free newspaper. The newspaper was then removed from the stands because of "hate speach". When challenged they couldn't site an example of hate speach. Yet…KFC, Kroogers supermarket chain, banned the newspaper from their stores. Can you say Dhimmi? How about Sharia?

  • andres de alamaya

    The MSU needs to be banned throughout America. Period.

    • Richman

      Every follower of islam must be rounded up and deported no questions asked.
      These cretins serve no pupose what so ever other then to out breed infidels at all costs in their quest to islamisize America. There very guide (the Koran) dictates that they will lie with every breath if that is what it takes to reach their goal of world domination. Period

  • Guest

    I suppose the administration ought to be given some sort of medal or commendation for doing its duty.

  • will Davis

    Islam….savage, murderous loons straight out of the dark ages. If universities had even a whit of common sense, that would be banned from any campus.

    The only consolation is that when Sharia gets the upper hand, these idiot professors will be the first to be beheaded.

  • Fred

    A small step in the right direction. These Muslim Nazis have to go.

  • USMCSniper

    Since the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine have aligned themselves with Jihad terrorists then they are fair targets of opportunity for covert actions to neutralize them by freedom loving patriots. After all, it is they have chosen the rules of the game.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/xsssx xsssx

      I'm with you there Marine. Give them their own medicine twenty times over.

  • kathie

    I wish you wouldn't use MSU for Muslim Students Union. I am a proud Michigan State University alumni, and we had that logo long before they came along. Seriously, it's confusing.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Dar_al_Harb LibertyLover

      Calling Bob Lee, Calling Bob Lee… Report to the TOC.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/michiganruth michiganruth


      as a U-M Wolverine, I feel your pain, and fully support you in not referring to these thugs as MSU.

  • davidka

    A recent Supreme Court decision confirms that it is a criminal offense to give material assistance to a terrorist organization.

    Since the Muslim Students Association is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, when may we expect some action from the B.O. administration?

  • den

    It is their approach. They kill each other unless an infidel is available. The Koran is Satan's book. It teaches you to kill your own children if they refuse to burka up.

    These people are terrorists, and the peaceful ones do not have a problem with the actions of the violent.

    The American students should have planned to stifle these loud monsters, quietly and remove them from the center.

  • Richard Weinberg

    What more do the Jewish students need to see and hear for them to wake up and take up arms to defend themselves and other Jews? If Jews will not defend Jews, who will?


    • Tanstaafl

      Your gentile brothers and sisters are with you! Islam is an assault on humanity!

    • Max daddy

      He Who always has defended Jews.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Dar_al_Harb LibertyLover

      I am a Jew-loving Gentile and I am your brother, in the heart and in arms. Indeed, Never again.

  • LibertyLover

    Racist subhuman MSA has no place in a public university. Let the Saudis open their own in Arabia or Pakistan. No more student visas for muslims.

  • Karl

    Christianity preaches Love. Judahism preaches Compassion. Islam preaches and practices Hate. We do not need them here.

  • suzanne

    For the life of me I do not understand why we are allowing any peoples from Muslim countries into the USA. Were we importing Germans and Japanese during WW11? Many Muslims have declared war on us a long time ago and until the time comes that they give up this insane religion or so radically transform it that it becomes toothless and a-political I don't see what chance any Muslim has for getting along with the rest of the world. Well done University of California at Irvine, I hope you are the first of many to discipline this rotten group, the MSU.

    • ajnn

      President Obama announced that he is bringing 400,000 Palestinian Arabs to the United States.

  • badaboo

    That's how you do it ,,,,,one step at a time

  • rob

    Not only should this trash be kicked off campuses around this country if they are visa holders they should be deported immediately. Once again, "why are they here" if they hate this country so much, it's ridiculous. Go live in Iran Islamonazi arseholes.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ebonystone ebonystone

      Right you are! I remember at the time of fall of the shah and the establishment of the ayatollah's regime in Iran in 1979, Iranian students were rioting in favor of the ayatollah in southern California. I wondered at the time why they were not all deported immediately. But of course the Peanut Boy from Plains was President then, and so nothing was done.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/garyfouse garyfouse

    The decision to suspend the MSU at UCI is still pending appeal and can be reversed. I cannot predict what will happen.

    The important lesson of UCI since the Oren event is that local communities must get involved. Pressure must be brought upon the university to stop allowing hate speech on campus. The problem is that Jewish students , for a variety of reasons, have different ideas about confronting anti-Semitism on campus, as do most of the major Jewish organizations. Sadly, many don't want to "make waves" for fear of making the situation worse.

    The situation at UCI is being replicated in universities all over the US and Canada. Yet, on university campuses, the intolerable is tolerated in the name of "tolerance". Many are afraid of speaking out-and that includes many Jews and Jewish faculty.

    The key is public awareness of what is going on on our university campuses. The focal point for the resurgence of anti-Semitism in North America is on our university campuses, an alliance between the America-hating far left and the Islamists. They have formed a marriage of convenience against Israel-and against our own country as well.

    Gary Fouse
    Adj teacher

  • badaboo

    If the ruling on the suspension is reversed , then it will send the clear message that free speech has been abridged at UCI .__Those jews who "sadly " dont want to make waves , do so for fear of violence ., and rightly so . Exposing islam is a dangerous buisiness , and the violent confrontation on their part ,does not come when the sides are equal ,but from the blind side when the side is stacked in their favor , or on the unsuspecting , as has been the case of muslim attacks on jews .

  • badaboo

    The muslims are in certain ways, taking their cues from hatespeech elsewhere in our society , which is not occurring merely on college campus venues , and not neccessarily on the same idiology . And these are the extreme right and the extreme left . Hatespeech is hatespeech no matter what , or where .the quarter .

  • badboo

    Shouting down a speaker is the same no matter where or when it occurs , it is an abridgement of free speech , especially at a scheduled venue .

  • Richard

    More good news. My pessimism is abating a bit.

  • sflbib

    Should expel all the hecklers.

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/jaydickb jaydickb

      Right on target!!! One year suspension seems like a slap on the wrist. All hecklers should be expelled, permanently, and the organization should be suspended for 5 years.

  • GodsSeer

    Islam is a boa constrictor invading stealthily and as it swallows more and more it gains power over its victims until it crushes any freedom of mind. How soon we forgot what we said we would never forget, Now A mosque is trying to raise its ugly head onsite. I wish all bullets and ammo had pig's blood in them

  • Jim Johnson

    The Muslims claim they are shouting down hate speech. It is the shouting down that is the problem as both sides accuse the other of hate speech.

    The Universities have been so slack on defending the rights of students to hear what they please and the speakers right to be heard by willing listeners because of the money that Arab students bring to the University. They Arabs have the oil you know.

    May Joe Wolf help all students get refunds that will shut the shouters down. That goes for AztLanders and some socialists who also shout down speakers.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/GOP_Sucks GOP_Sucks

    That's funny, if I get enough negative points on this website I get censored/blocked. Can anyone hear spell hypocrisy?